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Spy [2015] [R] - 7.7.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A CIA clerk-analyst (Melissa McCarthy) works with a top agent (Jude Law), until he's taken out of commission and another operative (Jason Statham) is captured. She then volunteers to become an undercover agent and takes on a major crime investigation and pursues Bulgarian arms dealers (Rose Byrne and Raad Rawi) far more successfully than expected. Also with Miranda Hart, Bobby Cannavale, Nargis Fakhri, and Allison Janney. Directed by Paul Feig. [2:00]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A woman looks at cell phone photos and two photos of a penis are evident for an instant (one may be of an erect penis). In a dark alley, a man is leaning against a wall and another figure of indeterminate gender is kneeling in front of him; the man pushes the other person's head that is bobbing in an oral sex motion (nothing is evident).
 A man and a woman kiss passionately in front of a female prisoner who says, "You look like a toothless old woman sucking the jelly out of a donut." A man kisses a woman on both cheeks and begins to kiss her mouth with his tongue sticking out in two scenes, but she pushes him away. A man kisses a woman on the top of the head. A bedroom scene shows a man's bare shoulder and arm over a quilt and a woman next to him under the covers gasps and yells when she awakens; he puts his arm around her waist over the quilt and says, "Ah, stop screaming, you loved it" (sex is implied).
 A woman tackles a male singer on stage and asks him to have sex (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details), saying, "Kiss me! Take me now!" A man stands over the head of a woman who is prone on the floor and bites loose her wrist ties as he tells her that his penis may be gently resting on the back of her head and he wishes they had time for sex (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details).
 A man says to his clerical worker, "I could kiss you" and she replies over an earpiece, "I'd accept that with an open mouth" and she then grimaces and tells herself to shut up. A woman in a spy confrontation says that she loves a male operative. During the end credits we see a man and a woman in bed (only one of her bare shoulders is seen) as she says, "Don't do that thing with your thumb again" and they both laugh. A man tells a woman that he will have sex with her one day. A woman says that amateur sex tapes are really, only a lot of foundering (we do not see any of them). A woman says that her clothing, particularly her cat-covered T-shirt says that she has never known the touch of a man. A man comments several times about liking a woman's large bosom and large body. A woman tells a man that his handgun is so badly concealed that he looks like he has genitalia growing out of his hip. A woman asks a man for a gun and he says jokingly, "I do not have a gun; I am happy to see you (erection implied and not shown)." A woman states that in Bulgaria there was a woman who could not sell her body because she was ugly, so she became a sad clown who performed in the muddy streets and rain, crying. A woman says, "I look like someone's homophobic aunt" while wearing frumpy clothes.
 A few scenes include women wearing low-cut blouses and dresses that reveal cleavage, and a half-dozen long dresses are low-cut to about the waist or have cut-outs that reveal a lot of cleavage and a bare back. A man stands with wide bandages around his waist and a sling on one arm, revealing some bare chest below the throat. Several street scenes show women wearing short dresses that reveal bare legs to nearly the top of the thighs and men driving by shout and smile at them; they make ugly faces at an obese woman with short gray hair. A few men wear knee-length shorts.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A man with a long knife jumps through a woman's door and attacks her as she pulls a handgun, falls to the floor, and kicks him in the groin four times; reeling backward, the man loses his knife and the woman stabs him in the chest, with a lot of blood flow, and he falls over a balcony to the ground, dead (blood covers part of the wall behind him); the woman looks over the rail, then vomits a lot of orange material and drops the bloody knife, which lodges deep in the corpse's chest.
 A man searches a house, confronts and kills three gunmen by gunshot (no blood is seen), and finds himself confronted by a woman with a handgun pointed at him and from the point of view of an analyst looking at a computer screen, we see the woman shoot toward the screen (the iris-covering contact-lens camera of the man) twice as a male voice off screen pleads, "No, no, no, no!" and the analyst cries; the camera cuts to a short memorial tribute to the man at the CIA HQ. A man with a handgun confronts five other armed and shooting men in a fight and kills all five with shooting, kicking, throwing, and punching (no blood is seen); he meets three more men, takes away a machine gun, kills all three, and we see some blood as he exits and jumps into a motor boat as other men shoot at him and the dock explodes throwing men back toward the camera and off-screen. In a drive-by machine-gunning on a street, a man and a woman tackle clients they are protecting and the clients are unharmed; the woman steals a motor bike and falls over, but steals another motor bike and chases a speeding car, the car turns to ram her, but she pulls her pistol and shoots out a tire, it collides with two parked cars and she confronts the people in the car as a gunshot from off-screen kills a woman in the car (we see a woman and a man with bloody faces in the car). A man drinks poison and his throat silently explodes and we see blood, gore and foam flow onto the floor as he shudders and gags and a nearby woman faints (please see the Substance Use category for more details).
 Three men point handguns at a woman's head, and then put the guns away; as the woman walks away, a man shoots another man off-screen and we hear the gunshot. A gunfight breaks out on a private airplane and a crewman shoots a man in the arm, then shoots two other men dead, with blood flow, and he shoots another man as well; when this last man points a gun, a woman shoots the shooter with a poisoned dart and he falls off-screen, the plane dives without a pilot, people are thrown around and a dead man's face floats into the groin of a woman wearing a short skirt and she complains; a woman takes control of the plane, another woman points a gun at her, and the first woman lets the plane dive until the gunwoman lowers her pistol and the other woman lands the plane.
 A woman fights three men by rolling, kicking, punching and using martial arts moves on them as well as slamming one man's head into a wall twice, and she chokes two men and releases herself from a chokehold put on her by one of the men. In an extended fight scene, two women and a man fight one another, using punches, kicks, body slams, and slamming heads into walls: One woman follows the other woman into a hotel kitchen, where the first woman pulls a long knife and the two women fight with the knife, a cleaver, pots, pans, metal bowls, and a skillet for several minutes until one woman stabs the other woman through the hand (the long knife thrusts out toward the audience and it is bloody) and the injured woman pulls out the knife as the other woman cracks her in the chest, groin, and head with a skillet several times until she falls unconscious; a shot rings out and criminals with handguns enter the room, a man knocks out the captured woman off-screen and we hear the punch as the camera cuts to the skillet-wielding woman tied to a chair while two criminals question her (a woman points a pistol to the first woman's forehead, pulls the trigger, and laughs when the gun has no ammunition). Two men grab another man in a casino and lead him away as the lights go out and the captured man uses martial arts moves to knock several men unconscious; a woman is struck in the dark, falls to the floor and we see that she is uninjured, but angry and shouting when the lights come up. A woman pushes three male singers off a stage and grabs a microphone, announcing that a man's backpack contains a bomb; he hears her, throws the bag into a river nearby and we hear an explosion as water rushes into the air. A woman tackles a male singer on stage and police lead her away (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details). In a sleazy hotel, we hear screaming and crying behind doors and a man is thrown out of a door and onto the hallway floor, unconscious as a woman in a room puts a contact lens camera into her eye. A man is shot and winces.
 An extended helicopter scene shows a woman running and grabbing onto the lower rails of the chopper as it takes off and a man grabs her legs and eventually falls off into a lake while a man in the chopper points a pistol at the woman as she climbs into the cockpit; she throws a briefcase of jewels and a nuclear bomb into the lake and a woman in another chopper that pulls close to the first, uses a rifle to shoot the man pointing a pistol at the first woman (we see some blood around the neck); he grabs the leather necklace around the first woman's neck, she breaks it, and he falls into the lake below. A man speeds erratically through streets with a female passenger who screams as we hear a lot of screeching tires and see the car drift around corners, skidding; the driver shouts at other cars to get out of the way.
 A man throws a bound woman hard against a wall in a dungeon, where another prisoner helps her untie her wrists. A woman throws a cell phone hard into the head of a man and we see a bruise on his forehead as he rises form a sidewalk. A woman head-butts a man who shouts in pain. A woman pounds two men with a fire extinguisher, knocking them out. A woman turns over a nuclear bomb to a man who has four of his henchmen strangle four other men and we see blood. A choking fight erupts among a woman and three men; one woman and one man escape chokeholds. Opening credits feature silhouettes of men shooting streams of color from handguns and end credits contain silent explosions, fires, and silhouettes of men shooting, as rock music plays. A video shows a woman going through a CIA crime obstacle course and she shoots dummy targets, rolls, kicks, punches, disarms two men, uses martial arts on the men, and the video stops. A woman breaks a car window with a skillet, then steals another car that she rigs to crash loudly into a tree.
 A woman works for a decade in a rodent-infested basement at a security agency HQ, where male agents verbally bully her and she argues with them constantly. A man belittles a woman by giving her an ugly cupcake pendant on a leather necklace. A man calls a woman "secretary" and sneers repeatedly. A man tells a woman that she has pinkeye, but she says that she has an allergy to the basement. A man shouts angrily at other agents and CIA staff, and then brags about himself several times, saying that he fell out of a plane while he was on fire, was hit by another plane, and lived; he claims to have had radiation poisoning without dying, that he was shot many times, had both legs broken, switched his arms in self-surgery, and had several other injuries that never stopped him from completing missions. A woman tells a man that she will cut off his penis and stick it to his forehead, and then knocks another man unconscious and steals his coat. A woman tells a man, "I will put one fist down your throat and the other fist up your [anatomical term deleted] and meet in the middle to pound your heart. A woman breaks into a mansion where she confronts many men and women who point guns at her, and then lower them.
 A woman looks at cell phone pictures of a roaring fire consuming a building. Bats fly down from a basement ceiling and into a woman's hair, mice walk along the backs of computer screens and across women's shoulders.
 A woman says that rodents pooped into a cake causing another woman to spit out a huge mouthful of the chocolate cake and the first woman makes a flatulence sound with her mouth. Three men and a woman fall in an airplane aisle and we hear a loud flatulence sound; the woman grimaces markedly, indicating someone lost control of his bowels. A man yells at a woman when her eye becomes completely red and swollen and tells her, "Jesus! Stay away from me. Why don't you just cry in my mouth?" An undercover agent receives protective devices disguised as a rape whistle (dart gun), stool softener (poison antidote), toe-fungus spray (circuit disruptor), and hemorrhoid wipes (chloroform). A woman says a female bully led her around by her long braid as a leash in school.
 A woman projectile vomits gallons of orange goo over the railing of a balcony and onto a male corpse on the ground. A briefcase of jewels is bloody, as is the handcuff attached to it.

PROFANITY 10 - About 90 F-words and its derivatives, 6 obscene hand gestures, 7 sexual references, 24 scatological terms, 28 anatomical terms, 5 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, stupid, dumb, retarded, ridiculous, hideous, hysterical, hilarious, lumpy, pumpkin, disgusting, toothless old woman, dead hooker, clown show, perverted bus driver, slutty dolphin trainer, pathetic, squirrel, baby, beast, spoiled, lunch lady, cat lady, secretary, gypsy, flute player, Borgia, Santa Claus' Wife, Darth Vader, Beverly Whine, Helen Keller, Swedish [mild obscenity deleted], Swedish pussy [meaning "coward"], Swedish dummy fish, The Pope), stereotypical references to men, women, the rich, the obese, secret agents, bullies, male chauvinists, playboys, homophobes, international criminals, Bulgarians/Slavs, Italians, the French, Swedes, exclamations (shut-up, bloody, good gravy, shoot, Oh man, son of a bee sting), 6 religious profanities (GD), 44 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, My God, God, Holy [scatological term deleted], What In God's Name, Thank God, Jesus). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman says that a man has allergies and does not have his allergy medication with him, a man drinks something unknown from a small brown bottle (nothing happens) and later says that he survived drinking 179 poisons all at once, a man pours poison from a brown vial into a martini and the woman holding the drink forces him to drink it after another woman tells her he put a Rufie in her drink (his throat silently explodes and we see blood, gore and foam flow onto the floor as he shudders and gags and a nearby woman faints), a woman blows a whistle, which shoots a poisoned dart into the body of a man (he falls dead), a woman drinks champagne in a plane with another woman drinking the same (the first woman's vision blurs) and she passes out before she can reach her poison antidote pills disguised as stool softener (another woman confesses to drugging her), and a woman says that she once asked for Tylenol and a man gave her Tylenol PM instead. Men and women drink tall cocktails and short glasses of whiskey as well as martinis and glasses of wine in two upscale lounges as well as a casino and a café, champagne is seen on tables and in the hands of men and women who drink from them and one man drinks all of his champagne before throwing the glass on the floor at a cocktail party, a man drinks whiskey in his office, a bottle of wine and a nearly empty wine glass are seen on a table, and two empty wine bottles fall from a bed onto the floor. A woman smokes a cigarette in a bar where no smoking is legal (no one stops her), and a woman is seen with an unlit cigarette hanging from her mouth in a picture.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Personal appearance as it affects career opportunities, inequality in the workplace, government clandestine services, international crime, murder, illegal arms sales, diligence, determination, courage, sacrifice, relationships, friendship, love, respect, trust, justice.

MESSAGE - Size and gender do not limit a person's intelligence, skills, or value.

Special Keywords: S7 - V7 - P10 - MPAAR

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