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The Simpsons Movie [2007] [PG-13] - 5.4.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The Simpsons make their big screen debut: When Homer pollutes Springfield's lake by dumping in it a large container of pig feces, the insane EPA chief places a dome over the whole city and decides to blow it up. The Simpsons must now save their city, and Homer must redeem himself. With the voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Harry Shearer, Hank Azaria, Albert Brooks and Pamela Hayden. Directed by David Silverman. [1:25]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A boy skateboards nude through a town and his bare legs, abdomen and buttocks are visible, while his genitals are blocked by different items as he passes; he continues through the town and at one point his genitals (in cartoon outline) are shown briefly.
 A husband and wife stand in a bedroom, the woman's dress is torn up the back by a friendly deer's horns and she is left wearing a short negligee that reveals cleavage and bare legs; the man is helped out of his clothes by many friendly birds (we see him bare-chested and wearing jockey shorts), they walk together toward the bed, and animals in the room look on with alarm -- the scene ends implying that they are having sex.
 We see a man and a horse kissing on TV, and then a man asks a pig if it thinks they should also kiss to break the tension (we do not see them kiss). A man and a pig share the opposite ends of a carrot, and the man blows on a pig's stomach and makes raspberry noises.
 Two male police officers kiss passionately and grab each other's buttocks, and go into a room. A man and a woman kiss in a few scenes.
 A man asks a woman which way to go and she uses her breasts to point the way. A large silo has a phallic shape. A boy strung up by his pants on a flagpole exposes a bit of his buttocks cleavage. A man is shown bare-chested. We see a man in jockey shorts after people steal his clothes and two men in their underwear. A boy wears a bra on his head.
 A man says, "Anything more than two shakes and it means you're playing with yourself." A man says, "My wives are gonna kill me." A boy sees a nude boy skateboarding go by and says, "I like men now." A boy is concerned about people seeing his "noodle" if he skateboards nude through the town. A boy and a girl acknowledge their feelings for each other by sharing a special song that the boy wrote for the girl. A boy and a girl hold hands. A boy flirts with a girl and she is smitten. A boy invites a girl to "canvas" him. A woman has large breasts and a man teases her by calling her "boob-lady." A man says that he has a confession to make and another man is hoping he is going to confess to being gay.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A man is struck by a large piece of glass from a dome and is shown pinned under it (he is probably dead, and seemingly cut in half, but no blood is evident).
 A man loads a shotgun and points it at a man and a boy, and a rock falls on the man's head and knocks him out.
 A man seems to strangle his son a couple of times, once for "Laughing at something that's funny" (the boy is OK).
 A mouse stabs a cat through the chest and abdomen several times while on the moon, the cat collapses breaking its helmet and when exposed to the lack of atmosphere gasps and one of its eyes bulges.
 A mouse launches many nuclear missiles toward the moon, a cat on the surface of the moon screams opening its mouth wide, the missiles fill its mouth, and one on the outside sprouts a boot that kicks the cat in the stomach and causes all of the missiles to explode.
 A boy riding on a motorcycle falls off, he grabs the driver's hair, pulls out a couple of strands, and then holds onto his hand (they are both OK); the motorcycle speeds along the ground and the riders scream, they fall into a gorge, slingshot themselves back up, and they are OK.
 A man rides a motorcycle around the inside of a sphere twice, and when he reaches the top he crashes down to the bottom with the motorcycle landing on top of him (the man yells each time).
 A mob of people carries a car where people are hiding, the people in the car climb out and into a tree house, passing several nooses that are hanging from a branch; one man dangles from a noose wrapped around his neck and arm, and he is poked with a pitchfork and a saw is thrown at him. People throw stones at a man as he walks through a crowd (we see spurts of blood).
 Several large trees begin to grab and hold onto a man, they slap him, they begin pulling off his limbs and his head one-by-one, and then he is put back together.
 A man sinks into a hole in the ground, people scratch at his head using their hands, then a rake, and he is shot in the head with an arrow, which is pulled out later; police officers shoot at the hole after the man goes all the way through, the hole spins and swirls and pulls a house in, destroying it, and pulls other large items into it too.
 Many people and animals run into and throw things at a glass dome (the dome begins to crack a bit). Two men drag a body to a lake's edge to dump it in (they are stopped, and they leave with the body).
 A girl is slammed into the ceiling by a scissor lift (we see plaster rubble in her hair but she is OK). A man drives a truck off the side of a road and down a hill.
 A woman runs into a burning house and her hair is on fire when she comes back out. Two men walk out of a polluted lake and their clothes melt off their bodies (we see them in underwear).
 Many planes fly overhead carrying a large dome that is lowered over a town, pinning one man under it (we see him flattened); all of the townspeople are trapped inside the dome.
 Police SWAT team officers fire their guns at a dome, and the bullets ricochet striking them (they fall down holding their arms and legs in pain). A police officer fires his gun and nearly shoots himself in the head. A robot grabs a police officer's gun and shoots itself in the head (we see sparks fly and wires are exposed).
 A boy claps his hands together causing a small snow slide, then a girl joins him and eventually a large snow slide pushes a man along and through the front door of a cabin.
 Birds fly into the side of a dome (we see them flattened), and they slide down toward several cats that are waiting.
 A wrecking ball nearly hits a truck, then swings back to strike the vehicle it is attached to, and the vehicle operator becomes stuck to the ball, which swings back and forth between a rock and a building (the man yelps with every strike); it then drops to the ground, and over the man (he's OK).
 A family falls from a wooden plank high off the ground, they slam to the ground and a man slams into a grill (they are all OK).
 A boy with a wooden plank strikes three older boys who have apparently been bullying him and then he strikes two of them again, exclaiming how much fun it is.
 A man dumps a large amount of pig feces into a lake, the water bubbles and churns and turns black, a squirrel jumps into he water and comes out with large, pointed teeth and many bulging eyes.
 A man uses a bug zapper to fish: he zaps the water, many dead fish float to the surface, the man grabs one (he is zapped), he takes a bite (he is zapped again) and continues to eat the fish and be zapped simultaneously.
 A man punches a man, a boy punches a boy in the stomach, and a girl punches a boy in the face.
 A large pack of sled dogs attacks a man then abandons him after he was whipping them earlier trying to make them go faster during a long run. People are chased by barking and snapping dogs.
 A man wanders through a heavy Alaskan snowstorm, collapses, and wakes up covered with snow. A man drinks a very hot liquid, he screams, and then asks for more.
 A boy pokes a many-eyed squirrel in several of its eyes with a stick. A bear growls while standing over an unconscious man, the man wakes up, and someone else makes a loud noise causing the bear to leave, and it kicks a fox as it walks away.
 A nude boy slams into a restaurant window and must be squeegeed off, and he is then handcuffed by police to a pole outside the restaurant where people point and laugh at him (he is still nude). Bullies string a boy on a flagpole by his pants.
 A man superglues his hand to his clothed crotch (he pulls it off tearing some fabric); he then climbs up the side of a dome using the superglue to help him (each time he pulls his hand free he yelps).
 A bomb explodes causing a glass dome to shatter and shards shower down on many people, like snow.
 A baby is sucked through a sinkhole and out the other side.
 A boy shoots a BB gun at a man who's carrying many bricks strapped to his back (he is not harmed). A baby points a broken bottle at a robot in a threatening manner. People break through a door and try to grab a man who pretends to have a saw.
 A boy climbs onto a TV antenna, a man shakes it, the boy falls off, slides down the roof, hangs onto the gutter, and the man holds a hammer over the boy's hand but the man breaks through the roof before he can strike. A man slides down a rope knocking other people off the rope on the way down.
 A woman and three children are shackled and locked in the back of a truck, and they are then sprayed with a gas that makes them fall asleep.
 A man strikes himself in the eye with the back of a hammer and screams, and a man nails himself in the leg with a hammer and nail, stands up and runs around screaming.
 A barge where a band plays begins to dissolve from pollution in a river, the barge sinks and the band members slip into the water, presumably dying. A woman washes cats on a washboard and several vehicles dump waste into a lake. A man puts a live hornets' nest in a neighbor's mailbox.
 A man has what seems to be a seizure, he thrashes on the floor and speaks about a creature with a twisted tail and with many eyes, and he is wrapped in a carpet and dragged out of the church.
 A boy plays a video game where he shoots babies crawling and wearing diapers (we later see a baby playing the game). A walrus shoots a penguin in a video game.
 A man tells townspeople that they are going to be killed and a bomb is lowered into a dome that covers a whole town. Many people with torches chanting, "Kill" march through a town, trying to find a man. A man threatens to blow up a town with a bomb.
 A man says, "Kill the pig" and another man holds a saw in his hand (nothing happens to the pig). A man accuses another man of going "mad with power." A man talks about wanting to worship his own way and makes derogatory comments about people who gather in a church. A man tells another man that he doesn't believe in suicide, but if he'd like to try it, it might cheer him up. A girl talks about a lake becoming a toxic nightmare and tells a group of people that she filled their glasses with water form the lake (they all spit). A woman tells her daughter that even though she is angry, she is a woman and she can hold onto the anger forever. A man sitting next to an African-American says, "Black is the worst color." A character makes a disparaging reference to greasy food in Mexico. A man talks about his father having a "senior moment." A boy tells a girl that another boy is dead (he isn't really). A man talks about Alaskans allowing the oil companies to ravage the state's natural beauty in return for annual pay offs.
 A boy swallows his asthma inhaler. A large silo is filled with feces and appears to be leaking. A man scratches his buttocks. A man eating rudely spits a crumb on a boy's face. A pig burps loudly a couple of times.
 Members of Alcoholics Anonymous panic when there is no more coffee. Many armed men break through the windows of a train car scaring the people inside. Power is lost in a domed city and people begin to panic. People argue in several scenes. People gather at a funeral for several people.

PROFANITY 4 - 2 obscene hand gestures, 5 scatological terms, 8 anatomical terms, 9 mild obscenities, name-calling (morons, drama queen, wusses, wiener, stupid, idiots, boob lady, phony baloney), there are a couple of veiled references to the Disney company being "evil," 1 religious profanity, 7 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man smokes marijuana from a bong. A boy drinks a small bottle of whiskey and becomes drunk, and there are several empty beer bottles in a bar scene. A woman smokes a pipe.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Family, pollution, global warming, EPA, bestiality, father's love, disappointment, religion, oil companies, strength of women, corruption of power, love, marriage, support of each other, vigilante justice, in-breeding, epiphany, failure, masturbation, making mistakes, consistency, suicide, having faith in each other, disappointing family members, destruction of natural resources for oil, homosexuality.

MESSAGE - We are nothing without other people in our lives.

Special Keywords: S5 - V4 - P4 - MPAAPG-13

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