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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [2009] [PG-13] - 6.7.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The high school kid (Shia LeBeouf) who helped deter an intergalactic war in "Transformers," returns as a college student whose is in danger as the Decepticon forces return to Earth. Joining forces with his girlfriend (Megan Fox), a few old friends, including Optimus Prime, they band together to form an alliance to defeat the evil Decepticons in a second intergalactic battle. Also with Josh Duhamel, Rainn Wilson and Tyrese Gibson. [2:24]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - A woman shoves a man into a sitting position on a chair and straddles him, sitting on his lap, facing him, and saying, "I just want to have fun"; she offers to let him pretend she is his girlfriend if they engage in intercourse. A man suggestively slaps the bottom of a woman. A woman is shown lying facedown on top of a man's crotch in a suggestive manner; the man states that her position is perfect. Women are shown dancing seductively and a man dances beside a woman, making thrusting movements while she dances seductively. A woman strikes a seductive pose and prepares herself for a "virtual date" with her boyfriend, commenting that she is nervous for the "first time."
 A woman dressed in a short dress shoves a man down on a bed and straddles him; as she leans over her underpants are exposed. A woman suggestively runs her hands up her thigh, lifting her dress to show her inner thigh area and a man looks her up and down suggestively. A man is shown ripping his pants off, his bare buttocks are shown and he is wearing thong-style underwear; he turns and the front of the thong is shown. A man is shown wearing his pants and boxers around his ankles, his shirt is covering his private parts, he exits a bathroom, and then passes out on top of another man. A young woman is shown wearing a small towel wrapped around her body. Women are shown wearing mid-drift revealing shirts, low-cut tops and short shorts and skirts. A young woman is shown removing her jacket and pants, and in the process exposing her underpants; she wears a low-cut, short, strapless dress. A poster of a woman wearing a bikini reveals bare abdomen, legs and cleavage. A room is plastered in pictures of women in various states of undress. A woman wearing very short shorts and a low-cut, mid-drift revealing shirt is shown suggestively straddling a motorcycle. A small, nude female shaped devil sculpture is shown being painted.
 A dog is shown mounting another dog in front of two men; one man points out the two dogs copulating and infers that the other man will soon face a similar mating, one man chastises the two dogs, stating that one will not dominate the other and the two dogs are shown humping in a small birdhouse. A woman is sprayed in the face with an unnamed, thick yellow substance (semen is implied but there is no sexual activity).
 A small robot humps the leg of a woman, a man refers to this as perverted and points out that the robot is nude; the woman says that she doesn't mind the action and uses a seductive voice to lure a small robot to her. A woman implies deriving gratification from a car engine.
 A man is shown under a very large robot, and what appears to be simulated male genitals are shown on the robot; the man then mentions the resemblance, and states that he is directly under the genitals, using both anatomical and crude names.
 A man and woman embrace in a passionate kiss. A young man and young woman are shown in a passionate kiss.
 A woman under the obvious influence of drugs says seductively, "Oh Professor, I'd do anything for an A" when she is pinned to the ground by a man trying to control her. A woman tells a group of passersby that her son had recently "had his cherry popped" and stating that she heard him engage in sexual intercourse. A man says he can "get his freaky freak on," implying sex. A man uses a rude hand gesture and, using crude language, implies that another man is performing sexual actions on a man's genitals. A woman and man discuss sexual intercourse with thinly veiled allusions in front of a young man. A woman frankly tells a man that she is "good in bed." A man asks if he can "sit and watch" a man and woman having intercourse. A man tells a woman that he loves it when she speaks and asks her to repeat a specific non-sexual phrase, but in a sexual manner. A man verbalizes his disappointment about not being able to have sex with a woman. A man says that a place is "stacked with hotties" and full of "pretty betties" and discusses a website which flashes on a computer screen showing pictures of women. A man uses very suggestive words as thinly veiled sexual references (nubile, virgin, throbbing) during a group lecture on astronomy. A man says that he is a "one woman man." A woman jokingly asks if a man has finally reached puberty. A man says that a woman is "hot" after he looks over her body suggestively. A woman says that women like "dangerous men." A man says that he has prepared a kit for the woman to use when they video chat, including candles, implying setting a sexual mood. A woman answers her cellphone, the caller's voice sounds distorted and she comments that the person is a perverted "mouth-breather." A man refers to a woman as having "options," implying that she could be involved in a romantic/sexual relationship with other people. A young man refers to himself as the "fruit of [your] loins" in a discussion with his parents. A man tells another man to "tighten his sphincter." A woman says she is going to go skinny-dipping.
 A man and woman embrace in a warm hug. A woman places her head on a man's shoulder.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A man is thrown to his back by a large robot and pinned down at his wrists and ankles, and the giant robot allows a smaller robot to stick probes into the man's nose and mouth; it then it inserts a scorpion-like, slime-covered robot into the man's mouth (the man winces in pain and struggles to get free) and the small scorpion robot is then ejected from the man's mouth.
 A robot uses its tail to choke a man, flinging the man around a room and slamming him into walls. A small robot holds a spinning saw blade to the forehead of a man but is interrupted and stops.
 A man's lifeless body is shown, covered in cuts and blood and his clothing is ripped; he is charged with defibrillator paddles and a jolt is sent through his body. Human bodies are shown being thrown from a sinking boat and screams can be heard. A massive explosion causes a man to be thrown, and his body flips and lands on the ground. A huge explosion is shown, a large stack of pipes is blown into the air and a man is shown lying on the ground in obvious pain.
 A full-blown battle between humans and robots is shown: Explosions, gunfire, and destruction are seen and heard, bodies are shown being thrown to the ground from the impact of explosions, humans are shown firing large assault rifles at robots, robots are shown being ripped apart and destroyed, and smoldering ruins are shown after a series of violent explosions. Robots are shown destroying a small village that has been occupied with military personnel, one robot rips the roof off a building where two people are hiding, a man snaps the head off a small insect robot and a huge explosion rips through the buildings as robots chase two humans. A robot is shown attacking military personnel who open fire, the robot returns fire, crashes through a room, and exits with an explosion.
 A kitchen filled with appliances are shown transforming into small robots that carve a path of destruction through a house: A small fire starts as a piece of metal melts through the floors of a home, a man rushes to get a fire extinguisher, small robots erupt through the home tearing through an outer wall and crashing into a yard and spraying the area with gunfire, and two men dive for protection behind a fountain which is then hit by gunfire. A robot crashes through the outer walls of a home and is shown tearing through a kitchen, a person is knocked off their chair, and the robot crashes through the opposite side of the house, destroying everything in its path.
 A woman is shown hot-wiring a car, she speeds away with two other passengers, the windshield is shattered, a spear cuts through the roof of the car, the car is lifted in the air, it dangles from a line attached to a helicopter and one of the passengers is shown dangling from one of the open car doors; the car is dumped to the ground, landing on its nose, airbags are deployed, the passengers are uninjured, a large saw cuts through the middle of the car and a crane lifts a man out.
 A robot careens through the wall of a library, knocking over shelves of books, tables, and creating a massive path of destruction while trying to find a human that is running from it. Several robots climb large buildings, overtaking bridges, and causing damage to a large U.S. city, throwing the American flag to the ground from a bridge, and intimidating humans on the ground below; a robot throws another robot to the ground and steps on its chest. A large robot rolls down the center of a crowded highway, throwing cars off the highway and destroying a large overpass, causing countless cars to fly off a bridge. Military personnel open fire on a large robot, a large explosion is seen and a fireball erupts. Two helicopters are shown falling from the sky and crashing into the ground: the passengers in one of the helicopters look dazed but they have no serious injuries. A helicopter is tossed from the sky by a large robot. A large aircraft carrier is destroyed, dozens of jets are shown splashing into the water and the aircraft carrier is cut down the middle with a row of flames. Panicked crowds are shown rushing through streets as helicopters swarm overhead, there are small fires, and military personnel is wearing gas masks and carrying various guns while chaos and panic ensue and destruction is shown. People are shown being crushed, struck and tossed as robots erupt in violence. A person is shown being violently picked up by a giant robot. A woman defensively lifts a small robot with a pair of tongs and using a small torch scalds its eye. People are shown running through a city street, screaming in panic. A bright blast is seen coming from space, landing in a body of water with a splash and turning into a cat-like robot that crashes through a desert.
 A robot is shown being shot in the face by another robot. A robot is destroyed when another robot spears it through the chest. A robot destroys two other robots, and it is shown ripping a green, slime-covered spine from one robot. A battle of giant robots ensues and sparks fly as the robots shoot one another. A robot is shown puncturing the chest of another robot with a large spear. The body of a dead robot is tossed to the ground. A large robot uses its mouth as a vacuum and sucks another robot into it, and the smaller robot destroys the larger robot from inside and emerges unscathed. A robot crashes through the wall of a building and attacks another robot, loud explosions are seen and heard as multiple robots engage in battle, and robots are shown rolling through a wooded countryside, ripping up trees to use as weapons and destroying the landscape while three humans are at a dangerously close distance. A robot is shown shooting another robot. A "dead" robot is tossed to the ground. A "dead" robot is shown being plunged into a body of water. A robot is shown ripping a power source out of its own chest. A robot engages in combat with another robot, and sparks fly as the two robots clash. A robot threatens that another robot will "die like his brother" as the robot slams the other robot to the ground. A group of four robots destroy a smaller robot for parts ("Kill the little one" is heard). A robot crashes through the walls of a garage and opens fire on a pack of small robots, destroying them. A large robot is hit in the eye by an airplane.
 A large explosion is shown throwing people and robots through the air and land with a crash. A giant robot chases three humans. A robot climbs a pyramid as a man pursues it on foot; rubble is shown falling close to the man. A woman shoves a small robot into a toolbox and closes the latch, locking it inside. A woman throws a toolbox containing a small robot through a window. A robot is shown breaking through the hull of a satellite. A robot shoots a wall to reveal a hidden passage behind. A man tosses a woman over his shoulder and carries her away. An outer coating of "flesh" melts away from a robot and metal is exposed underneath.
 A man is shown using a taser gun on another man, and his body falls to the ground. A man uses a taser gun on a man's hand and his twitching body is shown on the floor. A man uses a taser gun on himself and his body is shown twitching uncontrollably as he collapses on top of another man. A man drags another man through a building, as his body twitches from being tasered. A man uses a taser gun on a man to get him to be quiet and the man slumps over.
 Coffins wrapped in American and British flags are shown being carried off an airplane and we hear that over 7,000 people have been killed in what is believed to be a terrorist attack. A news report says that there are current terrorist attacks and the level of destruction and terrorism is greater than that on 9/11.
 People are seen jumping out of planes, parachutes are deployed, and as they land on the ground they arm themselves with guns and a man shouts instructions that sniper rifles need to be set up. A man instructs another man on how to jump out of an airplane, tightens a strap around the man's crotch (he grimaces) and the man is swept out of the back of the airplane when his parachute is deployed. People exit a fast-moving vehicle by driving their cars out of the back of the vehicle.
 A car chase is shown through a crowded city, as people stand nearby and a car spins around. Missiles are fired from the sky and almost hit a car full of passengers. Shots are fired at a car full of passengers. A car drives recklessly through a crowd of people who are forced to jump to get out of the way. A submarine is shown being flipped out of the ocean from the force of an explosion from the ocean floor.
 A robot says that he will strip the flesh from a human's body. A young man states that he will sacrifice himself to ensure the safety of his family and girlfriend. A robot states that it will offer its life for a human. A robot asks another robot if it is going to sacrifice itself for the life of a human and the robot says its life is worth less than that of a man and that the other robot will not stop with simply one human's life. Several people are instructed to stay still or they will die. A mans states that he and his companions will be killed if they are found. A robot laments that his fellow robots had left him to die and he was now going to seek revenge on them. A robot says that he will tear another robot to pieces. A robot discusses the destruction of his universe. A robot states that it and its fellow robots are going to destroy the world. A robot threatens, "The fallen will rise again," and this phrase is repeated throughout the movie. A robot threatens to shoot a person and defend itself from being shot. A man states that all of the commotion will give him a heart attack. A woman says that she is about to have a nervous breakdown. A man tells another man that he is paid to shoot, not to think. A woman angrily throws a bag on the ground and engages in a verbal altercation with a man. There is a discussion of an "alien blood feud" between humans and robots, with the two parties agreeing that they must destroy a group of robots in order to save the planet. A woman discusses a man having a bloody shirt as a souvenir. A man, holding a butcher knife, yells that he does not want to cut his hand off.
 A woman tackles a young man to the ground violently while trying to catch a Frisbee. A man slaps the hand of another man with a folded up newspaper. A woman strikes her head on a hanging plant. A woman's head is slammed into the dashboard when her car seat is violently inclined (she sits up and rubs her head in confusion). A man slaps a paper to the chest of another man as he pushes past him.
 Two robots begin to playfully wrestle one another and a larger robot slams the two of them together to stop the fight. Two robots jokingly hit one another.
 Bodies of dead animals are shown hanging from the ceiling of a meat locker. A man throws a chicken to the ground. Native people are shown hunting a large tiger using spears.
 A man is shown with his hand wrapped in a bloodied and dirty bandage. A man has two small cuts on his neck. A man is shown swinging a large meat tenderizer down onto a pile of bloody, red meat. A man instructs another man to throw up, sounds of the man choking and then dry heaving are heard, and vomit is shown flying from his mouth and heard hitting the ground with a splash. A robot is shown coughing small metal ball bearings into a pipe, resembling vomiting.

PROFANITY 5 - 5 not fully enunciated F-words, 9 scatological terms, 12 anatomical terms, 16 mild obscenities, sexual exclamations ("yeah baby," "who's your daddy?"), a car is shown with a sticker that reads "Suck my Popsicle," name-calling and disparaging terms (baby bootie boy, grandpa, mean, man-child, psychotic alien, dumb, cheapo, fro-head, chia pet, little girl, shrimp taco, sad face, crazy, ugly, stupid, freak, slobber puss, wretched, mountain ox), 19 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman is shown holding a bag with a marijuana leaf on it, consuming brownies from the bag, a man says that the brownies were made with "reefer" and the woman then acts inebriated. People are shown in a party setting and alcoholic drinks are being poured for underage people, two people are shown with alcoholic beverages in front of them on a table, and an ad for beer is shown on a large jumbotron.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - National security, underage drinking, disciples, revenge, death, destruction, terrorism, 9/11, U.S. Military, CIA., resurrection, espionage, out of body experience, afterlife, destiny, responsibility, alien invasion, sacrifice, Armageddon, failure, dishonesty, friendship, trust, deception, dominance, virginity.

MESSAGE - One must be willing to sacrifice themselves for the safety of others.

Special Keywords: S6 - V7 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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