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The Trip to Italy [2014] [NR] - 4.3.7



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Two men (Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon) travel through the scenic Italian countryside in order to sample the local cuisine, while writing a travel and food column. Sequel to "The Trip." Also with Rosie Fellner, Claire Keelan, Marta Barrio and Timothy Leach. Directed by Michael Winterbottom. [1:48]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - A man is shown in bed next to a sleeping woman and the man's bare chest and back are seen; the woman's bare shoulders are shown and sex is implied. A man and a younger woman kiss while recording for an audition. Two men kiss two women on the cheeks as a greeting.
 A younger woman calls a married man and tells him that it would be lovely to see him again and they make arrangements to talk again.
 A man talks about thinking about having sex with a woman who is not his wife. A man makes several sexually suggestive remarks about having had sex with a woman who is not his wife. A man tells another man about a photographer they will be working with and the other man asks him, "Is that the one you slept with?" then "How did you do that?" and the man replies that "You take your pants off and then your underpants..." A man jokes about having had "a random sexual encounter with a pirate." A man tells another man about a night he spent with a woman (sex is implied). A remark is made about a man sleeping with his sister, sodomizing his wife and some young boys. A man jokes with another man about growing old and tells him that he will eventually find himself in a chair with a young nurse leaning over him and taunting him with her breasts. A man tells another man, "You know I'm not a homosexual" after the second man makes a remark about romance; the first man then says something about "The only time I'd snuggle with you..." and there is a back-and forth about conditions that the men may find themselves needing to spoon to keep from freezing to death. A man asks of a movie scene, "Is that where she's naked on the bed?" A man tells another man "Come to bed Rob, I want a cuddle" and later that "I'm horny." A man makes a reference to someone popping over for a "blow" and then finishes the sentence with "by blow account..." A man talks about wine and beautiful women. Two older men admire two young women and make a reference to their age and that they are no longer attractive to younger women. A man says, "I want you on my team" and puts his hand over his crotch (he is alone). A woman talks to a man about her ex-boyfriend and the man shows her pictures of his young daughter. Two men talk about women sleeping with them only because they are famous. A man admires a young woman and remarks that "she has a lovely gate" and another man says, "probably padlocked."
 Several women are shown wearing bikinis while lounging on a beach (cleavage, bare abdomens, bare backs and legs are shown). A man wearing a Speedo swim suit is shown on a beach and his bare chest, abdomen and legs to the hips are seen. A woman wears a low-cut top that reveals cleavage. Several young women wear bikinis that reveal cleavage, bare abdomens backs and legs.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - Two men re-enact a murder scene and one man slashes the other across the abdomen with a knife (we see fake blood on his shirt).
 There are a few close calls on busy, narrow roads where cars nearly collide. We see a display of bodies encased in lava at the site of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and one man pretends to be a man enclosed in a glass box. Four people walk through a cemetery and find Percy Shelley's grave. Two men stand on a small balcony overlooking a sheer drop off. We see a cemetery and catacombs where many human skulls are stacked up.
 A man mocks another man doing an impression of an actor and pretends that he is hearing impaired and does mock sign-language. Two men talk about death and the eventuality of ending up on a slab with a tag on their toe. A man jokes with another man about growing old and tells him that he will eventually find himself in a chair with a young nurse leaning over him and taunting him with her breasts.
 We see a painting of what we are told is Percy Shelley on a funeral pyre after he drowned and a man makes a comment about the dead man being "bloated beyond belief"; we hear that Shelley lost 4 of his children before drowning.
 Two men talk about eating another man if it came down to survival and what part of the man they might eat; also if they would only eat him if he was already dead and whose brain they might eat. A man jokes about being the "architect" of the other man's death. Two men discuss the general lack of success of sequels. Two men discuss being separated from their children (one man is apparently divorced). A teen boy complains about his mother treating him like a child. Two men impersonate a character from the Batman movies and talk about not wanting to bury Batman in a box. A man makes a remark about needing to urinate on another man and himself in order to keep from freezing to death.

PROFANITY 7 - About 24 F-words and its derivatives (there could also be a few additional F-words, but some are hard to discern during muffled dialogue), 12 sexual references, 3 scatological terms (1 mild), 5 anatomical terms, 7 mild obscenities, name-calling (grumpy old man, idiot, daft, inferior talent, you nance), exclamations (gosh, crikey, bloody), 4 religious profanities (GD), 8 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Thank God, God, Oh God). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man tastes a glass of wine in a restaurant and another man with him declines a glass (they talk briefly about the second man not drinking), a woman asks a man if another man drinks a lot, two men and two women are shown seated at a table with glasses of wine and alcoholic beverages in front of them, a man holds a glass of wine, two men drink wine with lunch, and several people in a few restaurant scenes are shown drinking wine with lunch.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Travel, family, divorce, infidelity, teenagers, Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, tourism, aging, morality, evil, Casanova, Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, Naples, Humphrey Bogart, lying, self-imposed exile, zeitgeist,

MESSAGE - Traveling through Italy can be a wonderful experience.

Special Keywords: S4 - V3 - P7 - MPAANR

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