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Winnie the Pooh [2011] [G] - 0.1.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The classically animated lovable animals of the Hundred Acre Woods are back: Winnie the Pooh (voiced by Jim Cummings) finds a note from Christopher Robin (voiced by Jack Boulter) and with the help of his friends, they set out on an adventure for honey and fun. Also with the voices of Craig Ferguson and John Cleese. Directed by Stephen J. Anderson & Don Hall. [1:09]

SEX/NUDITY 0 - A rabbit imagines a rough drawing of two rabbits standing beside him, looking at him lovingly.

VIOLENCE/GORE 1 - All violence in the film is played for laughs.
 In a roughly drawn animation, we see a monster poking holes into a pair of socks as an owl tells several other animals that a monster had kidnapped a boy. We see the monster use a hammer and nail to crack the front tooth of a rabbit.
 A piglet is frightened when he believes he sees a monster (it is really a tiger wearing a costume), the piglet races away, the tiger chases him and they both grab onto a balloon that floats through the air; the piglet and tiger let go of the balloon and drop into a pit, unharmed. Several animals are frightened when they hear a moaning in the distance, and they discover it is a bear stuck in a pit. A piglet acts frightened as he walks through a forested area and holds a spoon as a weapon.
 Two kangaroos, a rabbit, a donkey and a piglet drop into a pit, bringing an anchor crashing into a bear's head; they are all unharmed. A bear falls into a pit after walking onto a picnic blanket that's covering the pit. A boy uses a hammer and nail to attach a tail to a donkey (the donkey is unharmed).
 Several animals sing a playful song that they are going to capture a monster in a pit; we see a roughly drawn animation of a monster falling into a pit.
 A donkey says, "We're all going to die" when he and other animals are stuck inside a pit. A tiger says aloud that a monster is going to "pick them off one by one" in reference to a monster kidnapping a boy.
 A bear runs from a swarm of bees; he is unharmed. A piglet and a bear run from a swarm of bees after the piglet gets its head stuck in the beehive; the bear knocks the piglet and beehive down and they are swarmed with bees.
 A tiger throws open a window and he slams into the face of a rabbit; we see the rabbit's face squished against the glass of the window and he is later seen unharmed. A bear steps on top of a donkey; the donkey is unharmed. A tiger knocks over a donkey, lifts him up and the two tumble head over tail; the donkey falls to the ground, the tiger rolls off and both are unharmed.
 A piglet drops a bag of seed on the ground; the seeds spray the face of a rabbit that acts annoyed but is unharmed. A piglet knocks a block onto a bear's head (he is unharmed). An exasperated rabbit knocks a bear on top of its head (he is unharmed).
 A boy pulls a honey pot stuck on the head of a bear, we hear a pop and the pot comes off (the bear is unharmed). A piglet breaks a honey pot that is stuck on a bear's head. A honey pot dropped by a bear lands on the head of an owl that looks surprised but is unharmed.
 A donkey has a surprised look on its face when a tiger attaches a spring to the donkey's backside; we see the tiger and donkey bouncing up and down, the tiger and the donkey bounce in and out of a pit, and we see the donkey sling-shot into the tiger after bouncing off a clothes line.
 The screen shakes and is flipped upside down, knocking a bear to the bottom of a bed, and then out of a bed (he is unharmed). A bear jumps onto a seesaw, sending a piglet flying into the air.
 Letters from a block of text on the screen collapse onto a bear (he is unharmed). An owl loses its footing and falls off a root (he is unharmed). A tiger leaps onto a balloon, the balloon bounces the tiger off and he stands up, unharmed. A bear rolls head over tail when a block of text he is standing on disappears; the bear falls to the ground but is unharmed.
 A piglet is surprised when a bear drives a nail through the outer wall of the piglet's house; we see the nail come through a picture inside the house. A donkey is surprised when he sits on top of a clock attached to his backside. A donkey is surprised when a yoyo bounces back and hits him on the head, and a donkey is shocked when a lightening bolt jolts the antenna on his backside (he is unharmed). A donkey looks surprised when a balloon attached to his backside pulls him into the air; he lowers to the ground, unharmed. A donkey collapses from exhaustion.
 During a sequence where a bear is imagining himself in a land of honey, we see him biting the heads off dancing bears made of honey. A frog shaped as a honey pot sticks out its tongue and swallows a fly shaped as a honey pot. We see spittle flying from a tiger's mouth when he speaks. A bear acts disgusted and spits out mud that he ate, thinking it was honey. A donkey sprays water from its mouth.
 Several animals shriek when an owl drags a piece of chalk against a chalkboard.

PROFANITY 1 - 2 mild anatomical terms, exclamations (oh dear, oh bother, good grief, crying out loud), name-calling (monster, bear of very little brain, batty, slippery little devil, malicious terrible creature). [profanity glossary]


DISCUSSION TOPICS - Imagination, beloved childhood toys, classic animation, static electricity, friendship, nervousness, courage, happiness.

MESSAGE - Anything is possible when you have the help of friends.

 (Note: An animated short preceding the feature contains the following: We see an animated Loch Ness monster cough after exhaust from a car blows into its face, the monster spits out toothpaste into a small puddle, a man shouts after being surprised, a man jumps out of a car and lands on two boys, a Loch Ness monster flips over a feed trough and lands on its back, the monster rolls down a hill on a log and flips off a cliff landing on the ground (it is unharmed), and a Loch Ness monster is called a "weak baby" by the narrator.)

Special Keywords: S0 - V1 - P1 - MPAAG

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