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On Video - July 2015



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July 7

The Longest Ride [2015] [PG-13] - 5.4.3
An injured professional bull rider (Scott Eastwood) meets a college art major (Britt Robertson) who is about to move to New York City. During their own conflict-filled relationship, the couple meets an aging art collector (Alan Alda), who teaches them about love, as well as fine arts. Also with Oona Chaplin and Jack Huston. Directed by George Tillman, Jr. [2:19]

Slow West [2015] [R] - 2.6.5
In the late 19th century a 16-year-old boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) travels from Scotland to the American West in search of the young woman he loves. Along the way he meets a bounty hunter (Michael Fassbender) who agrees to help him across the untamed territories. Also with Ben Mendelsohn, Rory McCann, Alex Macqueen, Brooke Williams and Caren Pistorius. Directed by John Maclean. [1:24]

Woman In Gold [2015] [PG-13] - 1.4.5
Based on a true story: A Jewish Holocaust survivor (Helen Mirren) in Los Angeles hires an attorney (Ryan Reynolds) to sue the government of Austria for a famous painting that belonged to her aunt. The Austrian government contends that the painting is a state treasure and the case goes all the way to the US Supreme Court. Also with Daniel Bruhl, Katie Holmes, Elizabeth McGovern, Antje Traue and Jonathan Pryce. Directed by Simon Curtis. [1:49]

July 14

Clouds of Sils Maria [2015] [R] - 6.3.7
An actress (Juliette Binoche) struggles with aging and insecurity when she is asked to take on a role in a film that continues the story of an older film that started her career. Also with Kristen Stewart, Chloë Grace Moretz, Lars Eidinger, Johnny Flynn, Angela Winkler, Hanns Zischler, Nora von Waldstätten, Brady Corbet, Aljoscha Stadelmann and Claire Tran. Directed by Olivier Assayas. [2:04]

Ex Machina [2015] [R] - 6.5.6
A programmer (Domhnall Gleeson) wins a prize that grants him a week-long visit with a reclusive (Oscar Isaac) genius, who has developed artificial intelligence. During his stay in the compound the man must determine if the A.I. apparatus could pass for human. Also with Alicia Vikander and Sonoya Mizuno. Directed by Alex Garland. [1:48]

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 [2015] [PG] - 2.4.1
The mall cop (Kevin James) returns for a convention in Vegas that turns out to be more than he bargained for when he stumbles into an art theft plot. Also with Raini Rodriguez, Eduardo Verástegui, Daniella Alonso, Neal McDonough, David Henrie, D.B. Woodside, Nicholas Turturro and Loni Love. Directed by Andy Fickman. [1:34]

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel [2015] [PG] - 3.2.2
In this sequel, a young man (Dev Patel) has built a successful hotel business and is hoping to expand if he can find someone to back him. At the same time, he is preparing for his wedding and the pressures push him to the brink of losing everything without the help of his friend and co-manager (Maggie Smith). Also with David Strathairn, Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Celia Imrie, Ronald Pickup, Diana Hardcastle, Tina Desai, Richard Gere and Shazad Latif. Directed by John Madden. [2:02]

July 28

Comet [2014] [R] - 3.2.8
A man and a woman (Justin Long and Emmy Rossum) meet and fall in love in various parallel universes, but the challenges of staying together appear to be pre-destined. Also with Eric Winter, Lou Beatty Jr., Kayla Servi, Nicole Lucas and Ben Pace. Directed by Sam Esmail. [1:31]


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