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Texas Chainsaw 3D [2013] [R] - 7.10.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In this sequel to the 1974 cult horror film, townspeople blame the Sawyer family for the original chainsaw massacre and vigilantes surround the Sawyer house and burn it to the ground trying to kill every remaining family member. Decades into the future a woman (Alexandra Daddario) inherits a Texas estate and brings friends (Tremaine Neverson, Tania Raymonde and Keram Malicki-Sánchez) on a road trip to see it without realizing that horror resides in the basement. Also with Don Yeager, Thom Barry, Paul Rae, Shaun Sipos and Bill Moseley. Directed by John Luessenhop. [1:32]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A woman is shown lying nude from the waist to the feet with her thighs together: her pubic area is shaved and tattooed wings at the area are completely visible. A woman wears a man's long-sleeved shirt, opened partially down the front to reveal most of her bare breasts, including one nipple. A woman's bare buttocks and thighs are seen while she is turned to the side on a car seat. A woman is shown clad in a bra and a string bikini bottom so that we see her entire nude body except for nipples and pubic area and we see tattooed wings rise above the pubic area to the lower abdomen. A woman wears tight short shorts throughout the film, with several close-ups shown of her bottom and bare thighs, followed by her groin area and bare thighs. Several women wear halter-tops and tank tops that reveal bra straps and cleavage. A woman changes her top while in a van and we see cleavage above her bra line, along with bare shoulders, arms and abdomen. A woman wears a tight jersey blouse with a bare midriff that reveals her belly button. Two men appear in separate scenes with bare shoulders, arms, chest and abdomen.
 A woman lures a man into a barn stall by saying something scared her there but we see a bottle of liquor and two glasses (please see the Substance Use category for more details); in a few hours, we see the man bare-chested and the woman wearing the man's shirt, suggesting sex occurred. A woman sits on a couch with her blouse off (we see her wearing a bra that reveals cleavage and her bare abdomen), and her boyfriend is bare-chested and begins kissing her bare shoulders and throat until a knock at the front door ends the scene. A woman grabs a man's groin in a grocery store and he tells her to "keep her hands off my [scatological term deleted]," because they had sex previously "only once."
 A male sheriff's deputy shows attraction to a new woman in town, smiling and saying that he will have to "run her in" (arrest her) and she smiles and walks away. A woman grabs her own buttock to indicate that the Halloween costume she's making will be sexy.

VIOLENCE/GORE 10 - A man looting a house is bludgeoned to death in the basement and a woman in the group finds the dead man in the basement and screams: she is struck in the head, awakens in a workshop full of severed body parts with bloody stumps to see men being cut in half as they hang from the ceiling and from meat hooks on the wall, one of the men is still alive as a man wearing a mask hangs him on a wall hook, cuts him through the middle (we hear screams and see blood splattering everywhere, including onto the camera lens) and the woman runs outside, followed by a huge man wearing a human-leather mask and carrying a running chainsaw; she jumps into a minivan, picks up two friends and drives away, but the chainsaw man cuts through one of their tires and fender and chases the van, the van flips and kills a man inside while bloodying the two women (we see blood dripping from all the windows and a chainsaw cuts through all the windows) and one woman runs away safely and the other woman disappears off screen, with bloody, cut legs.
 A police officer is sent to kill a mass murderer and when he arrives at the house he follows bloody trails up the steps, through the house, into a basement and through a workshop and he opens a dirty chest freezer, is startled by a screaming woman that sits up in it, and shoots her dead before he takes time to see who it is; the officer is struck in the back of the head with an axe three times as blood flies, he falls into a pool of blood on the floor, facedown, the murderer drags the body to a barber's chair, cuts off the face (his legs and feet flail about), hangs the face on a wig head (we see bare muscles and sinew on the victim's face and he is presumably dead), picks up another face from a second wig head and sews it to his own head with carpet thread, through his own mouth and cheek and we see some blood spilled as he groans.
 Two men beat a man with clubs and chain him to a pulley in order to drag him into a giant meat grinder, a woman kills one man with a pitchfork stabbing him in the abdomen (we see a gush of blood) and the other man's foot is cut off at the ankle with a lot of blood; one man backs away from another man and toward the meat grinder, his hands are cut off by a chainsaw and he is kicked into the grinder, where we see large amounts of blood and gore spewing.
 A man impales a young man using a crowbar-like handheld meat hook, drags the victim down to the basement and cuts him in half using a chainsaw, splattering blood everywhere in the room.
 A montage of scenes show several screaming, blood streaked women; several men are hit in the heads with clubs or axes and we see significant amounts of blood on the victims; we hear a chainsaw and see a close-up of the bloody blade several times; inside a house, we see bloody walls and additional walls filled with animal and human bones and skulls; a man wearing a crumpled ghost mask chases another man outside with a chainsaw where the man is run over by a semi-truck in the road and we see blood on the body and pavement.
 A sheriff calls into a house to a group of men, "We have a girl that says you butchered her family" and many men drive up, surround the house and burn it to the ground to kill all the family members inside who are holding shotguns: we see Molotov cocktail bombs thrown, followed by tall flames and smoke as pieces of the house fall in and the men outside whoop and fire their guns into the house and into the air, and inside the house, we see men fall from gunfire (no blood is shown) and a woman writhes and falls when shot with a baby in her arms; a man outside finds an infant girl alive, he takes her and kills her mother by kicking her in the head (blood is seen on her head, face, forearms and hands) and men pose for a photo while holding their guns and one man holds a severed leg high in the air.
 In a graveyard, a frightened woman jumps into an open coffin in a grave and shuts the lid when a chainsaw blade cuts through the lid and she screams; she gets away and runs into a carnival, but the man with the saw follows her, cutting through a fence with sparks spraying until a police officer shoots at him, scaring him off.
 A woman runs away from a police station, but is captured by a deputy that ties her up and drags her into a meatpacking building by her hair and one arm while she kicks at him; he ties her hands above her head (she is later cut loose).
 We see an open grave and the body of a woman who was buried in it is shown sitting dead in a rocking chair in an upstairs bedroom; a woman walks into the room, sees the body, screams and runs out of the house. We see a curtain made of human bones and string, and we see a man cutting fingers off a severed hand into a bloody basin. A rat screeches and runs across a bloody sink. We see black and white photos of the charred bodies of eight people: the camera cuts to the face of a man with a burned and peeling face and cuts back to the photos and the woman looking at them sees that the townsfolk who burned a house and a family were named heroes and she writes MURDERERS in big red letters across a news photo of the vigilantes.
 In a bar, a man charges through pushing other men aside, punches an older man in the nose, and the scene ends; the older man later holds a slightly bloody handkerchief to his nose, but no blood appears on his face.
 A montage of still images includes a pickup truck in flames, screaming male and female faces and pools of blood. After the ending credits play, a man and a woman are seen at a woman's home and we hear a chainsaw begin buzzing inside when a masked man jumps toward the couple and toward the camera lens with the saw and into a freeze frame.
 From off screen, we hear a female voice scream, "He's going to kill me!" A husband and his wife yell at their adopted daughter when they tell her she is adopted and we hear that they have always been abusive.
 A man wears a large spike in his ear and as he drives a minivan in a parking lot, and he hits another man (he appears unharmed). A close-up shows a dead armadillo on its back beside a road. We see a large family graveyard with one grave freshly dug and covered over. A murderer crosses out the faces of each of the people shown in a news photo after he kills them.
 Close-ups show meat being cut and wrapped in the back of a grocery store. Outside a door to a basement room, we see a silver platter with the remains of a dinner, including red bones from a roast and we hear that a mentally challenged man lives in the room beyond the door. We see a large cabinet in a man's room, filled with about a dozen chainsaws.

PROFANITY 10 - About 53 F-words and derivatives, 2 sexual references, 15 scatological terms, 18 mild obscenities, 4 anatomical terms, name-calling (crazy, retard, simple, fruitcake, cockroach), stereotypical references to horror films, corrupt cops, vigilantes, rightwing Christians, backwoods families, twenty-something men and women, rich old women, abusive parents, family feuds, small towns, 1 religious profanity, 6 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman is seen smoking a marijuana cigarette. Two men in a house drink beer from bottles and a woman drinks a tropical drink, three people drink wine from glasses in a house, several people sit on the front steps of a house and they all drink champagne, we see a bottle of Tequila and two glasses set up for a tryst in a barn (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details), a man and a woman sit at a table in a bar with beer and whiskey in front of them (we do not see them drink) while other men and women drink from glasses of beer and mixed drinks, a mansion has a wine cellar in which we see stacked cases of wine and other bottles lying in wine racks, and a man drinks wine while playing pool in a house. A woman smokes a cigarette in her house, and a Sheriff's Deputy smokes while leaning on his cruiser.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Family history, adoption, abusive parents, mass murder, vigilantes, emotional trauma, family loyalty, justice.

MESSAGE - Family history can be strange.

Special Keywords: S7 - V10 - P10 - MPAAR

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