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Transformers: Dark of the Moon [2011] [PG-13] - 5.7.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The third in the "Transformer" series: the Autobots learn about a Cybertron spacecraft hidden on the Moon, and as they race the Decepticons in order to reach the spacecraft first, a group of heroic humans (Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and John Turturro) team up to combat the impending robot onslaught. Also with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Patrick Dempsey, Ken Jeong, John Malkovich and Frances McDormand. Directed by Michael Bay. [2:34]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A young man pins a young woman against a wall, he puts his hands on her hips, she raises her leg and rubs it against his leg, they kiss, and a robot interrupts them by shouting something suggestive (implying he had seen the young man and the young woman do more than just kiss).
 A man makes a crude remark to a young woman about a woman's outfit; we see the woman wearing a low-cut, mid-drift exposing shirt and short skirt and the man shouts at the woman about her revealing clothing. A young woman wearing a button-up shirt (partially unbuttoned and revealing cleavage) and underwear, approaches a young man lying in bed; there is a long pan of her bare legs, she straddles him and they almost kiss before she pulls away. On multiple occasions, a young woman wears form-fitting and revealing clothing: One scene shows her bare back and bra strap as she pulls on a very short, form-fitting dress. A young woman's cleavage is visible when she wears a low-cut dress.
 A young man lifts up a young woman and they kiss. A woman sits on the lap of a man and they kiss passionately. A young woman wraps her arms around a young man's neck and he kisses her hands.
 A man shoves a young man into a bathroom stall, he straddles the young man and the man pulls down his pants (we see his bare upper thighs); the man then reaches toward his unseen crotch and pulls out a wad of papers, the young man and the still pants-less man stumble out of the bathroom stall, another man sees them and the first man quickly pulls up his pants.
 A woman shows her son a book with a suggestive photograph of a banana and a papaya (implied to be male and female genitals). We see a photograph of a man with his hands around the waist of a young woman and the man remarks to the young woman that his pants looked tight in the photograph.
 A woman implies that her son could only get an attractive girlfriend if he had large genitals. A young man makes sexually suggestive remarks toward a man, including that he had shown the young man his "package"; the man shouts back at the young man, saying that he had not taken off his pants for the young man and would not "be his boyfriend." A man implies to a young man that he believes the young man and another man had a sexual encounter, which he had witnessed when he saw them in the bathroom. A man implies that he and a woman had a sexual encounter; the woman tells the man not to mention that night. A man tells another man to frisk a young woman, the young woman refuses and we later hear the man teasing the other man that he was unable to frisk the young woman. A young woman tells a young man that a small robot had spied on her in the shower.
 A man tells a young man that a car has "sensual" curves that remind him of a woman's form, we then see the man looking longingly at a young woman. A man stares at the behind of a young woman as she bends over.
 On two occasions we see a young man lifting up a young woman and hugging her.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A man attempts to shoot a small flying robot, the robot attacks the man's face, shoves the man through a plate glass divider, and then through a window (we see a shadow of a man's body falling from the upper-story of a building); people are seen gathering at windows, a man remarks that the man had killed himself, and another man tells a young man that the man that fell is "all over the sidewalk," implying that the remains of the man covered the ground (we do not see any gore).
 A small flying robot fires a gun at a man's car, and we see the man inside the car and slumped over the steering wheel, implied to be dead (no blood is visible).
 Giant vessels surround a city, we see robots fill the city and begin firing bullets and balls of fire at cars, buildings and people; when people are struck by the balls of fire, they appear to explode -- we see only a few bones left on the ground after one man is struck -- multiple people are hit by a fireball (no blood is visible), and a subway train is derailed by a robot and we later see the train car filled with the slumped over bodies of men and women, implied to be dead (no blood is visible).
 Robots appear in a city, people scream and run as the robots shoot bursts of fire and guns at them, the robots smash into cars and trucks on the street, and two robots wrestle and smash into one another; a robot ship fires a blast of fire at a man standing on a street, the man is pushed back from the force as other men watch and run for safety and the man's limp body is seen being thrown through the air (it is implied that the man died from the impact).
 Several robots fire missiles at several men and a young woman as they race through a war-torn city street -- we see blown up cars, buildings on fire, smashed street signs and lights -- a robot flips over a school bus that a young man and a young woman are hiding behind, the robot rips through a bus that the young man and young woman run toward, a robot smashes a trash dumpster that a young man attempts to hide behind (the young man is nearly smashed), and the young man fires a rappelling wire into the eye of the robot and the robot whips him into the air; the young man places an explosive into the robot's eye and the robot explodes (the young man is later seen with small bloody cuts on his face).
 We see multiple instances of robots being violent toward other robots, including the following: Three robots surround two robots, shout at them and one robot lunges at one of the other robots; a robot cuts off the head of another robot, and we see a sword through its head; a robot fires a gun, point-blank, into another robot and we see the explosion blow the head off the robot; it is implied that a robot rips the arm off another robot during an extended fight scene and we see one of the robots on the ground, injured, and the other standing up, missing an arm; we see a robot punch a sword through a robot, lift it up and throw it onto the back of a car, and then shove the car into a building that catches on fire; a robot punches another robot, and we see the robot reach into the torso of the other robot and rip wires from it; two robots engage in an extended fight scene where they shove each other against walls and buildings, and one of the robots rips the arm off the other robot; we see a robot pin another robot to the ground as a third robot shoots a robot repeatedly and smashes its head with its fist; a robot smashes another robot against a building and then rips wires from its head; a robot truck drives through a burning city street, and a robot with a saw blade tentacle rips through the pavement and knocks the trailer off the truck; a robot flies through the air and shoots at multiple robots on the ground, and the flying robot is snared in a series of wires from a bridge and is later dropped to the ground; a robot holds another robot at gunpoint, then rips wires from its torso and we see a red fluid pour out of the robot; two robots wrestle and one rips wires out of the face of the other; and a robot uses a large sword to slice off the tentacle of another robot.
 A robot fires two large guns at two robots, we see humans running for safety, a robot is hit by bullets and explosives and crumbles into pieces and we see the bodies of two men being dragged away as a robot fires at a crowd of people.
 On multiple occasions we see several men watch as robots and ships send jets of fire toward a city: we see buildings burst into flames, men and women run for safety as two spaceships crash into a crowded city street, a robot inside a ship fires small explosives at a building, and we see several men and a young woman duck for cover as robots send jets of fire into surrounding buildings.
 Robot ships fire at airplanes carrying men; we see two of the airplanes struck and it is implied that the men in the airplanes are killed (no gore is visible). A group of cars turn into robots in front of a group of men armed with guns, we see a large explosion as the men are struck with fire from the robots and one man is seen being thrown through the air from the force of the fireball.
 A robot rips the hull from an airplane carrying several men, the men dive out of the airplane and glide through the air, and we see one man on fire, flying through the air as he burns; we later see the other men glide to safety after opening their parachutes.
 A robot tells other robots, "Kill them all" and we see flashes of crime scene photographs that imply men have been killed, including one where we see the legs of a man with a splash of blood on the ground. We hear a woman scream as a robot approaches a man and it is implied the robot kills the man.
 A large robot with spinning saw blade tentacles rips through a building where several men and a young woman are hiding: the building leans to one side after being shot repeatedly by robot ships, the men and the young woman slide down the outside of the building and drop into a room inside the building; one man slides through a broken window, presumably dying (no gore is visible), and a young man grabs the arm of a young woman as she is about to slide out of the building and drops her onto a fire escape (she is unharmed).
 A man kicks a broken pillar that topples on top of a young man, the man points a gun at the young man, the young man slaps the gun out of the man's hand, and the man shoves the young man to the ground and kicks him in the face twice; the young man shoves the man backwards, he falls into an electrified piece of metal, his body jolts and he falls to the ground.
 Several men rappel off a building, they open fire on a series of robots, and the robots explode as they try to fire back at the men; we see the men land on the ground amidst a wreckage of cars, broken robots, and burning buildings -- one man appears to crash into a building and it is implied that the man is killed on impact but no gore is visible.
 Two SUVs driving rapidly down a highway morph into robots, the robots throw cars off the highway, another robot fires a large gun at the two robots, the gun causes multiple small explosions on the highway and we see cars being overturned as well as one of the robots is thrown into a car; one robot smashes into another robot, it flips through the air and we see a red fluid pouring from its torso.
 A copy machine turns into a robot that opens fire on a crowded office; we see men and women ducking for safety as the robot chases a young man through the building but the young man escapes unharmed (we see the burnt wreckage the robot left behind and no one appears harmed).
 A car morphs into a robot, throws a young man and a young woman out, and then grabs the young woman and morphs back into car, trapping the young woman inside it; tentacles with small spinning saw blades come very close to cutting the young woman's face. A car morphs into a robot and the young man riding in the car is thrown into the air; the robot morphs back into a car and grabs the young man (he is unharmed but screams in fear).
 A young man holds a man at gunpoint and shouts at him, a robot grabs the gunman and throws him out of a broken window (they are high up in a skyscraper), and he appears to fall, but moments later is seen on the wing of a spaceship; a young woman then leaps out the broken window and is caught by the young man.
 A woman points a rifle at a man, another woman shoves a handgun against the nose of another man, one of the men disarms his attacker and threatens a room full of people, and another man shouts at him to put his gun down while we see a man pinning a young man to the ground with a gun to his head. A woman points a gun at a robot then drops it moments later.
 A young man lunges toward a man, two bodyguards pull the young man away and shove him to the ground, the young man shouts at the man, attempts to lunge at him again, and spits on his face (we see the spit flying out of the young man's mouth and see it on the man's face) as the two guards hold him back.
 A man stands up in the back of a moving car, and an SUV morphs into a robot that grabs him and throws him out of the car and onto a highway; the man is later seen in a wheelchair with one leg in a cast and a cut on his face.
 Several men and a young woman narrowly miss being shot by a robot as it draws its gun and searches for them; one man throws a grenade at the robot, the robot blows up, and the fireball almost hits the young woman. A robot with saw blades on the ends of long tentacles rips through a building, we see men running for safety and one man is blown backwards from the force of an explosion caused by the robot.
 Several cars drive toward a man, the cars morph into robots, one of the robots swings a large sword at the man, guns are fired at the robot, the bullets miss the robots and the man is unharmed.
 A young man winces in pain when a man applies a watch to his wrist; we see the watch turn into a robot with a large pinching hook that sinks into the young man's wrist and we later see the watch pull the young man across a table (the young man repeatedly winces in pain).
 We see people screaming, covered in soot, attempting to walk and run away from a city; in the distance we see a series of small explosions and buildings on fire while hearing a radio announcement that a city is in ruins. A spaceship crashes into the moon, we see it burst into flames and later see the ship mangled; as two men investigate the wreckage we hear them say that they believe the inhabitants of the ship are dead.
 A space shuttle filled with robots is launched into the air, a jet fires four missiles at the space shuttle, and the shuttle blows up as people watch (it is implied that the robots have died, though we later see the robots unharmed).
 A robot rips apart a building, we see it lifting up pieces of equipment and cars and throwing them to the ground, a soldier fires a missile at the robot, and the robot deflects the explosion -- is unharmed as it continues to tear apart the building.
 A robot tackles another robot, holds a sword to its head and neck and then slowly drops the sword and remarks that the robot is lucky that it was not killed.
 A man pins a young man against the wall of an elevator and shouts at him, chases the young man out of the elevator, then shoves the young man into the stall of a bathroom, pushes him onto the toilet, leaps onto his lap and shouts at him (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details) the young man. A man warns a young man that the young man is going to "get himself killed," and he grabs the young man; the young man spins around and shoves the man away.
 A young man kicks a small robot jokingly. A young man repeatedly punches/shoves a car. A man half-jokingly puts up his fists to fight a robot and the robot knocks the man to the ground (the man stands up, unharmed). A man cocks a gun and jokingly tells a young man that he is "speaking the international language."
 Two small robots steer a massive ship into a river, narrowly avoiding crashing into multiple buildings and streets as it hits the water; we hear one of the robots saying, "We're gonna die" as it crashes, but they are seen unharmed.
 A small flying robot shoots a bird out of the air. A robot blows up a large statue; the robot is later seen sitting in the chair of the statue. We see robots training men how to disarm and destroy robots and one of the robots pins two men to the ground.
 A young man shouts at several guards, drives a car over a barrier, the barrier raises the car's back end, and the young man shouts as he is dragged out of the car by a guard. A man shouts at a young woman, he grabs her arm and pulls her after him. A robot shouts at a woman. A woman shouts at a robot and the robot shouts back. A young man and a man argue loudly. A woman shouts at a young man. A robot shouts at a woman, saying the world will end. A young man and a young woman shout at one another during an argument and the young man slams a car door. A robot shouts at a young woman, almost knocking her over, and the young woman then screams in the face of the robot.
 A young man uses his fingers as a gun to mock-shoot at the wall behind a young woman. A young man stumbles and falls onto a table causing a vase to crash to the ground. A robot accidentally hits its head on a chandelier; we see the chandelier crash to the ground.
 We see a collection of photographs of men with Post-it notes saying "DOA" or "car accident" on them, implying that all the men had been killed. We hear the voiceover of a robot explaining that a war was occurring between two groups of robots and we see small explosions happening as robots fight one another. A young man is seen with a small cut on his face; he refers to an incident as a "copier trying to kill" him and tells a woman that a robot had tried to cut off his face.
 A man tells a woman that several men had been murdered earlier in the day. A young man tells a man that several men had died in car accidents. A man tells another man that it is only a matter of time before he suffers from radiation from a nuclear fallout site and we see the other man telling a group of men to put on protective clothing. A young man tells a man that he was responsible for saving a man's life. A man half-jokingly tells a young man that he is going to fall into a "life-sucking black abyss." We hear one side of a woman's telephone conversation and she says that a group of people needs to consult her before killing people. A young man jokingly says his father will "spank him." A man jokes that people will want to "spank" him and two other men.

PROFANITY 5 - 3 not fully enunciated F-words and its derivatives (a young man visibly mouths "What the f---," a robot is interrupted when saying "clusterfu---" and a man says "WTF"), 11 sexual references, 11 scatological terms, 11 anatomical terms (2 mild), 14 mild obscenities, name-calling (German shepherd, pests, unruly teenagers, gaseous sycophant, Asian Colonel Sanders, disgusting, disappointing, loser, brown noser, suck-up, boy toy, sad piece of [expletive], crazy, lover boy toy, alien bad news magnet, walking security risk, wanker, ridiculous, slave, hootchie mama, freak, pinhead, peasant people, Latin meltdown, gaylord, Mr. Inappropriate, scary, evil thing), exclamations (what the, shut up), 10 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We frequently see bottles of liquor and wine, a young man and a young woman are seen at a bar, several men and women are seen in a bar where alcoholic drinks are seen on tables and a man appears to take a drink from a glass, a man offers a young man a glass of wine, we see wine in front of men and women at a table, and we see a woman drinking from a can of beer.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - National security, revenge, betrayal, CIA, jealousy, secret missions, the moon landing, friendship, dishonesty, responsibility, alien invasions, slave labor, unethical business tactics, failure, disappointment, job hunting, Buzz Aldrin, Bill O'Reilly, conspiracy theories.

MESSAGE - It is important to stand up for what you believe in and the people who believe in you.

Special Keywords: S5 - V7 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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