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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 [2011] [PG-13] - 6.8.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The first part of the two-part conclusion to the "Twilight" series: Bella (Kristen Stewart) and vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) are married and are surprised on their honeymoon when Bella becomes pregnant. Her pregnancy worries both vampires and werewolves, including Bella's best friend, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) especially when she becomes very ill. Also with Billy Burke, Sarah Clark, Ashley Green, Elizabeth Reaser and Kellan Lutz. Directed by Bill Condon. [1:57]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - The bare back of a young man is visible as we see him and a young woman in bed: they kiss passionately and we hear faint sexual moaning from both partners as sex is implied; the young man grabs the headboard, breaking it while he is on top of the young woman and we later see the young woman waking up in bed (the bed has been destroyed and the pillows are ripped). A young woman has a vivid dream, which we see, of herself and a young man kissing passionately: they lean back, sex is implied, the young woman awakens and tells the young man in bed next to her that she had a "very nice dream."
 A young man and a young woman are shown in bed together: he is shirtless and his bare chest is visible, the young woman is wearing a sheer negligee, she kisses him, pulling him close to her and implies that she wants to have sex with him, but he resists; she straddles him, we see a flash of the young woman's brief-style underwear as she gets on top of the young man and they continue to kiss passionately (sex is implied).
 A young woman wearing a towel wrapped around her walks onto a beach, we see the clothing of a young man crumpled on the beach, the young woman drops the towel and enters the water (we see their bare backs), he wraps his arm around her, they kiss passionately, and we see her bare back and side and his bare back as he makes a sexual remark about not being able to control himself.
 A young woman wearing a robe kisses a young man passionately, and he pushes her away. A young man and a young woman share an extremely long, lingering kiss in front of a group of people. A young woman touches her own lips as she has a flashback to kissing a young man passionately; we see his bare chest and they share a lingering, passionate kiss.
 We see a young man looking at various anatomical drawings of birth and paintings of women; bare breasts are visible in the paintings. A young man, wearing boxers and a T-shirt in bed, rolls over after looking longingly at a young woman wearing a sheer negligee. A young woman's buttocks are almost visible under her short, sheer negligee as she climbs into bed next to a young man wearing pajamas. We see a portion of a young man's back as he lifts his shirt. A young man's bare chest and back are visible when he wears swimming trucks and we see a young woman in a bikini. Throughout the movie we see a young man shirtless on many occasions. Several teen boys and young men are seen shirtless on multiple occasions. A young woman wears a very tight, figure-forming dress with an extremely low-cut back, covered by sheer lace and we see a woman wearing an extremely low-cut dress that exposes her cleavage. Women and young women are seen wearing cleavage-exposing dresses and a woman is wearing a dress with a very high slit that has to be adjusted when she sits down in order to cover her legs. A young woman tells a young man that her period is late, and she then clutches and rubs her stomach, lifting her shirt to expose her bare torso. A young woman digs through a suitcase, pulling out a very sheer bra and negligee.
 A young man and young woman hug, and he places his hands on the young woman's behind and they kiss. A young man cuddles next to a young woman on a couch as the young woman's husband watches. A young woman puts her legs over the legs of a young man as they sit next to one another and they kiss. A young man kisses the pregnant stomach of a young woman, he holds the young woman's stomach and they discuss how much they care for their unborn child. A young man and a young woman are seen cuddling and kissing by another young man and he looks disgusted. We see men and women kissing passionately in a crowd. A woman is seen sitting on a man's lap as they kiss. A man and a woman kiss on the cheek. A man kisses a woman's hand. Three couples are seen cuddling on a beach; a young man and a young woman look at them jealously. A young man and a young woman are seen holding hands on multiple occasions. A young man and young woman hug. A young man wraps his arms around a young woman. A young man and a young woman hold one another. A young man and a young woman hug. A young man stares longingly at three young women and a young woman teases him, saying that he is drooling.
 A young woman tells a young man, "It was amazing" in reference to them previously having had sex, and he tells the young woman the night was "The best night of my existence," after he apologizes for injuring her during their sexual encounter. A young woman implies to a young man that he won't harm her again if they were to have sex and the young man ignores her. A young woman playfully asks a young man if he is a virgin, and the young man does not respond. A young woman playfully asks a young man if there "will be strippers" at his bachelor party and he says no. As part of a wedding toast, a young man teases a young woman, saying that she ."..won't be getting any sleep." A man jokes with his daughter, and says, "I know I'm hot." Two young women discuss how one thinks that a young woman is pregnant; the other disagrees with her, saying that the young woman getting married is not pregnant.
 A young man "imprints" on a newborn baby – it is not sexual, but from previous conversations, we know that it is implied that he has found his mate for life, he experiences flashes of the newborn growing inside a girl and then a young woman and we see a reflection of the young woman staring lovingly into a young man's eyes.
 A young woman runs into the arms of a young man, who lifts her in the air. A young man lifts up a young woman and carries her into a room. A young woman and a young man dance slowly, he puts his face on her neck, and twice he lifts her and they spin around. A young man and a young woman dance slowly. A young man and a young woman dance and he flips her woman over his arm.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - During a graphic and extended childbirth scene we see the following: a lifeless young woman is seen on a hospital gurney, and a man washes the blood from her arms, legs and face (we see a small bowl filled with bloody water from the young woman's body); the skeletal body of a young woman is shown with sweat and blood covering her (blood is seen on the hospital gown and between her legs), she appears dead, and a young vampire man bites her neck, legs, arms and torso (small bloody bite marks are visible and he then plunges a massive needle into her chest); a young woman who appears to be dead lies on a hospital gurney, and a young man pounds on her chest violently (we see the "inside" of the young woman, and her veins and heart begin to warp and turn stony as a liquid flows through her body); a young woman in labor screams in pain and we see in blurry flashes of blood covering her pregnant stomach and legs, the sound of teeth tearing through flesh is heard and a young vampire man is seen with blood on his mouth, shirt and hands (it is implied the young vampire man bites through the young woman's stomach and we see a blood and gore covered baby lifted up); a young woman, close to death, holds a blood-covered newborn baby as a young vampire man with blood on his face and lips (from biting the young woman), shirt and hands, hands the baby to another young woman; a young woman is seen on a hospital bed, she appears emaciated and weak and she is sweating profusely; a young woman vampire drags a scalpel across the stomach of another young woman, she holds the bloody scalpel and looks at it hungrily as a young vampire man leaps on her, knocking her to the ground; a young woman falls to her knees as she tries to stand, clutching her pregnant stomach in pain.
 A young woman has a vivid dream that we see also: A young vampire man has blood on his hand, mouth and jacket, a young woman has blood on her hands and white wedding dress, and we see a large puddle of blood forming by their feet and a pile of 20+ dead people; splashes of blood are seen on the bodies of the dead and the young couple is seen standing on top of the pile of the deceased.
 The lifeless body of a young woman is seen lying on a gurney; she is emaciated and appears completely lifeless, the sound of cracking bones is heard as her sunken ribcage rises, her arms and face fill out and we watch as the dark circles under her eyes disappear and bloody cuts on her legs and arms instantly heal.
 We see a pack of young men and teen boys, in wolf form, surrounding several vampires: they fight, we see them knocking one another to the ground and other vampires appear, one vampire man punches several wolves, a young vampire man climbs up a tree and kicks down a wolf as it attempts to climb after him, a wolf pins a vampire woman to the ground and is about to kick her as a young man appears and shouts at the wolves, a wolf lunges toward him, he flips into the air and morphs into a wolf and the fight is broken up.
 Three vampires run through woods as two young men in werewolf form chase them: the wolves knock one vampire to the ground, she rolls out from under one of the wolves as a young man appears and punches a wolf, throwing it backwards, and the wolves chase the vampires until they leap over a large ravine and the wolves stand on the opposite side and howl angrily.
 A young man in wolf form snarls at a young woman in wolf form and she submits. A young man in wolf form snarls and snaps at another young man in wolf form, and the two wolves bark and snarl at each other until one lunges past the other and runs away. A young man kicks a motorcycle, it slides across the road, he morphs into a wolf and tears through a forest; he jumps in front of a car, and the driver of the car swerves to avoid hitting him.
 We see brief flashes of a young vampire man grabbing a man and pushing him against a wall; it is implied that the vampire is drinking blood from the man's neck. We see a young vampire man throw a man against a wall and the man drops a knife. A young vampire man grabs a man and buries his head in the man's neck; the vampire turns and we see in black and white what is implied to be blood on his lips. A young man grabs a young woman's arm, she shouts and another young man appears and shouts; three other people appear and grab the first young man, holding him back as he angrily shouts. A man grabs his son's arm, and he storms off. A young man shoves himself past another young man hits his shoulder.
 A vampire man pours blood from a blood bag into a cup, a young vampire man then transfers the blood into another cup and hands it to a young woman, who cautiously drinks the blood through a straw; a young man watches and says, "I think I'll be sick" and looks away as the young woman continues to drink the blood, saying that it tastes good (we see blood on the young woman's teeth and lips). We see a trashcan filled with empty blood bags, with blood still visible in the bags. A young woman drops a cup filled with blood, the cup breaks and blood pours all over the ground.
 A pregnant young woman appears very ill: we see bruises on her pregnant stomach, a young man sees her with her eyes sunken and she is very thin and tells her, "You look terrible." A very pregnant young woman lifts her shirt, we see bruises on her torso, a young man sees the bruises and lunges toward a young vampire man, and the vampire holds the young man back as he explains that he had not injured her. A very ill pregnant young woman holds her stomach and winces in pain. A pregnant young woman appears emaciated and ill, we see dark circles under her eyes; a young man looks at her reflection in a mirror as she takes off her robe (no nudity is visible) and looks upset. We see fingerprint-shaped bruises on a young woman's arm and shoulder as a young vampire man apologizes for injuring her during sex and the young woman tells him she does not feel pain or mind the bruises.
 A young man approaches a young vampire woman holding a newborn baby (he had previously told people that he was going to kill the newborn) and moments later he walks away and the newborn is unharmed.
 We hear multiple references to a young woman's pregnancy and various people encouraging her to terminate the pregnancy: A young vampire man (the one who impregnated her) tells the young woman that a vampire man will ."..get that thing out" in reference to her pregnancy; a young man shouts at a vampire man, telling him to "take it out of her"; a young vampire woman shouts at a young woman, telling her that the fetus inside her is not good for her health; a young man implies in a conversation with a young woman that he thinks she is going to die as a result of her pregnancy and he begs her to end her pregnancy to save her life (she dismisses his concerns); a vampire man tells a young woman that her fetus has broken one of her ribs, but it had not shattered, a young vampire man (the father of the unborn child) acts shocked, and the vampire man explains to the young woman that the fetus is too strong and that her heart will give out before she is able to deliver.
 A young man tells a young woman that he cannot live without her if she were to die from a pregnancy; she tells him that he would have their child and he shouts angrily that he could not care for something that had killed her and he storms away. A young vampire man tells a young man that if a young woman's heart fails as she gives birth that she cannot be turned into a vampire. A young man threatens another young man, saying that if a young woman dies, he will kill him. A young man tells another young man that he will not kill him in retaliation for killing a young woman, but instead he will allow him to live and blame himself for the young woman's death. Teenage boys, young men and a young woman are seen in wolf form and we hear their thoughts as they shout that a pregnant young woman must be killed along with her fetus; various voices are heard shouting that a family of vampires must be killed. A man shouts at his daughter over the phone after she tells him that she is going to a medical clinic for a long-term illness. A young man shouts at young vampire man, saying, ."..she'll die" in reference to a young woman being injured by the vampire. A young vampire woman cries and tells a young vampire man that werewolves had killed another vampire; the young vampire man defends the werewolves, saying that the vampire had attempted to kill a young woman.
 A woman says in subtitled Portuguese that a young vampire man had killed a young woman (the young woman is standing there, unharmed). A young vampire man tells a young woman that a woman's culture has a history of "blood sucking demons preying on beautiful women" in order to explain a woman's scared look when she sees a young woman. A young vampire man tells a young woman that a woman is coming to verify that she is alive. A young man asks another young man if a young woman had died; the young man cries, implying that the young woman had died. A young man tells a man that a young woman had died during labor, saying that the child had killed her. A young vampire man tells a young woman that he had previously killed three men; the young woman reassures the vampire, saying that the men were murderers and he had "Saved more lives than he took." A young man asks another young man if a young woman is going to die and one says to the other that he will destroy the unborn baby of the young woman after she gives birth. A young man warns a vampire man that a young man in wolf form will kill him; the young man asks the vampire if he is willing to risk his life to save the life of a young woman and the vampire agrees that he will. A young man asks another young man if he is willing to fight his own brothers and sister in defense of a young woman that they want to kill and the young man agrees. A young woman tells a young man that she is not going to allow him and her brother to be killed. A young man tells another young man that he is going to warn a family of vampires that werewolves are going to attack them. A young man vows to a young vampire man that he will not allow a young woman to be hurt. A young woman dramatically tells a young man, "Soon I'm going to be dead to you" in reference to her becoming a vampire. A young vampire woman tells a young woman that she can no longer see a future for her, implying that the young woman may die. A young man tells two other young men that he thinks a family will say that a young woman was in a car crash or tripped and fell off a cliff, in order to cover her becoming a vampire. A young vampire man tells a young woman that she will have the desire to taste human blood, saying that he had experienced similar cravings after he became a vampire. A man tells a young man that he had been contacted by his daughter, who said that she was ill; the young man looks angry and storms off. During a wedding toast, a man half-jokingly warns a young vampire man that he has a gun and knows how to hunt people down. A young vampire man jokingly tells a young woman that he will drag a young vampire man out of her house; the young woman tells him to leave, saying she does not want her house torn down. A young woman jokingly asks her father to not let her fall as she walks in heels with her arm in his. A young man jokingly asks a young woman if she is afraid he will "trash the party." Over the phone, a young woman half-jokingly asks a man if vampires can go into shock.
 We see the brief fantasy of a young man, as he imagines himself as a wolf jumping on top of a young vampire man. Young men playfully shove one another. A man jokingly pushes his wheelchair into a man. A young woman jumps onto the back of a young vampire man, and they jump down an extremely tall waterfall and land unharmed in the water at the bottom.
 People watch a black and white movie and we see a woman drop something and scream as a monster lurches toward her. A young vampire man looks horrified as he looks at various anatomical drawings of pregnancy, demons, and disfigured children.
 A young woman eats a piece of chicken, we see blood and the uncooked flesh of the chicken, and she acts disgusted and runs to a toilet; we hear heaving and see her throw up (vomit is seen leaving her mouth) and a young man watches as she wipes her mouth and flushes the toilet, saying that she got sick from eating chicken. An emaciated pregnant young woman gasps and appears as though she is going to vomit; a young man holds up a bucket and she turns her head away. A young woman spits as she brushes her teeth. A young man spits on the ground.

PROFANITY 3 - 2 sexual references, 2 mild scatological terms, 2 mild obscenities, name-calling (monsters, the hair, demon, bloodsucker, blondie, killer, pathetic ex-girlfriend), exclamations (shut up, oh my gosh, quiet). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We see adults and young people drinking champagne at a wedding, a man remarks, "I need to drink, a lot" and another man corrects him by saying that he needs to drink sparkling water, and a man is seen with what is implied to be a can of beer on the table in front of him.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Abstinence, marriage, abortion, sacrifice, abandonment, vampires and werewolves, jealousy, dependence, unhealthy dependence, immortality.

MESSAGE - Love and self-sacrifice can be very difficult emotions to understand and express.

Special Keywords: S6 - V8 - P3 - MPAAPG-13

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