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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water [2015] [PG] - 2.3.2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In this sequel Burger Beard the Pirate (Antonio Banderas) steals the secret recipe for Krabby Patties and the undersea denizens go into turmoil without their favorite fast food sandwich. SpongeBob (voiced by Tom Kenny) and Patrick (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke) gather their friends and become superheroes on a dry-land mission to defeat the culinary pirate and restore order to the city of Bikini Bottom. Also with the voices of Mr. Lawrence, Carolyn Lawrence, Roger Bumpass, Clancy Brown, Matt Berry and Jill Talley. Directed by Paul Tibbett. [1:33]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - We see many human men on a beach with bare chests. Many women wear skimpy bikinis and reveal cleavage.
 A sponge accidentally pulls the shorts partially down from a starfish's waist and we see the upper buttocks and buttock cleavage. In a café a squid raises his shirt to find a muscular 6-pack abdomen that we see in close-up. We see a starfish's jiggling buttocks in shorts as he faces away from the camera. Several fish and a squirrel wear bras (they have no cleavage). One older fish wears a long strapless gown that shows a bosom (no cleavage is shown). Cartoon superheroes wear tight suits that reveal abdomens; one such male hero is huge, over-muscled, green and shirtless with a tiny head.
 A sea creature (plankton) says that a computer is his wife.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A book flies out of a soap bubble and lands on a galley grill, where it burns to ash, and in the galley a cleaver and spatulas fly into a pirate's shirtsleeves and pin him to a wall but the pirate gets free and fires a Gatling gun full of sticks of butter at a crab, who fires his rocket-pincers, which crumble the pirate ship to pieces; a tiny plankton becomes a huge green character like the Hulk and he picks up a pirate ship, smashes it, then blows a wave of soap bubbles that sweeps the pirate to the beach and then punts the villain out to sea where he lands on a tiny island (we see the pirate buried to the shoulders in sand) and a gull lands on his head.
 A pirate has dirty fingers and long stringy hair and a beard; he uses a machete to loudly whip and slice through jungle plants and he dances around spikes that thrust upward from a stone patio as he steals a book and fistfights with a skeleton that comes to life; the skeleton punches him into the sky and onto a tiny island where he falls onto his ship, climbs the mast to the crow's nest, steps out of it and lands on the deck, unharmed.
 A sponge, a starfish and a crab dress as WWI doughboys and fire potatoes from a single cannon at an airplane flying under the sea; the sponge also wears a Vietnam Era soldier's headband and the plane chops potatoes into French fries until several spuds blow holes into the wings; the plane fires a large pickle at a café, demolishing it, while chopping the pickle into slices and another character fires a Gatling gun full of filled plastic mustard and ketchup dispensers, but misses the plane; the plane fires many metal balls from a huge Gatling gun that are caught in bubbles and float, but several balls fall on sea creatures, knocking them out temporarily (no wounds are visible) and the plane skids into the café, shattering the glass doors.
 A dolphin wearing a crown and robe speaks like a British starship captain as "Star Trek" type music plays while a sponge and a plankton character watch as Jupiter and Saturn collide with flashes of light, a bang and falling rocks; the dolphin shouts at two other characters and fires lasers at them with his blowhole, but they escape unharmed. A Tyrannosaurus rex with a large squid head rampages out of a time machine/photo booth, stomps loudly and chases screaming sea creatures inside a café, but no harm occurs.
 A crowd of fish carry away a crab, but drop him and carry a sponge to a mountaintop and chain him to an altar-like rock where a squid cuts a rope on a hanging rock to drop it, but the crab raises it from underneath to save the sponge.
 A crab tapes a plankton character to the top of a desk and the tiny creature asks what torture he will receive, like bamboo shoots under the nails; the crab makes a sponge laugh for several seconds and the plankton screams in annoyance but finally escapes. A starfish with a hammer duct-taped to his head pounds on houses, then sits on a sponge and a crab grabs the sponge. In a house green slime trails lead to a snail on a throne that meows and then roars like a lion, showing large sharp teeth; dozens of angry roaring snails slowly chase a sponge out of the house. A roaring snail chases a fake robot snail slowly out of a café.
 Many hungry fish, crabs and squids dress in black leather and colorful Mohawk haircuts as their town turns black and brown and several small bonfires ignite with flames and black smoke; a plankton character says the name of the place should change from Bikini Bottom to Dirty Bottom and a sponge says that that is not funny; all the buildings become rusty and crumbling and as a motor boat clips one it creaks and falls over while characters run with torches, pound things with hammers, carry axes and shout; three male fish beat a tire with clubs and question it, letting air out of it for torture while a leather-strap clad male fish with a Mohawk hairdo and swinging a mace toward the camera yells about the town's favorite food, "The secret ingredient is love!" A crab and a sponge scream, because they are out of food in the café cooler as an angry mob of hungry fish attack the café, shout and demand satisfaction; they throw rocks at already-broken windows, causing some shattering and carry signs that say "Refunds!" as the sponge puts a bubble around the plankton and himself and floats away.
 Singing with a sponge, a plankton character presses an explosive device's handle to create a bright flash and a small "pop," he looks at a video where he sees a computer tied up as a captive and he and the sponge save the computer, but it falls on its face and stands up, unhurt; the two characters put the computer into a photo booth to create a time machine that operates several times and flashes psychedelic designs, rings of color, flashes of colored lights and other designs, while playing psychedelic-type music.
 A plankton character rises out of a fake penny, complains about back pain, and attempts to steal a secret recipe from a café setting off an alarm that causes iron shielding to lock in place around the building and a sponge character screams (a flashback shows the same scene).
 Sea creatures sing and dance as a time-traveler dolphin appears and yells, "Silence!" then lasers a seagull, whose body becomes a roasted bird with the head still intact and looking surprised (the dolphin reverses the laser incident and the gull is fine). A tank drops on a fish and squishes it (we see no injury). A giant robot steps on a sponge character and leaves tread on him that disappears. A jar of tartar sauce falls from an airplane and explodes all over a café. A starfish throws a large jar of mayo at a tank and it becomes a giant transformer robot of a one-eyed plankton character.
 Small sea characters find a large man asleep in sand and they mistake him for a beached whale as a squid says the air smells bad; the creatures roll the man over, the man falls back onto them in the sand (no injuries) and the squid says he recognizes the bad smell (implied dirty shorts).
 A squirrel is wide-eyed with two eyes of different sizes and babbles about sandwich gods being angry and needing a sacrifice. A pirate reads a story to a half dozen sea gulls and shouts, "Stop" when they begin to dance and sing in English; three skeleton parrots playing instruments tell the gulls that the pirate really dislikes singing and talking birds (killing birds implied). A sponge character and a starfish character shout and scream in terror throughout the film. Several characters scream loudly on occasion and reveal bloodshot eyes when they do. A sponge character and a plankton character argue several times, sometimes crying.
 Five characters on a mission to regain control of time and a secret recipe walk through the ocean floor's sand, across bridges, across the moon, through snowdrifts and up a cliff to the surface of the sea where a time-traveler dolphin appears, takes the first five characters into his mouth, carries them to land, blows them from his blowhole and slaps them to shore with his tale, giving them the power to breathe air.
 Five tiny creatures become large superheroes with muscular arms, legs and bodies (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details); a tiny squirrel becomes a real squirrel shooting peanuts from her mouth at a pirate, a squid blows loud discordant notes at obstacles to move them, a crab fires his rocket-pincers at a pirate and pins him to a wall twice, a starfish attracts ice cream balls like a magnet and sends them to bombard a pirate and his ship causing a soggy mess and some damaged wood.
 A starfish gorges on sloppy ice cream, a squid slips around on the back of a bikini-clad woman in close-up and five other characters bounce off an opening beach umbrella; a boy kicks the five characters out of a sand castle and transporter sparkles take them to an island, where the sponge character rewrites part of a magic history book. Five characters avoid skaters and bikers when a skateboarder slams into a light pole, making others fall, but we see no injuries.
 A fish in a hospital bed with a monitor attached wears an oxygen mask: a doctor fish says that he will not live long, and the sick fish raises his mask to eat a burger. A giant robot runs out of gas and flatulates. An ugly burger sandwich with short tubes flatulates through the tubes and deflates. A Gatling gun runs out of ammunition and flatulates. Seagulls argue with a pirate about a book, he pulls a bird from the tail and the bird shouts in pain; all the birds aim their tails at him as if to poop and tell him to read more of the book to them "or else." A sponge says that he thinks he did not change his pet snail's litter box at home. We hear a flatulent noise off screen and the camera cuts to a squid standing in a pool of ink and he says that he releases when he is nervous (another character uses the ink to write in a magic book). A pirate tells a group of seagulls that he cannot have them poop all over his restaurant and scares them away with a serving of hot wings. A seagull comes out of a tiny outhouse and a wind blows off his feathers, revealing flowered under shorts. A plankton character takes a pitch pipe off screen into a photo booth with a hammer and we hear bashing and a toilet flush as he exits the booth with only the hammer. A dolphin swims into a men's restroom for a stated "potty break," where we see three empty urinals at the doorway (we hear and see nothing). A sponge finds a grease trail and he and his friends follow it to find a recipe-stealing pirate.
 A plankton character jumps down a sponge's ear hole and finds a pink candy brain that he enters, finds a candy-land, grabs his mouth, vomits a rainbow and jumps out of the ear hole, covered with cotton candy. A plankton character pulls a key off a starfish's neck, drops it in the creature's navel and pulls it out covered with gray debris. A starfish slobbers in his sleep.

PROFANITY 2 - 1 mild scatological term (poop), 1 anatomical term (ass-kicking), name-calling (crazy, craziest, moronic, mad, idiot, idiotic, jerk, stupid, clown, fat, dim bulbs, dimwits, nut jobs, monsters, little fella, lying liar, amateur hour, fish face, brats, selfish, savage, freaks, evil), stereotypical references to men, women, pirates, WWI and Viet Nam Era soldiers, obese humans, restaurant owners, tightwads, Mad Max/Thunder Dome, Star Trek, superheroes. exclamations (Oh barnacles, Booyah, Ah nuts, What the..., Eat my bubbles), 3 religious exclamations (I'm A God, The Sandwich Gods Are Angry With Us, We Must Make A Sacrifice To Appease The Sandwich Gods). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A whole town of sea creatures is addicted to one kind of fast food sandwich and becomes a mob of leather-clad warriors swinging weapons when they cannot have it. A sponge and a starfish eat cotton candy that causes their eyes to become big and glazed before they run completely around the world and collapse in exhaustion.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Friendship, love, loyalty, teamwork, sacrifice, overcoming challenges, problem solving, time travel, the restaurant business, food and diet, pirates, robbery, restoring order.

MESSAGE - Real friends are loyal and use teamwork.

Special Keywords: S2 - V3 - P2 - MPAAPG

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