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The Virginity Hit [2010] [R] - 9.3.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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When four friends (Matthew Bennett, Zack Pearlman, Jacob Davich and Justin Kline) vow to record how and when they lose their virginity, we see their experiences in a mash up of YouTube-esque amateur videos. Also with Nicole Weaver and Krysta Rodriguez. Directed by Andrew Gurland & Huck Botko. [1:26]

SEX/NUDITY 9 - Teenage boys watch videos of a woman (her bare breasts are visible) engaged in active sex, thrusting with an unseen person; the woman is seen in various positions and we hear moaning.
 A group of four teenage boys and a teenage girl are seen in a strip club: women are seen wearing thong-style underwear while dancing suggestively on stage (a few of the women are topless and we see with their breasts), and a woman is seen removing her clothing down to her thong-style underwear (her bare breasts are visible) and dances suggestively in front of a teenage boy. A woman's bare buttocks are seen and a woman rubs her hands over her chest suggestively as she dances with a pole.
 A woman instructs a teenage boy to perform oral sex on a blow up doll that has female breasts and both male and female genitalia; she uses crude language to instruct him and we see the teenage boy putting his mouth on the blow up doll's genitals (we see this from various angles as it is being filmed on multiple cameras, including one which is inside the blow-up doll, and we see the boy's tongue and mouth licking it). A video of a teenage boy performing oral sex on a blow up doll is seen multiple times, including by a group of teenage boys and girls, and it is posted on the Internet, where we see videos of people's reactions to the boy's actions (two teenage girls are seen gasping in horror, and a man berates the teenage boy).
 As a teenage boy chats online with a woman, he narrates that he has asked her to send nude photographs to prove that she doesn't have male genitalia; moments later a picture of a fully-nude woman (we see full frontal nudity, including genitalia) is seen on the computer, and the photo is later seen cropped just to show her bare breasts, as a teenage boy shows the photo to another teenage boy.
 A woman tells a teenage boy that she cannot have sex with him, the teenage boy agrees and asks to spend time alone with her, they go into a room and the teenage boy is later seen walking out as the woman puts on her shirt (we see her bare back); the teenage boy happily tells a group of teenage boys that he had put the woman's breasts in his mouth.
 A woman wearing a robe (it is implied that she is nude underneath) uses crude language to tell a teenage boy that she had been masturbating while thinking about him and asks if he has been doing the same; the woman instructs the teenage boy to undress and we see him wearing briefs, she pulls his waistband out, looks at his genitals and asks him to describe what he "wants to do to her;" he says he wants to massage her and "go from there."
 The genitals of a teenage boy are blurred as he is seen nude (his bare chest is visible) while attempting to shave his pubic hair; hair is seen on the ground and stuck to razors on a counter, and the teenage boy is seen in the shower attempting to shave as another teenage boy films him; the teenage boy filming says he will help and we see another teenage boy shaving the other teenage boy's genitals (his crotch is blurred) as they discuss what he will say and do when having sex with a woman.
 A teenage boy and a teenage girl kiss, the teenage boy leads the teenage girl into a room, we see the shadowed outline of the girl taking off her shirt (we see the shadowed profile of her bare breasts) and climb on top of the teenage boy; it is implied that they have sex, while another teenage boy films them and remarks that he said he wouldn't be filming, but that the boy's genitals look "huge" and he would appreciate it later.
 A group of teenage boys and girls listen to the sounds of a teenage girl and a teenage boy kissing, and it is implied that the teenage girl is trying to perform oral sex on the boy but he stops her; later those who were listening reveal themselves (we see a shirtless teenage boy wearing boxers and a teenage girl wearing a skirt slip and bra). A teenage girl and teenage boy kiss passionately in front of a group of teenage boys (one of them is filming the kiss). Two teenage girls kiss while a teenage boy films them.
 A teenage boy hands another teenage boy a package that contains thong-style women's underwear and a photograph of a woman wearing the underwear while holding her bare breasts in her hands. A teenage boy slaps the behind of another teenage boy lying in a bed, he drags the covers off the boy (he's shown wearing brief-style underwear and his bare chest and back are visible), the teenage boy puts a pillow over his crotch and the other teenage boy makes a crude remark about him having an erection.
 A group of teenage boys watch a series of videos in response to a video they posted on the Internet depicting a teenage boy being shoved into a shrub: One video includes a man using crude language and suggestively rubbing his chest, and another is a video of a woman saying she is offering to have sex with a teenage boy. Teenage boys watch a video on the Internet where a woman is presumably having a conversation with her doctor (we see a phone held up to the screen with the name "Dr." on the caller ID) and the doctor confirms that she does not have any STIs and is currently on birth control so it would be safe to have intercourse with her. Teenage boys watch videos of men describing (some using crude language) how fantastic it would be for a teenage boy to have sex with a woman. A group of teenage boys laugh as they watch a video of a teenage girl straddling a teenage boy that's lying on a bed; she places his hands on her buttocks and instructs him to kiss her, when another teenage boy enters the room, the boy on the bed shouts and he and the teenage girl stand up.
 A topless young woman is seen (her bare breasts are visible) sitting in what appears to be a baby pool. The bare behind of a teenage boy is seen after he pulls his pants down. A nude teenage boy is seen standing inside a refrigerator (his genitals are covered by a bottle he is holding and his bare chest is visible); a teenage girl opens the refrigerator and screams in surprise. A teenage boy opens a bathroom door and sees a nude young man, his genitals covered only by a bottle, and his bare chest is visible. A teenage boy pulls down another teenage boy's pants (he is wearing boxers) and shoves him into a swimming pool. Teenage boys are seen wearing swimming trunks while swimming and sitting around swimming pools. A young man is seen shirtless on film as a group of teenage boys watch. Teenage girls are seen wearing bikinis while swimming and sitting around swimming pools. A young woman is seen taking her shirt off after she is thrown into a swimming pool (she is wearing a bra). A young woman takes off her shorts and shirt to reveal a bikini bathing suit under her clothes. A teenage girl is seen wearing a tube-bra and pants as she tries on clothing, including a pair of shorts a teenage boy tells her are "sexy." A shirtless teenage boy (his bare chest is visible) is seen playing pool. A group of teenage girls in bikinis wash an older man's car and one of them purposefully presses her breasts against one of the windows, while a teenage boy sprays them with water. A bong looks like a bare-breasted woman.
 We hear that a teenage boy and a young woman are "hooking up" and we see this as a teenage boy films it in night vision: we see a teenage boy pulling open a tent, a young woman inside pulls a shirt over her chest (her bare back is visible), shouts at the teenage boy and he stumbles away from the tent (he is bare-chested); the young woman tells the teenage boy the next morning that she was drunk and not thinking straight, but that she will not have sex with him. A teenage girl stands next to a teenage boy wearing underwear and a T-shirt, and the teenage boy jokes with four other teenage boys that he just had sex with her. A teenage girl jokingly dances suggestively in front of a teenage boy. A teenage boy jokingly humps two beds in front of a group of teenage boys, who laugh with him.
 A teenage boy tells four other teenage boys that he intends to have sex with a teenage girl that night, and then shows them the hotel room where they plan on having sex; another teenage boy says that he will record the sounds (we see two teenage boys wiring the room with microphones) and after they have had sex, the group will break through the door and film the teenage girl's reaction.
 A group of teenage boys tease a teenage girl and teenage boy that they are going to have sex, saying that the teenage boy does not even know how to kiss, and that the teenage girl will have to instruct him, including how to take off her dress (she laughs and tells him to pull it over her head).
 There are many discussions about sexuality: Conversations about a group of four teenage boys losing their virginity and engaging in various sexual acts, including text on the screen reading, "we were all virgins;" teenage boys crudely joking with one another about having sex for the sole purpose of losing their virginity; and teenage boys have crude discussions about sex, including one teenage boy's intentions to have sex with a specific teenage girl, how three teenage boys had previously had sex and how a remaining teenage boy is going to have sex. A teenage boy films another teenage boy walking into a store to buy condoms on two occasions (they ask a man and a woman for advice about condoms and the woman gives the teenage boy crude advise about female anatomy, while the man tells the teenage boy, "Enjoy yourself"). A teenage boy tells other teenage boys and a young woman that he was planning on having sex with a teenage girl but now is not going to, since the teenage girl had had sex with a young man and he thought she was a virgin. A teenage boy and groups of teenage boys and girls are seen asking people for money to pay a porn star to have sex with a teenage boy. A teenage girl shouts at a teenage boy, saying that she had been drunk and allowed a young man to put his mouth on her breasts (she uses crude language). A teenage boy jokes with another teenage boy about a teenage girl allowing a young man to put his mouth on her breasts (he uses crude language). A teenage boy tells a teenage girl that he had placed his mouth on a woman's breasts since she had allowed a young man to do the same to her. A teenage boy tells a woman that every time he has walked in on another teenage boy masturbating, he is looking at photos or videos of the woman. An older man jokes with a group of teenage boys that he and his wife had "tried out" every couch and bed in a hotel, but then remarks that sex with his wife was "different" since she has Alzheimer's disease. A young man tells a teenage boy that he cannot discuss what he and a teenage girl had done, but said he will say that "she likes to party," implying they had sex. A teenage boy filming a young boy asks if the young boy has seen his mother naked, the young boy says he had not, and the teenage boy says that he has. A teenage boy reads aloud a note that a woman hands him that says he needs to show up showered, shaved and without pubic hair. A young man points a teenage boy in the direction of a woman wearing an oversized button-up shirt (presumably not wearing pants but no nudity visible) and says that she is a stripper. Four teenage boys listen as a female voice says that a teenage girl had gotten naked and into the bed of a young man. A teenage boy tells a group of other teenage boys that he knows a security guard will not stop him if he simply screams "Rape!" A teenage boy makes a crude joke that he will rape another teenage boy. A young woman puts her arm around a teenage boy, and another teenage boy pulls them apart and says they are not allowed to touch because it would be "incest," explaining that while they are not blood related, they are like brother and sister to him. A teenage boy jokingly tells another teenage boy that he is not interested in having sex with a stranger, because sex leads to babies, marriage, relationships, heartbreak and STDs. A teenage boy says that the Internet was invented for pornography. An older man tells a group of teenage boys that he liked a video where a frog performs oral sex on a monkey.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A man shouts at two teenage boys, while they attempt to shove him out of a room (they are blocking him with the door); the man grabs one of the boys by the neck and has him in a chokehold, as the other teenage boy knocks a screen out of the window, the boys climb through and onto a roof, and jump and run through people's backyards to escape (one of the teenage boys falls into a swimming pool as he is running).
 A security guard attempts to run after a teenage boy in a store, and the teenage boy shouts "rape" loudly and runs out the door, as a group of other teenage boys run out of the store. A teenage boy slaps another teenage boy. A man shoves a teenage boy into a shrub. A teenage boy shouts at another teenage boy and tries to chase him with a whiffle ball bat, as another teenage boy tackles him to the ground, pins him and he calms down. A teenage boy tackles another teenage boy and has to be pulled off him.
 A teenage boy turns on a motorboat and sends it, unmanned, crashing into a riverbank, where it flips over.
 A teenage boy jokingly grabs a young woman, carries her over his shoulder and flips her into a pool. A teenage boy throws himself on a bed, narrowly missing hitting a teenage girl that's sitting on the bed.
 A teenage boy struggles to throw himself over a fence and has to be propped up before he and two other teenage boys open a window and sneak into a house.
 A teenage boy shouts at another teenage boy, saying he "should have been aborted." A teenage boy jokes to a teenage girl that his problems would be solved if he could punch a person in the mouth. A teenage boy jokes that he joined the army and hopes that he isn't killed, but would enjoy killing someone. An older man tells a group of teenage boys that his favorite video on the Internet is of a horse being hit by a train.
 A group of teenage boys and teenage girls listen to a live feed of a microphone from a bathroom where it is implied, from the noises that are heard, that a teenage boy has diarrhea. A young boy asks a teenage boy if he had diarrhea. A teenage boy stands in a bathroom and looks as though he is about to vomit (we do not see or hear him get sick). A teenage boy uses a hose to mimic urinating on a group of teenage girls.

PROFANITY 10 - About 139 F-words and its derivatives, 2 obscene hand gestures, 40 sexual references, 23 scatological terms, 29 anatomical terms, 22 mild obscenities, 2 derogatory terms for homosexuals, 4 derogatory terms for transvestites, name-calling (idiot, moron, child pornographer, nerd), 2 religious profanities, 9 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - On more than seven occasions teenage boys and girls smoke marijuana from a bong made of a nude female statue and teenage boys and girls smoke marijuana joints. Teenage boys and girls are seen drinking alcohol in excess (in party settings, at bars and in a person's home) and are in various states of intoxication, a teenage boy is drunk to the point of vomiting (we do not see him vomit but he is seen standing in the bathroom looking ill), a young woman tells a teenage boy that she was not responsible for her actions because she was drunk, a man tells a teenage boy that he is a drug addict and is not responsible for his behavior, and an older man tells a group of teenage boys that he is going to bring them some champagne (the boys joke that they should not drink anything the man brings them). A teenage boy smokes multiple cigarettes at once, including cigarettes coming out of his nostrils and teenage boys and girls are seen smoking cigarettes.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Premarital sex, sexually active teenagers, losing one's virginity, teenage drug and alcohol use, sobriety chip, AA, having sex without love, pornography, porn stars, having sex for money, exploitation, coming of age, Alzheimer's disease, drug addicts, shame, infidelity, a parent stealing money from a child, abortion, making a documentary, college and frat parties.

MESSAGE - Your first time having sex should be special. Don't let your friends make your decisions for you, especially the important ones.

Special Keywords: S9 - V3 - P10 - MPAAR

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