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TRON: Legacy [2010] [PG] - 2.5.2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A follow-up to the original film from 1982: An arcade owner and computer programmer (Jeff Bridges) has been trapped for the past 20 years in a computer game, and when his son (Garrett Hedlund) is also pulled into the pixelated world the two have to band together and fight gladiatorial bouts in order to escape. Also with Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner, James Frain, Beau Garrett and Daft Punk. Directed by Joseph Kosinski. [2:07]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - Women are seen wearing tight, figure-hugging bodysuits. A man's bare back and chest are seen as he changes his shirt.
 Four women surround a man and use their fingers to cut off his clothing, while he jokes that "the zipper works" and we momentarily see him stripped down to his boxer-brief underpants; moments later fabric materializes to cover his body. Women are seen sitting on men's laps and a man comments that the men are "preoccupied." A man touches a woman's face lovingly
 A woman wraps her arms around a man as they ride a motorcycle. A man winks at a woman and she rolls her eyes.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - During a fast-paced fight, five men crash through the windows of a building and into a room where men and women are celebrating, they use glowing Frisbees to attack people and wield large batons striking men and women down; a woman's arm is struck with a baton and it shatters into pixels (she appears unconscious with her eyes open for a few minutes), a man is seen smashing the head of another man with a Frisbee and a cloud of pixels explodes as the man disappears, and three people get into an elevator that a man attached a bomb to and we later hear that they are presumed dead (but we know they are not).
 Two men fight as the gravity in a pod they are in seems to shift; one man is thrown against the roof of the pod, gravity shifts again and he drops to the ground with a thud, the other man then straddles him, holding a Frisbee to his neck, and a small drip of blood comes from his nose and hits the ground, whereupon the man pulls away.
 In a fast-paced glowing motorcycle race between two groups of men, motorcycles are seen crashing, T-boning one another, sliding off course and exploding into clouds of pixels and colored fluid, along with their drivers; the drivers are picked off one by one as they race around a massive, fluidly moving race track until four remain, one is thrown off his motorcycle and run over by another (we see him burst into pixels), a motorcycle is smashed by a car and a man throws a glowing Frisbee at another man and misses (two men remain unharmed).
 Two men in a glass pod hurl glowing Frisbees at one another, the Frisbees bounce off walls and crash through glass panels as the men duck to avoid being struck; one man slams a Frisbee into the ground beneath another man's feet, shattering the glass floor and he almost falls through (he grabs onto a ledge and pulls himself back in) and the fight ends when one of the men hits the other with a Frisbee and he bursts into a cloud of pixels. We see a group of men fighting and one of them explodes into pixels. Two men fight, one avoids the other man's Frisbee and then smashes a portion of the pod where the other man is standing, causing him to fall out and shatter into a cloud of pixels.
 A man battles a group of men, using glowing Frisbees, hurled at one another as weapons; one man lifts another man and throws him to the ground, another man is seen being thrown to the ground and the first man runs away, unharmed (it is implied another man is killed).
 A man puts another man in a chokehold, tosses him to the side, another man enters the room shoving a woman in front of him, her hands bound behind her back, and she drops to the ground and kicks the man while the first man hurls a glowing Frisbee at him, shattering him into a cloud of pixels (the woman and first man escape unharmed). A man kicks another man to the ground, a third man rushes to his aid and the attacker kicks this man and a woman standing between them; the attacker shouts, as the man and the woman escape on a backwards zipping platform, and the attacker throws himself against a disappearing edge and is struck by some sort of energy boom from the first man and the two of them collide and disappear into a large cloud of pixels.
 A man kicks two men off a platform into unseen space where they fall out of sight, presumably dying. Two men free-falling through the air wrestling each other until one of them appears to be knocked unconscious and falls into a deep pool of water; the lights on his jumpsuit go out, implying he died. A man uses a baton to shatter another man into a cloud of pixels.
 Small round devices are placed on the walls of a room where a man and a woman are standing and moments later we see a massive explosion coming from the top of the building where they were.
 We see a high-speed chase in jets through a tangle of wires and lights; one man in a jet shoots small bursts of laser beams at five other jets and is able to shoot down all but two of them (we see the planes burst into a cloud of pixels when they are shot down); then two planes crash into one another in a massive explosion of pixels and light.
 We briefly see the face and head of a man partially missing -- the exposed areas where tissue and brain would have been are pixilated. A man is seen with a large scar stapled across his face, forehead to jaw; red pixels are seen where it would be presumably bloody. A woman appears to be unconscious with her eyes open and her arm missing (no blood is visible, only a clean line of pixels) as two men discuss her injuries; one of the men is worried she will die and the other reassures him that she will be fine, and moments later, after manipulating a digital projection from the woman's chest, the woman's arm is seen growing back and she wakes up, unharmed.
 A man stands on a pole attached to the top of a tall building, another man walks out on the pole, the first man leaps off the building and free-falls until moments before hitting the ground, he releases a parachute that gets caught on a streetlight; he releases himself from the parachute and lands on top of a taxi (we later see two small bruises on the man's back, presumably from the pull of the parachute), the taxi swerves trying to knock the man off the roof until cornered by police officers, and the man slides off the roof of the taxi and is arrested (we later see him leaving the police station unharmed). We see a security guard reach for something on his waist, presumably a gun, and shouts a warning to a person to reveal themselves and "make it easy"; he does not pull the gun out of the holster.
 A man on a motorcycle drives at extremely high speed, and he is clocked at over 100 MPH, as he weaves through traffic; the driver turns off his headlamp and takes an exit to avoid a pursuing officer.
 A man panics and tells a woman driving a car that he thinks they will "not make it" when they drive toward a small hole she blew in a wall; the car drives through unharmed. Two men and a woman are jolted forward when the woman lands their plane roughly. A man is startled when he awakens inside a computer program and he runs out of the building in a panic.
 A man runs from two guards wearing helmets and shouts "erase me" as he leaps off a platform into a massive electronic fan; we see his body explode into pixels as it hits the fan.
 A man knocks another man on top of the helmet with his fist. On multiple occasions, men dressed in uniforms and wearing helmets grab people roughly and shove them. A man shouts and knocks a bowl of metal fruit from a table. A boy shoves a woman's hand off his shoulder and runs away.
 A man shouts at a group of men and women. Two men argue with one another. A man glares angrily at a man who knocks two vases off a table.
 We hear that a large group of "isos" (they are human in appearance) was destroyed by a man during genocide, referred to as "the purge." A woman mentions to a man that she had to look for safety after "the purge" when her kind was all senselessly murdered. A woman tells a man that she had been hunted by a group of people trying to kill her after they had murdered her fellow "isos" and that when she was surrounded, and about to be murdered, a man swept in and saved her life. We hear a television reporter announce that a man had gone missing. A television reporter announces that a woman had died when her son was young. A man remarks offhandedly to another man that a person is either dead or "chilling in Costa Rica." A man tells another man that he "smells like jail." A man tells a boy that he has witnessed people fighting inside a computer program.
 A man trips an alarm as he breaks into an office building. A police officer watching security footage drops a mug, spilling coffee on the ground.

PROFANITY 2 - Exclamations (son of a gun), 4 mild obscenities, name-calling (freaks, primitive functions, users, rare bird). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man is seen drinking a can of beer and handing one to another man, and men and women are seen at a bar drinking unidentified drinks after a man tells the group that drinks are on his tab.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Technology, alternate realities, abandoning a child, shareholders in a company, open source software, coming of age story, arcades, betrayal, loyalty, friendship, reuniting lost loved ones, video games, creating a person in one's own image, computer users vs. computer programs.

MESSAGE - The binds of family are very strong. You must fight to protect what you love.

Special Keywords: S2 - V5 - P2 - MPAAPG

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