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Thor [2011] [PG-13] - 2.7.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Based on the Marvel comic book series, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) the Norse god of thunder, is cast out of the mythical Asgard, just as he was to take the throne. Sent to live on Earth, he soon becomes the greatest defender of humanity and charms a scientist (Natalie Portman), while trying to deal with his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins), brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and an army of frost giants. Also Stellan Skarsgard, Clark Gregg, Rene Russo and Kat Dennings. Directed by Kenneth Branagh. [1:54]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - A man kisses a woman's hand, the woman then pulls the man's face close to hers and they kiss passionately. A man kisses a woman's hand.
 A man is seen shirtless; two women stare at him and one of the women makes a remark about the man being "cut." Throughout the movie we see the frost giants (shirtless blue men) with their bare backs and chests slightly obscured with black and blue scarring and paint.
 A woman sees a man lying on the ground and jokes that if he needs CPR she is willing to give it to him. A man tells another man that he has seen the way a woman looks at him, and that he knows it is up to no good.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A massive beast gallops toward four men and a woman as they battle countless large blue men: a man stabs one of the large blue man through the chest with a sword, the woman ducks and deflects ice being sprayed at her and stabs another large blue man in the chest with a sword, the massive beast is about to stomp on the woman, a man kicks a large blue man and is stabbed through the chest with an icicle (we see a small amount of blood on the part of the icicle going through his chest), a man and a woman pull the man off the icicle and narrowly avoid being trampled by the beast, and the man and the woman race ahead of the beast; the ground beneath the feet of the beast crumbles, the man and the woman are cornered against a cliff, the beast rears up and is about to attack them when a man throws himself through the open mouth of the beast, the beast collapses and we see an empty hole in the back of the beast's head (no blood is visible).
 A man lifts his sword and drives it into the neck of a large blue man: blood is visible on the man's face and his eye appears to have been ripped out.
 A man herds several men, women and children to safety after they see a cloud of dust and a lightening bolt, as a giant robot falls from the sky: the robot flips over a car with a burst of flames, blows up a diner, flips over cars and throws a man through the air after the man attempts to attack it (we see the man dent a car when he lands on it, but he is unharmed), the robot sends waves of fire tearing through the city and two men attempt to stab it but the robot knocks them to the ground; a woman jumps through the air and stabs the robot through the back with a staff, it temporarily freezes just as it was about to crush a man, it reanimates and knocks the woman off its back, and we see the wreckage in the street as the robot continues burning through restaurants and tossing over cars (glass blown out of a building's windows hits a man and two women but they appear unharmed).
 Many large blue men descend onto an area that was filled with people that are now frozen solid; many warriors approach the large blue men and they fight and moments later the fight is broken up when a man uses a staff to cast a flame over the large blue men.
 A force is cast from a large blue man's hand, and it rips a boat into pieces and freezes a woman and a child. Large blue men approach several men and a woman and we see their arms turning into ice axes; a man uses a hammer to smash a large blue man into pieces and throws another large blue man against a wall.
 Men and woman attack many large blue men, hitting them with arrows, staffs and swords: a woman stabs a large blue man through the chest, one of the large blue men grabs one of the men's arms and he shouts in pain (we see his arm turn black with frostbite but he later heals unharmed). A large blue man pulls open the eye of a man lying in a coma; the blue man whispers that he is going to kill the man, and a man rushes into the room and uses an unseen force to blast the blue man to the ground and his body turns to ash.
 A man throws a hammer with great force, it flies through the air and hits multiple large blue men in a row and they fall to the ground; the man then summons a lightening bolt that hits the ground and knocks many large blue men to the ground, presumably dead. A man spins a hammer rapidly around, hitting the ground to create flying shrapnel that hits large blue men in the chest and head and they fall to the ground. A man taunts a large blue man, the blue man throws a force of ice through the ground and knocks the man off his feet, and as another man stands in front of a cliff a large blue man races toward him; the man disappears and the large blue man falls off the cliff.
 A man with a missing eye is shown with a small amount of blood caked around the empty socket and he is later seen with an eye patch covering the missing eye. A man is seen missing his eye, and there's a bloody hole where his eye should be. Three men examine the aftermath of fight and we see a deceased man's body on the ground (no blood is visible) and the hand of a large blue man sticking out of frozen water.
 A large blue man grabs a man by the neck and slams him into the ground as he turns to ice. A man covered in ice thaws and just as two large blue men approach him, he stabs the large blue men in the stomach and chest and they drop to the ground.
 A man approaches a giant robot, the robot swings and hits the man in the face, and we see numerous small cuts on the man's face and two larger ones on his chest; he gasps for air and appears to die in a woman's arms as she cries, but moments later he is alive and unharmed. A man throws a hammer at a robot; it is unfazed, he creates a vortex by rapidly spinning the hammer above his head, the robot is lifted into the air, and falls on the ground in a flash of light and is destroyed.
 After a man challenges another man to a fight, and we see him use a blast of energy to knock the other man through a wall: he is unharmed and the two men fight and wrestle, throwing one another against walls and trying to hit one another with weapons such as a hammer and a staff, the force of the two fighting breaks through the wall of a building and knocks one of the men off a bridge; he struggles to regain his footing as the other man appears to multiply, and the man throws his hammer striking the chest of the other man, who becomes incapacitated.
 A man struggles to approach a building that is spinning rapidly and lightening shoots out of its side: the man hammers away at a bridge connected to the building, he breaks the building away and the force pulls him and another man with it; the man grabs onto the broken portion of the bridge and is about to fall with the other man hanging onto his foot, but an older man appears and grabs the man's hand pulling him to safety as the other man falls into space.
 A woman holding a sword hits a large blue man and he falls to the ground as a second large blue man knocks the woman to the ground. A man knocks another man in the throat, they punch one another, break through the plastic of a tented hallway, and wrestle on the ground; one man elbows the other man in the chest three times, then kicks him in the chest, the man struggles to stand up and the man kicks him in the head and he falls to the ground.
 A man throws another man to the ground, throws another man down, punches two men, kicks a man in the chest and shoves and kicks another man down a small flight of steps; he then pushes three men to the ground and walks away.
 A nurse attempts to draw a vial of blood (we do not see the needle or any blood) from a man in a hospital causing the man to panic and shout; he pushes the nurse away, men come to attempt to calm him, he throws them around the room, pushes them against walls, pins two men against a countertop and two police officers pin the man against a door and inject him with a drug that makes him fall asleep.
 A woman drives a truck rapidly toward a burst of light from the sky, a passenger grabs the steering wheel of the truck as the driver tries to swerve away from a cloud of light and says, "I'm not dying for a college credit"; the driver swerves and strikes a man (we see his hands and head hit the glass on the passenger side window), the passenger shouts at the driver, and they pull over and confirm the man is unharmed but dazed.
 Many large blue men surround five men and a woman, the blue men turn their arms into icy axes and are about to strike the humans as an older man on horseback descends from the sky in a ray of light and they freeze; the older man speaks to one of the blue men and uses a force to transport the five men and the woman to safety. An unseen man activates a giant robot, which comes to life and attacks three large blue men, smashing them to the ground.
 A woman tasers a man and he falls to the ground, unconscious (we see him later unharmed). A man punches two men off a golfcart; one of them is discovered moments later and he's unconscious. A woman backs up a car at a low speed and hits a man standing behind the car; he is knocked to the ground but is unharmed.
 A man pulls out his sword to attack a man, and he casts a spell that covers him in ice. A man pulls back on a bow holding and he is about to shoot an arrow at another man but is told to put down the arrow. A woman narrowly avoids being hit by a hammer flying through the air.
 An older man shouts at another man (his son) while ripping off two medals from his chest and his cape; he uses an unseen force to throw him into the sky and we see him spinning through the air on a lightning bolt and hitting the ground with a thud (he is unharmed).
 A woman driving a car with a male passenger swerves off the road and then rights herself, having been distracted by staring at the man. A man carrying another man over his shoulder accidentally hits the man's head on a door jam; we hear the thud. A man angrily flips over a table as a man watches. A man throws a coffee cup on the ground and it shatters as two women and a man stare at him. A man knocks a tray out of a man's hand and it clatters to the ground as two men and a woman watch.
 A woman is seen by the bedside of an older man that appears to be in a coma; the man's son approaches and the woman explains that the man is in a deep sleep and she does not know if he will be able to awaken. A man is seen holding a baby, and the man's eye socket is crusted in blood and his eye is missing; a voiceover explains that the man had found the baby after it had been abandoned in a battle and left to die, so he adopted it. A man and two women are seen at an intake window of a hospital, and one woman tells the nurse that she had "grazed" the man with a car and that the other woman had tasered him.
 A man shouts at a large blue man that he is "ready for battle." A man shouts at his elderly father. A man shouts at a woman, telling her that a man had committed a series of crimes and was going to jail and a woman shouts back at the man. A woman shouts at a man as she watches boxes being loaded into a car; she shouts that her items were being stolen and the man reassures her.
 A man instructs a large blue man that he will allow him to sneak into a bedchamber where another man lies in a coma, and that the blue man will then kill the unconscious man. We hear the voice of a large blue man warning five men and a woman that they had "come a long way to die." A man's voiceover explains that a man had killed the king of the frost giants (the large blue men). A man makes a speech saying that he had defeated an entire kingdom of creatures. A large blue man asks why a man does not kill another man, and the man responds that he does not think people would "take kindly" to that. A man says he wants to kill an entire race of creatures for their attempts to steal from his kingdom and another man advises the man to calm down. A man says that a race of creatures will have to be killed in order to protect the safety of their kingdom. A man mumbles to another man that he thought he had been brought to a building to die. A man warns five other men and a woman that he would rather allow them to die than allow large blue men to attack and kill an entire kingdom. A man says he is glad another man was not killed in a battle. A man warns another man that it is "unwise" to be in his company because he is mad. A man tells another man that their father had been killed by the stress he had brought on him. A man tells a group of people his father had been killed by stress brought on by him; another man interrupts him and tells him that his father is not dead. A boy tells his father that he will hunt down frost giants and kill them; the man advises him not to seek out a war with them. A man jokingly tells a group of men that a man had attacked some men because he was on steroids. A woman jokingly apologizes to a man for tasering him. A woman jokingly apologizes to a man for hitting him with her car a few times. A man teases another man, saying his silver tongue has turned to lead.

PROFANITY 3 - 1 anatomical term, 4 mild obscenities, name-calling (cowards, murderer, thief, proud, crazy homeless person, vain, greedy, cruel boy, old man, fool, little boy, reckless, dangerous, arrogant, traitor, stolen relic, monster, strange, minimum wage mall cops, steel toed thugs, idiot, delusional, complicated, Xena, Jackie Chan, Robin Hood, soft), 7 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Two men are seen drinking beer at a bar, a man is shown to be completely intoxicated and being carried by another man after drinking in a bar, we see a man drinking a beer, a woman jokingly says that a man is "obviously hammered" after he mumbles and paces, a man is warned to keep another man away from bars, a man tells another man that they are heading to a bar, and a man says that another man drank two casks of ale. A man is injected with an unknown substance in a hospital and he slumps to the ground unconscious.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Norse gods, Viking legends, gods as superheroes, religion vs. mythology, movies based on comic books, revenge, jealousy, sibling rivalries, frost giant legends, pride, vanity, greed, arrogance, Einstein-Rosen bridge, wormholes, gamma radiation, Thor's hammer, Loki, Bifrost, constitutional rights, Arthur C. Clark, science fiction leading to scientific discovery, soldiers of fortune, mercenaries, exile, betrayal, Hubble telescope.

MESSAGE - Betrayal and jealousy are something people must confront.

Special Keywords: S2 - V7 - P3 - MPAAPG-13

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