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10,000 B.C. [2008] [PG-13] - 3.7.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A prehistoric society is suffering when their principal prey does not return to their hunting grounds. Fearing for the survival of the community, the lead hunter sets out to find out why, but while he's gone the community is attacked and almost all of the inhabitants are either killed or taken as slaves. One of the remaining young men (Steven Strait), along with a few companions, follows the attackers in order to save the young woman he loves (Camilla Belle). Also with Marco Khanlian, Cliff Curtis, Nathanael Baring, Timothy Barlow, Mona Hammond, Reece Ritchie, Joel Virgel and Omar Sharif. Directed by Roland Emmerich. [1:49]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A man enters a young woman's room, he says that she will be his, and it is implied that he is there to have sex with her; he holds her and they are interrupted.
 Men are bare-chested through much of the movie and women wear animal pelts that reveal their bare legs. A young woman wears a low-cut dress that reveals cleavage.
 A young man and a young woman kiss.
 A man touches a young woman's hand and tells her to forget about the young man whom she loves. A young man touches the face of a young woman, they talk, and then part. A boy holds a girl's hands (they look about 10 years old) and confesses his love for her. People say goodbye to their loved ones by touching heads.
 A man touches the face of a young woman whose hands are tied and moves toward her as if he is going to molest her, when a young man strikes him on the head with a club and he falls to the ground unconscious. After an attack, a young woman is tied to a warrior's horse and led away as his prize. After being successful in a hunt, a young man "claims his woman."

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A man with a spear attacks three men: he spears two, and throws his spear, spearing the third one while he runs away; the attacker is then stabbed in the back (we hear a crunch) by a man who is then stabbed in the stomach and falls to the ground dead.
 A young man attacks several warriors: one is speared through the abdomen (we hear a crunch) and one is clubbed, and the young man and several others are chased by warriors on horseback, and several are caught.
 A young man strikes a man in the face hard with a bone, three times (we see some blood); then he stabs him with a spear (we hear a crunch and he falls back onto the ground, dead).
 Many people fight with spears, slashing and clubbing each other, a man holds a boy and threatens to spear him, and another man throws a spear striking the man in the chest (we see the spear go through his body).
 A man cracks another man's neck and stabs him in the back (we hear crunching).
 Many people fight on a large ramp leading to a pyramid: one man is pushed over a wall (we hear a crunch) by a man whom he was whipping, others are stabbed with spears, others are clubbed in the head, and a young man is stabbed many times by men with spears.
 A woman is stabbed in the back (we hear a crunch and see the bloody blade) and her son watches from a hiding place on the other side of the room. A young woman is struck in the back by an arrow, she falls to the ground, gasps and dies.
 A young man throws a spear that strikes a man in the chest, he tumbles down a flight of stairs and we see blood on his robes and face.
 A mammoth charges down a ramp after being speared and causes a stampede of many other mammoths; we see people being trampled and crushed by the falling mammoths.
 Several enormous birds attack people and eat them: we hear screaming, crunching and squawking, birds chase people into trees and snap at them with their large beaks, and one man lies on the ground with a bloody leg wound from a bite. A man is stabbed through the back by another man, and he is then eaten by an enormous bird.
 A young man attracts a couple of enormous birds: he throws a large rock at one, striking it on the head and knocking it out, another bird lunges at him, he runs, the bird follows, the young man hides among thick bamboo stalks, breaks one off and uses it to stab the bird in the mouth (the bird gags and falls over dead).
 A party of warriors and their captives walk through tall grass, there is rustling, and then a glimpse of something lunging at a man (we hear the man screaming and hear squishing and crunching); we then see something lunging at the man's horse (we hear the horse whine and hear squishing and crunching).
 A young man is sacrificed and thrown over a wall (we hear a crunch and see his lifeless body lying on a slab of stone). A man dies after being stabbed. A woman dies, and as she exhales her last breath a young woman who was dead is revived.
 Several warriors on horseback charge into a camp, several men are struck as they try to defend themselves, others are tied and forced to march away and through harsh terrain, and one warrior says, "Don't kill them, but capture them." A woman wakes with a start, we hear that she senses "4-legged demons," she leaves her shelter and sees several warriors on horseback coming toward her (she falls to her knees in fear).
 A young woman is grabbed by a man, placed on his horse and they ride away; she stabs him in the back, he falls off the horse taking her with him and he lies on the ground.
 After an attack a young woman is tied to a warrior's horse and led away as his prize. A saber-toothed tiger lunges toward a young man, snarls at him, sniffs him, and then jumps away.
 A young man runs while trying to catch food, he falls into a deep pit, he lies unconscious, rain begins to fill the pit, and he wakes up to see vultures picking at the meat of a dead animal and a saber-toothed tiger thrashing under water trying to free itself from under a tree limb.
 A young man holds a spear on a saber-toothed tiger but does not use it. A saber-toothed tiger enters a village, it is held at spear point by many men, it walks slowly toward a young man, jumps over him, snarls at other men and then leaves.
 A young woman is repeatedly whipped on the hands (we hear the whip cracking and see her bloody hands) and a man says he will have to "break her spirit." Warriors whip people on the back to force them to walk. A man slaps a young boy hard in the face. Two boys are whipped for touching a pyramid and a mammoth is whipped repeatedly as it collapses.
 A mammoth is caught in a net, it struggles to free itself, the ropes break loose, it runs away, and several men hold onto the net and are dragged along; one young man is caught in the net, the net slips off the mammoth, the mammoth charges the young man several times nearly catching him with its tusk, the young man throws a spear that strikes the animal but does not bring it down, and then the young man plants a spear in rocks and the mammoth is impaled, falls, and the young man is pinned under it (he's pulled out and is OK).
 A young woman is tied and stretched between two horses after a man says, "Tear her apart" (she is not torn apart). Many people are bound and forced below decks on ships that sail along a river. A man and a young man are threatened by many men with spears (they are not harmed).
 A man holds a boy on the ground and squeezes his throat; another boy strikes him on the head and a man whips him, until he lets go. Two boys scuffle and one is pushed to the ground (a man stops the fight).
 A man touches the face of a young woman whose hands are tied and moves toward her as if he is going to molest her, when a young man strikes him on the head with a club and he falls to the ground unconscious. A man enters a young woman's room, he says that she will be his and it is implied that he is there to have sex with her; he holds her, and she pulls his knife from his belt and raises it over him (they are interrupted).
 A man jumps up in front of a mammoth; the mammoth rears up on two legs, slams down hard on the ground near the man, and a herd of mammoths stampede, with hunters following.
 A young man cauterizes a man's leg wound using a glowing hot stick (we hear it sizzle and the man moans).
 A young woman is pushed into a room and forced to lie on the floor in front of a man who is referred to as "The Almighty," and next to a man with bloody slashes on his face and arms.
 We hear the loud footsteps and trumpeting of mammoths and young men prepare for a hunt by painting their faces and bodies and arming themselves with spears.
 A woman is presented as being able to see into the future and make predictions, people chant, she dances and she is shown in several scenes reacting to what she sees as if it is happening to her (she quivers and appears to be in a trance, and she has a bloody nose in one scene). A woman holds a young girl's face in her hands and the woman begins to quake and breathe heavily (she "sees" a brutal attack by men on horseback) and she is thrown back onto the ground when she "sees" an ax being thrown toward her. A man is raised out of a pit and is asked about predictions and for advice on how to defeat someone (he is blind and his eyes are discolored).
 A man trudging through a desert collapses (it isn't clear whether he died). A boy participating in a search collapses from exhaustion and exposure (he's OK later). A boy hiding in a tree slips and falls on a branch striking his crotch (he moans and makes a face).
 A large golden peak at the top of a pyramid tumbles from its perch and causes other parts of the pyramid to be crushed.
 Young boys practice throwing spears at a target.
 We see people cutting, carrying and hanging the meat from a fallen mammoth. We see the skulls of humans in a couple of scenes. We see bones of large animals that have been used to build a shelter. We see the skulls and skeletons of animals in several scenes.
 A man and a young man see a village burning, the man says they were attacked and he heard them screaming. A man talks about his wife having been killed and his son taken by warriors. We hear that the primary prey of a community is returning later and later to their land and that the people are becoming hungry. We hear that a young man's mother died in childbirth. We hear that a man's "bones are buried in the sand." People who remain in a camp after it has been attacked grieve over the dead.
 A man who is referred to as "The Almighty" is completely covered with a sheer veil, we see his hands wrapped in white cloth with very long, golden fingernails and he speaks in a raspy voice. A man has a scar across his eye and face. People have decorative scarring and piercings (we see large bones through chins, bones through earlobes and masks made of assorted materials). A young man eats a hot pepper, gags and coughs.

PROFANITY 1 - Name-calling (coward). [profanity glossary]


DISCUSSION TOPICS - Prehistoric societies, prophecies, leaders, slavery, abuse of power, love, responsibility, duty, starvation, deception, honesty, friendship, destiny, legends, truth, fear, human sacrifice, death of a parent, strength to lead.

MESSAGE - Sometimes our path is not clear, but time illuminates the truth.

Special Keywords: S3 - V7 - P1 - MPAAPG-13

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