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Jurassic World [2015] [PG-13] - 2.7.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In this fourth sequel a billionaire (Irrfan Kahn) opens a Costa Rican dinosaur park and pushes his staff to create bigger and scarier animals. Proud of a new hybrid, Indominus Rex, the owner is horrified when the creature escapes and hunts down park staff, guests, and other large reptiles. The park's dinosaur trainer (Chris Pratt) and manager (Bryce Dallas Howard) are charged with capturing the monster, while a band of mercenaries has other ideas. Also with Vincent D'Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, B.D. Wong and Omar Sy. Directed by Collin Trevorrow. [2:03]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - A woman pulls open her outer blouse for air and we see a scoop neck blouse underneath that reveals slight cleavage. A teen boy tells his little brother to keep his shirt pulled down to cover his "door pass"; we see a glimpse for a fraction of a second of the younger boy's lower back and butt cleavage. A woman's knee-length skirt tears in a seam up to the top of her thigh and we see her legs as she runs in a few scenes and crawls along a patio. Teen girls are seen wearing halter-tops that bare slight cleavage and midriffs. A few scenes in a tropical climate show women wearing scoop neck or V-neck blouses and one strapless top that reveals slight cleavage.
 A man and a woman kiss passionately as her teen nephew asks who the man is and she says, "We work together." A man tries to kiss a woman, but she declines and says that she has a boyfriend.
 A teen girl tells a teen boy, "I love you" and he says that he will see her later. A pre-teen boy tells a teen boy to stop staring at girls in a park; the girls giggle and walk away. A man asks a scientist how dinosaurs mate and the scientist says they do not, but that lab staff create the animals in the laboratory.
 A man asks a woman if she wants to consult him in his bungalow and she declines and they argue about having had only one date in the past; he makes a slow, repetitive fist pumping movement to represent sex between dinosaurs, saying even dinosaurs understand sex. She looks disgusted and later says he smells bad.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A bloody hand hits the driver's side window of a parked truck and the driver screams and we see a raptor chew up the man attached to the hand as he shouts and we see blood flow as he falls to the ground, dead; the truck speeds away with two raptors following and two boys in the back of the truck stop one raptor with a rifle-fired electric cattle prod and the other walks away. A dinosaur park Special Forces-type soldier sees blood drip onto his hand while crouching under a tree, and when he looks up he sees bloody leaves, looks higher, and sees a T-Rex that grabs him, then drops and stomps on him, leaving him dead and covered with mud and leaves; other soldiers use electric cattle-prod rifles on the animal to no avail as we see sparks and blue lightning-like bolts. A raptor takes a man's arm into its mouth up to the elbow and we hear screaming as the camera cuts to heavy blood splatter against a glass wall; the dinosaur moves about with its head and shoulders off-screen and inside another room, presumably eating the man. A man finds huge claw marks on a 40-foot concrete wall, indicating that an animal escaped and after entering the paddock, he finds that the animal camouflaged itself with skin color changes and it appears suddenly; we see the creature with a bloody face and teeth as it grabs a truck and tosses it away with a loud crash and grabs a crouching, crying man into its mouth up to his waist and we hear crunching sounds as the camera cuts away. A huge dinosaur snatches a man into the air and chews as we see the man's body from the waist of the jeans down to his shoes and we hear muffled screams.
 An unlicensed pilot flies two soldiers across an island; one soldier falls out of the chopper and a pterodactyl snatches him away on a fly-by while the other soldier dies by the long, sharp beak of a pterodactyl thrust in his chest, with some blood flow and the pilot crashes into a glass aviary where the chopper hits the ground and bursts into flames. A large seagoing dinosaur rises up from a pool into the air, bites the midsection of a pterodactyl, and takes both a woman and the other animal under the surface; there is some blood and gore on the flying animal and we never see the woman again.
 In a night scene, four raptors kill eight soldiers and one of the men has an extremely bloody bite in the thigh (we do not see bite action) before the animal drags him away; we see three of the soldiers dragged off-screen by running raptors and one man's legs kick as a raptor drags him screaming toward the camera. Raptors jump on and bite four men with some blow flow, and all eight tracking signals on the soldiers flatline in red on a computer screen in a control room.
 About a hundred pterodactyls and pteranodons escape a building and attack theme park visitors, and they also pick up smaller reptiles in a petting zoo and let them fall to the ground with thuds (there's no blood); they also knock people down as the people run and scream and a disaster siren sounds, the animals crash through a café, breaking glass walls and signs, they grab people and carry them away or drop them to the ground (where some people die of injuries, including men, women and children) and one animal grabs a woman, drops her, another flying reptile snatches her up and the first animal recaptures her; the woman is carried out to a large pool, dropped into the water, and is snatched up and dropped twice more and recaptured. Three velociraptors corner a man, a woman, and two boys in a gift shop, snarling and snorting before the people run out and turn on dinosaur holograms in the lobby, confusing the raptors and the man removes a headset from a raptor, who chortles at him, and then turns around and screams at a T-Rex; two other raptors jump on the T-Rex and an extended dinosaur fight takes place with the T-Rex throwing one raptor onto the ground, into a wall, and into a kiosk that ignites in flames (nothing harms it) while two other raptors jump on the larger animal several times, biting at its thick skin and die when they are slammed to the ground. A woman with a flare leads a large T-Rex to another T-Rex and she falls to the ground yelling toward other people, "Run!" and they dash away to safety behind a wall and the fight continues near them; the second T-Rex and raptors attack the other animal by biting, with a little blood, until it falls into a railing around a pool and stands back up, shaking its head to clear its vision; we hear a lot of loud roaring and see light poles fall amid showers of sparks.
 A teen boy and his 10-year-old brother drive a motorized gyro sphere/human hamster exercise ball into restricted territory after viewing leaf-eating dinosaurs and the younger boy says they will end up making root beer in a toilet in prison; when they stop in a forest, they see raptors and the reflection of an oversized T-Rex in their windshield and the larger animal smashes a talon into the gyro sphere, picks it up, smashes it several times, and the boys fall out and escape to a cliff and jump off into water, swimming to a muddy bank. A man and a woman fix a jeep and a T-Rex sticks its head in the room where they are, growls, snorts and backs off, then comes through the ceiling with wide-open mouth, roaring; the people speed away. A raptor leaps onto a large hollow log in which a man with a handgun is hiding; the animal claws holes through the top, but leaps away at a distracting sound. A pterodactyl beak thrusts into a small room toward the faces of two boys, stopping a fraction of an inch from one boy's nose in close-up.
 A mercenary soldier fires a rifle out of a helicopter and kills a pteranodon shooting it out of the air in the distance. A firebomb from off-screen hits a velociraptor in a field and seems to evaporate it. A man on a video recording in a gyro sphere blows up test tubes and beakers and gets slimed with muck as he says that it is deadly and falls off-screen; he reappears to shoot out a glass pane in a wooden holder with a large handgun.
 A large seagoing reptile shoots out of the water and grabs a T-Rex, dragging it under the water's surface where it presumably drowns. A few scenes include the T-Rex fighting with other reptiles that slide toward the camera and/or off-screen to the sides; we see a few bites that draw moderate blood flow as several animals fall with a loud crash and screams or grunts. A T-Rex bites the head off a flea-eater and we hear a crunch, but see no blood or gore. A man lets raptors smell a piece of T-Rex flesh that has a blinking tracking device in it (it looks spongy and pink with green scales as we see it in close-up three times) and we hear that the animal tore it out with its own teeth; the raptors are released from a line of stalls and run like racehorses after the scent of the T-Rex; they corner it with humans on motorbikes and in a truck behind them, they look at the larger animal when it appears in a corner of a forest and begin vocalizing shrieks to communicate with it; someone off-screen shoots a firebomb at the lager beast and ignites a few trees, knocking down the animal; it rises unharmed and the raptors run off with the T-Rex. Four velociraptors chase a squealing pig that escapes through a door closing behind it; a man above on a catwalk throws something unseen into the mouths of three of the animals and a large dead rat to the last one (we hear crunching, but see no blood); the man holding a long rod over the catwalk falls into the yard with the raptors and one of the animals grabs the rod as another man jumps into the yard and distracts the animals while the first man escapes and the second man rolls through the opening at the bottom of a closing gate as the animals charge, butting heads on metal bars and snarling at the man who fell in. A large dead shark slides across a pool on a cable by its tail; a large seagoing reptile like a giant plesiosaur shoots up and snatches it in its teeth; below the water, we see it snatch a smaller swimming reptile in its teeth, shooting a cloud of blood into the water. We see a side of beef, red, with fat and ribs showing, as a man lowers it into a paddock for a larger dinosaur (we do not see it feed). A man and woman find a badly gouged vegetarian dinosaur lying near death in a field and they comfort it as it moans and sheds tears as it dies; the people find several other dead dinosaurs beyond a hill and the man says a T-Rex is killing for sport while vultures circle overhead. A flying reptile knocks down a man near a pool and pecks at him; a woman picks up a rifle and shoots the creature and we see a little yellowish blood as it dies. A huge dinosaur stalks a man who is hiding under a truck; the man releases some gasoline from the gas line onto his body to cover his human scent and runs into a building.
 Two scenes show hundreds of men, women and children being treated by medics and we see a small spot of blood here and there on bandages; one man has an IV of clear solution hanging beside him in the distance. Many people have bandaged heads and arms, with a few bandaged legs and one man has a leg brace.
 A football sized egg cracks in close-up and a scaled claw reaches out and breaks more of the shell, then a crack appears in another egg and the first egg opens more to show a lizard eye as the camera cuts to a close-up of a three-toed foot stomping the ground loudly and we see a crow. A man and a woman in a lab see dinosaur skeletons in upright, bubbling glass cylinders of clear liquid. A fish tank contains a fish that has a small arm and human hand for a tail. A man finds a bloody dinosaur tooth in the glass of a wrecked gyro sphere ball. Two boys find a bloody, cracked helmet and an empty crashed jeep and beyond it, the ruins of Jurassic Park HQ. A T-Rex is shown with moderately-deep scratches. A few hundred dinosaur-park guests sit in a large courtyard on an island and sweat in hot weather, waiting for a ferry. Men and women sweat as they chase dinosaurs in the tropical rain forest. Men lower cylinders of frozen embryonic dinosaur hybrids into coolers of a smoking substance, probably dry ice.
 A dozen scenes show a T-Rex stomping loudly and roaring into the camera. A half dozen scenes feature flying reptiles shrieking and flying into the camera. Frequently, we hear thundering footsteps in the distance. Three scenes show raptors wearing thick metal muzzles and body restraints as a man cleans their teeth on the side away from the camera. Raptors are shown fitted with headsets that attach to their temples to allow them night vision.
 A man says that he once rescued a wolf pup and kept it as a pet; when his wife attacked him with a steak knife, "The wolf took a chunk out of her" and that raptors probably bond with human handlers in the same way. We hear that a dinosaur handler nearly lost an arm. A man asks about a large crack in a dinosaur paddock window and a woman says the new T-Rex hybrid broke it and that it previously ate its sibling. A man says that the animals should be used in warfare, since war is only nature establishing a pecking order and he and another man argue briefly about this. Two men argue loudly and one man punches the other man hard in the face, but we see no injury. Two women argue over the phone and one of them cries. A little boy cries because his parents might divorce. A little girl cries loudly in the courtyard of a theme park, because she is scared.
 Two boys make a torch out of cloth and a dinosaur bone, light it with matches, find and repair a jeep and the older boy, an unlicensed driver, drives the jeep quickly through a rusty gate. An unlicensed chopper pilot flies erratically as a female passenger gasps and yelps.

PROFANITY 4 - 1 sexual hand gesture, 5 scatological terms (1 not fully enunciated), 1 anatomical term, 7 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, insane, ridiculous, monster, killing machine, mother hen, mad science), stereotypical references to billionaires, naive corporate CEOS, workaholics, unlicensed drivers, corrupt scientists, mercenary soldiers, SWAT teams, the US Navy, broken families, little brothers, overweight security guards, inept techies, nerds, animal exploiters, the Navajo, exclamations (shut-up, sheee-yoot), 10 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Jesus, Oh God, God, Thank God). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We hear that a dinosaur was tranquilized with 5mg of a strong narcotic and a man says that it was stoned, and a man in a crowd of patients has a bag of clear solution in an IV stand beside him, but we do not see the end of the tube or a needle. A cafe has tables where men and women sit with Margaritas in front of them, a man runs across the screen while carrying a Margarita in each hand, a dinosaur crashes through a café and upsets the tables and drinks, and a man asks a woman on a date and she declines because of her diet.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Greed, corporate motives, warmongering for profit, thrill seeking, bringing back extinct animals, gene splicing, animal exploitation, emotional bond of humans with animals, courage, sacrifice, relationships, love, respect, trust.

MESSAGE - Gene splicing dangerous animals at random with other animals for economic gain is dangerous.

Special Keywords: S2 - V7 - P4 - MPAAPG-13

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