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The Sorcerer's Apprentice [2010] [PG] - 2.5.2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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After scouring the earth for over a thousand years, a sorcerer (Nicolas Cage) recruits a ho-hum physics nerd (Jay Barcuchel) to help him defend New York City from an evil sorcerer (Alfred Molina). Also with Monica Bellucci, Toby Kebbell and Teresa Palmer. Directed by Jon Turteltaub. [1:51]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - A man and a woman kiss. A young man and a young woman hug and then kiss multiple times. A young man and a young woman are about to kiss when they are interrupted and the young woman walks away.
 The upper portion of a man's bare chest is visible when is shown wearing a corset-style belt. A shirtless man is seen climbing a ladder. The bare upper chest of a young boy is seen briefly. A small portion of a young man's upper chest is visible as he shower. A young man is seen wearing boxer shorts and a T-shirt. A painting is seen with a portion of a man's bare chest visible through an open robe and a woman wearing a tight dress and holding onto his leg.
 A young man looks at the legs of a young woman after he picks something off the floor.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - An older man and a woman fight after the woman unsuccessfully uses magic to send a wall of flames in front of the man: the woman rushes to the man and as he holds a sword to her throat, she stabs the man in the stomach (we see no blood); another woman and a man join in the fight, bolts of lightning are seen being thrown around the room, and the man using a force of air to push one of the women, knocking her against the other woman, who then appears to "swallow" the woman as a shadow (the woman looks like she is having a seizure and then collapses into a ball of dust, which the man collects into a vial).
 After two men use magic to throw one another violently around a park, one of the men channels a large lightning bolt that turns the other man into a ball of dust. A woman shoots fire at a man and a woman, a wall of flames is stopped by a young man and he and the woman throw lightning balls and fire at one another: the woman appears to be made of dust and separates in order to avoid being struck, the young man struggles to hold off the power of the lightning balls the woman is flinging and he then sends multiple bolts of lightning through the woman until she turns into a pile of black ash.
 A swarm of roaches turn into a man who is immediately forced to the ceiling by another man using magical powers: the two men fight after one man sends a bookcase flying at the other man, they wrestle, one of the men uses magic to control a sword that almost stabs the other man, they throw balls of lightning at one another, use magical forces to throw one another around the room, and one of the men throws fire bolts around the other man, causing the surrounding area to catch on fire (a boy watching the entire fight narrowly escapes after the two men are sucked into a vase).
 On multiple occasions two men and two young men engage in brief hand-to-hand combat and extensive use of magical forces to cast lightning bolts, channels of flames, and massive forces of air, which push their opponents into walls and through a mirror without breaking the glass: in one instance one of the men "freezes" the other man on the tracks of a subway but the man is able to thaw himself moments before being hit by a train; one young man throws one man against a wall with great force as the other man uses magic to throw a set of knives through the air (they freeze mid-air, inches from a man's face); one man fires a Tesla coil at one young man's chest and the young man is knocked off his feet; one man holds a young man by the throat against a wall and tells him he is going to kill him, they begin to struggle, the other man uses magic to cause the man to fly off and slam against the wall, and the two men struggle until they are both in chokeholds, and one of them successfully pushes the other through a magical mirror, locking him in the reflection; one of the young men traps one of the men against a giant fan, the man is able to break free and uses magical forces to throw the young man against a wall.
 A Chinese parade dragon is seen turning into a real dragon (we see a man being morphed into pink dragon innards briefly) that roars and breathes fire on a crowded street: people run screaming and a young man runs for cover, the dragon chases the young man through an apartment building, the young man narrowly escapes and the dragon slips and falls off the building and explodes into a ball of fire on top of a man.
 We see piles of dead bodies, swords and arrows sticking out of the chests of the corpses, scattered on the ground (no blood is visible) and a narrator says that a woman can "raise an army of dead and enslave mankind."
 A young man and a man in a car chase through a crowded city street trailing another car, and they zoom in and out of traffic and enter a tunnel going very fast in the wrong direction (no one is injured and no cars are seen crashing); the car turns into a garbage truck and drops a large dumpster on the other car, but the occupants are unharmed.
 A man pulls a knife on a young woman and a young man and demands that the young woman give the man her purse and jewelry: the young man runs after the man and when the man pulls the knife on the young man again, the young man uses magical powers to levitate a burning trash can and smack the man in the head with it, knocking him to the ground.
 A woman passes out and hits the ground after a cloud of dust explodes from a vase and turns into a man; the man picks up the vase and throws it out the window as another cloud of dust emerges and grabs a ledge moments before the vase shatters on the ground.
 A young man presses lightning bolts to a man's chest to revive him (the man appears to be dead but he's awakened).
 A young man and a man duck to avoid bolts of lightning being fired around a room; the young man winces and falls to the ground after being struck in the groin.
 Black shadows are seen zooming through landmarks all over the world, including the Czech All Saints Chapel where a skull (in a wall of skulls and skeletons) is seen blowing up and an Egyptian sculpture falls to pieces as the shadows blow through.
 After using magic to animate cleaning supplies, a young man wades through a flooded room and fails to chop up a mop that's chasing him, before being rescued.
 A man with a knife threatens a young man and says he will "cut the truth out"; the young man runs away as a pack of wolves chase him, and he runs to a subway where he jumps onto the tracks and as the wolves leap, they turn to puppies and he is unharmed. A man presses a cane against the necks of a young man and a girl, and they appear to fall into a deep sleep. A man holds a cane against the neck of a young woman and threatens that he is going to cut up the young woman and feed her to a cat, and he then pushes the young woman away and disappears.
 A young man tells a young woman that it is possible that a woman will kill an entire city. A man tells a boy that a vase had been used to trap a woman for ten years. A young man jokes with another young man that he is going to be like a lone wolf that is eaten by a bear. A man jokes with a young man that another man will turn the young man into a pig.
 A man appears to jump off a building but is picked up by a large flying metal bird. A man sets a parking ticket on a windshield on fire (from a distance), surprising the woman who placed it there.
 The sound of urinating is heard as a young man faces a urinal (no urine seen). A dog is heard flatulating and then lifts its leg and a stream of urine is seen hitting the ground. A group of children laugh at a boy and shout that he has urinated after he spills water on the crotch of his pants. Taxidermy animals are seen displayed in a storefront.

PROFANITY 2 - 2 mild obscenities, exclamations (shoot, heck), name-calling (idiot, Depeche Mode, sappy, freak, crazy, Braveheart, nerd, stupid, moron), 4 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A young man asks another young man to go to a party to get drunk, and a young man and a young woman are seen with wine glasses sitting in front of them.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Magical powers, sorcery, immortality, destiny, disappointment, coming of age, relationships, childhood teasing, revenge, curses.

MESSAGE - Trust in yourself for strength.

Special Keywords: S2 - V5 - P2 - MPAAPG

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