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Zoolander 2 [2016] [PG-13] - 6.6.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In this sequel the Interpol Fashion Police recruits two former male models (Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) to stop the worldwide assassination of top celebrities. The two recruits re-enter a changed and confusing world of high fashion to investigate, while their former rival (Will Ferrell) escapes from fashion prison and seeks revenge. Also with Penelope Cruz, Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen. Directed by Ben Stiller. [1:42]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - A man looks at a woman and says, "She's hot" and a man looks at her and turns to a profile view, where we see a large erection in his trousers. In a commercial without sound a shirtless man's upper body is attached to a cow like a centaur and a woman milks the cow (we see streams of milk); the camera cuts to the man's face and we see his eyes wide as he seems to be moaning. A woman opens her short trench coat to reveal significant cleavage above a corset; later, removing the corset, she tells a man to hold onto her and he grabs her waist and bosom from behind before they dive into the ocean, then surface later on a muddy shore, writhing and covered in mud. As two women fight while wearing a tight catsuit and a poncho above bare thighs and legs (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details), a man stares, smiling and calls the display "sexy fighting"; another man smiles in that direction and says, "Me like" while one of the women moans and writhes in pleasure. A harem contains a shirtless male Sumo wrestler and two men that are shirtless.
 A male model living in Egypt has a harem that he calls "Orgy" and it contains both men and women; they all hold up pregnancy tests and say they are all pregnant and one of the men with a positive pregnancy test says that he miscarried. A man is approached by an "orgy" group that contains a very old woman, two old men, an older male country singer, an older Jewish rabbi, two women wearing slinky catsuits (with one of the woman wearing a cat-woman-like mask), a pygmy hippopotamus, and a couple of women; they all wink at the first man while a close-up shows two men behind the first man, kissing him on the neck, along with two women kissing his cheeks (no sex occurs); a woman holds a bondage gag ball on a metal rod and flips it at the man.
 A mural at a bath house shows the buttocks of two men wearing tight swim trunks and bending over and away from the viewer (one set of buttocks opens to reveal a doorway). A brief scene in the Garden of Eden features Adam and Eve and Steve, dressed in sparkly leaves around the groin areas and for Eve a sparkly leaf bra (we see Adam's bare chest as well as some cleavage for Eve, along with bare midriff and thighs). A fashion show features women wearing outfits like black bathing suits that are made up of horizontal strips of cloth that reveal areas of flesh on the torso. Several women wear miniskirts along with low necklines that reveal moderate cleavage. A photo of a man holding two truck tires shows his bare chest. Two scenes show a man's bare chest and tattoo. A still shot features a clothed man lounging with a beer bottle held to his groin (suggesting an erection). A woman wearing a rubbery catsuit reveals moderate cleavage. At a school and orphanage several women teachers wear short dresses and one woman wears thigh-high hose. A nude male statue features no genitals (we see a full frontal view briefly).
 A man visits a model, runs to her and they grasp hands and begin to kiss, groaning and licking each other's tongues through a metal cage around her head that is part of her long outfit. A man and a woman kiss for several seconds.
 The film features a model that is androgynous, with shaved head, eyebrows, eyelashes and is called "All"; a man asks the androgynous model, "Are you, like, a male model or a female model?" and the reply is, "All is all," to which two other men ask questions about the model's anatomy. A man says that an androgynous model married "hermself." A man asks another man, "Do you really have sex for 10 hours?" and the celebrity answers, "No comment." A man tells a pre-teen boy about his mother, "Her hips would put a love lock on you to beat the band" and the boy looks horrified.
 A male assistant flirts with his boss, who is a male model, smiling and batting his eyes; the boss looks horrified and the assistant stops. Two harem groups meet unexpectedly in a bedroom and both become angry and leave. When an androgynous model is lifted above a catwalk on a cable, two men exclaim that they see a "hot dog." A man reaches into the front of his trousers and pulls out a small cell phone.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A famous male singer is assassinated in an extended sequence: He runs from two men on motorcycles who are shooting at him, he runs up a wall and grabs one cyclist's helmet and twists the head with a loud crack and crunch, leaving the person presumably dead, and the other cyclist backs the singer up against a fence and shoots bloody holes into him for at least 20 seconds as he shakes and falls to the ground (the wounded singer takes a selfie and collapses dead; an aerial view shows bloody exit wounds covering his back). Two men fight with kicking and punching until one man throws a knife at the other and he is struck in the face; he pulls out the bloody knife and we see a scratch where the knife penetrated. A man does a handstand and breaks another man's neck with his feet; we see the ankles around the neck and then hear bones crack and see the second man fall behind a close-up of the first man's face. In an imaginary scene, a man is tied to a table for a human sacrifice as another man wearing a red robe and golden devil horns stabs the man in the chest (we hear a scream); the attacker raises a gory heart and laughs as the scene ends.
 Two women fight and screech, rolling on the floor and punching, but we see no injuries and they stop when a glitter bomb explodes. A model attached to a cable and lifted above a modeling catwalk wears large metal wings and a Greek warrior tunic while lashing two male models below him with a whip several times and screeching (no injuries appear, but the two men yelp). A man throws a hot beverage into the face of an assistant who screams but does not look burned.
 Cloaked and hooded fashion designers enter an old dark stone church and gather around a brightly lit central area where another man in gaudy clothing stands and opens a circular area on the floor as a pre-teen boy rises tied on a cross-like table; the man shouts and rants about the fashion industry, takes a wide knife and attempts to stab the boy in the heart while men and women wearing cloaks chant, "The blood of Steve!" over a dozen times and the man shouts that he wants the blood of the fat little chosen one.
 A man lowers garage doors over all the entrances to a room in which he and another man fought and takes a bomb out of a toy dog's body while the other man uses magic power waves to try to stop the bomb, but fails and two other men and a pre-teen boy use magic power waves with him causing the bomb to pin the first man to the ceiling; the bomb explodes into confetti and we no longer see the man pinned to the ceiling. A man jumps across stones that stick out of a lava pool in the floor of an old church and his feet briefly catch fire (no injuries are shown) and he steps on the chest of a pre-teen boy, leaving a charred footprint.
 Two men jump into a lava pool below the frame and the frame freezes; the camera cuts to the men on a model runway and we hear an announcer state that the two men were in a hospital burn unit for six weeks; they pull fake white bandages off their faces, look unharmed, and walk the runway in high fashion suits.
 Two men enter an orphanage and find that it has been ransacked and the staff and children are missing. Men wearing cloaks and hoods carry lit candles as they march into a dark cathedral and one of them enters a confessional.
 A photo shows a little boy putting a large carving knife into a toaster and we hear that his father lost custody of him soon afterward. A man in a hotel room throws several objects at another man's face, telling him to stop them with special powers as each item hits the man's face and he shouts in pain (the objects include a beer bottle, a silver box, and some smaller items); the second man slaps a hologram box off a table into a wall off-screen and we hear a crash.
 A man in a car speeds through Rome with a pre-teen male passenger who shouts as the driver flips the car over its long axis more than a dozen times and crunches the car up loudly; when the car stops, we see that the two people are only smudged with grease and dirt. A man rides with two Interpol Fashion Police cruisers as they speed through night streets with sirens and flashing lights.
 A dead woman's image appears in the pool of a fountain; a scar appears over her eye and her face changes into the face of a bearded man. We see an injured man's face with a scar on his cheekbone and his nose looks as if it has been broken in the past (very pinched in the center). A man removes a small mask to reveal a scar on his cheek and another man screams in horror several times.
 In a TV newscast, we see a building in the form of a large book crash into a river; we later hear that a man's wife was killed in the collapse and that another man was permanently disfigured. During an argument with a man who is visiting him, a man places the second man in a straitjacket and chain, and then walks out of prison wearing a mask. A TV newscast announces that several celebrities have been assassinated in just a few months. The image of a woman appears in the sky as an angelic creature who says, "I'm dead. Nothing bothers me anymore." A man says that he is masterminding the overfeeding of a pre-teen boy and he captures the boy and places him in an area filled with circus concessions; the man pushes a button in a giant plastic pig's head and lard pours out of the nostrils, and then throws a whole cheesecake onto the floor and it splatters. A man tells a pre-teen boy that another man will crack open his chest, remove his heart, and drink his blood. A commercial features a wrinkled female model asking, "Do you want to kill the teenage girl with good skin?" A builder says that a building that collapsed was constructed of human waste.
 In a dark prison, a man chained to a wall stands on a platform while wearing a straitjacket. A pre-teen boy is seen in a car, gagged with an apple and a red scarf. On a fashion show runway, an oversized barrel marked "prunes" empties onto the heads of two male models; we see them and the floor covered with brown slime and prunes.

PROFANITY 5 - About 2 F-words (1 muffled), 2 obscene hand gestures, 5 sexual references, 3 scatological terms, 9 anatomical terms, 10 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, insane, idiot, idiotic, psycho, stupid, stupidest, dumbest, ridiculous, disgusting, chubby, fat son, fat little chosen one, little fat boy, whore, Chubby Checker), exclamations (shut-up, fudge, wow, oh my gosh), 3 religious profanities (GD), 6 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, God, God Help Us All, a silent prayer). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman smokes a cigarette in a club, and a man on a motorcycle holds an unlit cigarette in his mouth.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - The fashion world, high-fashion models, becoming obsolete, short-lived celebrity, aging in the public eye, LGBTQ, diversity, transphobia, eternal youth, death, revenge, giving up, redemption, family, parenting, friendship, love.

MESSAGE - The world of high fashion is ephemeral, strange and over-hyped.

Special Keywords: S6 - V6 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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