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Turbo [2013] [PG] - 1.4.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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After a freak accident, an average garden snail (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) becomes a world-class speed racer. Also with the voices of Paul Giamatti, Michael Pena, Samuel L. Jackson, Luis Guzman, Bill Hader, Snoop Lion (formerly known as Snoop Dogg), Maya Rudolph, Ken Jeong, Michelle Rodriguez and Ben Schwartz. Directed by David Soren. [1:36]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A female snail makes kissing noises toward a male snail. A female snail flirts with a male snail on multiple occasions, including calling the snail "boo"; the male snail reciprocates and wraps his arm around the female snail.
 A man teases a snail, saying that the snail's brother is in fact his mother, sister or girlfriend and he winks. A boy grabs a snail and makes a remark about the snail's gender being female (the snail is implied to be male). A snail teases his brother snail after a man kisses the snail. Three snails make a series of sexualized remarks ("nice curves," "looking delicious") and we then see that they are talking about a tomato.
 We see a woman wearing a tight shirt (some cleavage is exposed) and tight pants.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A crow dives into a group of snails, grabbing one snail as his snail brother watches; we see the crow fly through the air, the snail's brother trails behind him on the ground, watching as the crow fights with another crow over the snail and drops it onto the hood of a truck; three other crows surround and fight over the snail as the snail's brother watches in horror before zooming onto the truck hood and knocking the captured snail safely to the ground; the snail's brother is swallowed by one of the crows, the snail (from inside the crow) smashes the crow against the truck's windshield multiple times, until the crow spits out the snail and tries to fly away before being struck by a passing bus with a loud smack noise; both snails are seen unharmed and the first captive snail awakens, thinking that he had died and was in heaven. We see a dramatic "recreation" animation of a snail being smashed by a car.
 Several snails approach a garden when a crow swoops down from the sky and picks up one of the snails as the other snails watch. A crow drops down and scoops up a snail from a large crowd, and one of the other snails remarks, "there goes Jerry" unemotionally. A crow grabs a snail from a crowd of snails.
 A man tries to grab and then stomp on a snail as a crowd watches and we see a tire narrowly miss hitting the snail as it slowly crawls to safety and the man falls with a thud; an older woman runs onto the racetrack and smashes the man's neck, then grabs the man and puts him in a sleeper hold before being dragged away by two men; the older woman wriggles away and grabs the man's head a second time, punching him and shouting that she will smash him. A boy purposely rolls over a bug, crushing it with a three-wheeler, laughing manically. A boy on a three-wheeler barrels toward a snail, and the snail avoids the boy multiple times by zipping out of the way; the boy pins the snail against a wall, the snail drops on top of the front wheel and quickly spins the wheel around, knocking the boy backwards and off his three-wheeler; the boy runs toward his house, and then hits his head on the door knob before crying and racing into the house. A snail tries to crawl toward a tomato as a lawnmower approaches it and we see a group of snails watching in horror as the lawnmower comes extremely close to crushing the tomato and the snail before they turn on a hose, blowing the snail out of the path of the lawnmower at the last moment; we see the tomato smashed in the lawnmower with flecks and tomato spray (implied to look like what would have been blood if the snail had been crushed). A snail smashes against the walls of an overturned glass, trapped; the snail knocks the glass to the ground, it shatters and the snail crawls away and down an open window as the boy tries to grab it; the snail leaps onto a floating balloon, only to be grabbed by a crow, and the crow drops the snail to safety after the snail "smacks" the crow with its eyeball (the snail is unharmed).
 A racecar spins out of control, flips over twice and blocks a crowded race track as other cars screech to a dead stop; we see a snail impacted by the crash and it appears to be unconscious but it rouses moments later and we that see a portion of his shell is crushed; the snail rallies and we see that no one is injured in the pile-up. A man driving a racecar forces a snail to zoom over debris on the shoulder of a racetrack and the snail goes over the debris unharmed as the debris whips past him; the car driver then tries to smash the snail against a wall, placing it between the track wall and the man's car (the snail is unharmed). A snail appears to be having a panic attack as it races along a crowded racetrack and cars zoom past, knocking the snail under their tires and against a wall; the snail has exhaust coughed into its face and we see it almost smashed as two cars' wheels swerve toward one another. A snail watches cars race along a busy highway and a semi truck speeds past the snail; the force knocks the snail off an overpass and onto the highway below where it bounces off a series of cars, narrowly avoiding being hit and lands safely on a parked car's intake; the car starts and sucks the snail safely into the intake valve (we see the snail covered, unharmed, with N20 as it exits the exhaust pipe of the car). A snail jumps on the handles of a three-wheeler racing toward a garden filled with other snails; the three-wheeler smashes through the garden and tips over (we see snails displaced and tomatoes smashed, but no snail is harmed). Several snails see a boy approaching them rapidly, they shout "shell crusher" and one of the snails instructs the others to "tuck and roll" to safety; the boy rolls away on a three wheeler, leaving the snails unharmed. A bus zooms along a street, narrowly avoiding hitting a snail twice; the snail pops into its shell to avoid being run over.
 A snail launches itself at a bus' windshield as a second snail leaps onto the steering wheel of the bus and steers it while two snails spin beer bottles under the bus tires; the tires blow out and the bus swerves causing passengers on the bus (including small children) to fall off their seats (they are unharmed as the bus comes safely to a stop in a parking lot).
 A snail, trapped in a man's shirt pocket, "pulls" the man to the ground and drags him across the ground, knocking two people out of the way (they are unharmed). Two security guards grab a man and carry him out of a building, shoving him away. A snail bites a man's hand and he shakes his hand in pain (we see no blood). A snail knocks a man backwards with the force of him zooming toward the man (the man in unharmed). A snail smacks another snail (his brother) twice, to rouse him. A snail jumps onto a tray, throwing several other snails through the air; two of the snails hit a man's glasses, another snail smacks a man's face as both men shriek and one of the men shakes his leg and the snail falls out of his pant leg. A group of snails cheer on another snail and we see a tomato smash onto the snail with a squishing noise. Several rotten tomatoes roll down a small hill and smash onto a snail; the snail is unharmed.
 An older woman grabs a man's shirt, pulls his face next to hers and shouts in his face. An older woman snaps at a man, shouting at him, "No touching!" We see interspersed scenes of two men (brothers) shouting at one another as the other scenes are of two snails (brothers) shouting at one another. A snail warns his brother snail that he could be killed, being run over on a racetrack and the two snails argue. Two snails (brothers) shout at one another. A snail snaps at his brother snail when the snail shines his "high beam" eyes into the other snail's eyes. A snail makes a remark about a snail disappearing. Two snails are alarmed when they hear people shouting, "Kill it!" and talking about how they think the snail will "kill" other snails; the snails are surprised when they realize that the people were talking about racing the snails against one another. A group of people teases a man, saying that a man's racing snail is dead (the snail is unharmed). An older woman dramatically tells people that she is going to "have a heart attack." A snail announces to a group of other snails that "accidental smashes" [of tomatoes] were "down 15%." A man teases his brother that buying monkeys was a bad idea because they were "cute but mean."
 A man and two women knock their heads together with a thud (they are all unharmed). A snail is smacked in the head with a plug as a television is unplugged (the snail is unharmed). A snail knocks over a bottle and the bottle rolls over the snail (the snail is unharmed). A snail avoids being hit by a paper thrown by a man (the snail is unharmed). A snail tries to squeeze between two other snails and he bounces backward from the impact (the snail stands up, unharmed). A woman is startled when a snail zooms rapidly in front of her and she throws food into the air (she is unharmed). A snail stumbles and falls off a stack of VCR tapes and then stands up, unharmed. Two snails "high five" with their eyes and they both whimper in pain (they are unharmed). A snail dives for safety from circling crows under an abandoned food container; the snail is unharmed, but remarks that it "smells like a hat made of feet."
 A snail drinks an energy drink and we see a drop of it hit a counter and sizzle; an advertisement for the same energy drink rolls rapidly on a television screen as the snail watches, warning of health complications from drinking energy drinks.
 A snail remarks, "I think I'm going to be sick" (we neither hear nor see any vomiting). A snail spits at the "feet" of another snail. A snail gargles a drip of condensation and then spits it out. A woman sprays her drink from her mouth.

PROFANITY 1 - Name-calling (insane, freak of nature, garden snail, nutso taco man, lunatic, crazy, chubby, son of a gun, big bad bug), 1 religious exclamation (Oh my God). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We see what seems to be beer bottles (brown and green) rolled under tires, and an older woman and a man drink what appears to be beer (brown and green bottles).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Sibling rivalry, standing up for what you believe in, having goals and aspirations, disappointment, achieving one's goals.

MESSAGE - No dreams are too big.

Special Keywords: S1 - V4 - P1 - MPAAPG

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