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The Tempest [2010] [PG-13] - 6.4.2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A re-imagining of William Shakespeare's play "The Tempest," now featuring the main character as a woman named Prospera (Helen Mirren). Her greedy brother Antonio (Chris Cooper) usurps her royal title, and along with her daughter Miranda (Felicity Jones) Prospera rules a desolate island until she uses her magical powers to wreck a boat carrying her enemies. Once onshore they have to face her in a struggle of intellect and emotion. Also with David Strathairn, Tom Conti, Alan Cumming, Ben Wishaw and Russell Brand. Directed by Julie Taymor. [1:50]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - Throughout the movie, we see a fully nude androgynous young man who takes the form of a spirit, a massive black crow with breasts (his male face is still visible and bare breasts covered with black paint are also seen under large feather wings), a water spirit with breasts (his male face is visible and bare breasts are visible under the water), and a shadowy human form. An androgynous young man appears fully nude, and we see full-frontal nudity on three occasions (no genitals are apparent). The bare buttocks of an androgynous young man are seen on two occasions as a woman watches him.
 A man reaches under a tarp where another man is hiding and it is implied that he grabs the man's genitals in order to identify him; he looks surprised and says, "He is made like a man."
 A man and a young woman kiss. A man and a young woman kiss briefly until a woman interrupts them. A man holds a young woman's hand, kisses her hand and is about to kiss the woman's mouth when the woman places her hand over her mouth and runs away.
 We see a stylized outline of a nude man and a woman (no nudity is discernible, just the outline of their bodies) intertwined, with the woman's legs wrapped around the man's waist. Throughout the movie, we see a man wearing a loincloth bikini bottom; his bare chest and back are seen frequently, although covered in scales and thick mud.
 A woman warns a man to not "take" her daughter until they are married. A man sings a song while mimicking dancing with a woman; the song lyrics say that he can "scratch a woman where she itches." A man jokes that he is "making strange bedfellows" when he gets under an animal skin tarp with another man, whom he believes to be "thunderstruck."
 A man jokingly puts on a woman's skirt and bends over and suggestively licks his lips while looking at a man; he then makes an exaggerated flatulence sound.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - We see a massive image of a young man appearing next to a ship filled with men: the man breathes fire on the ship and the ship bursts into flames (we see a look of terror on the face of a man on the ship) and we later learn that no one onboard was injured.
 During a massive storm, we see passengers on a large boat falling to their knees as water knocks against it, and two men are seen falling over the side as waves splash over the boat (we see them later unharmed).
 A pack of dogs with fire coming from their mouths and eyes leap from a fire pit and chase three men; the men run to escape and they scream as they run away. Three men run as locusts swarm at their eyes and heads, they scream, run into a room and the locusts disappear (the men are unharmed).
 Two men discuss a plot to kill two sleeping men, one of them confesses that he had previously been in a similar situation and that he had killed his brother to steal his power and when the two men raise their swords, the sleeping men awaken and seem startled; the two would-be killers try to explain why their swords are drawn.
 Four men have a vision of a massive blackbird in the form of an androgynous young man above them, shouting at them; the bird shouts that they are all guilty of sinning against a woman and now will be tormented as a punishment, it crows, the men stab into the sky with swords at imaginary birds and we later see them still stabbing at nothing (they are all later seen unharmed). A woman surrounds herself with a circle of fire, and she stands in the center, unharmed, as the flames grow taller and then go out. A woman reminds a young man that she had found him trapped inside a tree from a woman's magical spell and as she describes finding him, we see the young man morph into a large tree; his face looks pinched and pained. A woman imagines herself being burned at the stake.
 A young woman tells another woman she is worried that a storm had killed four men on a boat, the woman comforts her, saying no one had died and we see the men that had fallen over the side of the boat walk unharmed, from the sea. Two men are told that one of them should kill a woman by "bashing in her head" and are instructed on how to find her; a young man that had been listening says he must save the woman. A man curses a young woman and an older woman, saying that a raven will tear them apart with its feathers; in response, the woman curses the man saying he will be wracked with cramps and pains so intense his bones will break. A woman threatens to peg a young man to a tree for "twelve winters" if he does not obey her. A man shouts at two men, one of the men shouts back, saying he will hang the man from a tree or punch out his teeth if he is not quiet. A man slaps another man lightly on the face and accuses him of shouting. A woman shouts angrily at a man, accusing him of being a spy and a thief. A woman threatens a man to obey her or she will bind his hands and he will "taste the salt water" (drown him). A young woman is told that a man accused her of witchcraft, a crime that was punishable by burning to death. A young woman is told that her father had been killed and she and her mother had narrowly escaped being killed. A woman asks three men about their role in the plans to kill a man and send her away (they do not respond). A woman tells a young man that she believes three men are going to kill her. A woman tells several men that three men had plotted to kill her; one of the men admonishes the other men. On multiple occasions several men discuss how they believe a man had died in a shipwreck, including a man telling a woman that he had lost his son in a shipwreck and how he blames himself for the death of his son. A man tries to comfort a man who believes his son is dead, saying he had seen him riding on top of a wave after a shipwreck. A man jokingly tells a young woman that he would rather have his bones break than allow her to work. A man remarks that another man would have preferred his daughter to be dead than to marry an African.
 A man grabs a girl by the arm and yanks her out of a bed; we later see the man ushering the child and a woman onto a boat as a narrator explains that they had been expelled from the country. During a soliloquy, a man throws a bundle of sticks on the ground and curses the sky, saying he would fight the sky if it would save him from a descent into madness.
 A man trips over his own feet, rights himself up, continues walking and he then trips over a man hiding under a tarp of animal skins. A man falls backwards into a pond, and he looks disgusted when a frog leaps onto his knee. A man acts surprised when he discovers another man with a tarp of animal skins over him; two sets of legs peek out from under the tarp and the man says that he has discovered a devil, but only moments later finds that there are two men under the tarp.
 A man's back is seen as he faces away from two men and urinates: we see the stream and the man turns back around and we see him zipping up his pants and wiping his hand off on his chest before shaking another man's hand. After two men spin around in circles, a man grabs his stomach and says he must stop because he is sick; he has an ill look on his face but does not get sick.

PROFANITY 2 - 2 mild obscenities, name-calling (demon, witch, malignant thing, foul, blue eyed hag, poisonous slave, withered, villain, foul bombard, monster, scurvy, mooncalf, poor credulous monster, tyrant, drunkard, knaves, abrasive war lords, traitors). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Three men drink excessively from a bottle that is presumably filled with alcohol, they look intoxicated and one of them pledges his allegiance to the owner of the bottle and calls it "magical elixir" after he pours some of the liquid into his mouth, and a man says that three men are "red hot drunk."

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Solar eclipses, Shakespearian adaptations, witchcraft, shipwrecks, imagined spirits, betrayal, revenge, lust, killing to gain power, love at first sight.

MESSAGE - Forgiveness and reconciliation are difficult but achievable.

Special Keywords: S6 - V4 - P2 - MPAAPG-13

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