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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10

MPAA Rating: R

Three young men, who've survived college by cheating and scheming, are getting ready to graduate. They still have to take their final exams, and they believe they have figured out a way to cheat. But their foolproof scam backfires when another student figures out what they've done and threatens to expose them unless they help him get the girl he's obsessing over. With Jason Schwartzman, Devon Sawa, Jason Segel, James King, Michael C. Maronna and Laura Prepon. [1:27]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A young man and woman kiss passionately and hold each other in a swimming pool; they get out of the pool, lie on towels while kissing and they have sex (we see his bare back, her shoulders and part of her leg as she wraps it around his back). A young woman masturbates with a vibrator and we see her gratified face and hear her moaning and climaxing. A young man imagines licking a young woman on the neck, kissing her and then being joined by another young woman, whereupon all three lick and kiss each other. A woman tells a young man that she likes to perform oral sex and we see her head move toward his lap and out of sight; we later see him standing behind a bar and it is suggested that she is below, performing -- we see him flushed and looking guilty when her husband comes into the room. A young man flirts with a septuagenarian woman in a hospital bed, she opens her top revealing her bare breasts, and he gives her a sponge bath (he talks later about having had sex with her). A young man rubs his face in a woman's cleavage as she lies on top of him, and a topless woman sits on a young man's lap. We see a young man dressed in an S&M outfit and a young woman carries a whip. A young man lies on a sofa covered to the waist with a blanket and reaches toward his crotch -- it is suggested he is masturbating. A young man imagines a young woman in her underwear tied to a bed while he's giving her a sponge bath and another young man watches. A young man and woman kiss passionately and they lie back on a desk; she's on top of him. A young man and woman kiss romantically a couple of times. A young man wears a sock puppet on his private parts and pretends to be singing with it. A woman makes a sexual gesture with her hand and mouth. A young man looks at a pornographic magazine and we see a couple of pages of women with bare breasts and one in a buttocks-revealing thong. We see a young man dressed in a bustier and stockings while another young man in his jockey shorts is tied to a bed. A young woman wears a sheer slip and we can see the outline of her figure. A man asks to see a man's private parts to determine the extent of injuries. Three young men are shown in their underwear (one is wrapped in a towel) in a locker room, another young man is shown in his jockey shorts, and another young man wears a robe that reveals his bare chest. Many scenes depict young women in tight-fitting tops that expose cleavage, young women are shown in running togs that expose cleavage, bare midriffs and legs, and young women (cheerleaders) wear tight-fitting outfits and dance suggestively. One shot focuses on two young women's buttocks wiggling in tight pants. A young man flirts with a young woman in several scenes. There are several discussions between three young men about pornography, there is a reference to sexually transmitted diseases, and a man insults women in order to get their attention. A young man is obsessed with a young woman: he talks to a "hair doll" (made of strands of the young woman's hair), watches a video of her, puts her panties on his head and sits at a shrine he has built for her. A young man talks about many young men having sex together and says that he's not gay.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - There are several references to the fact that a young man is stalking a young woman he's obsessed with; he remarks that he both loves her and hates her, and that "they'll sort it all out in his little locked room." A young man punches another young man in the nose and we see some blood trickling down his lip. A young man is repeatedly dragged out of a building by security guards. A young man passes out and lands hard on the ground (he seems drunk or high, or both). A young man pretends to be choking, another young man gives him the Heimlich Maneuver and a piece of food flies out of his mouth and hits a man on the forehead. A young man on a skateboard grabs onto the bumper of a moving truck, unlocks the back hatch and jumps inside. A young man pretends to have been hit by a truck, falls on the ground, flails around and yells (we see him later on crutches and with a bandage on his chin). A young man pours hot wax on his hand and screams. A young woman talks about a woman in mythology who would "slice off men's manhood." A young man verbally threatens other young men a few times. A young man rides his moped into some shrubs and falls off, a young man falls off his unicycle, a young man stumbles and falls on a few other occasions, and a young man is hit in the nose by a frisbee. A truck nearly hits some runners as they cross the street. A young man says he has "explosive diarrhea," a young man flatulates loudly a few times, a young man urinates in the shower, and a young man steps in some feces.

PROFANITY 8 - 31 F-words, 2 obscene hand gestures, 10 sexual references, 13 scatological terms, 18 anatomical terms, 11 mild obscenities, 1 religious profanity, 21 religious exclamations, 1 derogatory term for Caucasians and many insults. [profanity glossary]

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Stalking, obsession, cheating, stealing, lying, trust, being afraid of change, fate, homosexuality, betrayal, jealousy, blackmail.

MESSAGE - Honesty is the best way when it comes to love.

(Note: Young men are shown smoking marijuana, tobacco, and drinking beer.)

Special Keywords: S7 - V4 - P8 - MPAAR

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