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Youth in Revolt [2009] [R] - 8.5.8



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Based on the eponymous novel: In order to win the girl of his dreams (Portia Doubleday) a wimpy teenager (Michael Cera) assumes the alter ego of Francois, a bad boy who breaks all the rules. Also with M. Emmett Walsh, Mary Kay Place, Steve Buscemi, Ray Liotta, Fred Willard, Justin Long and Jean Smart. Directed by Miguel Arteta. [1:30]

SEX/NUDITY 8 - Sounds of panting and moaning are heard (implying masturbation), we see objects on a shelf shaking, we hear a final moan and a gasp, and a young man is shown, lying in bed as he moves his arm from under his blanket and closes a pornographic magazine; we also hear the snap of underwear being pulled on and he jumps out of bed (he is wearing boxer shorts and a T-shirt).
 During a scene with puppets, one male puppet watches as a female puppet rubs her hand on the upper thigh of a male puppet, and two bird puppets kiss sweetly and then engage in vigorous intercourse as a puppet owl watches. As part of a drug-induced hallucination a young man sees illustrations from a book of sexual positions floating in front of him: The illustrated nude man and woman are engaged in active sexual intercourse, including thrusting and changing of positions, and as the young man approaches them and attempts to place his finger into the behind of the illustrated woman the illustration disappears. A young man shows a book titled, "Love Making for the Astute" to another young man, and illustrations of a nude man and nude woman engaged in intercourse in different positions are shown.
 While lying on the beach a young woman wearing a bikini asks a young man to apply sunscreen on her: the young man straddles her back, rubs the sunscreen over her shoulders and back, and the young woman says that the young man must be "turned on easily" while women can contain signs of excitement (crudely stating that the young man would have no idea if she were excited), and asks the young man to apply sunscreen to her "front" and turns over (her cleavage and bare stomach visible); the young man rubs sunscreen on her upper thighs and then re-positions himself to imply that he has an erection.
 A bare-chested young man approaches a young woman lying in a bottom bunk while the top bunk is rocking (it holds another young man and a young woman engaged in sex): he makes sexual advances toward the young woman, they kiss passionately, he crawls into bed with her, he is seen on top of her as they kiss passionately, they are interrupted, and the two young men leap from their respective beds and run clad only in boxers.
 A young man states that he had just experienced his first make out session and we see a flashback of him passionately kissing a young woman and putting his hand up her shirt (we only see a small portion of her stomach as he lifts her shirt with his arm); she then places an envelope into the back pocket of the young man's pants and he says he believed she had been touching his behind.
 A young man dressed as a woman enters the bedroom of a young woman, he takes off his wig, tells the young woman that he had lied, mislead, stolen cars, had her sedated, and burned down half a city just so he could be with her, she looks lovingly at the young man, they kiss passionately, and the young man is shirtless and on top of the young woman; they are later shown lying next to one another, presumably nude and after having had sex.
 A woman in a bikini feeds an older man a piece of food, they kiss passionately, and the man places his hands on the woman's behind as a young man watches. A young man walks into a room as a man wearing a robe (a small portion of his bare chest visible) pulls a woman wearing an over-sized T-shirt into his arms and bites her playfully on the shoulder. A man asks a woman to join him in the bedroom, we hear him unzipping his pants as he walks away, and the woman tells a young man that she is going to go play "Scrabble" and follows the man to the bedroom.
 Two young men stand in a dorm room, a young woman walks in wearing only a bra and underpants (bare stomach and cleavage visible), looks longingly at one of the young men and jumps onto a bed; another young woman is in the other young man's bed, and the two young men disrobe down to their boxers (their bare chests visible) and slide into sleeping bags on the floor. It is implied that a man (his shirt is unbuttoned to mid-chest) and a woman in a revealing nightgown have had intercourse the previous night, and a young man states that he should have been consulted if the man was planning on staying over.
 A woman wears a cleavage-exposing halter-top shirt. A woman wears a cleavage-exposing top. A portion of a young woman's bare stomach and lower back are visible as she bends over. A portion of a young woman's bare stomach is visible as she walks next to a young man.
 A young woman tells a young man that she has not had sex with another young man, that she has had sex once before and that she can tell that he has never had sexual intercourse; she then leans in close and they kiss. A young man places his hands on the hips of a young woman as they kiss passionately, and they are interrupted. A young woman places her hand on the inner thigh of a young man. After allowing a dog to lick her on the lips, a young woman kisses a young man and he turns to wipe off his lips. A woman remarks that she does not know how she will repay a man, he laughs and takes the woman in his arms and they kiss passionately.
 We hear a man and a woman's voice coming from behind a closed door as a young man states that the two are showering together and that it is "repulsive" -- we see the man and the woman in the shower together (only their bare shoulders are seen) shrieking and huddling against one another as the water becomes cold.
 Two young men, only in boxer shorts, sit in a car, and one states that he is surprised mankind has been able to accomplish anything of worth with "such a distracting past time" (meaning intercourse) which he might become "addicted" to. Two young men in boxer shorts huddle together in a telephone booth as a car approaches them, the driver, an older man, shouts that he will join them and is shown without a shirt while driving with the two young men as passengers. A young man wearing only boxers asks a young woman if he can share her dorm bed and the young woman turns him down. A young man is seen stripping his clothes off down to his boxer shorts and entering a store where a female shopper pays no attention.
 Two young men have a crude discussion about male genitals: one talks about taping his genitals to his leg, the other explicitly explains that it is because the young man is known to have an abnormality with his genitals, and the young man explains that the tape restricts erections, which he gets from thinking about a young woman. A young man imagines himself as another young man, who shouts at him and says that he will never get a young woman to like him if he continues to masturbate all day. A woman tells a young man that she is lucky to be in a relationship, since she is older and has a child, as well as stretch marks; the young man jokes that the woman is selling herself short, since there may be many men available who have a stretch mark fetish. A young man states, "I am still a virgin," and "I am going to die a virgin." The alter ego of a young man tells him that he will never speak to him again if he goes to jail as a virgin. A young man says that he is going to jail, but it is not as a virgin and that a young woman will be waiting for him when he gets out of jail. Two young men have a discussion about a young man's attraction to a young woman. A young man wistfully talks about a young woman holding hands with another man. A young man and a young woman sit beside one another, the young man recites poetry to her, and the young woman looks at the young man and remarks that he should stay in her dorm room that night. A young man wearing a robe is seen walking past a young woman also wearing a robe (only her legs are visible) and the young woman jokes, "Your robe is open" causing the young man to panic and look at his chest. A young man tells a young woman that a man is his "mother's consort." A young man tells a young woman that a man had thrown out his back while engaging in sexual intercourse. During a discussion with a young woman, a young man refers to the dog he had purchased for her as "their lovechild." A young man tells a young woman that he is willing to do whatever it takes to return to her and she looks intently at him and states that he has to be "very, very bad." A young man says that he told his parents that his sister had "gone all the way" and now his life is miserable. A young man tells another young, "You could cut the sexual intercourse with a knife!" A young man translates a letter from a young woman to another young man, and reads that her roommate had intercourse with seventeen men and was hoping to sleep with fifty before the end of the year and the young man reading the letter says that he would be interested in meeting the roommate.
 A young man wraps his arms around a young woman, surprising her, she giggles, he kisses her on the neck and then picks her up and carries her away over his shoulder. A young man attempts to hold the hand of a young woman, only to be rebuffed when she informs him that she has a boyfriend and he says that he has a girlfriend. An intoxicated man rubs the feet of a woman as she lies with her legs draped across his lap. A young man embraces a young woman and tells her that they can run away together as outlaws.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - A man is seen whipping a young man on the behind; the young man seems unaffected and emotionless and he sarcastically asks the man if that is all he has to offer; the man continues to whip the young man's behind.
 A young man storms through the bedroom door of a young woman to find a young woman and a young man in bed together: one young man lunges toward the other young man and they punch and wrestle each other until the police arrives and one young man is led out in handcuffs. The alter-ego of a young man berates the young man, mocking him until the young man punches the alter-ego in the face, knocking him back; the young man storms away, only to be found curled up in the fetal position by the alter-ego, who kicks him in the stomach.
 A young man and a man shout at one another and as the young man lunges towards the man, the man doubles back and punches the young man in the face; the young man punches the man, runs out the door and locks himself in a stolen car, the man follows, punches and kicks the car, and the young man drives away. After walking into a room to find an intoxicated man face-down on the floor, an intoxicated man sitting on a sofa with a woman's feet in his lap, and an intoxicated young man sitting on a chair staring into the distance, a man begins to shout and he is punched in the face and sent reeling backwards.
 A young man drives erratically and cuts in and out of traffic, a trailer attached to the back of his car becomes detached, rolls down a hill, causes two cars to crash into one another, crashes into the patio of a restaurant (patrons leap to get out of harm's way), and two gas tanks in the backseat of the car explode; the young man stands at the top of a hill, panics and runs away as a building, the trailer and the car are engulfed in flames. A young man sends a car careening over the edge of a small cliff and into a body of water as police officers watch and chase him. A young man spray paints a trailer, snips a woman's bras in two, and places a woman's jewelry in the toilet and flushes.
 A man violently pushes a young man against a wall while shouting at him. A discussion escalates into a man shouting at a young man, who angrily asks if the man is going to shoot him with his gun, flips over his cereal bowl and walks out of the room as a woman holds the man and restrains him from chasing after the young man.
 A man shouts at a young man. A man and a woman have a loud verbal fight. A man shouts at a young man saying that he had caused a five million dollar fire; the young man shouts back that he was not involved. A young man shouts at a young woman and storms away. A woman shouts that the closets in a trailer are full of mouse droppings. The alter ego of a young man angrily grabs the young man by the shirt and shakes him, shouting and using crude language.
 A young man states that an older man had been arrested for protesting and is known to smuggle and stash illegal immigrants in his basement. A young man tells three angry men to be "physical" with the man who angered them. A young man states that the most exciting moment in his life had been when he had imagined that a man was going to be "beaten senseless" by three sailors. A young man looks angrily at the other young man and tells him to drop dead. A young man tells a young woman that he had stolen a car and burnt down half of a city in order to win her love. A man tells a young man that he is lucky because he is going to resist the urge to strangle him. An inebriated man tells a young man that a young woman had been an arsonist in a previous life. A woman remarks to a young man, "Live or die, we don't care." A young man comments that his last name is a curse that set him up to be "an evil nurse."
 A man tells a young man that the man a woman was involved with had suffered from a heart attack and died and that his body is being shipped back to his wife; a woman sobs at the news. A young man finds a woman weeping.
 After chewing on his fingernails, a man spits on the floor. The sounds of retching are heard, followed by a young woman emerging from a bathroom stall.
 As the credits roll, a cartoon is shown depicting a young man and his alter ego snubbing a cigarette out on the forehead of a man. A man accidentally sprays a young man in the face with a hose.

PROFANITY 8 - About 31 F-words and its derivatives, 11 sexual references, 9 scatological terms, 17 anatomical terms, 10 mild obscenities, name-calling (little brat, bleeding heart, stubborn, exhausting, immature, ineffective twit, weenie, young heathen, slovenly wench, regressive sociopath, liar, trashy, sexist, drunk, fat cow, ugly, crazy, donut dunkers), 2 religious profanities, 3 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man holds a joint, inhales, hands the joint to a young man who acts like he's inhaling and then hands it back remarking, "Good stuff," three people are intoxicated as a young man walks into a room, is instructed to eat two "magic mushrooms," he consumes two, his alter ego shows up and swallows a handful of the mushrooms saying, "Have fun" and walks away, an older man and a woman stare into the distance (they had been given "magic mushrooms") and a young woman tearfully tells a young man that her brother had "drugged everybody."
 A cartoon version of a young man sits with a glass of wine in front of him and smokes a cigarette, a man drinks a beer and belches loudly, a man holds a wine glass while another man has a wine glass sitting in front of him, and an older man, obviously intoxicated, sits at dinner table and rubs mashed potatoes all over his face as an intoxicated older woman watches him, glassy-eyed. A woman smokes cigarettes in a few scenes, a man lights and smokes a cigarette, a record album is pictured with a man holding a lit cigar, a young man lights a cigarette, and a young man smokes a cigarette. A young man explains that he had written a note to a young woman instructing her to put sleeping pills in the drink of another young woman, causing her to fall asleep and be kicked out of school and we see the young woman placing a pill in the drink of the young woman, who is later seen sleeping on top of a textbook, and a young man tells a young woman that another young man told him that the she was unattractive, and then remarks that the young man has not been the same since he began taking steroids.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Alter-egos, French literature, records, arson, petty larceny, destruction of property, theft, virginity, sexual promiscuity, drug use, juvenile detention, fidelity, boarding schools, revenge.

MESSAGE - When trying to find yourself, you must be willing to battle against yourself.

Special Keywords: S8 - V5 - P8 - MPAAR

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