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On Video - November 2016



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November 1

Bad Moms [2016] [R] - 7.3.10
An upper middle class wife and mom (Mila Kunis) seems to have the perfect life but she's over-committed and exhausted. Needing a change, she gathers other stressed-out moms (Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn) to explore unconventional lifestyles and in a shared quest for freedom the trio butts heads with an irksome PTA president (Christina Applegate) and a clique of smug moms. Also with Annie Mumolo and Jada Pinkett Smith. Directed by Jon Lucas & Scott Moore. [1:41]

Star Trek: Beyond [2016] [PG-13] - 2.6.2
Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) leads First Officer Spock (Zachary Quinto), the ship's doctor (Karl Urban) and the Enterprise crew into a barren world. Stranded on the planet that's ruled by sinister reptilian aliens, they join a freedom fighter (Sofia Boutella) to save her species and return to Earth. Also with Simon Pegg, Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana, John Cho and Anton Yelchin. Directed by Justin Lin. A few lines of several alien languages have no translation, and many lines of the languages have English subtitles or a Universal Translator translating. [2:02]

November 8

Indignation [2016] [R] - 6.5.5
Based on a Philip Roth novel: Set in the 1950s, a Jewish college freshman (Logan Lerman) from a New Jersey working class family attends a conservative Christian college in Ohio on scholarship. He falls in love with a troubled girl (Sarah Gadon), and suffers numerous conflicts with his roommates, the college dean (Tracy Letts) and his parents' oppressive plans for him. Also with Linda Emond, Danny Burstein, Ben Rosenfield and Pico Alexander. Directed by James Schamus. Several lines of dialogue are in Hebrew and are not translated. [1:50]

Sausage Party [2016] [R] - 9.6.10
In this adult animated tale an angry jar of mustard alerts his grocery store cohorts that the gods they believe in and the Great Beyond afterlife are all fiction and all the groceries will be murdered and eaten. A hotdog, a bun, a bagel, a flatbread and a taco (voiced by Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Edward Norton and Salma Hayek) journey the aisles to find the truth and meet disturbing realities. Also with the voices of Michael Cera, James Franco, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill, Nick Kroll and David Krumholtz. Directed by Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan. [1:28]

November 15

Finding Dory [2016] [PG] - 1.3.1
Off the coast of California, a forgetful Pacific blue tang (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) begins to retrieve family memories and wants to know more. Two clownfish (voiced by Hayden Rolence and Albert Brooks) accompany her on a journey to find her parents (voiced by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy) and learn about her past. Also with the voices of Ed O'Neill, Kaitlin Olson, Ty Burrell, Idris Elba, Dominic West and Sigourney Weaver. Directed by Andrew Stanton & Angus MacLane. [1:43]

November 22

Hell or High Water [2016] [R] - 4.6.8
An unemployed divorced father (Chris Pine) and his ex-felon brother (Ben Foster) rob a chain of banks that is foreclosing on the family ranch after their mother's death. At the same time a Texas Ranger (Jeff Bridges), just weeks from retirement, is confronted with bringing the brothers to justice in what will be his last case. Also with Gil Birmingham, Kevin Rankin and Katy Mixon. Directed by David MacKenzie. [1:42]

The Wild Life [2016] [PG] - 1.3.2
An animated tale about Robinson Crusoe (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) and his dog who are shipwrecked on a tropical island in the South Pacific. They meet a parrot (voiced by David Howard) and a small group of animals, gain their confidence and together build and defend a deluxe treehouse. Also with the voices of Laila Berzins, Joey Camen, Sandy Fox, Colin Metzger, Marieve Herington and Jeff Doucette. Directed by Vincent Kesteloot & Ben Stassen. [1:30]

November 29

The BFG [2016] [PG] - 0.3.2
Based on a Roald Dahl book, the Big Friendly Giant (Mark Rylance) helps a little orphan girl (Ruby Burnhill) navigate life and its challenges, while both learn what friendship really means. Also with Penelope Wilton, Rebecca Hall and Rafe Spall, and the voices of Bill Hader and Jermain Clement. Directed by Steven Spielberg. [1:53]

Don't Breathe [2016] [R] - 5.6.8
Three friends (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto) rob the homes of wealthy people hoping to get enough money to get away from their stagnant lives and move to California. When they plan their final job they have no idea what secrets they will uncover. Also with Stephen Lang and Emma Bercovici. Directed by Fede Alvarez. [1:28]

Pete's Dragon [2016] [PG] - 1.3.1
A young boy (Oakes Fegley) orphaned in an automobile crash is adopted by a forest dragon (voiced by John Kassir). Six years later, the boy is discovered by a forest ranger (Bryce Dallas Howard) and loggers, giving rise to renewed regional rumors of dragon sightings and childlike hopes for magic. Also with Robert Redford, Karl Urban, West Bentley, Oona Laurence and Isaiah Whitlock Jr. Directed by David Lowery. [1:42]


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