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2 Days In New York [2012] [R] - 6.3.7



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A woman (Julie Delpy), a man (Chris Rock) and their blended family are thrown out of their comfortable daily routine when the woman's family comes from France for a visit. Also with Albert Delpy, Vincent Gallo, Alexie Landeau and Alexandre Nahon. Directed by Julie Delpy. In English and French with some subtitles. [1:36]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - A man and his girlfriend begin kissing, we see them under the covers and the woman tells him, "I don't think I can," and they continue to kiss until we hear a ruckus in the other room that interrupts them (it is implied that another man and the woman's sister are having sex in another room we hear a faint moan and a thump against the wall as well as a buzzing noise, implying that they are using a device for sex); the man shouts at his girlfriend to interrupt the other couple in the other room, saying she has seen both of them naked.
 A man grabs a woman and pushes her on a counter as they kiss passionately (they are interrupted moments later); the man points to his crotch and makes a crude remark that "his services are no longer needed." A man and his girlfriend begin kissing, the woman implies that the man is going to perform oral sex on her, and the man begins to kiss the woman passionately but is distracted by a cat coughing up a hairball and the woman comments about the man not being able to perform oral sex and gets out of bed. A man tells his girlfriend jokingly that he feels more comfortable having sex when their children aren't in the bed with them; the woman laughs and they kiss (they are interrupted by a phone call). A woman grabs her breasts in front of a man, the man asks her to continue to touch her breasts, and then asks the woman to send her father and their children away so he can "get some."
 A man stares at a woman as she walks through the house wearing only a shirt -- a portion of her bare buttocks is visible from under the shirt. An older man and man stare at women's buttocks as they work out with balance balls. We see a woman's bare buttocks and back as she runs through an apartment fully nude, and we later see the woman wearing a robe. We see an older man and a man in a steam room (their bare chests are visible), and the man explains to the older man that when they leave the steam room, they put underwear and robes back on; we see the older man's bare buttocks as he bends over and his towel opens. We see a man with his shirt open and a portion of his bare chest is visible.
 Men and women kiss on the cheek in greeting and a man is surprised when an older man kisses him on the cheeks and then the mouth. A man warns an older man not to "use tongue" when he kisses the man's mother in greeting. A man flirts with a woman. A woman flirts with a man over the phone as he DJs a radio show and she hints that she thinks "dirty thoughts" about the man.
 We see many photographs of a woman in bed with different men (including some bare-chested men); the woman remarks that the photographs are about failing relationships, and her father remarks that the men and women are not having sex in the photographs and that makes them uninteresting. We see many photographs of men and women hugging and kissing.
 A man makes a crude sexual gesture at a woman after the woman tells the man that his name sounds like a term for oral sex. A woman tells a man that she and her boyfriend had not been having sex for over a year, not even oral sex. An older man jokes to his adult daughter about not having privacy to masturbate while staying at their house; the woman jokes that she will put up privacy screens to allow the older man to masturbate. A woman tells her boyfriend that her sister used to be a "nympho" after the man tells her that he had seen the woman walking around naked. A man and a woman joke about a man's name rhyming with a term for oral sex. A woman makes a crude remark to her sister about her sister needing to have sex. A man tells another man crudely that he had given the man's girlfriend her first orgasm. A woman tells her boyfriend that she and a man had "fooled around" previously. A man tells a woman crudely that he keeps her soul in a pouch by his groin. A man makes a crude joke that he will "get raped" outside. A man talks to himself (directed toward a cardboard cut-out) about having sex with multiple women, he makes a crude remark about a woman's oral sex skills and says that the cardboard cut out could have oral sex with the woman. A woman remarks that having sex with the same person for 40 years is a long time. A man jokes crudely that he is sexually attracted to an older man because he is so similar to his daughter (the man's girlfriend). A woman tells a man that she did not grab another man's genitals. A woman remarks crudely that her son is not a [sexual reference deleted] for emotions.
 As two women and an older man change a young boy's diaper, one of the women (the boy's aunt) remarks about the size of the boy's genitals, asking her sister (the boy's mother) the size of the boy's father's genitals; we see the woman insist on measuring the boy's genitals (we do not see any nudity) and then remark on the size of the boy's genitals.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A woman climbs on top of a small building on top of a bridge to help a pigeon that is trapped on a pigeon spike; the woman loses her grip and stumbles, slipping off the bridge, and holding onto the ledge with just one hand until a man, a woman and an older man help her and she stands up on a scaffold under the bridge, unharmed.
 Two women (they are sisters) angrily slap each other and shout; one pulls the other's hair as they call each other names and scream. A woman lunges at a man and she later tells her boyfriend that she and the man wrestled back and forth, hitting one another as the woman grabbed the man's crotch.
 We see a man encourage an older man to key a car; the man drags a key along the car and we later hear a man say that the older man is going to be charged with keying the car.
 We see a girl with a fake bullet wound on her forehead and she tells a woman that she wants to be a "dead fairy" along with a boy dressed as a rabbit is a "dead rabbit" (we see fake blood on his costume).
 A young girl tells her father that she is afraid of serial killer Ted Bundy; her father jokingly responds that he is "dead with Hitler" and that "serial killers don't kill little girls." A man rants that an older man (his girlfriend's father) had been stopped in customs for smuggling cheese and sausage, but people are still taking weapons and bombs onto airplanes. A woman screams into a microphone, "Save the trees or die!" A woman shouts at an unseen man over the phone. A woman shouts at another woman over the phone, saying that she is going to have to call the woman from a public phone and get "gonorrhea of the mouth." A woman shouts at an older woman, saying that she has a brain tumor and is dying (this is a lie). An older man warns a man that people get sick from air conditioning. As part of a puppet show, a woman explains that a girl's grandmother had "flown into the sky" recently. A man acts surprised when an older man tells him that his girlfriend has a brain tumor (she does not). A woman explains that her father had been told to serve in a war but refused to kill and was sent home. A woman tells her husband that his daughter is "a little dark" and that she is going to "be Goth."
 A man wakes up screaming, after having a nightmare that an older man, a man and a woman eat him as a pig. A woman rushes away in a panic and she appears to be hallucinating as she walks through a crowded city street.
 We see a spray of what is implied to be urine coming from a young boy having his diaper changed; the liquid hits two women and an older man. We see a woman on the toilet and we hear sounds of urination. A man stands in front of a toilet and we hear sounds of urination. We see pigeons defecate on multiple people as they walk around. A woman narrates that her father had been stationed to clean toilets (we see flashes of filthy toilets). A woman tells a man that she struggles with incontinence. A woman asks her father not to pass flatulence during a yoga class. A man trims his toenails at the kitchen table and an older man shouts at him, calling him disgusting. A man acts disgusted as he watches another man, a woman and an older man eat food rapidly.

PROFANITY 7 - About 26 F-words and its derivatives, 7 sexual references, 20 scatological terms, 24 anatomical terms (2 mild), 13 mild obscenities, name-calling (bloody monsters, so American, insane, animals, very rude, nut, jerks, too old for such silliness, a bad mother, my KKK buddy, harpies, dummy, creep, taciturn, filthy pigs, disgusting, a real pain, a reverse waiting for Godot, pest, out of their mind, crazy), exclamations (shut up), 9 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We see a man and a woman smoking marijuana and the man jokes that he is "really high," a woman smokes a marijuana joint in an elevator with an older woman who shouts and asks if it is a joint and the woman tells her the marijuana is prescription, a man and a woman joke in subtitled French that they are going to get very high, a woman confronts a man and a woman about smoking marijuana in an elevator and the man and woman deny smoking marijuana in the elevator, a man asks a woman where he can get some marijuana, a man asks another man if he can buy some marijuana and the man says he does not smoke marijuana, we see a man buying marijuana from another man and when a young girl asks what is happening a woman tells her that they are selling grass from the park, an older man tells a woman that a man had rolled a joint in front of a police station, a girl offers to sell a woman grass (implied to be marijuana) and the woman acts panicked and disgusted that the girl is emulating drug dealers. Men and women drink wine throughout the movie.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Divorce, family dynamics, blended families, cultural differences, fidelity, sibling rivalry, Barack Obama, the concept of the soul and selling a soul, disappointment.

MESSAGE - Families can be very difficult.

Special Keywords: S6 - V3 - P7 - MPAAR

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