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X-Men: Days of Future Past [2014] [PG-13] - 3.7.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is sent to the past to correct a situation that has caused a series of events leaving the planet at war. Also with Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Nicholas Hoult, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage, Shawn Ashmore, Omar Sy, Evan Peters and Josh Helman. Directed by Bryan Singer. [2:11]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A female mutant's natural form is a completely blue body and we see the outline of her form in numerous scenes: we see her breasts (no nipples are evident), abdomen, belly button, buttocks and full legs. Women in a nightclub are shown wearing low-cut and tight-fitting dresses that reveal cleavage and bare shoulders. A woman wears a short top that reveals her bare abdomen to the hip. A man and a woman lie in bed together: the man gets out of bed and we see his bare chest, abdomen, legs, back and buttocks as he looks at himself in a mirror (the woman is shown wearing a lace nightgown that reveals cleavage and bare shoulders).
 Women are shown clinging seductively to men in a nightclub. Men and women dance and drink in a nightclub. A mutant kisses another mutant's hand. A mutant touches another mutant's hair tenderly.
 Three men barge into a room where a mutant and a woman had been sleeping in bed and they confront the man about "sleeping with the boss's daughter" (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A man tells a woman that he met in a nightclub to "Show me more baby. Clothes off."

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - Pods are dropped from flying vessels and we see giant fighting machines (they can transform to adapt to the enemy they are fighting and we see them change form) moving toward an area where several mutants are holding up: the mutants and the machines fight and we see a mutant opening portals that seem to send them to a different moment in time, another mutant transforms to liquid silver, and another mutant bursts into flames; one mutant is stabbed, one mutant shoots ice at a machine and a machine holds a mutant around the throat until we hear a crack and he is dropped to the floor (presumably dead) while another is struck, falls to the ground and we see his head being kicked around on the floor (separated from his body); a mutant is stabbed through the back by a machine and another is shot with a column of fire and he falls dead.
 A mutant is stabbed through the back and thrown off a ledge. A mutant is shot by three fire columns of fire and explodes. A mutant is thrown to the ground and another mutant bends several pieces of rebar and drives them into the fallen mutant's body; he screams and is lifted into the air and then thrown a great distance into a body of water where he sinks and presumably drowns (we see a body on a table gasping for air). A mutant is torn in half by two giant fighting machines. A mutant is put in a flame and we see her face and head engulfed. A mutant is stabbed three times by giant fighting machines.
 A mutant shoots at another mutant that runs and jumps out a window; the bullet follows the mutant and she is struck in the leg (we see blood spurt) before she lands hard on the ground and she limps away; the first mutant drags the wounded mutant back and the bullet ejects from her leg (we see the bullet and blood come out of her leg). A mutant shoots another mutant through the neck (we see blood as the bullet enter sand exits the neck). Several guards with guns drawn fire at four mutants and one of the mutants runs around the room (very fast) and resetting the situation so that no one ends up being shot, but the guards end up unconscious on the floor. A man is shot in the head and he falls dead (we see the bullet hole and a bit of blood). A mutant holds another mutant under water in a fountain before the attacker is wrapped by bending metal sculptures and restrained. A mutant is tasered and we see her thrashing on a table (we see this in a couple of scenes). A man transforms into a mutant that beats and disarms several men in a meeting room before the mutant is tasered and she falls on the table twitching. A mutant in a kind of a trans thrashes wildly and accidentally cuts another mutant with his bony spikes while she is transporting him (we see blood dripping from the wound and she moans and whimpers).
 Three men barge into a room where a mutant and a woman had been sleeping in bed and they confront the man (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details); the mutant grows spiky bones from his hands and fights with the men who shoot him repeatedly, the bullets pop out of the holes in the mutant's body and we see a bit of blood before the holes close; the mutant stabs the men with the bones in his hands and we hear a crunch with each blow. A mutant fights with several soldiers and holds one by the throat until another mutant shoots him with a blast of energy and the soldier is thrown through the air (we don't see injuries); another uses his tongue to take the gun away from a soldier and another causes two soldiers to vomit (we see them bend over and we see two streams of vomit). A mutant grabs another mutant by the collar and threatens him (no injury occurs). A mutant hits two guards with a frying pan and leaves them unconscious on the floor.
 Several giant fighting machines fly in the air and lower to the ground as a mutant opens fire on a crowd of people and they run in fear (no injuries are shown). A mutant that can control metal becomes angry while flying in a plane and the plane loses altitude; the mutant calms down and the plane stabilizes. A mutant throws a metal gate into a security guard (we see the man pinned against a wall by the gate). A mutant holds something to the throat of another mutant while shoving him into an elevator and threatens to kill him (no one is harmed). A mutant that can control metal leaps onto a passing train car, pulls up the tracks and uses the track to weave into mechanical devices in the train cars. A mutant that can control metal sends two metal balls that hit two guards in the heads knocking them out and then the two balls swirl around a third guard's head and knock him out (no blood is seen). A mutant falls as a scaffolding collapses and we see him pinned with a bit of blood on his head. A mutant pulls a safe room in the White House out and onto the front lawn, and then tears off the wall and reveals the men hiding inside.
 A giant fighting machine burns though an iron door and there are several mutants on the other side (no one is harmed). A mutant holds a gun on several men (she does not shoot).
 Many dead bodies and skeletons are shown piled on the ground and more tumble down a chute. We see NYC in rubble as a voice over explains that the world has become dark and desolate and is a world of war, suffering and loss; we see humans and mutants marching in a group and they each have some king of controlling device attached to the back of their necks. We see autopsy photographs of several mutants (they are black and white and we see rough scars on their chests). We see blood on the back of a mutant's head and we later see him stitching himself up (we see the needle and thread stitching him up). A nurse bandages a woman's leg wound after she has been shot (we see a bit of blood through the bandage).
 We see flashbacks to a mutant undergoing a treatment to replace his bony appendages, we see him held under water, and we see him stabbing a woman and screaming in pain. A mutant yells when his consciousness is transported out of his body. A mutant moans in pain from injured legs. A mutant breaks down when he hears so many voices in his head and says that he is not strong enough. A mutant screams and thrashes when he begins to hear voices in his head. A mutant causes huge winds to blow.
 A mutant places his hands on the glass ceiling of a cell where another mutant is being held; the glass vibrates until it shatters and the prisoner climbs out. An alarm sets off the sprinkler system dousing everyone inside a building.
 A mutant punches another mutant in the face and he falls to the floor before changing color and transforming into a blue werewolf-type creature that jumps around a room, throws the other mutant against a flight of stairs and then onto a table before swinging from a chandelier above him. A mutant punches another mutant in the mouth and he falls to the floor (no blood). A mutant duct tapes a security guard to the wall of an elevator and takes his uniform and weapon.
 A mutant holds her hands on either side of another mutant's head in a couple of scenes and we see a bright surge. A mutant is shown with white eyes, another mutant is shown to have a frog like face and a long skinny tongue, a mutant transforms to a blue werewolf looking creature, and a mutant changes from a complete blue creature with scales to a variety of other things. Several mutant soldiers prepare to ship home; one has pointy hair and black eyes, one has a frog/lizard face and one has a dark splotch over one eye. A mutant transforms to a human appearance and we hear squishing as he changes. A mutant sprouts bony spikes from his hands and we hear squishing sounds (we see a bit of blood when this happens in one scene).
 A mutant appears confused about where he is and another mutant tells him, "Somebody gave you really bad acid." A mutant talks about a war and calls it a "slaughter." A mutant talks about a procedure that would "rip you apart." A mutant talks about transporting consciousness. A mutant says, "20 guards will be here to shoot us." A voiceover asks, "Can we evolve to change our fate?" A mutant talks about hearing voices in his head. Two mutants make allusions to a mutant killing JFK. A mutant talks about having another mutant help with a "prison break." A mutant talks abut a treatment effecting his DNA. A man talks about there being "No human collateral damage." A mutant says, "They're going to wipe us out. A woman talks about how horrible it must be to be a mutant and wonders if mutants have parents. A mutant says to another mutant, "Killing one man isn't enough" and the second mutant says, "it never was for you."
 A mutant is shown being held in a cement cell deep underground. We see soldiers holding guns on a military camp.

PROFANITY 5 - About 1 F-word, 6 scatological terms (1 mild), 2 anatomical terms, 10 mild obscenities, name-calling (mutants, Neanderthal, monster, murderer, crazy, kleptomaniac, homo sapiens, Beastie, kid, American devils, helpless), 1 religious profanity (GD), 3 religious exclamations (Holy [scatological term deleted], God forsaken country, Oh God). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A mutant ties a strap around his arm and injects himself with a serum, a mutant talks abut a treatment effecting his DNA, a man nearly injects himself with a serum but does not, and a mutant appears confused about where he is and another mutant tells him "somebody gave you really bad acid." A mutant drinks alcohol and we see several bottles around the room, men and women are shown drinking and holding drinks in a club, a man orders a bottle of whiskey, two men drink alcohol on an airplane, and a man in a hotel room pours a glass of alcohol form himself and for a woman he met in a nightclub (we don't see them drink). A mutant smokes cigars in a couple of scenes.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Mutants, war, experimentation on mutants, DNA, genetic modification, suffering, shame, making choices, last chances, Vietnam war, pain, extinction, common enemy, fear, hope, mind control, abandonment, end of the Vietnam war, survival.

MESSAGE - Sometimes we all need a little help.

Special Keywords: S3 - V7 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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