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Tamara Drewe [2010] [R] - 8.6.9



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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When a newspaper writer (Gemma Arterton) returns to the English countryside where she was raised, her neighbors, a famous writer (Roger Allam), his wife (Tamsin Greig) and their literary guest (Bill Camp), find a new source of inspiration for their writers' retreat. Also with Domonic Cooper and Luke Evans. Directed by Stephen Frears. [1:51]

SEX/NUDITY 8 - A teenage girl is seen slipping off her underwear (no nudity is visible) and jumping on a table where a young man kisses her passionately; he unzips his pants and they have sex (the young man thrusts on top of the teenage girl).
 A man and a woman are seen engaged in sex: the woman is seen fully clothed, standing with her back against a wall as the man stands in front of her, thrusting (no nudity is visible).
 A man and a woman kiss after the man says he is interested in "something else"; they are later heard moaning as another man discovers their clothing left in various locations, and it is implied they are having sex as the other man walks out of the house. On multiple occasions, we hear moaning and panting by men and women, implying that they are engaging in sex; we do not see the acts.
 The bare buttocks and back of a woman are seen as she lays, fully nude, on her stomach, facing a man that's sitting down (it is implied he's also nude and we see his bare chest and back); the man then makes a remark about having sex. On multiple occasions, we see a man and a woman lying side-by-side in bed, the man is shirtless (his bare chest is visible), and it implied they had just had sex. A man and a woman are seen lying side-by-side in bed, and the woman is implied to be fully nude (we see her back and upper hip and chest, while her breasts are covered by her folded arms), and we see the man's bare chest; he makes a remark about having just had sex and later is seen fully dressed and kissing the woman on the cheek.
 Two teenage girls discuss the fantasy of one of the girls: that a man will pick her up and have sex with her and we see her fantasy imagined briefly, with the teenage girl wearing only a button-down shirt, and we see her bare upper thighs while a man lifts her up and holds her in his arms.
 A man sees a shadowed outline of a man and a woman kissing, he opens a door and watches as they continue to kiss. A man uses binoculars to watch a man kiss a woman on the neck. A woman watches a man and a woman kiss. Two teenage girls watch a man and a woman kiss, and they take a photograph that is later seen by two men and a woman. A man kisses a woman on the cheek. A man kisses a woman on the face and hugs her. A woman kisses a man on the top of the head.
 A group of men and women watch as a woman wearing a cleavage-exposing tank top and short shorts (the bottom portion of her bare buttocks are visible) walks in front of them; one man and a woman make sexual remarks about the woman's appearance. A shirtless man, his bare chest and back visible, is seen walking through a farm field; a woman watches him and we hear her inner monologue as she writes about a woman lustily watching a man. A woman asks a man about a sexual affair he is having with another woman, and she then imagines herself standing next to a woman wearing a very tight-fitting dress that reveals cleavage. The bare upper shoulders and legs of a woman are seen as she hugs her legs, while sitting in a bathtub (it is implied that she is fully nude). We see a shirtless man (his bare chest and back are visible).
 A teenage girl hugs a man and poses for multiple pictures as another teenage girl photographs them, including a photograph where she is jokingly humping the man.
 A teenage girl asks a man if he has "noticed her" because she had "noticed him," in an attempt to come on to the man; the man ignores her advances. A man jokingly tells a woman that she is coming onto him. A woman jokingly tells a man that women are only interested in him for sex. A man and a woman joke about a man as being interested in younger women. A man and a woman discuss on multiple occasions how another man was sexually interested in much younger women, including the man telling the woman a story he had read where a man had engaged in a sexual relationship with a woman, then her daughter and then her granddaughter. A woman jokingly tells a man that she and another woman had gotten "hot and bothered" after watching a video of another man. A man tells a woman that if it were possible to "have an orgasm from food" that he would; the woman looks offended and walks away. On multiple occasions, two teenage girls discuss having sex and kissing, including a teenage girl saying she is interested in having sex with a man, and teasing another teenage girl about kissing a teenage boy (saying it would be like "having a slug in your mouth"). Two teenage girls discuss how they are writing an email to be sent to three different men, under the guise that it is from a woman inviting the men to have sex with her. Men and women discuss an email that a group of men had received from a woman, discussing how she wants to have sex with them. A woman discusses an email she had read that was directed to a man asking him to have sex with another woman. A man discusses how a woman is pregnant, but he is unsure if he is the father. A teenage girl reads another teenage girl a magazine article about a woman being pregnant, possibly from a man that is not her husband. Two teenage girls read aloud an article discussing a woman's bra size, and one of the teenage girls then looks down her own shirt (we see no nudity) and says she would like to need a larger bra size. A man and a woman discuss how a goat is "in heat." A woman tells a man that she feels like all she does is breed goats. A woman asks a man why he is constantly engaged in affairs, and the man says because his wife allows him. A woman tells a group of men and women that she is interested in writing about lesbian crime.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A man attempts to awake an unconscious man as a herd of cattle stampede toward them: the injured man does not awake and dozens of cows stampede over him, he is seen face down in the mud, presumably dead when discovered by two women and a body bag is later seen being placed into an ambulance (we see his bloody and crushed body with blood and mud on his face and chest).
 Two men shout and push one another, one man punches the other in the face and then falls over, he hits the back of his head on a feeding bin and lays on the ground, blood pooling behind his head. A teenage girl punches a young man in the nose and storms off; we see blood pouring from his nose. A woman punches another woman in the nose, the woman's nose bleeds and we see blood on her shirt and face (she says her nose is broken); we then see her washing blood from her face (blood is still visible on her shirt and chest) and later with a bandage over her nose.
 A teenage girl describes how a dead woman could be found with vomit on her mouth after overdosing on pills and we see a woman lying on the ground, with vomit on her mouth, and her head is limp and turned to the side, implying that she's dead. Two teenage girls discuss how they believe a woman could be dead.
 A gunshot is heard and we see a woman holding a shotgun and the lifeless body of a dog is on the ground.
 Two police officers drag two teenage girls off a fence they are attempting to climb, and the teenage girls shout at the police officers and walk away.
 On two occasions, two teenage girls throw eggs at the windshield of a passing car, and the female drivers screech to a halt and pull over; on one occasion, the male passenger shouts at the girls as they run away. A man and a woman shout at one another, the woman shouts and throws a flowerpot at the man, it hits him in the shoulder and head and he storms away as a group of men and women watch. A woman shouts and throws things on the ground as a man attempts to calm her. A teenage girl throws a car washing sponge at a man's face, hitting him in the nose.
 We see a man plucking the feathers from a dead goose. We see a dead goose upside down in a funnel; no blood is visible. A man rips apart a book and hands the pieces back to a woman.
 A man stumbles as he jogs towards a herd of cows, he rights himself and continues jogging in another direction. A teenage boy falls of a bike and into a low fence; he appears unharmed. A man driving a car unknowingly drives through a puddle and splashes a teenage girl with water, drenching her. A woman drops a bowl of cake batter on the ground and the bowl shatters.
 Two teenage girls shout at one another. A teenage girl shouts at a woman, calling her names. On multiple occasions, we hear a man's inner monologue as he writes about murder, including hearing him consider having a character killed. A man tells a woman he is investigating blood smears and blood patterns for a book he is writing. A woman tells a man that his dog could have been shot for chasing livestock, and the man says that if his dog had been shot, he would shoot the person that shot the dog. A man describes how he would kill a goose: he says that you place it upside down in a funnel and then hit it in the head and allow the blood to drain away. We see a man and two teenage girls standing next to a freshly dug grave; it is implied to be that of a dog. A woman shouts at a dog that is chasing a herd of cows, and she tells a man and a woman that she is afraid the dog will cause the pregnant cows to "abort." A man jokes that cows are "killing machines." A teenage girl tells another teenage girl a story of how a woman had thrown up into a napkin and then placed the napkin full of vomit on a man's plate. Two teenage girls jokingly laugh and say they'd rather have a man "farting on a sofa." A woman jokes that during her rhinoplasty the doctors had pulled out the cartilage of her nose as well as a portion of her brain. A woman jokingly tells a young woman that she hopes a woman does not "get thrush" from wearing tight, short shorts.
 Two teenage girls are seen using a hidden key to break into a house on multiple occasions; they steal a T-shirt and jump on the beds.
 A man talks with his mouth full of food, we see a small bit of chewed up food on his lip. A man watches as a cow urinates: we see the stream of urine hitting the ground. On multiple occasions a man discusses defecation with a woman, including saying that he felt like he had just passed a "giant stool" and that he is constipated. We hear a man's inner monologue saying that he has to defecate, we then see him unzipping his pants (no nudity is visible) and sitting on a toilet. A woman asks a man to inspect a picnic table for bird poop.

PROFANITY 9 - About 46 F-words and its derivatives, 1 implied F-word ("eff"), 9 sexual references, 20 scatological terms, 16 anatomical terms, 11 mild obscenities, exclamations (crikey, bugger), name-calling (yokel, sex object, sleaze bag, nosey, wankers, vile, bore, fool, banker wanker, big nose, stupid, moron, idiot, beaky, sad girl, desperate, loser, loser's loser, tosser, knob, thieves, chicken, liars, ugly duckling, git, gobshot, pecky, peanut, smug, fungus, little drummer boy, plastic fantastic, mental, cold-hearted, narcissistic, D-list, crazy, daft, sob, cheater, kinky, deprived, minger, slag, low rent peasant, devious, brazen), 1 religious profanity, 17 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman is seen smoking a marijuana cigarette, and a man jokes to another man that he was "stoned for six years." Men and women drink wine and alcoholic drinks at bars and at dinner, and teenage girls and teenage boys drink alcohol, including a teenage girl drinking from a bottle of wine. Teenage girls and teenage boys smoke cigarettes on multiple occasions, a woman smokes a cigarette and a young man smokes a cigarette.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Fidelity in marriage, novels, writing and writers, muse, British slang, gossip magazines, journalism, teenage crushes on celebrities, breaking into houses, writer's retreats, stampedes, rock stars, English countryside.

MESSAGE - Inspiration is sometimes found in unexpected places.

Special Keywords: S8 - V6 - P9 - MPAAR

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