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The Women [2008] [PG-13] - 5.2.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A woman (Meg Ryan) busy with her job, charity work and party planning, is taken by surprise when she discovers that her husband is having an affair. Not sure what to do, and being advised by friends and her mother, she is determined to remake herself and her life. Also with Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Candice Bergen, India Ennenga, Bette Midler, Cloris Leachman and Carrie Fisher. Directed by Diane English. [1:54]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A woman talks about her fellatio skills. A crude comment is made about having sex with a deliveryman. A woman talks about having sex with a woman and tells another woman she should try it. A woman talks about a 45-minute orgasm. A woman says she always fakes her orgasms. Women talk about not being conservative in the bedroom with their husbands. A woman flirts with a married man over the phone. A girl asks a woman how old she was when she first had sex and they talk about what sex feels like. A girl finds her mother's birth control device and asks what it is (the woman does not answer truthfully). After finding out that her husband is having an affair, a woman wonders if her husband and his lover talk about her while they are in bed. Women talk about a friend's husband having an affair. A woman talks about a married man having an affair. A comment is made about men having trouble in relationships with successful women. A woman states that sex with the same man for 13 years can get boring. A woman talks to another woman on the phone and asks, "Are you having sex?" A woman says, "my husband is in love with the navigation lady" (she is referring to a GPS voice). A woman yells during an extended labor and delivery scene. During labor a woman says, "I am never having sex again."
 A woman tries on a corset, panties and stockings (cleavage, a bit of buttocks and thighs are visible). A woman tries on a corset (cleavage and bare shoulders are visible). A woman sits in a bathtub covered to the shoulders with bubbles. A woman wears a tight-fitting, low-cut dress that reveals cleavage and accentuates her figure. Women wear low-cut tops and dresses that reveal cleavage. We see a pregnant woman with her feet in stirrups and bare legs to the thigh during labor and delivery.
 Two women hug and kiss each other. Women in a gay bar dance together. A girl burns tampons in her backyard.

VIOLENCE/GORE 2 - Two women argue bitterly and one throws a banana at the other striking her in the back.
 A woman confronts another woman about having an affair with her husband. A woman yells at another woman about having an affair with her friend's husband.
 A woman yells during an extended labor and delivery scene. A woman is fired from her job by her father. Four women argue. 2 dogs snarl and bark at each other on the street.
 We see many women in a convalescent center after plastic surgery (we see them with bandages on their faces and bruised noses and eyes). A woman bites into a stick of cold butter dipped in chocolate. A pregnant woman says that her water just broke.

PROFANITY 4 - 11 sexual references, 7 scatological terms, 2 anatomical terms, 7 mild obscenities, name-calling (insane, crazy, stupid, cheating, dirt bag, schmuck, idiot), 4 religious profanities, 18 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman smokes a marijuana cigarette and shares it with another woman. People drink alcohol in a bar scene, a woman drinks alcohol, people drink champagne, and a woman drinks champagne. A 12-year-old girl hands a woman a pack of cigarettes suggesting that the girl smokes (we do not see her smoke).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Infidelity, friendship, divorce, messy divorces, finding oneself, love, children in divorce, marriage counseling, regrets, accomplishments, objectification of women, betrayal, heart break, opportunism, priorities, anger management, high pressure jobs, fashion industry, success.

MESSAGE - Take time to appreciate the people you love. Do what you love.

Special Keywords: S5 - V2 - P4 - MPAAPG-13

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