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Tangled [2010] [PG] - 2.4.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Long-haired Princess Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) has spent her entire life trapped in a tall tower. That is, until she meets a passing bandit, Flynn Ryder (voiced by Zachary Levi), who promises to help her venture into the outside world for the first time. There she learns about a whole new kind of life. Also with the voices of Donna Murphy, Brad Garrett, Ron Perlman, M.C. Gainey, Jeffrey Tambor and Paul F. Tompkins. Directed by Byron Howard and Nathan Greno. [1:40]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - On two occasions a young man and a young woman kiss, one time the young man dips the young woman in his arms and the second time the young man jokes that he likes young women with brunette hair and holds her face in his hands as they kiss.
 A young man brushes a young woman's hair from her face, they are about to kiss and are interrupted. A young man and a young woman hold hands. A young woman cradles a young man's head in her arms. A young woman gives a man a brief kiss on the cheek.
 A young man looks at a young woman lovingly in a couple of scenes. A woman grabs a young man's hand and pulls him into a group hug with a man, another woman and a young woman.
 An older man makes a pass at a woman, she turns him down, presses a knife against his nose and demands that he be quiet. A young woman tells an older woman that she thinks a young man likes her; the older woman disagrees. A young man teases a young woman about a story he used to read that was about a man who "was not too bad with the ladies" and then compliments his own appearance.
 In a crowded tavern, two men appear to be wearing vests without shirts under them and their bare chests are visible, and an older man is seen hoisted above the crowded tavern wearing only a diaper and his bare chest is visible.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A stabbing/slicing sound is heard as a woman sneaks up behind a young man and stabs him in the side; she pulls out the knife (we see no blood) and the young man drops to the ground, becomes unresponsive and it is implied that he has died (the young man's wound is then seen emitting a beam of light and he awakens, unharmed).
 An older woman is sent into a frantic shouting transformation and she becomes a haggard old, wrinkled woman; she stumbles and falls out an open window and as she falls many stories, her robes open and she appears to turn into dust when she hits the ground.
 A dam breaks, water pours down a water trellis where a young man and a young woman are standing, and they run to escape a massive wave that washes away several men and a horse (they are later seen unharmed); a large rock is knocked over and the young man and young woman run to safety in a cave that begins to fill with water, they gasp for air, seem to believe they are going to die, the young man struggles to push against the ceiling and cuts his hand (we see a small cut but no blood) and they eventually escape, unharmed.
 A young man and a young woman race through a tunnel as armed guards on horseback chase them: they emerge onto a small cliff, the young woman gets away while the young man is cornered by four men and a horse, he knocks the four men in the head with a frying pan, dropping each one to the ground, the horse stabs at the young man with a sword in its mouth, and as the young man is about to be stabbed when he is pulled to safety.
 Two men and a young man are seen racing through a forest as men on horseback and with crossbows, swords and pole axes are seen chasing after them: the young man narrowly avoids being hit by arrows, he grabs a branch and swings around to knock one of the men off his horse, mounts the horse, it bucks him off and chases him and the two end up on a branch hanging over a deep ravine; the branch snaps and they fall to the ground, they stand up unharmed and the horse chases the young man again until he escapes.
 We hear that a young man is going to be hanged for his crimes as we watch him, hands bound at his back, being lead to gallows: he frees himself by slamming into the two men leading him, rushes over to a jail cell, grabs the prisoner inside by the collar and shouts at him, three guards tackle and cuff him and lead him back toward the gallows, but two of them mysteriously drop to the ground and the third is knocked over by a man holding a large axe.
 A woman says that a young man will have to die, as a young woman cradles him in her arms and we see a small amount of blood from a stab wound on the young man's stomach. A young woman cries after a young man has been stabbed and is chained to a pole.
 As a young woman and young man walk through a tunnel, a human skeleton is seen propped against a wall with a sword through its chest.
 A man and a young man are chased by many guards: the young man is sent flying through the air when the man jumps on a levered wheelbarrow, the young man lands safely on the back of a horse and they jump from rooftop to rooftop and escape the city. Two men chase after a young woman, we hear a clanking noise as the young woman's hair is caught on a branch, she turns to find an older woman standing over the unconscious bodies of the two men, and the woman explains that she had been following the young woman for her safety and had knocked out the two men.
 A group of men holding swords, axes and shields circle a young man and a young woman, and they grab the young man as the young woman slips away, swatting men out of her way with a frying pan; four men hold the young man at the wrists and ankles, and one man gets ready to punch him when the man is slapped by a tree branch and he drops the young man, unharmed.
 Two men and a young man slide down the rooftops of a castle and jump from roofline to roofline; one man grabs the young man by the collar, pulls him close, wraps a rope around his waist and we see the young man rappel through a skylight and steal an object from behind multiple guards holding axes.
 A woman holding a dagger hides as she sees two men pull themselves out of a trap door, gasping for air; the two men shout at one another, saying they are going to kill a young man and begin to wrestle until the older woman breaks up their fight.
 Two men are seen being pushed into a tavern by a group of armed guards, their hands tied behind their backs; one guard is left to watch the two men, one of the men head-butts the man, he falls to the ground and the two men use a pole axe to cut their handcuffs.
 As a voice narrates that a woman stole a child from her parents in the middle of the night, we see a woman picking up a lock of hair off a child and cutting it, the hair withers, and the woman scoops up the child and is seen standing at the window; it is implied she kidnaps the child. A young man is seen in a jail cell as a man approaches and makes a hanging motion, implying that the young man is going to be hanged.
 A young woman slams a young man in the head with a frying pan, we hear a "boink" noise and the young man drops to the ground; when he begins to come to the young woman hits him on the head with the frying pan again, knocking him out. We hear a "thud" as the screen goes black and it is implied a young woman hit a young man on the head with a frying pan; he awakens moments later and appears unharmed and unfazed. A young woman accidentally hits herself in the head with a frying pan, and we hear a "clank" but the young woman is unharmed.
 A young woman tries to shove an unconscious young man into a wardrobe, hitting his back, knees and head multiple times as she tries to get his body inside; she slams the door shut, only to see his fingers sticking out, and she pushes each one back into the wardrobe. An unconscious young man is seen tied to a chair by the long hair of a young woman, and he wakes up with a start after a chameleon slaps him with its tail and then sticks its tongue in his ear. A young man's body flops out of a wardrobe when a young woman opens it, landing on the ground with a thud. We see a young man regaining consciousness and he is tied to a boat; guards find the young man as he is coming to and drag him out of the boat.
 A woman shouts angrily at a young woman. A woman shouts at a young woman and angrily kicks a chameleon against a wall. A woman angrily pushes herself past a young woman. A woman angrily rips stones from a walled-off entrance, throwing them behind her.
 As a young man jokingly tells a young woman that they are going to a tavern filled with rats, we see rats lined up at a barrel, a man with a hook for a hand, and many large men holding various swords and axes. A young man approaches a man in a tavern and jokingly asks if he has blood in his beard as he and several other men growl and circle the young man.
 Many swords are held to the neck of a young man and then dropped as a man grabs the young man and launches him into the air; he flies past a man that was accidentally slapped and is flying across the room, avoids a man juggling fire and as he lands on the floor, a man jumps onto the opposite side of the floorboard and knocks him high into the air.
 In a crowded tavern, a group of rough-and-tumble men are seen holding axes and swords, a man with a hook for a hand accidentally loses his hook and it hits a man, knocking him to the ground, and a man throws an axe near a man's head and cuts the feather off his cap; a large man with a hook for a hand begins to sing lyrics that refer to his liking to break femurs while another man has scars, lumps and bruises (we see a man with a scar on his face), "something that oozes" (we do not see any oozing) and a goiter.
 A young woman pulls a chair that a young man is tied into forward and it falls over, slamming the young man's face into the ground; he is unharmed and jokes that the young woman "broke his smolder."
 A horse and a young man fight playfully, sweat or water pours off the horse and onto the young man's face as the horse looms over him and it then drags him when he tries to get on its back; the horse shoves the young man in the chest with its hoof and then spits a piece of paper to his face after the young man shoves a wadded up piece of paper into the horse's mouth (a small amount of spittle appears to drip from the paper wrapped around the young man's face).
 A woman jokingly pushes past a young woman, lifts her up and then allows her to fall on her back (the young woman gets up, unharmed). A young woman gets twisted up in her long hair and falls over (she is unharmed). A man with a hook for a hand accidentally knocks the hook off, and it crashes into a man, who knocks a helmet onto a woman's head (they are all unharmed).
 A young woman leaps onto the back of a young man and shouts in fear that a shaking bush might be ruffians or thugs (it turns out to be a rabbit). A young man jokingly tells another young man that a young woman is breaking a woman's heart in half and "crushing her soul like a grape," as he smashes a berry between his fingers. A woman sings a song to a young woman in which she describes that the outside world is full of plagues, cannibals, snakes, bugs, ruffians, men with pointy teeth (the woman paints a red faced man with pointed teeth on the ground) and thugs. A woman tells a young woman that the outside world will destroy any glimmer of light and that people will try to steal her hair. A young woman tells a young man that a woman had told her that people will try to harm her for her hair. On multiple occasions, we see signs that read "Wanted: DEAD OR ALIVE" with a drawing of two men and a young man. A narrator explains that a flower had the power to heal the injured and sick and that it was used to cure a pregnant Queen who was very ill (we see a still-drawing of a pregnant woman lying in bed). A narrator says, "This is how I died, but it is a happy story."
 A young man jokingly knocks a chameleon off his shoulder. On multiple occasions a young woman pulls on a chameleon's tail playfully, including an instance where she shouts at the chameleon and then lifts him up by the tail.
 Stop-motion animated drawings are seen during the credits that depict a map with "got shot here" written on it, a man being chased by a bear, a man dodging a thrown an axe, and a man and a woman falling into a large flood of water (they bob to the top).

PROFANITY 1 - Exclamations (oh my gosh, freak out), name-calling [most is done in song form] (old woman, creepy, horrible, selfish, under-dressed, despicable, disgusting, Blondie, immature, clumsy, chubby, sloppy, flea bags, malicious, evil, scary big lug, dummy, bad man, bad horse, demented). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - In a tavern setting men are seen drinking an unidentified liquid from casks and beer steins, an older man appears to be under the influence of alcohol when he stumbles and has slightly slurred speech (he seems to be dressed as Cupid, with a diaper, wings attached to his back and carrying a small bow and arrow), and the narrator jokes that he does not "remember" a week of celebration.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Orphans, eternal youth, kidnapping, Princess movies, thief, being protected from the outside world, floating lanterns.

MESSAGE - Despite all odds, good things will happen in the end if you set your mind to it.

Special Keywords: S2 - V4 - P1 - MPAAPG

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