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The Sitter [2011] [R] - 6.6.9



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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When an aimless young man (Jonah Hill) takes a babysitting job, he has no idea that his night will turn into a crazy adventure for both him and his three young charges. Also with Ari Graynor, Sam Rockwell, and Method Man. Directed by David Gordon Green. [1:21]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - We hear sexual moaning and see a young woman, fully clothed, lying on a bed; a young man pops his head up from between her legs (no nudity is visible) and wipes his mouth, implying oral sex.
 A young man tells a young woman that a boy is entertaining prostitutes; we see a boy sitting next to two women wearing very low-cut, cleavage exposing dresses. We see dozens of very muscled men working out (their bare chests are visible). Shirtless men are shown working out in a gym (their bare chests and backs are visible) wearing Speedo-style workout shorts. We see a shirtless man in a movie that a young man watches. We see multiple photographs of a shirtless young man in a young woman's room.
 A young man puts his arms around a young woman and makes a remark about being sexually attracted to her; they kiss passionately. We see a man and a woman kissing passionately in a crowded subway car.
 A man puts his hand on a young man's chest and flirtatiously tells the young man that he will have to "strip search" him. A man shouts at a young man to hug another man, and he makes a crude remark implying their genitals are touching through their clothing. A man shouts at a young man, instructing him to hug another man closely. A pre-teen boy watches as a young man flirtatiously places his hand on the lap of another young man, and then a young woman. A young man stares at a woman's visible cleavage, he asks her for a hug and holds her close to him.
 A young man and pre-teen boy have a serious conversation about the pre-teen boy's sexuality: the pre-teen boy reacts strongly and shouts at the young man saying he is not gay, the young man tells the pre-teen that he knows he had feelings for another pre-teen boy and that they were not reciprocated, the pre-teen resolves that he is gay and makes the young man promise not to tell anyone; the young man reassures him that being gay is OK.
 We hear a phone conversation between a young woman and a young man; the young woman tells the young man that she is sexually aroused and would like to have sex with him, the young man asks her to clarify and she uses an anatomical term to describe the type of sex they will have. A young woman and a young man have a conversation about oral sex; the young woman remarks about the young man's ability to perform oral sex and thanks him; the young man asks the young woman to perform oral sex on him and she declines.
 A young man shouts at a woman, saying that she had sex with his father and ruined his parents' marriage. A young man tells a girl that a woman was getting "an extra tip" (implying sex) from his father after she would babysit for him as a boy. As the credits roll we see a wanted poster with a drawing of a young man, and under it is written that the young man began to receive oral sex. A girl tells a young man that she had seen her father kissing another woman. A young man shouts at a man, telling him that he should not be "fooling around" with another woman; the young man then crudely tells the man that he should be having sex with his wife. A young man teases his mother saying his father had given her crabs. A young man jokingly tells his mother "not to give it up too fast," in reference to sex, the woman acts confused and the young man does not explain. Two pre-teen girls flirt with a pre-teen boy. Two pre-teen girls ask a pre-teen boy to dance and a young man makes a joke that the pre-teen boy is going to be in a "gingerbread sandwich." On multiple occasions an older man uses the phrase, "make love to the night," and a young man repeats the phrase to a young woman. A girl sings along to a song with vaguely sexual lyrics. A pre-teen boy tells a boy that he sees a group of prostitutes (we do not see them).

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A man shoots another man in the foot, we see a spray of blood and the man shouts in pain; the man instructs another man to carry him away and take him to a doctor. A man with a gun opens fire as he walks into a crowded room, and one of the bullets hits a drink a young man is holding, it explodes and people duck in fear. We see a man's mouth covered in blood and he spits out what appears to be a tooth.
 Two young men circle one another as they are about to fight: the first young man jabs the other in the throat, the second young man throws the first young man on a table, breaking it, and then lifts him up and throws him into a bookcase; a boy jumps on one young man's back and bites his ear as a pre-teen boy hits him in the back with a skateboard causing the young man to drop to the ground, where a girl punches him in the crotch (we see the young man writhing in pain).
 A group of menacing men and women surround a man, the man asks a young man if the people are going to hurt him, and then threatens to beat them up; the young man explains to the people that the man was trying to kill him and three children, one of the women in the group shouts threats at the man and as the young man runs away we see the man punch another man in the face and the crowd of men and women converge on him.
 A pre-teen boy and a boy hand a young man a lit firecracker, the young man throws the firecracker through the window of a van that is trying to run their van off the road, the firecracker lands in the lap of the driver of the other van, he shouts and swerves, drives off the road and flips over; we later see the driver of the van with the crotch of his pants on fire.
 A man holds a young man at gunpoint as a boy, girl, pre-teen boy and young woman watch, the man hits the young man in the head with the butt of the gun, the young man opens a car door into the man, knocking him to the ground and then kicks the man as he lies on the ground in pain; the man chases the young man, who swings a bucket at him, nearly hitting him.
 A young man offers to let a young woman punch him in the face, the young woman swings and the young man falls to the ground; a girl cries, shouting at the young woman, saying she had killed the young man (when he comes to we see him with a small bruise next to his eye). A young man watches a movie where two men karate chop one another. A boy watches a short clip of kickboxing and his mother chastises him.
 A boy tells a young man that he had "dropped a bomb" and points to a toilet in a restaurant; the young man assumes the boy is talking about defecation and moments later the toilet explodes, the young man and the boy are unharmed and rush out of the restaurant, the young man pulls the boy behind him after the boy falls and we hear sirens and an alarm as the young man and the boy get in a car and drive away. It is implied that a boy sets an explosive off in a toilet as we see the windows blow out of a storefront (no one is harmed).
 A young man drives a van erratically onto a curb; the young passengers are unharmed. A young man shouts that his car had been stolen; we later see the stolen car being driven and the young man follows it in another car.
 A police cruiser pulls over a young man driving a car with young passengers in it; the young man is frisked and he tells the kids that he is going to be arrested, and moments later the police officers drive away with the young man's stolen property and drugs (please see the Substance Use category for more details).
 A girl tells a woman in a store that a young man had come to her house and taken her and her brother after stealing her mother's car; the young man looks panicked and he grabs the girl and they run out of the store, pushing over multiple clothing racks.
 A boy and a pre-teen boy shout at one another and shove each other in the backseat of a car; the boy throws a pouch belonging to the pre-teen boy out the window and the pre-teen boy panics (please see the Substance Use category for more details). A boy purposely knocks over a bottle of liquor, drops a glass planter and rolls a bowling ball into a large ceramic pot as a young man watches and shouts at him to stop.
 A girl sprays perfume into a young man's mouth, the young man spits and wipes his mouth and the girl shouts at him for spitting on her floor; the girl sprays the young man in the mouth with perfume a second time and the young man shouts at her.
 A man shouts at a young man over the phone, saying he will kill him for stealing his drugs. A man tells a young man that he had shot another man in the foot, and then threatens to shoot the young man. A man shouts at a young man over the phone. A boy shouts at a young man, threatening to bite off the young man's ear. A young man shouts at a boy, telling him that he cannot play with fireworks or blow up anything. A young man threatens a girl, saying he is a "do what I want or I'll kill you" babysitter and the girl later repeats this to a woman, who acts disgusted and shouts at the young man. A pre-teen boy shouts at a girl and shoves her as they ride in a car. A pre-teen girl shouts at her mother. A man shouts at a young man on multiple occasions. A young man shouts at his father, and the man shouts back at the young man. A woman raises her voice toward her adult son, who disregards her. A pre-teen boy shouts at his mother, accusing her of denigrating his feelings and the woman ignores him. A pre-teen boy shouts at a boy after watching him carve a scatological term into a wall. A young woman shouts at a young man, telling him to "defend her" against a young man, and accusing the young man of being mean to her. A woman chastises her son when she sees him playing with a lighter and sparkler. A pre-teen boy shouts at another pre-teen boy after the pre-teen boy mocks him. A pre-teen boy comments to a boy and a girl that he does not want to be shot, after saying that they are in an area where people have guns. A young man tells a girl that he had punched his best friend in the genitals. A pre-teen boy tells a boy that he is scary. A boy tells a pre-teen boy that he has been shuttled between foster homes. A pre-teen boy tells his mother that another pre-teen boy's spider had died and he was mourning. A young man tells a boy that he had been arrested multiple times in the past. A girl dramatically tells a young man that she would "not be caught dead" in particular clothing. A pre-teen girl tells her mother that there is so much "blue cheese" at a party that she is "going to throw up."
 A boy, girl, pre-teen boy and young man watch a news report that announces that a young man had been injured in a fight and that two businesses had reported their toilets exploding. As we see the credits roll, we see wanted posters for a boy, a girl, a pre-teen boy, a young man and a man explaining that a man had been in a full-body cast for six months, that a boy no longer would play with explosives and that he was blowing up bathrooms in "more traditional ways" (implying defecation).
 A boy urinates in the middle of a dance floor as a young man and a young woman watch (we see the stream of urine); a young man shouts at the boy, grabs him (the stream of urine is seen hitting the young man) and moments later two men are seen slipping and falling into the puddle of urine. We hear loud flatulence and a young man accuses a boy of passing gas; the boy denies it, along with a pre-teen boy, a girl admits to it and then makes a crude remark that she had also defecated and moments later we see the girl and the young man buying underwear (implying that the girl had defecated in her underwear). A young man tells a boy that he is permitted to urinate inside a store. On multiple occasions a boy asks if he can urinate. Two men shout at a young man for not allowing a boy to urinate. A woman tells her pre-teen son that his babysitter has a urinary tract infection.

PROFANITY 9 - About 42 F-words and its derivatives, 1 not fully enunciated F-word a boy, a girl and a pre-teen boy use many instances of the F-word, scatological terms and mild obscenities throughout the movie and a young man uses profanity in front of children throughout the movie, 1 obscene hand gesture, 19 sexual references, 28 scatological terms (1 mild), 26 anatomical terms (5 mild), 25 mild obscenities, 1 derogatory term for homosexuals, a boy uses crude Spanish curse words (not translated), name-calling (Mary Poppins, Jon Benet Ramsey, two redrum twins from The Shining, Gap model, a face like a Papa John's pizza, cranky, little squirrel, crazy, idiot, shy, reminds him of his aunt, full on nuts, half crazy, muy loco, freak, not normal, Ricky Martin, white boy, homie, all gangster, Bell Divivo, Mr. Toilet Explosion, pretty scary, spaz, babycakes, out of your mind, skanky, insane), 1 religious profanity, 10 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man takes a scoop of cocaine on his fingernail, snorts it and offers some to a young man who turns it down, we see a large egg filled with cocaine explode onto a young man's face (he appears to suffer no effects), men are seen packing cocaine into large eggs while wearing gas masks, a man explains to a young man that he sells cocaine in large eggs, a young woman asks a young man to buy her cocaine, a young man purchases cocaine, a young man is picked up by two police officers that steal a small bag of cocaine from him, a young woman tells a young man that she no longer does cocaine but is buying cocaine for a friend's birthday, a pre-teen boy tells a young man that he takes medication for anxiety, a boy shouts at a pre-teen boy for taking prescription medication for anxiety and throws a fanny pack filled with the medication out the window, a young man tells a pre-teen boy that he does not need to take so much prescription medication, and we hear a song that mentions cocaine frequently. Men and women are seen drinking alcoholic drinks at a party and we see people drinking alcohol at a bar, a woman is seen carrying around a glass of wine, a girl asks a young man to make her a "Red Bull and vodka" and the young man declines saying she is too young, a young woman tells a woman a story that a young man was intoxicated at a party and threw up in her grandmother's urn, a man tells a young man that he knows the young man had been arrested for a DUI recently and we see a young man watching television when a young man offers a man a drink of beer and liquor. We see people smoking cigarettes on multiple occasions in the movie.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Responsibility, coming out to parents as gay, gay teens, parents abandoning their children, abandonment issues, drug and alcohol use, being comfortable as yourself.

MESSAGE - Responsibility and self-awareness are very important.

Special Keywords: S6 - V6 - P9 - MPAAR

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