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Scream 4 [2011] [R] - 4.10.8



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The fourth movie of the "Scream" series is set ten years after a woman (Neve Campbell) was first visited by the Ghostface Killer. She has returned to the town of Woodsboro on the final leg of her book tour and after she reconnects with the sheriff (David Arquette) and another woman (Courteney Cox), unexplained murders begin to happen again. Also with Emma Roberts, Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell, Aimee Teegarden, Hayden Panettiere and Brittany Robertson. Directed of by Wes Craven. [1:43]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - A teen girl tells a teen boy that he should "make a move" and puts his hand on her leg; they kiss briefly but are interrupted by another teen boy. A teen girl and a teen boy kiss passionately as a woman watches.
 A teen girl is seen shirtless, wearing a bra, and her bare stomach and cleavage are visible; she walks around for a couple of minutes. The bare back of a young woman is seen in a movie as she takes off her robe, and the teens watching the movie say, "Oooh" suggestively. A teen girl wears a cleavage-exposing top and when she bends over a portion of her lower back is visible as her shirt lifts. A woman wears a cleavage-exposing tank top.
 We see a man and a woman sleeping together in bed; the man wakes up and he is wearing boxers and a T-shirt. A teen boy puts his hands on a teen girl's face and she pulls away.
 A teen girl shows another teen girl a photograph on her cellphone, we briefly see the photo of a man's bare abdomen and chest and the girl makes a sexual comment about the man's abs. A teen boy makes a crude remark about a teen girl's chest and says that she will never "sleep with" him. A teen boy says to a video camera that another teen boy "might get lucky." A teen boy jokes that he hopes a horror movie will lead to "scenes of nudity." We overhear a woman talking to herself, saying that another woman "never gets laid." A woman teases a man, saying that he is not cheating on his wife by eating a dessert. A woman uses a crude sexual term to describe two teen boy's party.

VIOLENCE/GORE 10 - Two teen girls watch through a window as a masked man grabs a teen girl by the neck and stabs her in the chest, throws her across the room (blood pours from the wounds in her chest and back, spraying the room with blood), drags the girl's body to the window, and we see her struggling (bloody cuts and wounds on her chest, stomach and hands are seen); a woman discovers the girl's body curled up on a blood-soaked bed with her intestines hanging out of the massive wound in her stomach while the room covered in blood.
 A masked man stabs a teen girl in the chest with a knife, blood pours from the wound and she hits the ground; he stabs another teen girl in the neck, she slumps to the ground and copious blood pours from the wound, covering her neck, chest, and body.
 A masked man stabs a teen boy in the chest, blood pours from the wound as he tries to run away, the man stabs the boy in the back, he falls to the ground, and the man flips him over and stabs him in the stomach; blood pours from the three wounds and we see blood on the boy's chest and stomach and pouring from his mouth.
 A woman screams when she sees a masked man on the hood of her car, she gets out of the car, the man attacks her, pinning her against a wall, and stabs her in the stomach (we see blood pour from the wound and she drops to the ground). A masked man stabs a man in the back, and the man falls to the ground as another man watches from inside a car; the masked man approaches the man in the car and stabs him in the forehead (we see blood pour from the wound, covering the man's face, arms and body) as he struggles to run away and he then collapses on the ground, dead. A masked man stabs a door as two women struggle to close it; one of the women collapses against the door and we see blood bubbling at her lips, the other woman pulls her body away and we see a bloody knife sticking through the mail slot of the door and a massive wound in the woman's back (we later hear that the woman had died).
 A teen boy grabs another teen boy from a closet and throws him to the ground, his hands and feet bound with duct tape and his mouth taped closed; a teen girl kicks the teen boy on the ground, and shoots him in the crotch and then the head with a gun (blood spray is seen behind the boy's head and a massive pool of blood is seen at his crotch). A teen girl stabs a teen boy in the chest with a knife, blood pours from the wound and he drops to his knees; she stabs him again in the stomach and blood is later seen covering his dead body. A teen girl attempts to kill a woman, a man shoots the girl in the head, she falls to the ground with a thump and we briefly see the bloody bullet hole in her forehead. A teen girl braces a knife against her shoulder and runs into a wall, she screams in pain, runs into the wall again and falls to the ground; she then throws herself through a glass coffee table and crawls next to a woman who is bleeding to death (we see the bloody cuts on the girl's face and blood pouring from her shoulder). A teen boy with a bloody cut on his forehead, grabs a teen girl, pulls her close and stabs her in the stomach twice, telling her it takes longer to die than she has seen in the movies; we see blood pouring from the wounds in her stomach as she drops to the ground and blood is seen pooling behind her head and body.
 A teen girl hears a gurgling noise over the phone as she jokingly threatens another teen girl, and she discovers her moments later as a masked man shoves her dead body through a window; glass shatters, the dead girl's body hits the ground, and stab wounds are seen in her neck and stomach, and blood is seen coming from her mouth. A masked man chases a teen girl through a house, he stabs her in the back, she falls down a flight of stairs, she opens a garage door and crawls half way out, and the masked man lowers the garage door on her back (we hear the crush of bones); he then lifts the door and drags the teen girl into the garage, screaming, he holds a knife over her head and the screen goes black (we later learn that she had been stabbed to death).
 A woman stabs another woman in the stomach, we see blood coming from the wound and bubbling up into her mouth, the injured woman gasps for help and is stabbed a second time; her head slumps over, blood coming from her mouth and we see the two stab wounds in her torso, with blood coming from both as she dies.
 A teen boy with bloody cut on his forehead holds a blood-covered knife to a woman's neck, and he shoves the woman into the arms of a masked man who stabs the woman in the stomach (we see blood coming from the wound on her stomach as she drops to the ground and she is later seen recovering in the hospital). A man watches a live feed of a masked man lunging at a woman, the masked man grabs the woman as she attempts to fight back, shoving him to the ground, the masked man stabs her in the shoulder and then shoves her from the loft where they are fighting; the woman is later seen being rushed to a hospital and then lying on a hospital gurney with bloody gauze covering the wound on her shoulder and blood spraying on her neck and chest. On a cellphone screen, a teen girl shows a woman footage of a woman being murdered: we see a small amount of blood as a masked man stabs the woman in the back. We see a bloody wound on a woman's stomach, she's stabbed in the stomach again, blood spurts from the wound and the woman falls to the ground; she is later seen recovering in a hospital.
 A teen girl with cuts on her face and in a hospital gown, gets on top of a woman lying in a hospital bed, and she attempts to choke the woman but the woman shoves her off; they throw one another around the room, the teen girl shatters a glass door when she shoves the woman into it, and we see the girl stepping on the woman's stomach (we know she had been stabbed in the stomach). A woman holds up defibrillator paddles to a teen girl's temples as another woman holds the girl at gunpoint; sparks fly from the paddles, and the girl drops to the ground with blood dripping from her nose and mouth.
 The blood-covered, deceased body of a woman is tossed from the top of a parking garage and crashes into the roof of a van as a crowd of people watch; a man examines the body and we briefly see the woman's mangled body covered in blood. A man discovers a teen boy dead on a porch with a bloody stab wound in his back, and he walks into a room and discovers two dead teen boys, one with bloody bullet wounds in his head and crotch and the other with multiple bloody stab wounds and a bloody cut on his forehead; he also finds a teen girl with a bloody stab wound, cuts on her face and neck, and a woman bleeding from a wound in her stomach and a cut on her face (they are later seen recovering in a hospital). A teen boy's dead body is discovered by a man, who determines that the bloody wound on the boy's back suggests that he tried to crawl to safety. Two men are seen pushing a gurney with presumably a dead teen girl's body on it: the white sheet is covering the body and a pool of blood is seen forming on the sheet.
 A teen girl uses a dead teen boy's hand to scratch her face, and she then uses his hand to pull out a clump of hair from her head. A teen boy knocks on the glass door to a room where a woman and a teen girl are standing, we see blood on the boy's hand and he tells the girl that the blood is from a dead body he discovered.
 We see footage as two teen girls watch a movie, which includes a man shoving a zombie woman onto a spike that stabs her through the stomach (blood pours from the wound) and a man's bloody and mangled face. Several teens watch a movie, and we see footage of a man breaking through a window and chasing a teen girl through rooms; blood is visible on the dead body of a teen girl.
 A masked man appears behind a teen girl and stabs her in the wrist; a small amount of blood is visible dripping from the wound, a woman kicks the masked man down a flight of stairs and shoves him to the ground, and we see a small cut on the woman's face and the teen girl's arm is seen bandaged. A masked man slams a teen boy's head into a glass door and we see him taped to a patio chair with a bloody cut on his forehead. A masked man breaks through the door of a house, a woman kicks him in the face, he stumbles down a flight of stairs and the woman and a teen girl run to safety. A masked man chases a woman around the roof of a house, she loses her footing and slips, grabbing the gutters for support, the masked man draws a knife and is about to stab the woman's hand when she lets go and lands in a bush, unharmed.
 A teen girl shoots a police officer in the chest and we see her drop to the ground; we later see that she was wearing a bulletproof vest. A woman enters the room where a teen girl is attempting to beat up another woman, the teen girl shouts at her and is then tackled by a police officer. Police officers with guns drawn go into a crowded store.
 Two police officers discover posters of a woman's face in the trunk of a car, smeared with blood. A teen girl rips the IV out of her arm and takes off her monitor in a hospital and walks out of the room.
 On multiple occasions we hear a male voice on phone threaten people: he tells a teen girl that he is going to "cut through your neck until I hit bone," the teen girl hands the phone to another teen girl, who the man also threatens, saying he will be the last person she speaks to before she dies; he tells a teen girl that he has enough time to slice another teen girl open; he tells a woman that he will slice open the woman's eyelids so she can watch him kill her; he tells a woman he is going to make her suffer; he tells a woman that he would be happy to put her in a morgue; and he implies to a woman that he is going to kill her friends and family. On multiple occasions we hear two teen boys explain how they believe horror movies should occur, including mentioning that the killer should be filming his murders, that two girls had been killed, a teen girl was maimed and then a huge party occurred where a large number of people were murdered. A teen girl tells another teen girl that she had received threatening texts and Facebook messages from a teen boy saying that he will kill her. A woman half-jokingly threatens another woman, saying she will "revitalize" her face. A woman half-whispers, half-shouts at a woman and then slams a door on the woman's back. A woman tells a man that two men had been found stabbed to death. A woman tells a man that two women had been found dead. A man tells a teen girl that a group of teen boys, girls and a woman had been found either injured or dead. A teen girl reads out loud to a classroom of teens a text that two teen girls had been killed the previous night. A teen boy says two teen girls were stabbed to death. We see footage of a television reporter announcing that a woman had been stabbed and was in serious condition at a hospital. Two men discuss how police officers are typically killed in movies, including being shot; one of the men jokes that he might be found with his tongue hanging out and eyes gouged out, and the other man jokes, "Dead man walking" when he gets out of the car. Two teen girls discuss how a movie is "torture porn," and one teen girl says she does not like all the blood and gore of a movie. A teen girl makes a remark to another teen girl and a woman that a woman must have a lot of scars from knife wounds; the woman says she has scars as well, implying emotional scars. A teen girl tells another teen girl that wherever a woman goes, people end up dying. A woman jokingly tells another woman that she can continue to convince people not to jump off bridges. A woman jokingly tells another woman she had threatened to kill a man's cat. A teen boy jokes that being around a woman is like "being on Top Chef with Jeffrey Dahmer." A teen boy jokes that he is there in case another teen boy "takes a bullet." A teen girl shouts at a teen boy.
 A teen girl slams on her brakes while driving, just moments before being hit by a passing van; we hear the van honking its horn and the teen girl driver and two passengers all act shaken up. A police officer shouts at a teen girl that's driving recklessly.
 A man is spooked when another man jokingly plays dead, slumping over a steering wheel until the man shakes him. A teen boy whacks his head against a hanging potted plant; he is unharmed but startled. A woman screams when she is surprised by a car alarm going off, and she runs in the opposite direction. A teen boy surprises a teen girl, who jumps when she sees him. A teen boy surprises another teen boy by shouting and lunging towards him.

PROFANITY 8 - About 36 F-words and its derivatives, 2 obscene hand gestures, 7 sexual references, 20 scatological terms, 12 anatomical terms (2 mild), 17 mild obscenities, name-calling (gore geek, dumb blonde, dork, Barney Fife, Betty Crocker, testy, weird, amateurs, morons, liar, stupid), exclamations (shut up, gosh, freaking), 1 religious profanity, 17 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Teen girls and boys are seen drinking to the point of inebriation at a party, a teen boy drinks to the point of inebriation, including recording himself slurring his speech and being unable to walk properly after drinking bottles of liquor, a teen girl jokes that she will "drink for" another teen girl that is not going to a party, two teen boys instruct several other teens that they will have a drinking game, and a woman talking to herself remarks that another woman never drinks.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Horror movies, horror genre, revenge, sequels to horror movies, the grim reaper, the angel of death, profiting from other's misery, Jeffrey Dahmer, Shaun of the Dead, Robert Rodriguez, setting up a crime scene, jealousy.

MESSAGE - Horror movie series are very popular.

Special Keywords: S4 - V10 - P8 - MPAAR

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