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30 Minutes or Less [2011] [R] - 7.7.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Two incompetent criminals (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) kidnap a pizza delivery guy (Jesse Eisenberg), strap a bomb to his chest, and threaten that if he doesn't rob a bank they will detonate the bomb. Their criminal hijinks eventually get out of control. Also with Aziz Ansari, Dilshad Vadsaria, Michael Pena and Fred Ward. Directed by Ruben Fleischer. [1:23]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A man receives a suggestive lap dance from a woman in an exotic dance club: the woman is initially clothed, then removes her shirt, rubs her bare breasts suggestively, grinds on the man's lap, straddling him, and hovers her head near the man's crotch as he makes a crude sexual reference to her performing oral sex; the man then places his hands over the woman's hands on her bare breasts (we see her bare breasts and back).
 We see a woman's bare breasts as she dances on stage in an exotic dance club, in front of a crowd of men.
 We hear a man zip his pants and see a woman's head appear near his crotch (they are sitting in a car and the dashboard is obscuring anything below his waist); she wipes her mouth and appears to pull an unseen pubic hair out of her mouth.
 A woman kisses a man, and we see the woman's tongue go into the man's mouth; another man watches and later teases the first man about receiving oral sex and then being kissed with "himself" in the woman's mouth.
 A man and a woman kiss passionately, the woman makes a sexually suggestive remark and we see her bend over as the man admires her backside (she is fully clothed but wearing very tight pants). A man and a woman kiss as the woman's brother watches and makes disgusted noises. A woman and a man share a lingering hug.
 Two men discuss having sex with women on multiple occasions: A man tells another man that he had sex with the man's sister, the man acts disgusted and says that it would be similar to the man having sex with him because he and his sister are twins; a man tells another man that he is not allowed to have sex with the man's sister; a man asks another man how many times the man has had sex with his sister; and a man tells another man that he had sex with a woman, and the man responds, saying he also had sex with the man's sister. On multiple occasions we hear a discussion about a man telling people that his mother was having sex with a lifeguard, which resulted in the man's parents divorcing. A man tells another man that he is going to make a video of himself having sex with a woman; he describes the sexual positions using crude terms, including that he would allow "boys from the neighborhood" to sexually relieve themselves on the woman's face and that he is planning on blackmailing the woman with the video. A man tells a woman that he regrets having sex with her and that he had told the woman's twin brother that they had sex. We overhear a conversation where a man tells a woman that he does not want to hear the woman's "stories about how her uncle touched her," implying molestation; we do not hear the "stories." A woman tells a man that as a teenager she had allowed a teenage boy to manually stimulate her while she had her clothing on. A man tells a woman's adult brother, using crude language, that the woman had a sexual experience as a teenager. Two men use crude language to describe various sexual positions that would be available with prostitutes. A man asks another man if he will be performing oral sex on men and the man says that prostitutes will be performing oral sex. A man tells another man that he is planning on running a prostitution ring. During a phone conversation, a man crudely tells another man that a man had wanted oral sex. We hear one side of a phone conversation as a man leaves a voicemail for a woman crudely discussing how a woman will perform oral sex on him and he will perform oral sex on her. A man makes crude sexual remarks about his adult son being in a sexual relationship with another man. A man makes a crude sexual remark about a man being sexually attracted to another man. A female cashier asks two men if they would like to purchase condoms because the items they are buying are like a "rape kit" and the two men deny being rapists. A man tells another man that a password is his favorite sexual position. On multiple occasions we hear two men saying, "that's what she said" in reference to pseudo-sexual phrases, including a man explaining to another man that the phrase is said in reference to something sexual.
 A man makes crude sexual gestures next to a male character in a movie on a projection screen. A man wears a pair of overalls with no shirt and we see a portion of his bare chest.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A man holding a gun charges toward two men, shoves another man to the ground after striking him on the head with the gun and shoots one of the men in the arm (we see no blood); a second man fires a flamethrower at the gunman, we see flames engulf him (his face blisters and turns black) and while still on fire the gunman shoots the man holding the flamethrower, the flamethrower explodes, throws a man through the air, and another man beats the flames out on a man that's lying on the ground (the man appears unharmed).
 A man holds an older man at gunpoint, telling him that he had been sent by the man's adult son to kill him; the older man uses a gun shaped as a pen and shoots the man in the neck, we see blood spray from the wound, and the man tackles the older man and shoots him in the stomach (blood is seen pouring from the man's stomach wound).
 A woman throws a gun across a floor, it hits a wall and discharges, the bullet hits a man in the leg, he shouts in pain and we see a small amount of blood pooling on his leg as another man looks at the wound and tells him that it is only a flesh wound.
 A man holds another man at gunpoint, and a third man attacks the gunman, hitting him in the arm with a pipe and then tackling him, a woman jumps on the third man's back, the other two men pull her off, she falls to the ground and one of the men kicks her repeatedly on the behind; two men get in a car, the woman fires multiple gunshots at the men as they drive away and we later see one with a small cut on his cheek. A masked man fires a gun at another man's feet repeatedly; the man stumbles, then gets in a car and drives away.
 A man tackles another man, pushing him off a chair and onto the ground, they wrestle, and one of the men straddles the other man and punches him repeatedly until the man on the ground grabs the man and puts him in a full-body hold (the two men pull apart and appear unharmed).
 A man lunges at another man, whips him with the cord from an electric hair trimmer, the man points the hair trimmer at the man who begins to whip him harder, and the man holding the hair trimmer punches the other man in the kidney; the man falls onto a couch and shouts in pain. A man punches another man in the ear and he shouts in pain.
 A man in a van drives alongside a car with two men and a woman in it, the man aims a gun at the driver's head, and the van explodes and flips over in a fireball, presumably killing the man inside.
 We see a man with a large bomb strapped to his chest, and two masked men explain to the man that they will blow him up if he does not rob a bank for them; the men blow up a teddy bear as a demonstration and one of the men explains to the bomb-strapped man that he should be careful not to trip or fall over, because that could detonate the bomb. A man holding a crossbow detonates an explosive that causes a watermelon to explode into multiple pieces, as he and another man watch.
 A man wearing a gorilla mask throws a metal pipe at another man, tackles the man to the ground, covers the man's mouth with a towel and the man passes out (the man regains consciousness, unharmed).
 A man holds another man at gunpoint, threatening to shoot him, we see a bomb strapped to the man's chest, the man warns the gunman that the bomb will go off and the gunman responds saying that he will shoot the man in the face.
 A man holding a gun threatens to shoot another man and a woman and a second man is seen holding a flamethrower aimed at the man and the woman; the man tells the gunman and the man holding the flamethrower that he believes they will shoot him and the woman as they walk away, and then burn their bodies.
 Two masked men charge into a toilet stall where a woman is sitting (no nudity is visible), they kidnap her and we see her with a hood on her head while being driven around in a car. A police officer holds two armed men at gunpoint, the two men drop their toy guns, and one of the men shows the police officer a large bomb strapped to his chest, saying that it could explode; the police officer drops his gun and runs away.
 Two men hold up a bank using toy guns, they shout for the people in the bank to get on the ground, and one of the men tells a security guard that he had killed a man by shoving a spoon in his eye; the two gunmen menace the people on the ground, and one woman screams at a man saying that they are going to be shot. Two men using toy guns hold an older man at gunpoint, they tell him that they are going to steal a car and then threaten to kill the older man's adult son. A man uses a laser pointer to point at a man's forehead, chest and crotch as another man explains that the laser pointer is from a sniper that will shoot the man.
 A man pulls a piece of glass out of another man's back, the man gasps in pain and we see a small amount of blood on the man's shirt. A man cries in pain as he pours rubbing alcohol onto an open, bleeding wound on his neck and we see a small cut on his face.
 During a high-speed car chase through crowded city streets, we see a man drive a car into oncoming traffic, drives through a red light causing a police car following him to get T-boned by a semi-truck, a car spins 360 degrees in an intersection as other cars squeal to avoid hitting it, a police car T-bones the car, causing it to flip over, and the two men inside the car end up hanging upside down; the police car is smashed into a fire hydrant and water pours out of the hydrant as the two men get out of the car, unharmed.
 A man with a large bomb strapped to his chest shows the bomb to another man who begins to panic and shout; the man tells the other man armed with the bomb that he might explode at any moment and it was unsafe to bring a bomb to a school filled with children. A man tells another man with a large bomb strapped to his chest that he will help him because if the man "blew up," it would "haunt him."
 A man shoves a woman with a hood over her head; he pulls the hood off her head and shoves her toward another man (she is unharmed). An ink packet blows up in a man's face and he shouts in pain. An ink packet blows up, covering a man's face and he shouts that his eyes sting from the ink.
 On multiple occasions two different sets of men shout at one another. A man shouts angrily at another man on multiple occasions. A man shouts at another man, saying that he had held people at gunpoint and could go to jail. A man angrily flips over a table. Two men are seen watching a horror movie and we hear screaming in the movie. An older man watches a television show, and we hear two women shouting angrily at one another and calling each other names. In the aisle of a store and using a toy gun, a man shouts at another man to get on the ground.
 On multiple occasions two men discuss killing one man's father; one of the men says he will not shoot the man, but he will hold him down while the other man shoots him. A man tells a woman that he is going to kill a man for money. A woman tells a man that she could arrange the murder of the man's father for money. A man tells another man that he had hired a man to shoot his father; the two men discuss hired killers and how a murder would take place. A man tells another man that he is going to shoot his father. During a phone conversation, a man tells another man that he is going to kill him. A man tells a woman that he is going to kill a man. An older man tells a man that he is not afraid to die and explains that he had killed multiple people when he was in military service. A man tells another man, over the phone, that he had kidnapped a woman. On two occasions a man half-jokingly tells another man that he is going to have to cut off a man's arms in order to remove a bomb strapped to his chest. A man half-jokingly tells another man that they could chop off a man's arms and have them re-attached at a hospital. Two men discuss how they will create a bomb and strap it to a person and force him to rob a bank or they will blow him up. A man tells another man that he had held a [toy] gun in the faces of people and threatened to shoot them. During a phone conversation, a man tells another man that he had "cracked open" another man's face. A man sings a song jokingly about being shot in the face by the police. A man jokes that his car had "gotten AIDS."
 On multiple occasions we see a man driving a car recklessly, including the following: We see a car flying through the air and landing on the ground, the driver speeds onto a curb to narrowly avoid another car backing up, runs through red lights and stop signs, and spins around in a cul-de-sac as his tires squeal (the driver is not wearing a seat belt and smokes a marijuana cigarette as he drives); a man pulls into on-coming traffic and his passenger screams in a panic; a man runs through a stop sign and red light, the passenger remarks that it is unsafe, and the driver jokes that he is unsafe because he has a bomb strapped to his chest. Using crude language, a man tells another man that he has to defecate and a man later references the man defecating. A man tells another man he will urinate blood after being punched in the kidney. Using crude language, a man tells another man that he has to urinate.
 A man breaks into a garage and falls to the ground as he tries to climb through the window.

PROFANITY 10 - About 218 F-words and its derivatives, 1 obscene hand gesture, 32 sexual references, 85 scatological terms, 34 anatomical terms, 2 derogatory terms for homosexuals, 3 derogatory racial terms, 19 mild obscenities, name-calling (untouchable, the man, skinny, little, cold, hustler friends, Judas, missing link, speedy Hispanic, pizza boy, gorilla brigade, idiot, psychopaths, mini-genie, loco, mustache, key lime, stupid, homie, Arsinio Hall, bad person, pawn, slumdog, lovebirds, kazoo), exclamations (shut up), 9 religious profanities, 5 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We see a man smoking a marijuana cigarette while driving a car, a man describes another man as smoking marijuana and driving around, a man jokingly tells another man that he would also like to "get high," and a man tells another man that he had suffered from "addiction" and anorexia. A man offers to buy two teen boys beer (we do not see him deliver the alcohol), and men are seen drinking bottles of beer on multiple occasions. A woman is seen smoking a cigarette. A man drinks three energy drinks and tells another man that he feels "too full of energy."

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Criminal behavior, incompetence, driving under the influence, peer pressure, murder for hire, regrets, friendship, jealousy, fidelity in a relationship, love, disappointment, depression.

MESSAGE - Good friends are hard to find. You can determine your true friends by those who stand with you in times of trouble.

Special Keywords: S7 - V7 - P10 - MPAAR

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