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Terminator Genisys [2015] [PG-13] - 4.6.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In this fifth installment the Guardian Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) time travels to fight the Skynet artificial intelligence and a new Terminator, version T-3000 (Jason Clarke). The Guardian's mission is to save a woman (Emilia Clarke) and her son with the help of a soldier (Jai Courtney) from the future, but changes in the timeline interfere. Also with Lee Byung-hun and J. K. Simmons. Directed by Alan Taylor. [1:57]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - In two scenes we see a nude human from a back or profile view as he falls into a street; in one sequence he stands nude on a platform with a nude woman and we see both of their shoulders, arms and lower legs before they fall into traffic on a freeway and roll over holding each other (we see full back nudity of each person) and when they stop rolling breasts may be visible very briefly. A male cyborg walks in shadows, fully nude from front and rear views; the genital area is hidden, but we see torso, back, abdomen, buttocks and legs. We see a man wearing only pants as he steps onto a platform where he removes the pants below the frame and in two angles we see his chest and navel. Teens and youngsters at a beach are shown wearing knee-length shorts; one teen girl is seen moving away from the camera and she is wearing similar shorts with a halter top that bares most of her back and arms with her hair covering her shoulders. A man appears shirtless and wearing blue jeans in three scenes, revealing his bare chest, back, shoulders and arms. A woman wears a tight, sleeveless, scoop neck top that reveals significant cleavage in several scenes.
 A woman touches a man's face and they kiss passionately for a few seconds.
 A cyborg asks a woman three times if she has mated with a human yet; she is exasperated each time and says no. A man looks in the direction of another man's groin below the frame and says the word "little."

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - At a police detective questioning a woman shoots three detectives (they fall bloodlessly) and shape shifts into a cyborg as a cyborg in another room crashes through a wall and a large mirror, creating loud noise and shattered glass; the two cyborgs fight with punches, kicks and throws, while each falls several times without injuries. A police detective is shot in the back and falls off-screen; no blood is shown. A human-cyborg speaks to a guard at his business and slashes him through the chest and out his back with a blade that was his arm; he drops the man (we see no blood).
 A nude man and a nude woman (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details) appear on a highway and traffic jams up with several cars colliding (we see no injuries) and two cars flip over; the camera cuts to a police station clinic where the woman is shown with a cut on her shoulder that a tech staples shut with large staples (the woman does not flinch) as the woman and her male companion argue, topple some equipment and steal the key to the handcuffs they wear; when a man walks in they all argue and he stuns two police officers with their own stun guns as they enter and a cyborg enters the clinic with a rifle and shoots at the man arguing with the couple (the man falls bloodlessly); the woman points a gun at the cyborg's head as the cyborg chokes her companion. A cyborg slams a man's head into a console in a police station control room and we see him later, shaking his head in pain. A Terminator and a human-cyborg fight sending a spurting oxygen tank around a waiting room, breaking walls apart and causing people to scream; the cyborgs enter an MRI room and are sucked into the side of the machine, but one escapes leaving the other to fight until he slams into the machine, it catches fire and he burns (he is seen unharmed later).
 We see several scenes of piles of debris left from a war, followed by a flashback of small space vehicles and robots on foot firing loud machine gun-type weapons and launching nuclear mortars; buildings crumble, people fall dead (no blood is seen), cars and trucks crash and large balls of flame, smoke and flashing lights fill the screen along with loud crashes; we see the Golden Gate Bridge collapse in fire and smoke and it falls toward the audience. Several present scenes include battles with silver skeletal robots that have skulls with large teeth, both sides have machine guns and rifles and we hear a lot of bullets hitting metal, laser beams hitting objects as the strikes smoke and some remote control shooting machines catch fire and burn to the ground while some robots accidentally shoot each other and they all shoot a truck with lightning-like bolts until it explodes in tall flames (the driver gets out and runs away).
 An extended sequence features a police officer that is a shape shifting liquid-metal cyborg whose hands and forearms change to blades instantly as he chases a running man through a clothing store; as the man leans against a wall, two blades shoot through the wall on either side of his head and he shoots the cyborg several times (we see sliver indentations, but the cyborg heals itself each time), two police officers capture the man, but the cyborg melts out of a mirror and rushes forward striking both officers unconscious as a woman drives an EMT truck through a wall and picks the man up. A cyborg in a police cruiser chases an EMT truck where a shouting man tries to shoot another cyborg, who knocks him out; we see the remains of another cyborg, largely burned black and a blade punctures the back of the truck as a man shoots out the back door with a large bore rifle (the first cyborg is caught as a woman fires a mortar at him from inside the truck and blows up the cruiser). A cyborg in a helicopter chases a man, a woman and a Terminator in another helicopter and shoots at them; both helicopters spin sideways and downward, but right themselves; the Terminator jumps out of his helicopter and into the other helicopter, which dives after a woman shoots it with a nuclear mortar (it crashes in a fire ball, it bounces, and it crashes again) and neither cyborg is destroyed.
 A cyborg drags and leaves a destroyed cyborg's body on the floor encased in plastic wrap when another cyborg throws a javelin, impaling the first cyborg onto a wall, but the pierced cyborg frees himself without damage; a man shoots the attacking cyborg, who shifts into a silver skeleton, grabs a metal pole, jabs at the man and creating sparks in a heavy cable the cyborg breaks a wall down loudly and disguises himself as the man, while a woman shoots the fake man and shoots through the ceiling to rupture acid canisters that spill acid on the cyborg; it revives and attacks again, but another cyborg holds it under the acid where it crumbles (the second cyborg loses the flesh from one arm and hand revealing the inner metal skeleton).
 A cyborg on a motorcycle jumps onto the roof of a school bus where two men and a woman ride and another cyborg rides underneath the bus, hanging onto the frame and creating sparks as the bus flips end-over-end, than rolls on its side to hang off a large bridge; a man falls through a hole in the floor of the bus and hangs on as a cyborg above him stomps on the bus to break it loose and as the bus falls, two men and a woman escape and a cyborg falls into the water below.
 A cyborg chokes a woman while another cyborg holds a bomb detonator and a man runs in with a gun and the two cyborgs fight each other around a series of catwalks, falling and rising for more punches, kicks and beatings; they break windows with a lot of loudly shattering glass and one cyborg loses its human form and turns metallic and runs on foot through the body of the other cyborg several times leaving it lying prone while the other cyborg (his face showing some metallic parts through a rip) picks up a detonator as a man and a woman shoot and hit it with a large monkey wrench. Two cyborgs fight hand-to-hand inside a blue fireball and among lightning bolts in a time machine (we see punches and a blade waving) as a woman screams loudly and a man holds her back; one of the cyborgs is flung from the machine into a vat of silver molten metal and the man and the woman lock themselves into a metal room as an explosion destroys the building around them (we see towers fall outside and shipping platforms fall into a bay as each part of the building explodes outward toward the audience with a large fireball and smoke). A Terminator fights with an updated version of himself and they hit each other with large telescopes, with metal poles and with fists and kicks; they throw each other over railings and against walls as we hear many loud crashes and see breaking glass as they go through large windows or walls of glass that shatters on the ground and floors; one cyborg is struck by a large mortar shot from off-screen into his head and chest, destroying him and he shuts down (both cyborgs are shown with facial damage that shows some skin scrapes and some holes that reveal machine parts and areas burned black). A man and a woman shoot a cyborg but it just dents from bullets and heals itself; a large metal pole is thrown through a door and impales the cyborg to a wall as we see lighting bolts emanating from it; the cyborg pushes himself off the far end of the pole, without blood, but grimacing at the effort. Two Terminators fight in a flashback over a young boy in a tunnel and we see a military leader shoot one Terminator (no blood is seen) and save the boy, who is a soldier in the present. A man and woman are trapped inside a safe room and a long blade cuts through the door, opens a hole and a cyborg walks in.
 A man on a time travel platform rises in the air as lightning bolts shoot through the area and he is surrounded by a blue fireball as he grunts and groans in pain in the machine and after he lands; this harsh take off and landing are repeated three more times, once with a man and a woman in the machine, both grunting and shouting in pain; in one transport scene, a man sees his shouting leader being grabbed by a cyborg. A hill beside a highway explodes into flames and a silver cyborg walks through the flame, ignites, turns black and then turns into a man dressed in black.
 A man is thrown out of the back of a truck and crashes into the windshield of a police cruiser suffering a few facial scratches; he steals the cruiser and rushes away, leaving a police officer behind. Two dozen police and sheriff's deputies arrest two men and a woman at gunpoint.
 A computer operating system creates a hologram of a young boy that taunts humans dozens of times. A man experiences a series of very rapid flashbacks of his family and friends from childhood to the present when he is in a time traveling scene.
 A seemingly "dead" man rises and heals himself with a swarm of nanites over his torso, arms and hands. A man is shown to have deep scars of knife slashes on the side of his face. A Terminator creates large magnetic gloves that he uses to punch a cyborg and interrupt its circuits.
 A scene underground shows a large sparkling orb matrix and a hologram of a humanoid appears, looking up at the orb. Male and female soldiers with rifles and covered with grime find a large time machine. We see tons of armaments in an underground safe house where a woman puts together explosives as two men load clips of bullets; a Terminator's fingers tremble and he slams his hand on a table to restart the circuitry.
 A voiceover from the future states that a human resistance leader is fighting advanced humanoids or cyborgs, Terminator versions T-800, T-1000, T-3000, and T-5000 and non-sentient machines. We see bar codes on people's arms and hear they are being sent to death camps; Skynet artificial intelligence plans to destroy all human beings. A military leader receives a message that his unit will suffer attack from in both the past and in the future at once and he initiates two defensive fronts to destroy a powerful time machine.

PROFANITY 5 - About 2 F-words, 6 scatological terms, 3 anatomical terms, 15 mild obscenities, name-calling (relic, old, skin job, crazy, drunks, morons, junk, sucker, Holy Grail, Trojan Horse, TJ Hooker, Lurch), stereotypical references to men, women, older workers, time travelers, police officers, spies, soldiers, artificial intelligence, cyborgs, nanites, evil androids, heroes, power hungry men, 1980s punk rockers, the end of the world, 3 religious profanities (GD), 3 religious exclamations (e.g. Thank God, Jesus). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman declines an unnamed anesthetic to have a shoulder wound stapled closed. A man says that when a war is over he would like a cold beer, a homeless man in an alley is seen holding a bottle (probably alcohol) in a brown paper bag, a man asks another man if he has been drinking, and many men and women raise glasses of wine (no one is seen drinking). A man in a truck holds a cigar between his teeth and it looks as if it has gone out.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Technological advances, sentience, power, courage, determination, pain, loss, grief, relationships, friendship, trust, cooperation, immortality, genocide, time travel, planning the future.

MESSAGE - Technological advancements can ease life or become dangerous. Plans for the future do not always work.

Special Keywords: S4 - V6 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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