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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol [2011] [PG-13] - 2.6.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The fourth installment of the "Mission Impossible" series has the IMF shutting down after it is implicated in a bombing of the Russian Kremlin. Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his new team are forced to go rogue in order to clear the IMF and their own names. Also with Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Tom Wilkinson, Josh Holloway, Simon Pegg and Samuli Edelmann. Directed by Brad Bird. [2:13]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - We see a woman wearing a low-cut, cleavage exposing dress with a high slit and a small portion of her bare back is visible through a cut-out; a man remarks on her appearance and we see a man earnestly flirting with her. On multiple occasions we see a man shirtless with his bare back and chest exposed. A woman wears a very low-cut, cleavage exposing wrap dress. A woman appears to remove her dress and she is seen wearing a very sheer, corset-style top (no nudity is visible).
 A man grabs a woman's face and kisses her passionately. A man and a woman kiss. A man and a woman hold hands as the woman flirts with the man. A woman playfully slaps a man as he tries to take her hand. We see paintings of a man and a woman kissing, and a woman reclined on a man's lap.
 A man jokingly tells another man that, "The next time, I get to seduce the rich guy."

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - Three men ride in the back of a car, a bullet breaks the windshield and hits a man in the forehead (we see a spray of blood hit the back of the car and the bloody bullet wound on the man's head) and another bullet hits the driver (blood sprays from his head wound and he slumps forward as the car swerves off the road); the car flips off a bridge and into a river, two of the passengers are unharmed, bullets whiz into the water around them, one of the men sends a dead body floating to the surface with a flare attached to his sleeve, and we see gunmen shooting at the body as the two other men escape unharmed.
 A man shoots another man twice in the chest and his body falls to the floor; we later see a man discover the dead and bloody body (blood is visible from the bullet wounds) and the man confirms that the man had been killed.
 A man shoots another man, point-blank and he drops to the ground with a thud. A woman approaches a man and fires four shots into his chest, clutches his body, fires two additional shots into his torso and drops his body.
 A woman narrates a situation to a man and we see a flashback of the woman cradling a man's head as he dies (a small amount of blood is visible on his chest and hands) and the woman tells the man that the injured man had been left "just alive enough" so she could watch him die.
 We see an extended fight scene between two men in a garage with car lifts: One man tackles the other man, slamming him into a car, one man smashes a metal briefcase into the other man's face, the two men wrestle and tackle one another, leaping from one floating car platform to another, one man drives a car off a platform and narrowly misses the other man, one man leaps onto a car on a platform and breaks the windows (he stands up unharmed), one man falls from a platform, and the other man falls off the platform and hits the ground (we see his body twitch and it is implied that he dies); the first man drives a car, head-first, off a platform and lands next to the dead man's body, the airbags deploy and the man climbs out of the car.
 During a violent prison riot we see men punching and kicking other men, unseen men are implied to be on the ground as we see men kick them repeatedly and guards are seen thrown to the ground; a man twists a guard's arm and we hear the crush of bones, we see a man's bloody nose after a man kicks the guard in the face, a man slams a guard into a glass window, shattering it with the guard's head and we see two men corner a guard and begin to beat him.
 Armed guards rush into a room as two men are attempting to escape, one man shoves the other man through a door, and he swings around and attacks the guards, kicking two in the chest and face and slamming a door on one of their bodies as it lies in the threshold; gunshots are heard and burning pieces of paper are seen floating through the air as the two men escape unharmed.
 Two men wrestle and punch one another; we hear gunshots as an unseen third man shoots one of the men and his body drops to the ground. A man fires a gun at a woman, and she fires back until the man disappears, unharmed. A woman clutches her stomach (we see a small amount of blood on her hand and torso) she winces in pain and tells two men that she had been shot; she is later seen fully recovered.
 A woman kicks a man, smashing his body into the window of a train, she punches him in the stomach and we hear a snap of bone as she grabs his arm; the woman appears to stab the man, and we see blood on his torso as he clutches his gun and the woman walks away unharmed.
 A man draws a gun and holds it to another man's back, the man grabs the gunman's gun and slams it into his face, he flips the gunman and a second man over his shoulder and throws them off a moving escalator (the gunman is later seen with a bloody nose and a cut on his face and a large gash on his nose stitched up).
 A woman attacks another woman, they punch and kick one another, one woman grabs a gun and is about to shoot the other woman, and the other woman kicks the woman out of an open window in a tall building; a man later jokingly teases the woman for kicking the other woman out the window and she jokes that she did not realize the window was open.
 A woman throws a man onto a bed, she grabs him in a headlock and threatens to kill him if he does not comply; we hear his strained voice read a series of numbers over a walkie-talkie, the woman injects a small needle into the man's neck and he passes out.
 Two men run through a thick sandstorm, and everything appears to be a blur as the men try to fire guns at each other. In the thick, swirling sand of a sandstorm, a man speeds in his car, hitting another man (the man flips over the hood, falls behind the car and he limps momentarily but then appears unharmed). Two men in cars chase each other through a thick sand-cloud, they force each other's cars to narrowly miss going off the road (side mirrors are snapped off by tight corners), the two cars drive into one another, head-first, and one of the cars flips and the driver limps away, mostly unharmed.
 Two gunmen are chasing a man; he runs up a flight of stairs and jumps off the roof of a building onto a large inflatable pillow, rolls over and stands up unharmed as the gunmen fire shots that miss him. A woman fires a handgun at another woman and she misses; we see one of the women leading the other woman into a room at gunpoint, warning a man to watch her because she will escape and kill him.
 A woman instructs three bodyguards to "kill them," in reference to two men; the two men attack the guards, they punch and kick them, knocking them to the ground, and one man kicks another man's leg and we hear a snap as a man twists another man's limb (it is implied that bodyguards had been killed). We hear a choking noise and see a man drop another man's body to the ground; we hear the dying man gasp. As a man runs from another man, we see the first man knee and kick the other man in the face; two men chase the man up a flight of stairs, holding him at gunpoint.
 A massive explosion is seen rocking a building behind a man; a series of explosions seem to follow the man as he runs down the street, cars explode in a line behind him and a ball of flame from the explosion seems to envelope him (e later see the man wake up in a hospital with an IV in his hand and we hear two men discussing how the man had a mild concussion). Two men back away from a small rumbling explosion that blasts a hole in a floor and a rappelling wire shoots out, narrowly missing one of the men.
 A man holds a gun to a woman's head while the woman's young son stands in front of them; another man threatens the woman's husband, and the man later begs for the life of his wife and child. A man holds another man at gunpoint, the two men wrestle over the gun, and one of the men grabs the gun, drops the magazine clip and hands it back to the other man. A man and a woman have their guns drawn on two men, the gunman recognizes one of the two men and he and the woman drop their guns; the gunman tells the man that he thought he was dead.
 A man purposefully stabs a man with a needle attached to his ring (it implied to be coated in poison); the man appears woozy and the first man guides him to a seat and walks away. A man shoots another man in the neck with a dart, the man acts woozy and passes out; the man opens the door of the moving vehicle, moves the man to another moving vehicle and we later see the man fully recovered and unharmed.
 A man "runs" down the side of a tall building, using a cable thrown out of a window; the cable runs short just above the window he is trying to reach, he swings himself around the building and jumps into the open window, he hits his head and almost falls, a man and a woman grab one another and the man's arm and the man climbs into the window, unharmed. A man scales the outside of an extremely tall building, one of the advanced climbing gloves he is wearing stops working and the man almost falls, catching himself at the last minute; he uses a glass welding torch to break through the glass of the building and kicks it until he falls (he's unharmed). A man catches another man standing on the ledge of a tall building, the man appears nervous and moments later uses a belt to slide down a wire and onto a moving van; the man tumbles off the van and onto the ground, he stands up and runs away unharmed. Two men run along a fast-moving train; on multiple occasions one shouts at the other to move as they almost hit a post. A man nervously asks another man if he will use magnets to catch him if he falls 25 feet down a tunnel and the man reassures him; we later see the man nervously pacing before leaping into the wind tunnel and the magnets lift him up just moments before hitting a large fan, but the magnet later malfunctions and the man falls with a thud, he is lifted up by the force of the fan and another man uses a remote control to change the magnet, allowing the man to escape the wind tunnel unharmed.
 A man drives rapidly through a crowded city street, coming to a sudden stop when he almost hits a person; he turns sharply causing himself and his passenger to scoot to one side. While driving a man swerves down a road as he passes multiple other cars: the passengers are jolted when the man has to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting a pack of camels (no one is harmed).
 We see a missile shot from a submarine and into the water, and it is about to destroy a city when three men and a woman disarm it electronically: it hangs in mid-air, whacks into a tower on a building and falls into a body of water without detonating; we later see people watching the television news discussing that the building was hit by a meteor.
 Throughout the movie several men and a woman discuss a man's plan to set off a nuclear bomb in order to prompt a world war. We see three men and a woman watching footage of a man speaking before other people and explaining that rebuilding the world after a nuclear fallout could be good, giving the example that Nagasaki is stronger now than before it was bombed.
 A man angrily accuses another man, who is seen handcuffed to a gurney, of plotting to destroy his country. A man shouts angrily at a woman. Two men and a woman take turns shouting at one another. A man shouts at another man, threatening to drop a briefcase out the window. A man shouts at two men and a woman over walkie-talkies. A man makes a series of vague threats against another man. A man explains to another man that a man would have been killed if he had not rescued him.
 A man tells another man and a woman that he had been responsible for a man's wife's murder; the man graphically describes that portions of the woman's body were found days later and a man later clarifies that the situation had been a ruse and we see her in the distance, unharmed. A man warns another man that tensions between the US and Russia are at an "all time high." An older man warns a man that if he and his group were caught they would be branded as terrorists and killers. A man instructs another man to kill a man, and the man warns a woman that their group's "kill switch" is in place if a group leader is killed; the man dramatically tells two men and a woman, "We are all going home in buckets," if a man was killed. Two men and a woman discuss on multiple occasions how a man had been accused of killing six men. A man asks another man if he had killed six men in cold blood. A man asks another man if killing six men in revenge for his wife's death had made him feel better. A man warns another man that the man's government views "potential terrorists" as "actual terrorists." A man tells a woman and a man that another woman had killed a man. A man tells a woman and a man that an older man had been killed and they appear sad. A man tells another man that they must "take out" a woman and a man corrects the man, saying that he is not going to kill the woman. A man half-jokingly tells two men and a woman that he is having problems sleeping at night because people do not understand how close they were to experiencing a nuclear war. A man warns another man, "Red is dead" when using a pair of climbing gloves.
 We see two instances of people watching television news while the reporter describes a building exploding, linking it to a gas leak underground; we see people watch television footage of a building exploding. A man half-jokingly shoves another man's face after his face is projected on a large screen set up as a diversion. A man half-jokingly shakes his fist menacingly at a CCTV as a man watches.
 The introduction animation follows a burning fuse of an explosive, we see a man holding a gun, a large missile flying out of a body of water and a man jumping onto a building. A message in a phone booth tells a man that it will "self-destruct"; it appears to be stuck, so the man knocks his fist against the booth and it sparks and fizzes as the man walks away.
 A man yelps in surprise when a glasscutter sparks backwards. A man is startled when he leans against a wall and it moves to reveal a large collection of guns.

PROFANITY 4 - 1 obscene hand gesture, 2 scatological terms, 3 anatomical terms, 11 mild obscenities, name-calling (big hairy Russian, crazy, not a Rhode's scholar, completely cold, clowns), 5 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Throughout the movie we see men and women drinking alcohol at parties and with other people, a man drinks what is presumably liquor, we see a bottle and other filled cups in front of a man and woman, a man drinks a glass of wine rapidly, a man instructs a bartender to give everyone at a party a glass of champagne and send them home with a bottle, and a woman tells the man that she prefers bourbon. Throughout the movie various men are seen smoking cigarettes, a man smokes a pipe, a young woman removes a cigarette from a man's mouth as he is about to light it in a hospital and she remarks that they are not in a "nightclub."

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Espionage, playing a hunch, nuclear extremists, nuclear war, World War III, Russia-US conflict, spies.

MESSAGE - International conflict can be very dangerous.

Special Keywords: S2 - V6 - P4 - MPAAPG-13

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