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Scary Movie 2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10

MPAA Rating: R

Follow-up spoof of the Wayans Brothers raunchy satiric hit. This time they take aim at supernatural thrillers such as "The Exorcist," "Stigmata," and others. The basic plot revolves around a group of college students who are recruited to spend a weekend in a creepy mansion where some weird things take place. With Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Tori Spelling, Kathleen Robertson, Andy Richter, Christopher Masterson, Chris Elliott, Tim Curry, David Cross, Richard Moll, James Woods and Natasha Lyonne. [1:30]

SEX/NUDITY 8 - There is a lot of sexual innuendo, including references to pedophilia, erectional dysfunction, homosexuality, bisexuality. A vulgar-speaking parrot makes references to his endowment, there's an allusion to bodily fluids on a dress, a young man briefly describes oral sex being performed on him, and a man suggests that two young women should sleep together. It is also suggested that a young man is performing a sexual act on a clown doll that has been animated by a poltergeist (the clown yells and tries to get away when it is dragged under a bed by what looks like a huge penis). A poltergeist blames a young woman for giving him a venereal disease. A man is shown nude with his genitalia tucked between his legs. A young woman is shown apparently having sex with a poltergeist; we see her cheek moving in and out as if she's performing fellatio, and we see her moving up a wall and across a ceiling, making sexual comments and moaning. A young man and a monster-faced poltergeist (she wears a bag on her head) are shown having sex; they are standing up and he is thrusting and moaning, and later "she" is performing fellatio on the young man in a car (still wearing a paper bag over her head). A young man convinces a young woman to massage his private parts by suggesting that it will help to keep him warm (they're in a freezer). When he ejaculates the force of the spray throws her against a door). A young man and woman are shown kissing in bed and she climbs on top of him and rubs herself on him. A young woman pushes a man back on a counter, climbs on top of him and tears open his shirt exposing two really big nipples. A man performs fellatio on himself: we see his legs up over his head. A young woman tries to seduce a man; she climbs on his lap, dances suggestively, puts his hands on her breasts and unzips his pants. In a spoof of "The Exorcist" a priest jumps on a young woman, who's possessed and tied to a bed, and begins thrusting. Also the possessed young woman waggles a serpent-like tongue and the priest responds by waggling his tongue at her. A woman in a wispy nightgown invites a man to follow her, but she turns out to be a poltergeist with a monstrous face. A young man is shown thrusting on a basketball. A young man grabs a young woman's breast, and a young woman grabs a young woman's breast accidentally. A door knocker is shaped like huge testicles. A young woman is shown in figure-enhancing outfits exposing her cleavage and midriff. A man sniffs a young woman's panties. A young man and woman kiss. Three young women run down some stairs dropping articles of clothing as they go and ending up in lacey bras and panties. We see a photo of a man bare to the waist with the top of his pants open.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A man shoots a young woman off-screen. A young man and woman are hit by a bus and we see body parts tumbling on the ground, and a man is hit by a car and thrown in the air. A young man is shown with a bloody line around his forehead (a man removes the top of his skull to show what his brain looks like on drugs). In a spoof of "The Exorcist," a young woman with a gruesome, scarred face is shown tied to a bed; her head spins around and she talks and laughs with a very deep voice. A skeleton chases a young woman who screams and runs. Three young women fight with a man, using lots of punches, kicks, flying and spinning: one is hit with a bat and another inflates breast balloons to protect her when she is thrown into a wall. A man starts shaking and his face begins to glow and beams of light shoot out of his face. A young woman punches another young woman twice and kicks her and she falls to the ground, a young man punches a young woman in the breast and she falls to the ground, and a chair is pulled out from under a young woman who falls to the ground. A poltergeist throws chairs, boulders and a chandelier at a young woman; she is knocked to the ground by the chandelier. A man in a wheelchair and a poltergeist in a wheelchair fight: they crash into statues, race at each other head on, jump a ramp, and the man flies through a window and dangles from a light (he eventually falls to the ground and we hear a crunch when he hits). There is a discussion of people being survivors of a school massacre, and a discussion of a man having been killed in a furnace. A young woman vomits, dousing a man who vomits on her and another man, and back and forth until they are all soaked. A young woman is shown with scratches on her chest, and a young man has a bloody wound on his eyebrow. A clown doll is animated by a poltergeist and then drags a young man under a bed. A man is hit in the head with a telephone, a young man is hit in the groin with a basketball, and a young woman is hit in the face with a football and she falls back into a table which breaks up. A cat and a young woman fight with punches and kicks, they hit each other with a chair, the cat tries to cut her, and eventually gives her two big, slow motion punches in the face which cause blood to spray from her mouth. A young man is picked up by the underwear and held near the ceiling by a poltergeist. A young man and woman are thrown around by a poltergeist and locked in a freezer. A group of people are armed with ghost-busting guns that fire light beams and they use them to shoot poltergeists. A young woman's nose is shoved into a puddle of pee and she's swatted with a rolled up paper. A man is shown with a large pimple next to his nose, a blackened tooth and a deformed hand (the hand is used in several gross scenes, including food preparation; he also touches a woman's face and his hand gets stuck in her hair). A cross sticks to a man's lips and he pulls on it stretching his lips out. A marijuana plant starts growing, becoming really huge, and it grabs a young man, wraps him like a marijuana cigarette, lights up and begins smoking. A man in a wheelchair falls down the stairs. Strong winds shatter windows several times scattering glass all over people; in one scene a huge plant is sucked out of an open window. We see a litter box with human feces in it. Flies begin to swarm on a window and several land on a man's face. A young woman urinates on the floor for a really long time creating a huge puddle, a man has a very noisy bowel movement, a bird sprays feces all over a wall, and a man flatulates. A young woman takes a skeleton apart and reassembles the pieces in the wrong order. A man with a huge cleaver chops vegetables. A young man gives a young woman a wedgie. A man in a wheelchair and a man with a deformed hand make fun of each other's disabilities.

PROFANITY 8 - 30 F-words (two of which are spelled out in a tattoo; there are also several F-words in the end credits music). A cat uses a profane paw gesture, and there are about 20 scatological terms, 4 sexual references, 19 anatomical terms, 21 mild profanities (a few of which are spelled out), one racial term, and 14 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Being possessed by a demon, being handicapped or physically deformed, life after death, insomnia, African-American vs. Caucasian-American stereotypes.

MESSAGE - Horror movies provide excellent fodder for gross-out satires.

Special Keywords: S8 - V6 - P8 - MPAAR

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