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Sleeping Beauty [2011] [NR] - 9.4.6



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A beautiful Australian college student (Emily Browning) is thrust into another life when she becomes a high-class call girl. During one incident she is driven to a country mansion where she's instructed to drink tea that will put her to sleep. Also with Rachel Blake and Ewen Leslie. Directed by Julia Leigh. [1:44]

SEX/NUDITY 9 - An older man undresses as he watches a fully nude young woman sleeping (her bare buttocks are visible): he undresses to his boxer-style underwear and is shirtless, he turns over the sleeping young woman and makes a crude sexual remark (her bare breasts are visible), he takes off his boxers (his genitals are visible) and he mounts the young woman and uses crude language to describe how he will have sex with her; the young woman appears to continue to sleep as the man puts his hand in her mouth and licks her face.
 A woman explains to an elderly man that there should be "no penetration" and we see him undressing as he watches a young woman sleeping peacefully (his bare chest and his genitals are seen); he climbs into bed with the sleeping, nude young woman and he rests his head on her bare back.
 It is implied that a young man and a young woman are skinny dipping together (no nudity is visible): they are seen lying in bed together later (sex is implied and the young woman's bare breasts are visible), she gets up (we briefly see her bare buttocks) and dresses; the young man calls for the young woman to come back to bed and his bare chest visible.
 An older man takes off his shirt, and we see his bare chest and back as he pulls back the blankets covering a nude, sleeping young woman; the man lifts the young woman (her crotch area and bare breasts are visible), he drops her to the bed and lifts her again as she falls to the ground.
 A woman wearing breast-exposing lingerie and a garter belt without underwear seductively licks a man's finger as a young woman watches. We see women wearing lingerie that exposes their bare breasts, string bikinis and tight, high-waist garter belts without underwear (their crotch area and bare buttocks are visible). Women are seen wearing lingerie dresses that expose their bare breasts.
 We see the bare buttocks and crotch area of two women: they are kneeling on the ground as women wearing breast-exposing lingerie and no underwear (their crotch area is visible) drape their arms over a man and one woman's legs are draped around the man's waist. A young woman climbs out of bed and her bare breasts and crotch area are visible. A young woman sleeps in the nude, she rolls over and we see her bare breasts and buttocks as she stands and pulls on underwear. A young woman cries and opens her shirt to expose her bare breasts to an ill young man, and she climbs into bed next to the young man and he holds her close to him.
 A young woman undresses and we see her in lingerie. A young woman rolls up the hem of her dress to show a man her garter belt. A young woman wears a short dress, and she rolls up the hem reveling her upper thigh. We see a young woman lying on a table, she appears nude from the waist down (her bare upper thigh and hip are visible). A young woman wears a dress with a low-cut back. A woman wears a low-cut top, partially unzipped to reveal cleavage. A woman wears a low-cut tank top that reveals cleavage. On multiple occasions we see a young woman wearing a barely closed robe that reveals cleavage.
 A woman instructs a young woman to strip (we see her in her underwear and bra), the woman calls in a man, who watches as the woman cups the young woman's breasts (covered by her bra), and circles the young woman, examining her; the man examines the young woman, running his hands over her legs and arms, and instructs the young woman to get dressed. A woman instructs a young woman to match her lipstick to the color of her crotch area; we later see the woman (it is implied that she pulled the young woman's underwear to the side) and then applies lipstick to the young woman's lips.
 A young man tells a young woman that he had wanted to kiss her but he had not because his tongue was "putrid." A woman describes to a young woman that she will be hired as a waitress, wearing lingerie, and explains that additional waitresses will be used for "other services" (implying prostitution). An older man crudely tells a woman that he can only achieve sexual gratification from having fingers in his rectum and taking erectile dysfunction pills. A young woman tells a man, using crude language, that she would like to perform oral sex on him, and the man responds, "Hallelujah." A woman tells a young woman that she will not have penetrative sex while working as a prostitute and the young woman makes a crude remark about her genitals. A young man asks a young woman if they could watch pornography together; the young woman declines. A man tells a young woman that he and another man were debating who would sleep with her and she tells the man to flip a coin; the two men joke that they will toss a coin and the young woman is seen the next morning (it is implied that she stayed out the previous night, but it is not clear whether she had sex with either of the men).
 A young woman and a young man sit together on a sofa bed; she is under the covers, rests her head on the young man's chest and he holds her hand to comfort her. A young woman kisses another young woman on the head in greeting. A young woman and a young man kiss on the cheek in greeting.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A woman pours a cup of tea for an elderly man, and she adds multiple scoops of what is implied to be sleeping pills to the tea; we later see the elderly man on a bed next to a sleeping young woman, a woman checks the man's pulse and he appears dead, she tries to wake the young woman, she coughs and gags, screams loudly and collapses, and then hits the bed's headboard and continues to scream.
 A young woman discovers a young man breathing heavily and there are pills next to his bed (implying he had overdosed) and he dies moments later (it is probable that he committed suicide) as he holds the young woman in his arms; we later hear a conversation between a young woman and a man concerning how a young man's body had not been discovered for two weeks.
 A man grabs a young woman's leg, tripping her; she falls to the ground, dropping a glass bottle in her hand and an elderly man helps her up.
 A woman gives a young woman a sedative tea, telling her that she will wake up with no memory of what had occurred (implying the young woman would be experiencing pain or violence); we see the young woman sleeping soundly. A young woman watches as a man helps a young woman out of a doorway; the young woman appears ill.
 A young woman shouts repeatedly; it is implied that the young woman is having a bikini wax and we hear the sound of ripping. A man shouts at a young woman and the young woman responds calmly. A woman warns a young woman that she must keep her employment secret or "severe punishment" would be enacted. An elderly man tells a woman a story about a man who had fallen into depression, found himself unwilling to get out of bed and feeling like a dead man; he explains that the depressed man got into a car accident and the driver died, whereupon the depressed man acquired a lust for life. An elderly man tells a woman that his bones are theoretically broken, and that one day he will need her help.
 A young woman and a young man watch nature footage of two small rodents fighting. A young woman is startled when a woman waves her hand in her face as she absentmindedly listens to headphones. A young woman watches as she slowly burns a dollar bill.
 A young woman asks a man driving to pull over; we hear sounds of gagging and vomiting as she hangs out of the car. A young woman gags and spits as a man pulls a tube out of her mouth; she appears to be participating in a medical experiment. A young woman gags slightly as she swallows a small bulb attached to a tube, a doctor fills the tube with air, and the young woman gags slightly (she is later seen unharmed).

PROFANITY 6 - About 17 F-words and its derivatives, 6 sexual references, 1 scatological term, 9 anatomical terms, 5 mild obscenities, name-calling (baboon, Dr. Frankenstein), a young woman uses a crude un-translated Spanish phrase. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Two young women snort cocaine in a bathroom and act intoxicated moments later (one of the young women licks the cocaine), a young man offers a young woman a pill and says he does not know what it is, a young man takes a pill, a young woman smokes a marijuana cigarette, on multiple occasions, and a woman drugs a young woman with the young woman's consent in order to cause her to sleep soundly and be used for sex. A young woman serves a man a bowl of cereal filled with liquor and pours herself a glass of liquor, we see a young woman and a young man drinking liquor frequently, a young woman remarks that she likes to drink because she is good at it, we see bottles of alcohol in the background of an apartment, men and women are seen drinking liquor at a bar, and a young woman tells a woman that her mother is an alcoholic. An older man smokes a cigarette, a woman asks a young woman if the young woman is on drugs or is a smoker and the young woman tells her that she has an occasional "jazz cigarette" but does not explain, and a young woman tells a young man that he could re-enroll in "detox" and the young man tells her he is not interested.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Silver service, prostitution, secret lives, depression, suicide.

MESSAGE - When involved in questionable circumstances, sometimes it may be best not to know all the details.

Special Keywords: S9 - V4 - P6 - MPAANR

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