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Superhero Movie [2008] [PG-13] - 7.6.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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After being bitten by a genetically enhanced dragonfly, a young man (Drake Bell) becomes a superhero and saves the city from a life-sucking villain (Christopher McDonald). "The Dragonfly" navigates through a city full of superhero parodies. Also with Sara Paxton, Pamela Anderson, Tracy Morgan, Regina Hall, Craig Bierko, Simon Rex and Leslie Nielsen. Directed by Craig Mazin. [1:25]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A young man is sexually assaulted by various animals at once: A dog, a rabbit, a skunk, a hedgehog, a monkey, a lizard, and a snail all individually attempt to mate with the young man.
 A young man rubs a man's crotch underneath a desk. A man grabs a dead woman's breasts, lies on top of her and thrusts against her. A young man puts his crotch in a man's face.
 A young man shows another young man something "nasty" he downloaded on his laptop: we do not see the screen of the laptop, but we hear a sheep bleating (bestiality is implied).
 An explosive device adheres to a young man's crotch, and he attempts to convince a young woman to remove it. A man tugs at the crotch of his clothing.
 A young man and young woman kiss passionately (we see that they both have prominently erect nipples), and several couples are shown kissing passionately. A young man and young woman kiss and their tongues stick together and stretch out to an impossible length. A young woman kisses a young man on the cheek.
 A woman wearing a bra and panties slides down a pole. A boy takes a picture up the skirt of a girl. We see a woman with large breasts wearing a tight jumpsuit that reveals prominent cleavage. We see a young woman wearing a bra. A man rubs lotion onto his bare chest. We see a man in his underwear.
 A young man who is hanging upside down and a young woman are about to kiss when the ladder he is hanging from drops so that their faces are aligned with each other's crotches. Two inflatable characters rub against each other in ways that suggest sexual positions. A young woman grabs and manipulates her breasts. A man smothers a woman with a "roofie nap."
 A young man watches a young woman take off her bra, revealing that she is wearing another bra underneath. A young man rips off a man's underwear (we hear the sound of ripping off-screen, but do not see nudity). A young woman holds up several different pairs of panties as if choosing which one to wear, while a young man watches her through a window. A young man rips the pants and shirt off a man (we see the man's bare chest and boxer shorts). A young man's hands get stuck to the clothed breasts of a woman (he tears off sections of her shirt, revealing her bra underneath).
 A man refers to "2 girls, 1 cup" (a reference to an internet video with extremely graphic sexual and scatological content). A young woman bends over and a man makes a lewd comment about her body. A man lists "cheap internet porn" amongst a list of virtues. A young man comments that he is not sure if a person is a woman or a man dressed as a woman. A man explains that he received bruises from "meeting a girl on craigslist," implying that he met a woman for sex. A young man explains that he received bruises from "meeting a guy on craigslist," implying that he met a man for sex. A young man describes a group of men as "sexual predators." A man claims that having sex with one person is equivalent to having sex with all the people they have had sex with, therefore anyone who has had sex with a partner who has had a previous relationship is homosexual. A man reads a book about the changes that occur in a girl when she reaches puberty, including a description of menses. A man talks about menses. A paralyzed man talks about his inability to have sex, and his disappointment that his nurse is a lesbian. A man insults a woman by implying that she is no longer sexually attractive. A woman insults a man by claiming that he has a small penis. A doctor explains that they have removed a man's testicles. A man tells a young man that he needs to be circumcised. A young man's uncle says that he had an affair with the young man's mother (it is never revealed whether the uncle is the woman's brother or brother-in-law). A woman describes herself and her daughter as "whores." A man mentions his desire for a "Hooter's" restaurant. A young man is disturbed to see a headline about Rosie O'Donnell posing nude. A man includes "fixing a prostate" and "seeing through a tube top" in a list of superpowers. A hero's nickname is a word that describes male genitalia.
 A man who is trying to fit a corpse into a closet appears to an observer to be having sex with a woman.
 A man shaves his legs. A young woman inserts tampons into her nose.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A man instantly ages and dies, turning into a corpse. A woman quickly ages and dies, turning into a corpse and a man violently shoves the corpse into a closet.
 A boy sneezes with enough force that it decapitates the boy next to him (no blood is shown). A flying helicopter strikes a man and a woman. An off-screen explosion kills a man and throws another man through the air. A man squeezes the shoulder of several men, killing them.
 A man shoots a teenager in the leg with a nail gun, a man punches a teenager in the face, and a man attempts to stab a teenager with a butcher knife, but does not hurt him. A woman and dog fall into a wood chipper (we see her go into the chipper, but no blood or gore is shown coming out). A boy shoots a man in the foot, a boy shoots a lamp, which falls on a woman, knocking her down, a boy shoots into the air and a lamp falls on a man, knocking him down, a boy shoots a man in the chest, and a boy shoots a woman in the side.
 Four men chase after a young woman and a young man punches one man, kicks two men in the face, hits a man repeatedly in the head with a trashcan lid, slams another man's head repeatedly into a wall, slams another man's head repeatedly into a dumpster and breaks the arm of another man. A young man punches a man in the face, and grabs and throws him to the ground. A young man punches another man in the face, and the two men grapple.
 A young man hits another young man in the head with a sink, a young man punches another young man in the face, knocking him down, a young man knocks a woman over, and a young man pushes a paralyzed man into a beehive. A truck strikes a young man off-screen (he is unharmed). A young man slams a man's head against a podium and hits him in the face with a microphone.
 A young man punches another young man in the face. A young man punches another young man in the face as an attempt to join a social group. A girl kicks a boy in the crotch. A young man kneels on a man's crotch and a man kneels on a man's crotch. A young man pushes an older woman.
 Several men and a woman engage in a brawl: three men push three other men, a man slams a young man's face into a gong, a paralyzed man spills hot coffee onto his lap, a man kicks a man in the stomach, a large piece of concrete crushes a man twice, a young woman gets stabbed twice by a knife, a man is stabbed in the eye off-screen, and a young man who is carrying a young woman hits her head against a door frame.
 A man throws knives at a young man, cutting his arms and legs (we see a young man with a bloody gash on his arm). A woman stabs a man in the hand with a fork.
 A woman punches another woman in the face. A woman in a wheelchair struggles against an invisible assailant who appears to be punching her in the face. A woman grabs and pulls another woman's hair. A young man pushes an older woman's head into a metal rail.
 A man moans in pain while strapped to a device that resembles an electric chair. We hear several off-camera men scream in pain.
 A man falls off the side of a building; we hear a thud and we see a picture of a body on the pavement. A paralyzed man falls off a roof (we hear a thud). A young woman falls off a building, but is saved before striking the ground (pieces of trash hit her in the face as she falls). A car strikes a girl and several other children are dragged behind the car.
 A young man runs into the side mirror of a school bus, a young man is struck in the head by the stop sign of a school bus and a young man is struck in the face by the opening doors of a bus. A man flies through the air and hits a wall. A girl runs into a brick wall and falls over. A young man strikes his head on a lamp, and a young man runs into a lamppost. A young woman is struck in the head with a bowling ball.
 A man bursts into flames, and a young man stomps on the burning man and hits him repeatedly with a fire extinguisher. A bird catches on fire and dies, and a young man stomps on the bird and kicks it at another young man, hitting him in the back of the head. A boy is shocked by an electric fence and two birds are electrocuted by an electric fence. A bolt of lightning strikes a man. A corpse falls out of a coffin and catches on fire.
 An explosion knocks a young woman unconscious. A young man gets hit in the head with a large metal object, knocking him unconscious.
 A man gets a shard of glass in his eye and moans in pain. A young man throws a ring, which bounces off a wall and hits him in the eye (we hear screaming and gunshots).
 A man chokes on an object, and a boy pounds the man's stomach, dislodging the object, which hits the boy in the face. A young man is unable to breathe and gasps for air.
 A young man mentions that his parents were violently murdered. A computer program cheerfully asks if a man needs assistance in committing mass murder. A paralyzed man talks about frequent thoughts of suicide. A doctor talks about a woman with uncontrollable bowels. A man claims to have defecated in his pants.
 We hear a young man urinating, we see urine dripping off the crotch of his pants and see sprays of urine from off-screen. A young man pushes another young man who falls into a pile of animal feces. A young man picks his nose. A man coughs into a handkerchief (we see spots of blood in the handkerchief). An insect bites a young man, and we see a young man with a large, red, swollen insect bite on his neck. A kitten squeals as it is forced into the cavity of a turkey. A man vomits in a trashcan. A young man vomits into a fish tank. We see a man sitting on a toilet. A man wipes another man after he uses the toilet (no nudity or feces are shown). A woman flatulates several times, each time getting louder and a young woman's eyes burn because of the flatulence; the flatulence ignites. A man flatulates. A man picks his nose.
 We see a photograph of a man holding a gun to his head. We see a photograph of a man in a KKK robe.

PROFANITY 5 - 1 F-word, 46 scatological terms, 9 anatomical terms, 7 mild obscenities, 2 derogatory terms for homosexuals, a sign reads "school for the non-Asian gifted," 3 religious profanities, 5 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man is seen taking steroids, there is a gag that makes reference to "roofies," and a doctor injects himself with pain medication. A young man smokes cake frosting out of a bong, a paralyzed man encourages teenagers to smoke marijuana, and a young man claims to have cut his lip on a crack pipe. A man and a dog drink alcohol out of a bag, a father figure gives a teenager a beer, and a woman shoves cigarette butts and vodka into a turkey.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Terminal illness, fear, love, death of parents, shyness, puberty, death of a loved one, revenge, vigilantism, keeping secrets, good vs. evil, corporate greed, fear of death, making fun of handicapped people, the elderly, and various ethnic groups, stereotypes.

MESSAGE - Being a hero is more about having the right attitude than having the right skills.

Special Keywords: S7 - V6 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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