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The Warrior's Way [2010] [R] - 5.10.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In the 19th century a warrior assassin (Jang Dong-gun) is ordered to kill the last member of an enemy clan, but when he realizes it is a baby he refuses, takes the baby and escapes to the American Badlands. After finding a home in a small town, he has to fall back on his warrior training to defend his new friends and new home. Also with Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush, Danny Huston and Tony Cox. Directed by Sngmoo Lee. [1:40]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A woman wearing a cleavage exposing dress and using suggestive language, implies to a man that she is going to have sex with him, and the man licks her neck and face as the woman looks disgusted.
 A man violently shoves a woman down on a bed, and four men hold her down as he tells her he is going to show her what he should have done when she was ten years old; he flings up her dress (we see her underpants) and he is then knocked to the ground (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A girl is brought before a man and placed on a table, and the man grabs her face and looks at her teeth; it is implied he is interested in having sex with her.
 A man pulls a woman out of a lineup of women, the woman cries and the man says that he does not have sex with married women, but he will have sex with her daughters; he then has two young women grabbed from the lineup.
 A man inspects a group of women, opening their mouths to look at their teeth, and he makes a crude remark about liking women with "good teeth." A man makes a crude remark to a woman that he wants her to "wear something nasty." We see a photograph of a man with two women kissing him, and another man jokes that the man liked to "get sheets dirty" (there's no explanation on what he means). A woman jokingly tells a man that it would be nice to be in the moonlight, kissing.
 A bearded woman is seen wearing cleavage-exposing dresses, and she runs her hands up and down her torso suggestively as she discusses (in un-translated Spanish) a corset that is in front of her. Two young women are seen clutching their legs, their bare backs are visible and it is implied that they are fully nude as they sit in a bathtub; two men scrub them with sticks. A man's bare back and chest are visible as he is washing up, a woman walks in and he covers his chest with a sheet, and he lowers it after she leaves, showing his scar-covered chest.
 A man and a woman run to one another and hug. A man and woman touch one another's faces lovingly. A woman kisses a man.

VIOLENCE/GORE 10 - During a drawn-out and bloody fight between a large group of men carrying rifles, pistols and machine guns and a large group of men carrying swords we see many men shot by a rotating machine gun, the arms of a man are cut off (we see the bloody stumps and blood fly through the air), five men are decapitated by swords (we see clouds of blood spray into the air and three of the severed heads are seen flying from the bodies), countless men are stabbed (blood is seen flying through the air and on swords), and multiple men are shot by pistols (we see them being struck, lurch forward and fall to the ground); also a man slices through the chests and necks of nine men as they approach him (blood is seen spraying through the air and covering the attacker, who is later seen with blood spatter on his face, chest and clothing), he stabs a man in the chest with a sword and throws him (while still impaled on the sword) at another man, knocking both of them to the ground, a machine gun fires into a crowd of men, hitting them (their bodies writhe and fall to the ground) and countless dead bodies in pools of blood, arms and detached heads covered in blood and dying horses and mangled corpses of men are later seen.
 Five men fire many shots from a machine gun at a group of six men carrying swords, the swordsmen fall to the ground, and bullet holes are seen in the walls and the dead bodies of the swordsmen on the ground; the room goes dark, bright flashes illuminate a man using a sword and slicing through the gunmen, blood is seen spraying from neck and chest wounds and the head of one of the men is seen flying through the air with a trail of blood following.
 A man holding a sword crashes through a window and slices through four men, clouds of blood spray are seen, including a splash of blood across the screen, the man holding the sword corners another man holding a pistol, and a woman and the man holding the pistol fight: the man shoves the woman to the ground, she tries to stab him, he throws her with his whip, he grabs both her and the man with the sword, pulls them through a window and runs off (the scene is later referred to multiple times as a "butcher shop," presumably from all the blood).
 In a cloud of dust, we hear a slicing sound as a man with a sword attacks people, and blood is seen pooling on the ground, along with the mangled bodies of men and dying horses; the sound of slicing flesh is heard and a few gunshots are fired as the dust settles. The deck of a boat is covered in bloody dead bodies: a disembodied hand is seen still holding a sword as many men are seen in various poses, blood covering them, with cuts on their necks and chests, and blood is seen pouring from the sides of the boat and a trail of blood is seen in the water following the boat.
 A man holds a gun to a baby's face as another man and a woman enter the room, and the other man slices the gun's barrel off as the first man fires at the baby and the woman attacks him: the man and the woman fight, the man slams the woman to the ground, throws her across the room and slams her into a table, the woman slices off a piece of a leather mask covering the man's face to reveal bubbled, shiny scar tissue and then slices the man's leg; he stumbles forward, falls to the ground, blood pours from his leg and the woman slams a sword through his back, and we see a pool of blood form at the point of the wound. A man fires a pistol at a girl and she falls to the ground (we see blood spatter on her face and we see the girl as a woman later healed from the gunshot wound); a man and a woman holding an infant rush to her aid and the man shoots the man and then the woman and the infant.
 A large group of men on horseback run toward a man holding a sword and a teenage boy with a rifle: as they trample through a garden, a massive explosion is heard and blood flies through the air, and a bloody, disembodied hand holding a sword also flies through the air and narrowly avoids hitting the man holding the sword. A group of men fire rifles and pistols at another group of men with pistols and rifles: the first group of men run as the other group shoots them with bullets, we see five men struck and fall to the ground, a man attempts to set a group of men on fire after he spits lighted alcohol out of his mouth, and another man shoots him point-blank in the head and the group continues on.
 A man stabs a reflection in a pond, blood bubbles to the surface and a body floats up, with a sword stuck through the top of the head; six more men appear from the pond and float through the air, the man rushes past them cutting their bodies in half, and clouds of blood spray are seen coming from the wounds as the bodies fall to the ground. We see the shadow of a man slicing three men with a sword, as well as cutting off the head of one of the men (we see a massive splash of blood and the severed head is thrown through the air). A man with a sword slices a man's throat, and blood bubbles from the wound and covers the man.
 As a man holding a baby walks while slicing through a thicket of bamboo, eight men fly through the air and surround him, he slices through them, and puffs of blood are seen coming from the men as they fall to the ground; we don't see any specific injuries dealt, but it is implied the men die.
 Two men approach one another, swords drawn, one of the men lunges at the other and a small cloud of blood puffs from the other man's neck (we also see blood on the man's sword); the man collapses to the ground, presumably dead.
 A man uses an iron to defend himself from two men attempting to stab him with blood-covered swords; he smashes one of the men in the head with the iron and then grabs a sword and slices the throat of the other man (we see a cloud of blood puff from the man's neck).
 An elderly woman reaches for a knife to stab a man as he shoves a set of chopsticks through her eye; a baby looks on and smiles as the elderly woman falls to the ground, the man sets the hut on fire and walks away (we later see the elderly woman's charred corpse). A man on horseback is stabbed through the head, the man's body slumps over and a woman inspects the body; the bloody knife is still sticking from the back of his head, and he appears dead.
 A girl struggles as two men carry her into a room, they shove her on top of a table, the girl stands up and throws a pan of boiling oil at a man's face (we see his face welted and red from the burn and later covered by a leather mask) and runs out of the room.
 A woman holding a sword leaps toward three men also holding swords, knocks two of them to the ground and stabs the third, dropping him to the ground. A man stabs another man in the eye with a fish, the man stumbles back (no blood is visible) and falls to the ground, presumably dead; the other man then sets a hut on fire and walks away. A man and a woman run toward one another as another man shoots both of them; their bodies fall to the ground (no blood is visible).
 Small explosions are seen as a man on top of a scaffolding fires a sniper rifle at sticks of dynamite being thrown by a teenage boy toward a group of men: men dive for cover, fire back and climb the scaffolding the man is sitting on, only to be picked off by the man with the rifle and they crash to the ground; there are also a explosions on the scaffolding, blowing many men to the ground, and presumably killing them.
 A man points a gun at a woman carrying a knife as she walks toward him; the man fires a shot into the ceiling and whips her with a whip as a group of men rush into the room, grab the woman and throw her onto a bed where the man stands over her, saying he is going to pour hot oil on her face. Drops of blood are seen falling onto a boy's bare feet as with his hands tied to a sword (we also see blood on bandages wrapped around his hands and the sword), he stumbles to the ground; a man uses a stick to prop him up, ordering him to continue walking. We hear a gunshot and a crying baby, and a man and a woman find a man lying on the ground with blood coming from his mouth and a gunshot wound on his chest; he says he allowed a man to take a baby and he presumably dies.
 A group of men take turns firing rifles and pistols at a bucket on top of a man's head, and then a cup on the man's head; finally the man is shot in the foot, he jumps in pain, and we see a small amount of blood on his foot.
 A man stumbles on another man, who whips him around the neck, then hands the whip to a man on horseback who takes off quickly, dragging the man behind him until he crashes into a barrel (the man with the whip around his neck is later seen unharmed). A woman leaps through the air and breaks a staff on a man's shoulder; the man appears unharmed and the woman apologizes.
 A man implies that he wants a boy to kill a puppy; we do not see it happen, but we see the man hand the boy a sword as the screen goes red.
 A small man grabs the crotches of three teenage boys, the boys wince and whimper in pain and the small man tells them to stop harassing another man; he releases his hands and the teenagers run off. A man stands over a baby in a crib, picks it up by the collar and walks away holding the baby out to his side. A man is seen carrying a baby from a pouch on a stick slung over his shoulder and then pins the pouch to a clothesline; the baby is unharmed.
 Two men engage in sword fight, they clang their swords and one of the two men is seen with a small cut, with blood dripping from it on his face; the other man then kneels, stabs his sword into the ground and they stop fighting. On multiple occasions, a man and a woman are seen practicing hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting: the woman whips around to face the man and presses her knife against his throat, and the man presses his knife to the woman's torso, saying that no one wins a fight until the other person's heart stops beating. A man and a woman practices sword fighting and the man playfully knocks the woman down with the butt of the sword.
 A man hands a woman two small swords and tells her they are for protection, not killing; after the woman says she can use the swords to kill buffalo or injure armadillos, the man later hands the woman the swords and tells her they are for killing.
 A woman is seen gagged, surrounded by a group of men who tell her that she is tied up for her own safety; she is seen moments later cutting herself loose with a knife and sneaking away, unharmed. A man has his foot on another man's face, pinning him to the ground, as a girl is pulled in front of a crowd of people, shouting. A man rips open a woman's dress with a knife and he looks at a large scar on her back.
 A woman throws a rock at a man, it hits him in the back of the head, and she then tries to throw a rock at the baby the man is holding, but the man grabs it and throws it to the ground. A man throws small rocks at a woman, the woman is struck, and she ducks. A man and an infant throw rocks at a woman, and the woman shrieks and bats the rocks away with two small swords. A man spits a cork out of his mouth and hits a baby on the head with it.
 A woman is seen practicing throwing knives at a target and she misses. A man instructs a blindfolded woman to throw knives at a target behind him, she throws five knives and misses hitting him, and he walks away unharmed after the woman jokes that he is a "fountain of blood" or "dead yet."
 A man explains to a woman that when you cut a throat it "sounds like a sad flute." A man tells a group of people that they will die like rats. A man tells another man that if he is going to die, he wants to look good dying. A man tells a woman that a baby's parents are dead. A man asks another man if he will tell a baby that he had killed her parents and family. A man tells a woman that his father had been stabbed and that he was mad at his father for allowing himself to be stabbed to death. A man tells another man that a group of men had been hunting him, and fired a bullet meant for him, which hit a woman and killed her. We hear a male narrator say that he knew of two clans that battled one another, trying to kill all the members and succeeded, except from one remaining baby girl. A male narrator explains that a man has gone to the top of a deadly warrior's death list. A man tells another man that a person had "kicked the bucket." A man tells another man that he had had a man "strung up" previously. A man jokes to a group of people that he would need the manure of 200 dead buffalo to fertilize a garden. A woman jokes that a man is as fun as "throwing a dead cat into a party."
 Two men are seen digging up a grave; they open a casket as people hold their noses, but there is no body inside the casket. A group of men on horseback trample through a garden, destroying the plants. We see a dirty, mud-colored sheet and a teenage boy instructs a man to get all of the bird feces out.

PROFANITY 4 - 3 scatological terms, 2 anatomical terms, 4 mild obscenities, exclamations (dang, heck), 3 racial slurs, name-calling (stinking face, skinny, idiots, slower than molasses, evil little midget), 5 religious profanities, 6 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - On multiple occasions a man is seen drinking alcohol and acting inebriated, slurring and stumbling, a man takes a drink of alcohol and stumbles to the ground face-forward, a man takes a drink from a bottle and remarks that he is better when he is drunk, and a man spits alcohol from his mouth and sets it on fire.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Western movies, samurai warrior training, blood feuds, child molestation, revenge, overcoming adversity, traveling circuses, small people, friendship, loyalty, kidnapping, grudges, defending honor.

MESSAGE - Sometimes it may take all you have to stand up for what you believe in.

Special Keywords: S5 - V10 - P4 - MPAAR

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