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The Rum Diary [2011] [R] - 7.5.7



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Based on the novel by Hunter S. Thomspon: An American journalist (Johnny Depp) moves to Puerto Rico in the 1950s to work, and his various encounters with locals and business tycoons lead him to develop his own voice as a writer. Also with Giovanni Ribisi, Aaron Eckhart, Amber Heard and Richard Jenkins. Directed by Bruce Robinson. [2:00]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A man uses a telescope to spy on a man and a woman engaged in sex: we see the shadowy outline of the man and woman having sex while partially under water and the woman leans back as she thrusts against the man (the outline of her bare breasts are visible).
 We see a man showering and his bare chest is partially visible; a fully clothed woman opens the shower curtain, they kiss passionately, moments later he has a towel wrapped around his waist and he and the woman kiss passionately, he lifts her shirt off, she unhooks her bra, she straddles him (her bare back and the side of her bare breast are visible) and they kiss passionately until interrupted by loud shouting from a recorded speech coming from another room.
 A man and a woman dance seductively on a crowded dance floor as a man watches them jealously; the dancing man takes off his shirt, his bare back and chest are visible and then unzips the woman's dress (we see a small portion of her bare back and part of her underwear). In a bar, we see women dancing with men and one woman takes a man's arm and leads him away as she shimmies in front of him. A man makes a crude joke that he is sexually interested in a man while he is sitting on the other man's lap as they drive a car; the man sitting down begins to thrust his hips in order to make the car go faster, but it looks like the man is thrusting in a sexual manner.
 It is implied that a woman is skinny-dipping and we see a wavy outline of her bare body under the water (no nudity is directly visible). We see a woman wearing a gauzy dress and the outline of her bare back and buttocks are seen under the dress; a man stares at the woman's backside and another man remarks that the woman needs to change her clothes. A man's bare chest and back are visible on multiple occasions, including as he wakes up and walks around a hotel room wearing boxer-style underwear, when he is seen wearing a bathing suit, and when his robe is partially open and in a photograph of a man wearing a bathing suit. A man and woman are seen in their bathing suits, the woman's back is exposed in her tight one-piece and we see the man's chest and back. Women on a parade float are seen dancing and wearing bikinis and short skirts. A woman wears a pair of tight shorts and a cleavage-exposing bikini top.
 A man and a woman stand very close to one another, the woman has her arm around the man's waist and he pulls away as they are about to kiss. A man makes a seductive face at another man while they share a jail cell, and we see the man wink and pucker his lips in the direction of the other man, who turns away. A man wakes up and discovers lipstick smeared on his face; he looks around for a woman in his hotel room but no one is there.
 A man asks another man to look at his genitals and another man offers to look at his genitals using a mirror; a man uses a mirror to look at the man's genitals (no nudity is visible) and makes a crude remark implying the man has an erection (no nudity is visible).
 An older man makes a crude remark that a man had been "raped to death." A man remarks that he does not go into bathrooms shared with sailors, in reference to being raped. A man makes a crude remark comparing a business to a person who will not leave from under your body after completing a sexual act. A man crudely asks a woman to cast a curse that would make a man's genitals fall off. A man and a woman make a series of remarks about a boat to a man and the remarks are unintentionally sexual, causing the man to blush. Men make a toast, "To beautiful women with dirty thoughts." A man tells another man that a woman sunbathes in the nude and that locals on the beach often watch her as a "tourist attraction." A man crudely tells another man that a woman is having sex with a different man.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - A man shouts and lunges toward a woman and a man that are dancing, two men grab the man and pull him back, a third man punches the man in the nose and blood is seen on the man's nose and hand when he puts his hand to his face; the injured man continues to shout as two men pull him out of the bar.
 We see a small cut on a man's neck and a small dribble of blood is visible; we later see the man with dried blood under his nose and blood on his shirt collar.
 A man hangs out of the open roof of a car, spits moonshine from his mouth and sets it on fire, aiming the fire at men in a car next to him; he spits multiple flames at the men and the hat and face of one of the men catches on fire (we later see the man recovering with bumpy skin and burnt off facial hair).
 Several men in a convertible chase two other men in a car; the men in the convertible shout angrily, and the two cars dart back and forth trying to drive one another off the road, until the convertible is at the side of the other car with a man hanging off the side swinging a machete and another man throws a rock through the other car's windshield causing the driver to spin the car around.
 Two men watch as police officers attack a crowd of protesters: we hear shouts and see a police officer shove a man to the ground and hit him with a club. A man is pinned to the ground by a police officer and his hands are handcuffed behind his back. A man walks into a large crowd of shouting protesters and we see the protesters hitting their fists against a slow-moving car driving through the crowd as well as throwing fruit and vegetables at the car.
 Two men are arrested and we later see them in court: the charges are read in un-translated Spanish, a man explains that the two men are charged with throwing gasoline on a police officer and resisting arrest, the judge threatens the men, saying that going to jail would be very serious; one of the men says that he had not set a police officer on fire and we see the police officer with a partially charred face and burnt off eyebrows and facial hair.
 On two occasions we see two roosters fight: they lunge toward one another, and we hear squawking and see feathers fly as men make bets in the background. A rooster lunges toward another rooster, and it is implied one of the roosters dies as the other is lifted up and carried away as the winner. During a rooster fight we see a rooster shove another rooster out of the fighting ring and we see roosters trying to attack and lunge at one another.
 Two men drive a small car down a flight of stairs and they shout as they crash through the door of a building; they are unharmed. A man and woman scream as they drive rapidly down a road, and the man slams on the brakes moments before the car drives off the end of a dock; the man and the woman get out of the car and both visibly shaken.
 A man ducks and looks around surprised when a series of explosions are heard; a man explains that they are on an island where the military tests guns and explosives and we continue to hear loud explosions. A man breaks a series of liquor bottles used as bowling pins.
 An inebriated man shouts that he is going to shoot an older man, crudely describing how he envisions the older man's organs flying through the air. A man shouts at several other men, threatening them that the next time he catches the men trespassing he will talk to them using a 12-gauge shotgun. On multiple occasions we see two men shouting at one another: an older man shouts angrily at a man, and the man gets very close to the man's face and makes significant threats against the older man, who shouts and storms away. An older man shouts at a man and chases him out of a room as they shout at one another. A man makes threats about killing a man. A man shouts at another man as he throws clothing over a fence and then throws a suitcase into a bush. A man shouts angrily at another man. A man shouts angrily, saying that he will put on records of Adolf Hitler's speeches. Two men shout at one another. A man shouts at another man.
 A man tells another man that a man had been "raped to death." A man tells another man that if Kennedy would be elected that he would "not be allowed to live." A man shouts that a country should be "bombed off the face of the Earth." A man tells an older man that a tanker filled with acid had sunk in a harbor, killing all of the fish and halting the local fishing economy and forcing children to dig through junkyards. A man tells another man that he has conjunctivitis; we see the man's eye earlier, bloodshot from excessive alcohol consumption. A man tells another man that several people might have stripped a car, saying that he had heard of the group of people stripping a train car in a few seconds. A woman remarks that an area is "not safe." A man tells two other men that he has a hermaphrodite witchdoctor who digs up freshly buried graves and uses the organs to cast spells.
 An inebriated man vomits as he is handcuffed to two other men, who look disgusted (we hear the heaving sounds and see the white mucus vomit leave the man's mouth); the man vomits two times and then passes out on the ground. An older man tells another man a crude analogy about a group of men sitting in a Jacuzzi with feces floating to the top. An older man spits as he stubs out a cigar butt. A man drinks water out of a dirty fishbowl. We see a woman spit repeatedly on a chicken inside a cage; she then uses a bunch of feathers tied together to lightly hit the chicken cage and then her back.

PROFANITY 7 - About 27 F-words and its derivatives, 4 sexual references, 9 scatological terms (2 mild), 6 anatomical terms, 14 mild obscenities, 2 racial slurs, name-calling (useful as a dug up body, mink, greasy little rat, locusts, beasts of obesity, great whites, Swedish twerp, worthless, hygienically unacceptable, waste of human sp*rm, ingrate besotted with his own insolence, filthy w*ore beast, vividly average, losers, commie, girl of the swamp, criminals, Yankees, drunken anarchy, manipulative, filthy animal face, fat man, mouth like an AP wire, glum, junkie, unforgivably ugly, accusatory giblet, fool, everything wrong with a newspaper, garbage, weird, crook, clapped out cash register, happy maggot, greasy moron), exclamations (shut mouth), multiple obscenities and name calling in un-translated Spanish, 1 religious profanity, 13 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Two men take a drug that another man called "extremely powerful" and which will allow them to "see different realities" and when the men drip the liquid drug into their eyes they experience strange hallucinations (one man imagines that a lobster is talking and that a man's tongue grew extremely long and was going to choke him), and a man chews multiple aspirins. Throughout the film we see men drinking alcohol in excess and to the point of extreme inebriation, we see men drinking moonshine liquor drained from the filters used to filter rum, a man tells another man that a liquor is "435 proof," two men drink moonshine liquor while in a car and while one of them is driving, a man drinks liquor in the back of a taxi, two men drink while in a car, a man appears incredibly drunk throughout the movie and he is seen drinking moonshine and hard liquor as well as almost always having a beer in his hand, a man drinks moonshine and lights it on fire when he spits it out, two men drink alcohol while under the influence of a hallucinatory drug, a man tells a woman that she is drunk, a woman jokes that everyone is drunk, men and women are seen drinking in bars and at parties and with dinner, men discuss the frequent drinking habits of another man, a man tells another man that a man's brain has been eaten away by alcohol, a man tells another man that he expects the man to not drink in excess, and a man makes a comment about a man experiencing drinking-related eye redness. Throughout the movie we see men smoking cigarettes and cigars almost constantly, women are seen occasionally smoking cigarettes, and cigarette butts and burnt-out cigarettes are seen throughout the movie.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Alcoholism, tabloid journalism, 1950s Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican statehood, picketers, protesters, government corruption, Hunter S. Thompson, fidelity in relationships, tourism, corruption of natural resources.

MESSAGE - Life experiences can lead a person to determine their own ethical standards.

Special Keywords: S7 - V5 - P7 - MPAAR

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