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The Smurfs 2 [2013] [PG] - 2.3.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In this sequel, an evil wizard (Hank Azaria) and his cat try to steal the magic Smurf-Essence. To accomplish this, he creates some anti-Smurfs called "Naughties" (voiced by Christina Ricci and J.B. Smoove) to help him. One Smurf (voiced by Katy Perry) knows of a spell that can turn Naughties into Smurfs, so the wizard kidnaps her while humans (Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays) agree to help an elder Smurf (voiced by Jonathan Winters) free the kidnapped Smurf. Also with the voices of Brendan Gleeson, Alan Cumming, Fred Armisen, George Lopez and Anton Yelchin. Directed by Raja Gosnell. [1:45]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - A husband and his wife kiss briefly and a Smurf calls out, "Hey, get a room!"
 Valentine hearts appear above the heads of male Smurfs when they see a female Smurf and we hear that they love her like a sister. A female Smurf asks a male Smurf to dance at a party when she sees that he is smiling at her. A male Smurf smiles at himself in a mirror and blows himself a kiss. A husband and his wife introduce their young son to visiting Smurfs.
 A male "Naughty" (an anti-Smurf type creature) is shown shirtless throughout the film, but no physical details are evident on his chest or back. A female Naughty has black hair with a blue streak and is flirty with Smurfs; she smiles and bats her eyes. Many Smurfs are shown shirtless, with featureless blue bodies from the waist up above white tights that cover their feet like footed pajamas. At a photo shoot, we see several women wearing long gowns that cover but outline large pregnant abdomens; they are wearing short angel wings pinned to their backs. A statue of a woman in a dungeon reveals one full thigh. On the roof of a building, a statue of a man reveals bared chest, shoulders and arms. A human asks if a Smurf's butt is blue and the Smurf pulls down his waistband a tiny bit to prove that his butt is blue.
 At a birthday party, a male senior citizen grabs a woman's pregnant abdomen and squeezes it, saying, "Hello!" to the baby; the woman looks shocked.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A wizard creates two Naughties (a Goth girl and a developmentally challenged boy) and sends the girl through a time-and-space portal to kidnap a Smurf; she pops out of a teleportation portal, and grabs the Smurf by the arm, pulling her through the portal that leads to a wizard's cottage after they punch and kick each other (neither is hurt); the wizard demands a secret recipe formula for a powerful essence (please see the Substance Use category for more details) and the Smurf refuses; the wizard then states that the peace and joy of the Smurfs are horrors, he ties her to a table lamp base and shouts at her several times and then places her under a tall dome; two Naughties mock her and make flatulent noises with their mouth, until the Smurf escapes by tipping over the glass to shatter it and the wizard calls out, "Attack"; the male Naughty jumps onto the female Naughty and a cat and they all fall down. A gray female Smurf rises up from a cauldron of fiery liquid and laughs in an evil manner.
 Four Smurfs fall down a long spiral staircase to a basement where we see an essence extraction machine; one Smurf pretends to know karate and knocks himself out with his own foot, but comes to unharmed; the Smurfs cut the electric power, but one of them gets stuck on an electric panel and shakes as bolts of electricity flash and he is thrown against a grated window cover (his body is seen smoking a little and his face is crisscrossed with black marks) and he says that he is fried (he recovers almost instantly, with no marks). A wizard and a Smurf duel with magic wands until the wizard is propelled into the sky, down a building, and into the mouth of a gargoyle that comes alive; the gargoyle grabs the wizard by the rump, shakes him sharply as the wizard screams and drops him onto a ledge of the Eiffel Tower where fireworks ignite from a tiny glob of Smurf-Essence falling onto them and shoot the wizard into the sky again; the wizard falls into a fountain where he grabs a cat and they go down a water wormhole portal, break out into the sky above their cottage, and fly through the roof, unhurt.
 Two Naughties begin to die of hunger, because they are running low on Smurf-Essence until a Smurf gives the recipe to a wizard to save the creatures and we see the creatures become Smurfs when they ingest the formula; the wizard captures them in a machine in order to make more formula and power a "dragon magic wand" with their body energy; electric lights flashes in and around the machine and some blue lightning stings the Smurfs' posteriors. A Smurf avoids being smashed in city street traffic, she enters a candy store and saves two Naughties who are being chased by chefs that pound wooden baking paddles in an attempt to smash them; the Naughties and the Smurf ride a pastry cart out of the shop, down the street and are propelled into shallow muddy water where they play; a large cat growls at them until two herons pick the playing creatures up and carry them away. A wizard at a carnival uses lightning bolts to make a crowd bow down before him and to throw two managers off-screen; he uses them to start up a Ferris wheel he rides with Naughties and a Smurf, who uses a wand to make it go too fast; it breaks loose and rolls along city streets and over three people that are unharmed. A Smurf uses a magic wand and throws blue lightning bolts at a wizard's feet to make him dance until some bolts accidentally hit 4 Smurfs on a window ledge and send them plummeting five stories into a soft, filled laundry hamper; out there, a duck changes to a heavy older man and we see his bare arms, shoulders and chest as he falls into the hamper and one Smurf says, "I have seen unspeakable things down there. I am scarred for life," (presumably meaning that he saw the man). A wizard captures several Smurfs and places them into a Smurf-essence-extraction machine, then uses enough power in his dragon wand to attack the Smurfs in blazes of electric light until a man and his stepfather use a fireplace poker to break the glass receptacle of the machine; blue light waves flow into the audience and all around a city, creating fireworks and blue lights in all the fountains and towers; people, Smurfs and a cat fly past and then shoot up out of an open manhole and one male Smurf lands on an upright post, striking him hard in the crotch, his eyes cross, and he says, "Hackus real boy" and he falls off-screen, suggesting groin pain.
 A wizard in a magic stage act changes a levitating, rotating man into a giant toad with lightning strikes from a magic wand; during another show, the wizard's blue lightning bolts cut apart a woman incased in three brightly colored boxes and they rotate in the air (one box has the woman's arm that slaps him in the face as it passes nearby); the wizard creates a shock wave that travels out and seemingly into the audience and then turns his cat into a giant that eyes humans and licks its lips with hunger.
 A wizard climbs the Eiffel Tower and makes blue lightning bolts with his wand in order to create an energy-generating antenna that opens a teleportation portal in the sky; he falls against the side of the tower several times as he glides down wearing artificial wings (like a flying squirrel), shouts in pain that his "Gargamel berries" hurt and lands in a fountain that turns blue and becomes the portal.
 A cat shuts a moon roof on a wizard's neck; the wizard throws the cat out the window (no one is hurt). A Smurf has nightmares about turning Smurfs over to a villainous wizard.
 A husband and his wife at a birthday party shout at their son to spit out a bite of corndog fried in peanut oil, because of a dangerous peanut allergy; we later hear that the boy's throat opened up and he began breathing again after treatment, but that the parents may sue the party-giver. A wizard argues with a cabbie that shouts at him until the wizard levitates the cab into the sky with blue lightning bolts, but the cab drops on top of him (no injury is evident) causing the wizard's talking cat to fall in a laughing fit, asking, "Are you dead?" An older man is magically turned into a duck and flies into the face of a wizard to prevent him from hurting humans.
 A confetti and smoke "bomb" in a gift box explodes in a Smurf's face and he laughs. At a large birthday party of Smurfs, most of them enjoy making small gift boxes explode in confetti with some noise emitted.
 A Smurf shouts when he is accidentally stuffed inside a smelly corndog puppet. A human man is constantly annoyed and embarrassed by his stepfather, leading to several loud arguments between them. A husband and his wife argue a few times. Several Smurfs argue several times, sometimes loudly. A Smurf becomes upset and lonely when she thinks that other Smurfs do not love her; one Smurf tells her to take a hike and she walks away, crying. A cat and a wizard have several arguments in which neither will stop chattering nonsense as fast as they can. A grouchy Smurf says several times that whenever he says something positive, his butt scrunches up and when climbing a rope, he says he is bending his grumpy (probably his butt). A wizard says, "I want to flush Smurfette down a toilet!" A wizard says that his papa threw him down a well many times, but he always got out, making him proud; he points at a Naughty that he created, says he is disappointed in it and threatens to turn the creature into a cross-eyed newt.
 Four Smurfs swallow crystals (please see the Substance Use category for more details) and travel as blue light balls to NYC, where they levitate furniture in an apartment.
 Two herons carrying a Smurf and a Naughty fly through a café scene and we hear a PLOP off-screen as two women look down and grimace (suggesting that the birds defecated on something or someone); the birds interrupt a photo shoot briefly as women gasp and finally fly into a hotel room where they peck at a cat that is under a metal bucket, without doing harm. After the end credits, a wizard and his cat argue and fight; the cat's opened claws batting the wizard on his bald head as both continue to argue with fast talking and nonsense chattering and the screen goes blank.
 Four Smurfs ride under plate covers on a room service cart and become slimy briefly with snail and oyster juices; one Smurf says it's all "snork," suggesting "snot," as a snail in a shell sticks to his face; the Smurf pops out from under the dish cover, which hits a waiter in the forehead, but does no harm and we see seafood all over the floor, including a whole dead fish.
 A human boy and his grandfather make loud flatulent noises with their mouths and then another set using their hands under their armpits, inside their shirts. A Smurf and a male Naughty make loud flatulent noises in a few scenes and the Naughty makes loud opened-mouthed burps twice that cause his lips to ripple. A Naughty swallows a confetti bomb disguised as a present and burps smoke and fire very briefly as Smurfs and he laugh. A Naughty picks around in his ear, smells his finger, frowns, puts his finger in his mouth and grimaces. A Smurf flatulates under water in a sink filled with bubbles and makes other Smurfs complain from the odor. We hear that a boy is allergic to parrots and ducks.

PROFANITY 1 - 1 mild scatological term (poop), 7 mild anatomical terms (e.g. butt, Smurfberries (testicles), Gargamelberries (testicles), 2 mild obscenities (Oh, the profanity! when a Smurf is stuck in a corndog puppet that smells; Son of a Smurf! said in anger), name-calling (moron, stupid, crazy, insane, imbeciles, simpleton, furball traitorous, Blondie, Narcissist, brat, knave, trolls, delinquents, candy man, ugly, pathetic, sucker, barbarian, Martin Luther Wing), exclamations (Oh, gee! Oh, dear! Oh, Smurf! Are you Smurfin' kidding me? What the quack? I'm Meryl Smurfin' Streep!), stereotypical references to men, women, parents, grandparents, people who are different, heroes, villains, the French and Paris (both cheese-infested), Scots, the Irish, Goths. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A close-up of a cauldron shows a bubbling concoction and we hear a magic spell in a voiceover (we see two more cauldrons of the liquid), an evil wizard tries to capture Smurfs in order to get their recipe for a magic substance called Smurf-Essence, a wizard wears a vial of a glowing blue essence on a chain around his neck and carries two wands filled with the substance, a wizard cuts a female Smurf's hair to make additional magic essence, and a Smurf creates a set of magic crystals (for oral ingestion) that make teleportation possible. A hotel room service waiter carries a bottle of champagne upside down in a silver bucket of ice, a hotel patron orders ale, dozens of empty wine bottles litter an alley, a cafe scene shows French men and French women with glasses of wine on their tables (we do not see them drink).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Families, making choices, sacrifice, kidnapping, greed, friendship, loyalty, people who are different, conflict, reconciliation, animal cruelty.

MESSAGE - Families are important and all members deserve love and respect.

Special Keywords: S2 - V3 - P1 - MPAAPG

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