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Whip It [2009] [PG-13] - 5.6.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A high school girl (Ellen Paige) finds herself drawn to the bruising and bashing of Roller Derby, rather than the gowns and crowns her beauty-pageant obsessed mother (Marcia Gay Harden) has in mind for her. Also with Kirsten Wiig, Zoe Bell, Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis, Alia Shawkat, Eve and Jimmy Falon. Directed by Drew Barrymore. [1:51]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A young woman and young man jump into a swimming pool, they kiss passionately, the young woman begins to take her clothing off with the young man's help (we see her in underpants and a bra), they continue to kiss passionately under the water and the young man is shown with his shirt off; sex is implied (we see them leaning against one another on the side of the pool with a towel wrapped around them).
 In front of a large crowd, a woman tackles a man, begins to fake-punch him in the face as she straddles him, and they then kiss passionately. A woman and a man kiss passionately. A young man and a young woman share several passionate kisses. A young man and a young woman kiss.
 A young man and a young woman eat opposite sides of a pickle, with their lips getting closer and closer. A young man and a young woman lean toward each other, about to kiss, but move away.
 Two women sit in a hot tub (we see bare shoulders); one woman has her arm around the shoulders of the other woman, talking in hushed tones, and balk when a man attempts to join them after he takes off his shirt (he's wearing an undershirt).
 A young woman walks up to a van, sees it shaking, and hears someone shouting, "Yes! Yes," she believes the person in the van is engaging in intercourse (it's a man cheering for his football team). A young woman walks into a bathroom and tells her reflection in the mirror, "You're only going to kiss him, nothing more"; she is interrupted by another young woman who opens the shower curtain to expose herself and a young man (sexual activity is implied, and the young woman appears intoxicated and holds onto the man's shoulder).
 A young woman dances suggestively in front of a mirror by herself, a woman shimmies and shakes her hips as she walks down a hallway by herself, a woman sits on the back of a man who is on his hands and knees and pretends to spank his behind, and a young man jumps on the back of a young woman and mimics holding a horse-bit to guide her (she laughs and stumbles).
 While comparing large, purple bruises, one woman lifts her shirt exposing a portion of her bare torso; another woman lifts the leg of her shorts, exposing a large portion of her bare buttock. A woman holds open her shirt, pushing up her cleavage, in a suggestive fashion. A young man grabs his groin when he notices that two young women are looking at him. A woman grabs, with two hands, the buttocks of a man as he leans forward. A young woman removes her shirt (we see her wearing a bra) and hands it to a young man who hands her a coat.
 Several young women, some with towels wrapped around their torsos are seen sitting at make-up tables. We see young women in short dresses, low-cut tops (cleavage is exposed), with bloomer-style shorts that are visible when they bend over, mid-drift exposing tops, a group of scantily clad women are seen and their clothing includes low-cut, cleavage exposing tops, mid-drift exposing shirts, and bustier-style corset tops, a woman wears a lingerie style low-cut dress, and in a movie a nude man runs onto a sidewalk and holds two dogs over his bare buttocks and genitals.
 A woman talks about an affair she had with a co-worker, and that she had contracted an STD from him after he cheated on her; she cured the disease using a "special shampoo for down there." A man holds up a sign in front of a large crowd that says, "Call Me!" and flips it over to read, "I am STD Free."
 A young woman tearfully tells a woman that she had lost her virginity to a man from whom she is now estranged. A young woman, using very graphic descriptions, tells another young woman about her parents' very active sex life. A man makes a crude pass at a woman. An announcer makes jokes, using crude language for female genitalia, in front of a large crowd of people. A man jokes about the size of his genitals while emceeing a large crowd. A young woman jokingly asks a young man if he is stalking her, the young man laughs and jokes that he is, but she likes it. A young woman asks a young man if he attempts to impress dates with his "skills" -- while he was playing pinball, there's a sexual connotation to the term "skills." In an attempt to comfort a crying young woman, another young woman says that she does not like to get involved in relationships and prefers "fondling" because there is no long-term commitment. A young woman mentions offhandedly that a young man was an excellent kisser. A young man jokes to a small group of teenage girls and boys that he calls his girlfriend "The Squealer," in a sexually suggestive manner. A man jokes to a crowd that he doesn't know if he should break up a fight between two women or "get out a video camera." A young man tells two young women that he would appreciate "hot girls in fishnets." A man shouts at a group of women saying that a sport is more than "dirty nicknames and fishnets." A woman jokes that her position on a team means that she is "the one who scores." A young woman jokes that watching a young man eat a sandwich rapidly was "sexy." A woman asks another woman what her "dirty" nickname is going to be, the woman responds with "Pocket Rocket" to which the first woman responds that she'll be "Jaba the Slut." A man jokes that he married his wife because he had "knocked her up."
 A woman winks at a man, a woman smiles suggestively at a man who returns a suggestive nod, a young woman and a young man exchange longing glances, a young man looks at a young woman and winks, and a young man looks a young woman up and down and smiles and she nervously smiles back.
 Two young women find two nude Barbie dolls tied together in a sexually suggestive way and the young women comment about the resemblance of the Barbies to themselves.
 Two young women dance together in a diner. A young man and a young woman sit leaning against one another, and a young man rubs a young woman's shoulder. Two young women embrace a young man, one of them lifting him up slightly, and both shout, "I love you!"
 A young woman looks at a still photo of a young man with his arm around a woman. A young woman and young man lie on a car hood, side-by-side, and look up at the sky. A man holds a woman and kisses the top of her head to comfort her.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - Four women, while skating, come to a stop holding their arms out and causing four other women to slam into their arms and fall to the ground, piling on top of one another (the women appear to be in pain and one has a smear of blood on her face).
 A woman, while skating, body-checks another woman into a railing, striking her face on the railing with a sharp crack; the woman then lifts her face and attempts to cover her nose (blood runs down her face, slightly obscured by her hand). A woman, blood streaming from both nostrils and down her face, neck, and chin, asks two women if her injury looks "bad"; both shake their heads and say, "No."
 A woman holds her leg out to trip another woman while skating, then crawls on top of the woman and punches her in the face repeatedly. A woman punches a woman in the face, knocking her to the ground. A woman knocks another woman to the ground as she skates by her and slams her body into the woman's side (the woman knocked to the ground is later seen wearing a neck brace). A young man grabs a young woman's arm, they argue, the young man kisses the young woman, and she pulls away and slaps him in the face.
 A woman, while skating, slams into a young woman, forcing her to double over a railing (we hear a crack and then see the young woman raise her head up and one lens of her eyeglasses has shattered). A woman slams her arm into another woman's face while skating, causing the woman to drop to the ground. A woman, while skating, is slammed into a rail. Four skating women throw their bodies against four other skating women, knocking them to the ground. A woman knocks another woman to the ground as they skate. A woman slams her elbow into the face of another woman. A young woman, while skating, is body slammed by another woman, lies completely still for a moment, and then stands up weakly. Two women link arms, causing another woman to fall to the ground. A woman smashes into another woman. Four women are pushed violently against a railing and either fall to the ground or stumble. A woman trips another woman and hits her in the face. A woman skates alongside another woman, who then throws her elbow into the woman's face, causing her to fall to the ground. A woman, while skating, hits another woman, causing the woman to fall to the ground. A woman, while skating, slams her hands into another skating woman's face, causing the woman to fall to the ground. A young woman, while skating, shoves her elbows out as she attempts to break through a crowd of women skating in front of her. A woman, while skating, flips over another woman and falls to the ground with a crash, her legs and arms splayed.
 A young woman slams against the floor face down, three separate times while attempting to roller skate. Two young women fall to the ground while trying to skate. A young woman, while skating, dives to the floor and slides along on her stomach.
 A young woman walks past another young woman leaning against a stair railing, cause her to flip over the railing and we see her on the ground holding her elbow, obviously in pain. A woman shoves a young woman into a locker after verbally confronting her, berating her using crude language, slams the locker door closed and walks away. A woman grabs a young woman's arm, shouts at her, they argue, a man joins in, and the young woman storms out of the room. Two women, arms linked around one another's shoulders, wrestle to the ground. Several women pick up a young woman, carry her down a flight of stairs and throw her, fully clothed, into a hot tub. A young woman accidentally drops another young woman to the ground when trying to "dip" her during a dance.
 A woman is shown wearing two nose strips (presumably to correct a broken nose) and with two black eyes, presumably from a previous violent altercation. A young woman turns to expose that a large bruise.
 A woman throws a ketchup-covered french fry at a young woman, the young woman picks the fry off her temple, picks up a piece of pie, throws it in the woman's face, the woman dumps a milkshake on the young woman's head, and many other diners throw food at one another: a woman slaps a pie on a man's face, the man responds and slaps two pies against the woman's face, and a young woman wrestles on the ground with another woman, while the floors, walls, and women are completely covered in food.
 A woman shouts a threat to a sports team. A man shouts at a group of women. A woman shouts at a young woman over the phone to relay a threat to another woman. A woman whispers threateningly to a young woman that she, "loves the taste of fresh meat." A woman verbally confronts a young woman about lying to her parents, causing her to cry.
 A man instructs a group of women to "put the hurt on somebody" while they practice skating. A man instructs a young woman to "throw a hit." A man instructs a young woman that she must "be willing to hit hard." A man tells a young woman to show him why she is called "Ruthless." Women use the following nicknames for one another throughout the movie: "Maggie Mayhem," "Bloody Holly," "Smashly Simpson," "Babe Ruthless," "Rosa Sparks," "Kami Kazee," "Juan'a Beatin," and "Iron Maiven."
 A woman jokes to a young woman that she would break his legs. A young woman jokingly tells a young man that she is going to kill him and "tear him up." A young man shouts crude nicknames at another man. A young woman tells another young woman that her breath smells like "a dead goat." A woman shouts, "Kill 'em dead!" to a small group of women and a young woman.
 A young woman grabs another young woman's neck and jokingly mock-chokes her, holding her against a wall; both then collapse into laughter. A young man tackles another young man to the ground in a play-fight. A man playfully punches a young woman in the arm. A man is accidentally struck in the back of the head with a football -- he appears to be fine.
 An intoxicated young woman is held over a toilet and told to throw up by shoving her fingers down her throat: she argues and refuses, so another young woman, using very graphic descriptions, tells her about her parents' very active sex life and we hear sounds of heaving as the young woman puts her head into the toilet. A young boy shoves his finger up his nose and picks at the inside of his nostril. A woman leans over a railing, takes a cup from a person sitting in the audience, takes a drink, and then spits the drink over the audience, spraying several people. A young man shoves a large sandwich into his mouth with some difficulty. A man talks on the phone, with his mouth full of visibly chewed-up food. A young woman chugs a can of beer and burps loudly.

PROFANITY 4 - 7 scatological terms, 15 anatomical terms, 11 mild obscenities, 3 religious profanities, name-calling (Birdman, Corporate, Grandma-Style, suck-up, fresh meat, little peanut, weevil, nimrod, tampon, racist hicks, cocky, traitor, selfish, stupid, idiot, defective, fat kid), 3 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man drinks a beer in front of a young woman who asks if she can have her own beer (the man says no, offers her a sip of his, she proceeds to chug the entire can, burping loudly), a young woman holds a beer in her hand and throws the cup on the ground when she sees a police officer (we later see the girl being handcuffed and find out that she had been arrested and charged with underage drinking), a man drinks beer, a group of women and a man drink at a bar, people are shown with open alcohol containers, a person holds a beer can, people in a large crowd drink alcoholic beverages out of cups and beer bottles, a woman hands another woman a flask of a presumably alcohol and she takes a drink, a person is shown attempting to do a keg-stand, a young woman vomits from intoxication, and several women spray champagne on one another. A woman smokes a cigarette, and a woman lights a cigarette. A man asks a woman about "bong-water," a woman calls drug paraphernalia "pretty vases," a woman yells at a young woman about being in a "head shop," a young woman jokes that buying shoes at a "head shop" is a "gateway drug," a young woman shouts at another young woman that she had been arrested for carrying an open container of alcohol after having been "ditched," a man jokes to a crowd that he is hung over, and an announcement is heard stating that people should not drink and drive.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Underage drinking, Roller Derby, skating, fidelity, honesty, family bonds, self-sacrifice, beauty pageants, violence, vendettas and grudges, dishonesty, premarital sex, violence in sports.

MESSAGE - Sometimes it takes a different perspective to appreciate what you have.

Special Keywords: S5 - V6 - P4 - MPAAPG-13

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