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Zombieland [2009] [R] - 4.8.8



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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After the planet has been overrun by a virus that turns people into flesh-eating zombies, there are just a handful of uninfected humans left (Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin) and they try to make their way across the country to find a place free of zombies. Also with Amber Heard and Bill Murray. Directed by Ruben Fleischer. [1:21]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - A zombie exotic dancer (wearing pasties over bare breasts and a thong) chases a man through a parking lot. A man wears a towel wrapped around his waist and his bare back and part of his chest and abdomen are shown. A woman wears a low-cut top that reveals cleavage.
 A man and a woman kiss and hug. A woman kisses a man on the cheek, rests her head on his shoulder and falls asleep.
 A woman asks a man to dance, they hold each other close, and they nearly kiss but are interrupted. A man looks at a woman's clothed buttocks while she crawls on the ground looking for something.
 A man teases another man about wanting to have sex with a woman. A man describes having sex with a woman in the back of a FedEx truck. A man talks about being a virgin. A man asks another man when the last time was that he had sex and uses numerous euphemisms for "sex."
 We see images of a man holding a puppy, sticking out his tongue and the dog licking him.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - A zombie is struck by a car, it is thrown and falls on the ground: a woman shoots it in the head (we see blood), the zombie grabs the woman's leg, bites her, pulls her down and several other zombies arrive to help eat her (we see blood and she thrashes and struggles briefly). A zombie eats a man lying dead on the street: we see it pulling out tissue and organs and then cracks what looks like a blood covered leg bone and slurps the liquid inside it.
 A zombie with darkened blood and goo pouring from its mouth attacks a man and we see it pulling bloody flesh and organs and blood spurts. A man runs from a zombie, falls and is attacked (we see blood and organs). A zombie with a very bloody mouth crawls under a bathroom stall door while a man is seated on the toilet; we hear a scream and see blood splatter on the bathroom floor.
 A woman and a girl ride an amusement park ride high into the air, many zombies gather at the bottom waiting for them to come back down, they are lowered slowly, zombies grab for their feet, they shoot at them, they are taken back up, zombies try to climb up the frame to reach them, and several are shot off and crash to the ground (we see blood splatter when they land); one zombie is cut in half when the ride lowers and it is dangling from the frame below it (we see blood splatter and the body is cut in half).
 A woman zombie, shown with discolored skin and eyes and drooling goo and blood from her mouth, attacks a man, chases him through his apartment, he tries to fight her off, he breaks her ankle when he slams a door on it (we see blood and the bone sticking through the skin), he wraps her in a shower curtain, she bites through it and sticks her blackened tongue through the hole, he slams her in the head with a toilet cover (we hear a clank), and then strikes her again (we see her head spin around and apparently her neck is broken).
 A zombie clown drools goo and blood and it snarls and growls; a man with a large mallet strikes it in the stomach, it falls to the ground and he smashes its head (we see blood splatter on the ground.
 A huge number of zombies enter an amusement park, they chase a woman and a young girl, and they both shoot at the zombies as they run away. A man with a shotgun is chased by a zombie, he shoots it, two other zombies approach and chase him, and he shoots them both while running (we see them with bloody faces, mouths and gunshot wounds). A man calls for zombies to follow him, they chase him, he takes cover and shoots many zombies as they approach; he then runs to another shelter and shoots many more zombies (we see blood spurting and bodies pile up on the ground).
 A zombie chases a man through a haunted house, he is attacked by a zombie, he shoots it, and another zombie is grabbed by a mechanical dinosaur. Several zombies are struck and thrown by an amusement park ride.
 Several young zombified girls wearing princess dresses attack a woman in a mini van; the woman drives away dragging one behind the car and others run after her. Two men drive in a car and shoot many zombies; the driver then backs up and drives over several zombies (we see the bodies squish and hear bones crunching). A man drives in a car and is attacked by a zombie in the back seat; the man stops the car abruptly, the zombie is thrown through the windshield, and then shot in the head -- we hear it gurgling, we see blood on the face and mouth of the zombie, and it is shot again.
 A man with a banjo pounds a zombie in the head, and then with several more blows while it is on the floor (blood spurts). A man with a baseball bat pounds a zombie in the head several times (we hear a crunch and see blood on the floor). A zombie runs toward a woman, she pulls a rope, and a piano falls and crushes the zombie (we hear a squish). A man with garden shears approaches a zombie, we hear a crunch, and see the zombie lying on the floor and blood dripping from the blades of the shears.
 A man is shot in the chest (we see a large, bloody wound and watch as the man dies).
 A woman driving a car crashes into another car; she is thrown through her windshield, crashes hard onto the pavement and slides several yards (we see blood on her head from the impact and a smear of blood on the street).
 A man finds severed hands and lower arms (we see blood at the point of separation) attached to a steering wheel; he pries the hands off the wheel (we hear fingers cracking) and throws them away. A dead man is wrapped in a tarp and dropped over the side of a wall (we hear a thud).
 Several zombies jump on the roof and hood of a car, the driver and passenger jump out of the car, and it drives into water with zombies still on top of it. A man in a car drives next to a zombie, opens the car door and slams the zombie (we see it fall to the ground).
 A man is struck in the head with a golf ball and falls to the floor. A woman hits a man in the back with a golf club (he moans but is OK). A man punches another man in the face (he staggers but is OK) after the man had squirted him with perfume.
 A man in a car with a cattle scoop on the front speeds on a roadway, crashing into a few abandoned cars as it approaches a man on foot; the car stops, the driver gets out, draws a gun, the man on foot points a gun at the driver, they threaten each other for a moment and the driver agrees to give the man a ride. A man driving a motorcycle (slowly) crashes into a curb and falls off. A car drives along a road with many cars crashed and abandoned and we see a plane that has crashed and split in half.
 A woman asks two men to come to help her and we hear that her younger sister has been infected and that she wants someone to kill her; the men take aim at her with their guns, the woman stops them, says that she'll do it, takes one man's gun, points the gun at the men, and steals their car. A young girl holds a gun on a man, he goads her, she fires the gun in the air and he yells at her. A man and a woman point guns at each other (they both back down).
 A man practices slashing with a large knife. Two men jump and yell when they see a mouse.
 A man grieves when he realizes that his family is dead. A man cries remembering his young son and that he is dead. A man talks about his puppy having been killed by zombies. A man asks another man if he wants to feel how hard he can punch. A woman tells a man that she was chased by a homeless man who tried to bite her. A man talks about a steamroller rolling over a zombie and blowing its head off. We hear about a virus that turned humans into zombies. We hear a virus is related to mad cow disease. A man talks about being afraid of everything, including clowns.
 A man talks about suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. A man sits on the ground next to a car and a recently killed zombie and makes a remark about this being a good place to "go number two."
 We see several scenes of cities and roadways covered in rubble and deserted cars.

PROFANITY 8 - About 32 F-words and its derivatives, 3 obscene hand gestures, 11 sexual references, 14 scatological terms, 7 anatomical terms, 11 mild obscenities, name-calling (fatty, stuck-up, freak, gutless, red necks, scrawny), 3 religious profanities, 9 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Three people are shown smoking marijuana from a large pipe with two tubes. A man and a woman drink a bottle of wine together, a man drinks a shot of alcohol, and a man offers a shot of alcohol to another man who pours it out the car window.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Viruses, zombies, cannibalism, family, estranged families, grief, trust, isolation, death of a child, fear of clowns, fear of everything, virginity, revenge, paranoia.

MESSAGE - Family doesn't have to be a blood relative.

Special Keywords: S4 - V8 - P8 - MPAAR

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