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There Will Be Blood [2007] [R] - 3.7.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Daniel Day-Lewis stars as a silver prospector in the late 1800s who strikes oil and becomes wealthy by buying up petroleum-rich but un-farmable land in Texas from poor farmers. However, he soon discovers that wealth and power do not guarantee a happy life. Also with Ciaran Hinds, Dillon Freasier, Kevin J. O'Connor, Russell Harvard and Paul Dano. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. [2:38]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A man pays for a prostitute and we see another man and a woman kissing in the distance.
 A man says, "we can buy some women" and another man says, "we can get liquored up and take them to a dance." A reference is made to "lusting after women."
 A doctor examines a boy wearing period underwear. Two men swim in an ocean, we see their bare chests and one of them is shown under water wearing long john-type underwear. A young woman wears a low-cut dress that reveals cleavage.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A man holds a gun to the head of a sleeping man, he asks him questions and then shoots him in the head (we see blood spray, the man twitches, gasps and dies).
 A young man is struck in the head by a bowling pin, he falls to the floor motionless, and he is struck two more times (we hear thuds and a crunch and we see blood pooling under his head and body).
 A man in a well is struck by a metal pipe and killed; we see the body pulled out of the ground covered with mud and blood.
 A man climbs into a hole, pulls a metal pole out of the ground, and a heavy beam on the surface falls into the hole striking the man in the head and killing him (we hear a crunch).
 A man strikes a young man hard in the face several times, the young man falls to the ground and we see that he has a bloody nose; the man drags him by the hair, straddles him, continues to slap him in the face, smears his face with oil and pushes his face into the ground. A man throws a young man to the floor and rolls bowling balls at him (the young man is struck in the foot with one and he yells).
 A young man slaps a man in the face repeatedly while trying to "get the ghosts out" of him and we see the man with red welts on his cheeks. A boy punches and slaps his father briefly.
 A man climbs into a hole, a ladder rung breaks, he falls deep inside (we hear a thud and a crunch), strikes his head on the wall and breaks his leg; we see him pulling himself out of the hole and dragging himself along the ground to get to a nearby town.
 A young man lunges across a dinner table, pushes his father out of a chair, sits on top of him and yells abusively at him.
 A man slaps himself in the head a few times trying to collect himself (he's in a drunken stupor).
 A young boy lies on a perch near a hole in the ground where oil is being drilled for, a gust of steam blows out of the ground, the boy is struck by the blast, falls off the perch and lands hard on his back; he holds his head and cannot hear.
 A man digs a grave for a man he has just killed, pushes him in and begins to cover him with dirt.
 A boy runs away from a man who chases him, the man catches him and carries him back to a cabin. A young boy sets a fire in a cabin where a man is sleeping, the man wakes up, struggles to put out the fire and the boy runs away (no one is harmed).
 A man takes his young son onto a train and then abandons him as the train pulls away; the boy yells and panics when he realizes what's happening (another man holds the boy).
 A man mixes alcohol with milk and forces his young son (he's 9 or 10) to drink it. A young boy thrashes and moans during a medical examination.
 A man acts threatening to another man. A man disowns his son. A man is dismissive and verbally abusive to his young adult son.
 A man takes target practice at a pile of furniture inside his house. A large fire blows out of a hole from where oil is spewing, explosives in barrels are pushed toward the hole, and they blow up and extinguish the fire. A man mining for silver lights an explosive in a hole, climbs out of the hole and there is an explosion (he is not harmed).
 A young man "heals" a woman suffering from arthritis -- he yells, "get out of here ghosts" and "I will kick you in the teeth... I will bite you..., I will gum you…" and people in a congregation cheer and hoot.
 A man threatens to kill a man by coming to his home in the night and slashing his throat. After slapping a young man repeatedly, a man tells him that he will bury him underground. A man tells a young man "I told you I would eat you up." We hear that a man beats his young daughter if she doesn't pray. A man talks about serving time in jail and working on a chain gang. A man asks a young girl if her father is beating her anymore. A young man tells his father, "God doesn't save stupid people." A man talks about "hating most people" and "wanting no one else to succeed." We hear that a woman died during childbirth. People talk about "drinking the blood of the lord." A man tells a man that he is his brother by another mother. We hear that a man died from tuberculosis.
 A man becomes dizzy from fumes while digging in an oil well.
 A man and a boy hunt for quail, they shoot with shotguns and we see several birds on a string dangling from a man's belt. A man spits.
 We hear loud rumbling at a drilling site, oil blows out of the ground and sprays on men standing nearby.

PROFANITY 3 - 1 anatomical term, 7 mild obscenities, name-calling (stupid, lazy, sniveling afterbirth, stubborn, fool, thick, insane, dog, backslider), 5 religious profanities. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man drinks heavily in several scenes, a man drinks whiskey from a bottle and pours some on a baby's bottle, a man mixes alcohol with milk and forces his young son (he's 9 or 10) to drink it, men are shown drinking alcohol in several scenes, we see a man drunk in a few scenes, a man stumbles down stairs while drunk, a man is shown passed out from drinking too much and someone refers to "getting liquored up." A man drinks alcohol and another man smokes a cigarette, and men smoke cigarettes in several scenes.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Gold prospecting, oil, faith, child abandonment, survival, greed, family, envy, real estate deals, competition, favors, hatred, blackmail, swindling, seeing the worst in people, false prophets, superstition, orphans, salvation, forgiveness, guilt.

MESSAGE - Greed comes with a price.

Special Keywords: S3 - V7 - P3 - MPAAR

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