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Something Borrowed [2011] [PG-13] - 6.3.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The relationship of two girlfriends (Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin) becomes complicated when it turns out that one of them has been in love with the fiancé (Colin Egglesfield) of the other. After a night of drinking, the girlfriend and the fiancé wake up in bed together and must decide what to do next, while a friend (John Krasinski) lends his support, and an entire set of extended relationships goes awry. Also with Steve Howey, Ashley Williams, Geoffrey Pierson, Jonathan Epstein and Jill Eikenberry. Directed by Luke Greenfield. [1:50]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - A man kisses a woman after she reveals she had a crush on him in school, and the camera cuts to the next morning; they are in bed with bare shoulders and arms (sex is implied), he gets up and we see his bare chest and back briefly.
 A man and a woman kiss, fully clothed, while he lies between her legs on a rooftop futon at night (sex is implied); the camera cuts to morning, inside her apartment, where we see them in bed and the scene ends (the man is engaged to the woman's best friend).
 We see a pornographic scene on a TV screen, of a man and two women (all fully clothed) kissing each other; a man and a woman sit on a couch and watch as we hear loud sexual sounds from upstairs (female grunting and screaming, along with sounds of a bed shaking rhythmically).
 A dozen scenes depict heterosexual couples kissing briefly, after which they hold hands, and in one such scene, the woman is a few months pregnant and her belly protrudes slightly. A woman embraces a man and lays her hand on his buttock.
 At a dance party in a bar, two women perform a sexually suggestive dance with a man, swinging their buttocks and bending their knees to rub against his legs; one woman falls with a pulled thigh muscle and the other woman asks her three times if she pulled her vagina.
 We see a huge photograph of a nude woman covered in spots with white fluffy material (one bare shoulder, her arm, her bare buttock, and thigh and leg are visible). A woman wears a very short, backless, jersey dress; as she becomes drunk and dances on a table, we see the crotch of her panties. Several women appear in a dozen bar or party scenes wearing very short skirts with sleeveless low-cut tops that reveal cleavage and portions of their backs. A woman sits in profile at a bar, wearing a sleeveless shirt and a black lace bra that shows through the armhole.
 A depressed woman drinks heavily from beer and wine bottles, and ends up in bed with a male friend; this occurs a second time without the drinking (no sex is implied).
 A woman swings her buttocks toward a man across the room in a restaurant and he scowls and turns away. A woman romantically pursues a man that told her he was gay; he admits that he is straight and cannot love her, and she cries briefly about it when talking with a girlfriend. A lonely woman sees couples kissing and cries briefly.
 A man tells a woman friend on a park bench that he thought of her the previous night, deciding whether to masturbate, and could not "get it up"; she gasps and he asks, "How big do you think it is? The house your friend is buying, I mean." A woman speaks of sex several times in the film, she says she is more sexual than other women are, and plays matchmaker unsuccessfully with several potential couples. A woman tells a girlfriend that a man and she have a physical, genetic connection and that she is pregnant. A woman asks another woman if a male friend is circumcised. A man tells a woman on her 30th birthday that, "The capacity for pleasure only increases with age." A woman lies to friends and says she is having sex with a male friend, who says he is gay. A woman tells a male friend that she is past her prime childbearing years. A man tells a woman friend that she, her best friend, and the friend's fiancé are all going to hell for sleeping with one another and not making up their minds as to who wants whom. A man jokes that a couple that had been having sex and were very loud, were making a porno film. Several references are made to homosexuality and a woman wears a T-shirt to a party emblazoned with the words "Legalize Gay" across the chest. An older man tells his son that one marries the woman one is engaged to and does not call it off for another woman.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A slasher movie plays on a TV showing a woman chasing a man with a carving knife covered with blood, a gun in close-up firing, and a bullet hitting her in the chest, passing through her back and splattering blood on a wall.
 Two men talk about hitting one another and have a rather aggressive beach badminton game, and a woman hits one of the men in the nose with a racquet and he falls on his back; we see him walking on the beach, holding his nose with a towel and claiming it is broken, but we see no damage or blood. A woman calls to a male friend on a sidewalk, he looks around, makes a terrified facial expression, and runs away as the scene ends. A woman pulls a thigh muscle while dancing.
 A woman begins an argument with her girlfriend over a man, entering her apartment, slamming doors, yelling and throwing books (no one is hurt); she tells the friend, "I hate you" several times and finally, "I never want to speak to you again" as she storms out.
 A man tells a woman that he called off his wedding and the bride-to-be shouted and threw things. Throughout the film, couples and friends argue with raised voices about making decisions and letting other people make decisions for them.
 A woman sits in a chair at a skin specialist's office, receives a Botox injection in the forehead and shouts, "Ouch!" as the scene ends.

PROFANITY 5 - At least 1 F-word, 8 sexual references, 10 scatological terms, 14 anatomical terms, 5 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, dumb, Mr. Magoo, Romeo, gay, liar, cheat, failure, caveman, Zombie, Oprah, shark, trouble, moron, douche, circus animal), stereotypical references to women, men, fidelity, having children, depression, codependence, homosexuality, family expectations, pleasing others, 2 religious profanities, 16 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man takes out a marijuana cigarette at a party and offers it to a woman, who first declines it, then changes her mind and they walk outside and off screen (we do not see them smoke). A woman drinks heavily and ends up in bed with a male colleague, snap shots show a woman drinking glasses of whisky and getting ready to drink beer through a garden hose and funnel, a dozen bar scenes feature people dancing while drinking from beer bottles and Champagne glasses, we see filled wine glasses on bar tops, several men and women drink from bottles and glasses in bar scenes, a woman picks up a liquor bottle and pours it in several people's glasses, a scantily clad woman becomes drunk and dances on a table, three women drink Champagne in the back seat of a limousine, a man says that he can't drink in front of his wife or she will be depressed and then drinks a glass of liquor, a man shouts "Let's do some shots!" in a restaurant and double-sized shots of whiskey are passed around and everyone drinks until one woman stops and gags as the scene ends, a few beach house scenes show a woman encouraging friends to drink and party with her, a woman plays badminton with a wine glass in her hand and drinking, and several people hold rocks glasses of cocktails and drink from them.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Relationships, friendships, marriage, fidelity, honesty, alcohol and depression, control issues, forgiveness, following one's own path.

MESSAGE - If you love somebody or if you do not, just say so.

Special Keywords: S6 - V3 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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