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To Save a Life [2010] [PG-13] - 6.5.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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After his childhood friend dies tragically, a high school senior (Randy Wayne) finds his once all-star life going in a different direction, and he turns to Christianity for guidance. Also with Deja Kreutzberg, Joshua Weigel and Steven Crowder. Directed by Brian Baugh. [2:00]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - A teenage girl leads a teenage boy up a stairway and into a dark bedroom, where he removes his shirt, the two begin to kiss passionately, they lie down on a bed and it is implied that they have sex -- we see the girl pulling on her pants later and throwing a shirt at the teenage boy, who is seen lying shirtless in bed; the boy asks if she would like to "do it again."
 A teenage girl tells a teenage boy that she is pregnant, he asks if she had been impregnated by another teenage boy, and the girl says that she had never had intercourse with the other boy and that the child was his; they argue and she says she is "not going to keep the baby."
 A teenage boy and a teenage girl kiss in several scenes. A teenage boy wraps his arms around a teenage girl and they kiss. A teenage boy and teenage a girl kiss and hug. A teenage girl kisses a teenage boy on the cheek and he puts his arms around her shoulder while another teenage boy watches. A teenage boy and a teenage girl hug. A teenage boy and a teenage girl hold hands. A teenage girl leans against a teenage boy, holding his hand. A teenage girl curls up next to a teenage boy as he drives a car and he kisses her on the top of her head. A crowd of teenage boys and teenage girls rush to hug two teenage boys and one of the teenage girls kisses one of the teenage boys; he opens his arms and hugs her, smiling.
 A teenage boy awkwardly leans in to kiss a teenage girl, who recoils, causing him to drop a scoop of ice cream in her lap; when he attempts to clean up, he touches her legs. A teenage girl and teenage boy dance in a suggestive fashion while surrounded by other dancing teenagers; the boy has his hands on the girl's hips as they dance closely. A man and a woman are seen cuddling under a blanket on a sofa, with a young boy lying next to them.
 A teenage boy shouts at another teenage boy, saying that he is going to have sex later that night with the teenage boy's girlfriend. A teenage boy confronts a teenage girl about being pregnant, asking, "Is this true?"; when she confirms that she is, he shouts derogatory names. A teenage boy tells a man that he is never going to have sex again; the man jokes that the teenage boy's wife would not be very happy, and the teenage boy laughs. A teenage boy tells a man and a woman that his parents are going to get a divorce and that his girlfriend is pregnant with his child, but that she is not interested in keeping the baby. A man tells a teenage boy that his wife had found out that he was involved in a relationship with another woman and it was going to end their marriage. A teenage boy tells another teenage boy that he had attempted to kiss a teenage girl, but had failed miserably. A teenage girl and a teenage boy discuss their future and she teases him saying that they will have as many kids as she wants. A teenage girl tells a teenage boy that she has been planning her life around him. A teenage girl asks a teenage boy if he would like to attend a party with her and puts her phone number into his phone. A man jokingly asks a group of teenage boys and girls if they would be willing to "French kiss a dog" for $20, or if they would be willing to take their mother to prom for $20; one boy jokes that he would be willing to take the other boy's mom, saying that she is "hot." A teenage boy jokes that another teenage boy's mom is "hot," and a crowd of teenage girls and boys present a box of cupcakes with "Your mom is hot" spelled out in icing to a teenage boy.
 A drawing that depicts a pregnant female stick figure holding hands with a male stick figure, and with a derogatory term for a woman is seen pasted in the hallways of a school. Song lyrics in the movie include sexual references, specifically, "Got girls checking me out."
 Teenage girls are seen in a school setting wearing very short skirts and short shorts, as well as cleavage exposing tank tops. On a beach, multiple shirtless teenage boys are seen, as well as three teenage girls wearing bikinis rushing towards a teenage boy. A teenage girl wears a shirt that resembles a modified bikini, and her stomach and cleavage are visible. A teenage girl is seen wearing a short skirt. A teenage girl wears a cleavage exposing tank top. A teenage girl wears a mid-drift exposing top.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - In the middle of a crowded high school hallway, a teenage boy pulls a gun out of a backpack, fires three shots into the ceiling, causing others to scream and dive for cover, another teenage boy tells him to stop, and the gunman turns the gun on himself and presumably shoots himself in face (the actual gunshot is not seen and there's no blood, but the shot is heard and it is confirmed later that the boy killed himself).
 During a flashback, a teenage boy is seen holding a gun and as the screen fades, gunshots are heard. The sound of gunshots is heard as a teenage boy remembers witnessing another teenage boy shoot himself.
 A teenage boy shouts at another teenage boy, he rushes toward him and shoves him against a wall.
 A teenage boy is seen holding a razor and slowly dragging it over large red scars on his arms, until small beads of blood are seen coming to the top of the old scars. A teenage boy notices four large red scars (presumably self-inflicted) on another teenage boy's wrist. A teenage girl tells a teenage boy that she also "used to be a cutter" and puts her hand over scars on the boy's wrists.
 A young boy walks backward into a street, a car races toward him, another young boy leaps in front of the car, pushing the other boy out of the way and is struck instead (he drops to the ground holding his leg and we see a photo of him later wearing a cast and later still walking with a limp). A teenage boy swings to punch another teenage boy, who falls to the ground, refusing to fight back; the aggressor shouts derogatory things about a teenage girl and then storms off.
 A teenage boy leads a crowd of teenagers to mock a teenage boy, causing the teenage boy to burst into tears.
 Police sirens are heard and flashing lights are seen as two police officers walk into a house filled with teenagers, who are seen running in all directions; two are seen in handcuffs. Sirens are heard as security guards usher teenage boys and girls out of a school and we hear that a bomb threat had been called in. A teenage boy runs in front of a police car, causing it to come to a screeching halt and the officers in the car get out and shout at the teenage boy. A police officer is seen handcuffing a teenage boy and leading him into a police car.
 A teenage boy angrily throws his cell phone on the ground after blocking a call from a teenage girl that he believes had "stolen" his truck. A young man punches a locker violently. A teenage boy shouts at a man, who begins to shout back, and when the teenage boy walks out of the room, the man throws a stack of papers at the empty doorway.
 A teenage boy hears a man and a woman shouting, and the man angrily storms out the door. A teenage boy asks another teenage boy if he had ever felt the desire to kill himself, and he replies angrily that he is "not going to shoot up the school." A teenage boy shouts at a teenage girl and she shouts back. A teenage boy shouts at another teenage boy. A teenage boy angrily shouts threats at a man as he walks away. A teenage boy yells at another teenage boy and gives him dirty looks. A teenage boy shouts at a group of teenage boys and girls.
 A teenage boy and a man discuss how they had known a teenage boy who had killed himself and how both of them blame themselves for not stopping him. A teenage girl tells a teenage boy that he should not feel responsible for the death of another teenage boy, since he "did not pull the trigger." A teenage boy says he is upset by the recent death of a childhood friend. A television reporter is heard saying that shots had been fired at a local high school and the shooter then turned the gun on himself and died. A teenage girl talks about witnessing a teenage boy killing himself, and that she felt frightened for her life. A teenage boy describes being saved when he was younger, when he was shoved out of the way of an oncoming car, and that the boy who saved him was struck instead. We hear that a young man had thought about killing himself many times, but thanks to another young man, he had changed his mind. We hear a teenage boy say that he feels all alone in the world and that he thinks the only way to solve his problems would be to end his own life. A man tells a teenage boy to "not be stupid." A teenage boy tells another teenage boy that a teenage girl "freaks him out." A teenage boy tells a teenage girl that a woman and man "hate each other."
 We see a website with various postings of teenage boys and girls stating that the website was to thank for saving their lives. A group of people is seen gathered around a coffin in a cemetery while a man reads the eulogy for the dead 17-year-old boy.
 Police officers are seen rifling through the drawings of a teenage boy, lingering over cartoonish depictions of a stick figure riding a rocket headed toward a school building on fire.
 A teenage boy drunkenly lurches over to a corner of a room and begins to vomit (the sounds of retching are heard and the vomit is seen). A man instructs four teenage boys to drink a can of soda that has been covered with one of the socks they had been wearing (we see the four boys putting the dirty and stained socks over the cans of soda), the crowd watching groans and gasps, the man instructs the boys to hand their sock-covered can to the person next to them and chug their soda, and we see the boys doing so.
 Two teenage boys shove another teenage boy, he straightens himself up, then jokingly shoves one of them back and he dramatically falls to the ground. A teenage boy playfully shoves himself into another teenage boy in greeting. A teenage boy playfully threatens to beat up another teenage boy for calling him a name. A teenage girl jokingly offers to "beat up" a teenage boy's father and the teenage boy laughs and says that the teenage girl has "real guns," as she flexes her arms. A teenage boy playfully knocks himself into another teenage boy.

PROFANITY 4 - 2 scatological terms, 3 sexual references, 1 anatomical term, 14 mild obscenities, name-calling (big ugly, slacker, gimp, freak, fakers, pothead). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A teenage boy accepts a burning marijuana cigarette and inhales, a teenage boy offer a marijuana cigarette to another teenage boy who refuses it, a teenage girl asks a teenage boy if he smells like pot, a teenage girl remarks to a teenage boy that another teenage boy is a "pothead," a teenage boy is seen handing what appears to be a sandwich bag of marijuana to a teenage girl. A teenage boy is seen opening a bottle of pills and pouring them onto a seat, presumably about to take a fatal dose of the pills (he is interrupted). A group of teenage girls and teenage boys are seen holding cups and bottles of beer as well as cheering on teenage boys playing a drinking game, a teenage boy drunkenly lurches over to a corner of a room and begins to vomit (the sounds of retching as well as vomit leaving the boy's mouth are seen), a teenage boy pours champagne and he and a teenage girl drink, a large group of teenagers are seen in a party setting drinking beer out of "keg cups," drinking shots of alcohol and encouraging one another to participate in drinking card games, a teenage boy drunkenly slurs his words, an obviously drunk teenage boy stumbles, a man remarks to an obviously drunk teenage boy that he is "another drunk kid," a teenage boy tells another teenage boy that he "must" go to a party since he is the "beer pong champion," a man is seen sitting at a desk with a large bottle of alcohol in front of him and taking a sip from a glass of alcohol.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Suicide, school shootings, school bomb threats, death, family relationships, divorce, lying, survival, adoption, jealousy, friendship, teenage pregnancy, teenage drinking and drug use, religious and spiritual awakenings.

MESSAGE - Life does not always turn out as expected, and sometimes we need help along the way.

Special Keywords: S6 - V5 - P4 - MPAAPG-13

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