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Samson [2018] [PG-13] - 1.5.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Based on the Old Testament Book of Judges: Samson (Taylor James), a young long-haired Hebrew prince with amazing physical strength is destined to defend his people against their oppressors but his doomed love for a Philistine woman (Frances Sholto-Douglas) leads him to murder, war and disaster. Also with Jackson Rathbone, Caitlin Leahy, Rutger Hauer, Billy Zane and Lindsay Wagner. Directed by Bruce Macdonald. [1:49]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A man and a woman kiss briefly in five scenes and hold hands in three scenes. A man kisses a woman on the cheek.
 A man says about a woman, "She is pleasing to the eye." A man tells a woman's husband that their wedding was not completed and he stood in for the husband, implying that sex had occurred. A man tells another man, "You travel from bed to bed," suggesting promiscuity that we do not see.
 A man appears shirtless in several scenes revealing his bare chest, abdomen, back, shoulders and arms.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - A man using a donkey's jawbone fights 1,000 Philistine soldiers, killing them all with strikes to the head and neck, to the stomach and with kicking, throwing, and punching (we see some blood on his hands and face and blood on one knee of a body lying in a pile of the dead); soldiers swarm the man, but he breaks free and during the ensuing battle, we hear crunching, metal swords clanging, shouting, and the thud of bodies hitting the ground below the frame as a long shot shows dead soldiers covering a large area of ground (the first man falls to his knees and cries).
 At a palace party, a king brings out a blinded slave whose blindfold has turned black with dried blood and we see dried blood on his face, chest, neck, arms and back as his hands are chained together and placed in a pulley to raise him off his feet and people mock and laugh at him as a guard whips his back, which is faced away from the camera; he pushes two large pillars apart until they break, walls tilt and people scream and run as a boulder falls on a man after he shouts, "Kill the prisoner!" (no blood is seen); a huge statue falls just before all the walls of the palace and courtyard crumble into dust (we hear that the prisoner died, but his brother escaped and we see him gather an army to prepare for future battles).
 A woman finds a wounded man lying on a road with red dots of blood where arrows had been in his chest and back; she takes him home where he recovers and she drugs his drink (please see the Substance Use category for more details) and he wakes up minus his hair and facing soldiers armed with shields and swords; when he strikes out at a shield he hurts his hand and he is taken to a dungeon where a man heats a sword that he pushes into each of the man's eyes and the victim is chained around the wrists and clubbed in the stomach and whipped on the back, drawing some blood.
 A man argues with a second man, who plunges a long sword into a man's thick garment at the waist; the first man grabs the blade and punches the other man unconscious with his free hand and when a soldier feels the fallen man for a pulse and says, "He's dead!" many soldiers with swords drawn charge the first man but he kills them all with powerful punches.
 A priest praises a pagan god as villagers bring most of their agricultural crops to a temple; later, an elderly man asks for some of the food to be returned and a soldier grabs him from behind as he faces the camera, stabbing a wide sword into his back and the victim falls below the frame with a thud (no blood is seen) as a woman cries loudly. A man and an elderly man are killed when struck by long arrows on a road and they fall off-screen (we hear thuds, but see no blood). A man demands the release of his wife from a man who is standing on a high wall; the prince has her thrown over the wall to a point off-screen and we hear that she died. A man stands close to his father and pulls out a knife, which he stabs into his father's side (the man falls below the frame and the camera cuts to the dead man, face down, with blood on his hand). Two men kneel on steps, the camera pans up and back, and another man beheads them with a sword striking below the frame (we see no blood and do not hear the heads hit the floor).
 Soldiers accost villagers, punching and kicking men and women until a man walks into the scene and soldiers tie his hands together and place his head on a tree stump but he rises before an ax man's axe can come down to cut through his neck and breaks his bonds (we see blood on his nose and lips), grabs a donkey's jawbone and slices a man on the face (we see blood drip down his cheek and later he is shown with a long scar under the eye and a bandage on the eye which later looks healed). A man is shot with two large arrows in the back and two in the chest; he breaks them off and we see dots of blood.
 A man sees a lion in the woods and it charges him, knocking him down; the man struggles and breaks its neck, killing it (we later see the lion's carcass with bees buzzing around it and most of the flesh gone from the skeleton).
 A man throws a cart into a group of five soldiers and runs away; he grabs a shield and knocks out several additional soldiers with it as two women giggle and look on in admiration when he fights off several more soldiers, punching them unconscious and tossing one off a cliff out of the frame. Soldiers kick and punch people in a village, including an elderly woman. A man wearing armor knocks several smaller men unconscious in a fight contest, another large man battles him and is felled after several blows but gets back up and beats the armored man unconscious, and then raises a boulder to kill the man, but tosses it away. A man slams a goblet down onto a table and grabs a woman by the throat, threatens her and leaves. A man grabs a woman around the throat and slams her against a stone wall, threatening to kill her husband. A man has a soldier hold a long knife under a woman's throat.
 A man shouts, "Kill the Hebrew!" A man shouts, "Bring me his head!" We hear that Philistines were enslaving and killing many Hebrews in 1170 BC and that one Hebrew was rumored to have supernatural strength and invincibility. A prince threatens to cut out the tongues of Hebrews. A man's father shouts at his adult son and calls him names. A woman shouts at two men to kill a man and a woman. A woman says that her mother was killed when the woman was a child. The legs of a boy walk across the screen and he carries a sling by his side; he stops to look at a giant soldier in the middle distance, and the scene ends as a voice over states that the boy killed the giant and saved Israel.
 A man makes torches of wheat shafts and burns down a prince's fields at night; we see trails of fire fill the screen. A man grabs a crash bar on a heavy door in a city wall, breaks the door free and carries it away. A man pours a pitcher of yellow oil over another man's head. A man smashes a small statue of a pagan god.
 A man spits out a small piece of bread, which is thrown off-screen. A man tastes something on a lion's bone and finds that it is honey.

LANGUAGE 1 - Name-calling (barbarian, insane, senile, child, boy, babies, weak, fools, Hebrew, Hebrew champion), 11 religious exclamations (Your God Is Weak, You Were Chosen By God, I Serve The Living God, Let Them Witness The Strength Of The Living God, Lord Give Me Your Strength, Lord Hear My Prayer, You Are My Savior Lord, God Is With Us, Praise Be To Dagon).

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman pours a powder into the beverage of a man and the scene cuts to the man asleep on the floor as the woman cuts off his hair. A party features men and women holding wine goblets and a man drinks from his, many men and women drink wine in an inn, a man says that he does not drink but accepts a goblet of wine that he drinks from and spits out white material to a point below the frame, a man drinks wine at breakfast, a man drinks from a wineskin in a cave and then throws and breaks the container against a wall.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - The Book of Judges, history of ancient Israel, supernatural powers, murder, torture, loss, greed, regret, grief, rage, revenge, following one's calling, siblings, relationships, love, lust, manipulation, truth, making amends, defeating evil.

MESSAGE - Samson turned obstacles into victory to save Israel from its enemies.

Special Keywords: S1 - V5 - P1 - MPAAPG-13

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