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Saw VI [2009] [R] - 1.10.8



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The sixth installment in the "Saw" torture film series, finds Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) as the unchallenged successor to the Jigsaw Killer's legacy. More bloody mayhem ensues. Also with Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith and Peter Outerbridge. Directed by Kevin Greutert. [1:30]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A man and woman embrace in a warm hug.
 We see the strap of a woman's tank top when she uses suggestive body language and leans close to a man. We see part of a man's bare stomach when he lifts his shirt. We see the abdomen of a woman when she lifts her shirt. A woman wears a form-fitting tank top that exposes partial cleavage. A shirtless man is strapped to a table.

VIOLENCE/GORE 10 - A woman wakes up in a cage with a contraption on her head, with screws digging into her temples (a small amount of blood is seen), she screams, sees a large knife and a cleaver chained to a table behind her, and a man in another cage has a similar contraption on his own head, and he also screams while a recording explains that whoever removes more of their flesh will survive while the other will die: the screws tighten and dig slightly into their temples, causing blood to ooze, the man grabs a knife and carves away a portion of his own stomach, dropping chunks on a scale, the woman hacks off her arm above the elbow using the cleaver and drops it onto a scale, and the contraption screws drill into one person's temples (blood pours, the person dies, and the other leaves).
 A paddle covered in needles pins a man against a cage wall, tanks of acid drain, the acid pumps into the man's body, steam rises from his torso, acid begins to eat through his flesh, pieces of the man melt off, he opens his mouth and gasps for air, blood pours out of his mouth, large portions of his torso disintegrate into goo and blood, and his legs tip forward and intestines pour out and onto the floor.
 A man trapped in a glass coffin watches another man stand on the coffin and try to scale the walls when they begin to close in: he becomes trapped and is crushed, his body twists, blood splatters onto the glass coffin, he screams, and part of his crushed and bloodied remains fall to the ground (the other part is shown dripping blood from the top of the room).
 We see a shirtless man strapped to a table, as a sharp pendulum begins to swing, cutting through the man's torso; blood is flying from the wound, covering the man as he opens his mouth to scream.
 We see a man chained at the wrists and ankles with a ventilator mask on his face, part of his shirt soaked in blood, and being held upright by a large vice at his waist: he struggles as we see another man in matching restraints, and as each man breathes the vices tighten, one man urinates on himself (we see his pants become wet and portion of the stream drip), he gasps and the vice closes on his torso, blood erupts from under his shirt and his lifeless body, with the torso completely crushed, falls to the ground.
 A man stands before a glass wall pulling two levers, and we see a man and a woman, gagged with bloodied rags, tied, and with nooses around their necks, standing on small platforms: as the arms of the man pulling the levers begin to droop, the nooses tighten, the two people beg for their lives, the man lets go of one lever, the platform drops and one person's body contorts as it slams into the glass, with blood splattering all over.
 A man pulls a lever, steam shoots out of a pipe and over his face, he screams in pain, releases the lever and the steam burns a woman chained to the wall under the platform he is standing on (she has a device attached to her chest); the man pulls another lever, steam shoots onto his face (you can see it blistering), he releases the lever, causing the woman to be hit by steam, she lunges at the man with a power saw aiming at his torso, he punches her in the face slamming her against a guardrail, a metal bar shoots up through her chin and into her brain, and blood bursts from her face as her body bounces and collapses in a heap on the ground.
 A door opens and we see three women and three men chained to a merry-go-round in a cage, with a gun pointing at them and a contraption hooked up to the trigger: a man is told that he must choose two of the six who will live, they begin to scream for mercy, the merry-go-round turns, one person is shot (the bullet bursts through his chest and blood flies everywhere, splattering other people), several others are shot in the chest in sequence (blood sprays, explodes and pours) and screws dig into the hands of the man standing outside (blood pours out).
 A woman clasps a device that looks like bear trap over a man's head and straps his wrists to the chair: the trap has a large hoop in front with two large pegs going into the man's mouth, he panics, uses the bear trap to stab at his hand and cuts off his thumb, blood pours out, and he unhooks the hand restraints and pries the mask off, tearing off a large portion of his cheek.
 A man with shoots another man walking into his office in the chest: we see the wounded man with blood bubbling from his chest, while the other man is grabbed by someone wearing a mask.
 A man rushes toward another man, slitting the man's throat with a small knife (blood bubbles from the victim's throat) and throwing him to the ground, he throws a cup of boiling hot coffee in a woman's face, the woman screams grabbing her face and she reaches for a gun, the man stabs a woman sitting in front of him (blood pours from her neck) and pulls her up while another woman fires five shots into her body (blood explodes from each wound); the man leaps across the room and stabs the shooter in the stomach repeatedly (she gasps for air and blood pours out). A woman holds up a gun and shoots another woman (blood pours from her wounds), and a man shoots the shooter in the chest (blood pours out).
 We see a flashback of a man being crushed in a room as the walls collapse: his body explodes with blood, and another man pries his detached, bloody hand from the ceiling and uses it to place fingerprints over a blood-covered, carved-up body; the man is seen placing the limp in a freezer, removing it from a cooler and carrying it to a blood-covered crime scene, dousing the room with gasoline, lingering over the body of a man that appears to be dead but is not, and lighting a matchbook and dropping it in the floor.
 A blood-covered cadaver is seen on table; the bare chest is cut open, spread apart and the blood-covered insides are seen being dropped onto metal sheets (presumably during an autopsy). A man walks into a crime scene (blood covers the floor), he approaches a male corpse with a large portion of the stomach having been carved away (we see blood-covered flesh) and wearing a blood-covered head-trap that is dug into the skull; we see photos taped to the wall that show close-up shots of flesh carved away from a body, a blood-covered room, and a man wearing a head-trap. A newscast is seen with graphics of a handsaw with blood on the blade and a dead body, covered in blood and with a huge open wound where flesh had been carved. We see snapshots of blood-covered flesh -- a large chunk of flesh, covered in blood, lying on a table. A man holds a picture of a blood-covered body and we see a portion of the body's flesh carved out in a puzzle piece (we see other photos of blood-covered flesh puzzle pieces in a couple of additional scenes). A man pushes a wheelbarrow with the crumpled body of a young man in it (we see a flashback of the young man with a large trap on his head); the man tips over the wheelbarrow and the body flops on the ground, and another man observes and chastises him, saying that he needs to show more respect for the bodies of the dead. We see six blood-covered corpses of men and women littered across a blood-soaked room.
 A pregnant woman is slammed against a wall and pinned between a door and the wall: she screams in pain and we see drops of blood falling on the ground (we learn that this trauma had caused the woman to miscarry). A man struggles to remove shackles from his wrists causing his wrists to become cut and bloodied.
 A man, with bloodied wrists and shirt, walks through a boiler room and winces as his leg brushes against hot metal. A woman and teenage boy awaken in a cage, the woman shouts when they see a huge vat of corrosive acid next to a switch that says, "LIVE" and "DIE," and they watch as acid drips onto the concrete floor and sizzles. A woman walking down a hallway, is grabbed from behind and is then seen lying, unconscious, on the floor of a cage, and she's screaming when she awakens. We see a man struggling to release himself from shackles on his hands and legs, being held to a table.
 A woman has a flashback and we see a puppet's paper maché face being smashed by a hammer as she screams, covered in blood and being dragged from a bed (the pillow is soaked in blood). A man shows a woman a scar on his wrist and the woman looks away.
 We see a man grabbing a man from behind, and placing a bag over the man's head. We see a flash of a woman screaming for her life; her face is covered in blood.
 A man listens to an audio recording of a man and woman being instructed that they must offer a pound of their flesh or they will die, they are screaming in terror and the man says that he would not die for a woman. A man questions a woman about whether she cut off her own arm, and the woman screams and waves her bandaged stump in the air.
 Two men and a woman discuss how an arson had been planned, that the people inside the building had escaped and that the people had later been tracked down by a serial killer and were forced to slaughter one another. A man says that a situation is a "conundrum of carnage." Two men argue, and one shouts at the other, blaming him for giving him a "death sentence" and that he has "killed" him, after the man reveals that he has a deadly illness. Two men discuss a man's terminal cancer: the cancer-stricken man argues saying there is a cure that would inject "suicide genes" into his body that would destroy the cancer cells, and a man tells him that even if the man's cancer was "cured" that it would come back. The ghost of a man and a living woman have a very tense argument which ends when a man begins to shout at the woman, saying that you cannot appreciate life until you are dead. A man and a woman corner a woman and they argue bitterly. A man tells a woman that her husband is dead. A man's voice is heard saying that if a recording is being played that the man must be dead.
 A man begins to cough violently and a woman rushes to put an oxygen mask over his face; he tells the woman that he will be dying soon and that she should not be there to watch it. A bug crawls up a sleeping woman's arm. A woman is shown with scars on her face.
 A woman standing in a cage picks up a tape recorder and throws it to the ground, smashing it to pieces.

PROFANITY 8 - About 38 F-words and its derivatives, 8 scatological terms, 4 anatomical terms, 6 mild obscenities, name-calling (criminal, spineless, whipped), 2 religious profanities, 3 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man pours a drink for a woman and himself and we see the man taking a sip, a woman holds a glass of wine, a woman pours a glass of wine for herself. A man tells a woman that once people are addicts that they will continue to take methadone, never actually overcoming their addiction.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Revenge, torture, manipulation, corruption, death, murder, suicide, health insurance, cancer, death sentences, serial killers, killing sprees, life choices, death of a child, victimization, grief.

MESSAGE - Movies depicting torture are very popular and generate many sequels.

Special Keywords: S1 - V10 - P8 - MPAAR

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