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Rough Night [2017] [R] - 7.6.9



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A bride-to-be (Scarlett Johansson) and her friends (Jillian Bell, Zoë Kravitz, Ilana Glazer and Kate McKinnon) have a bachelorette party in Miami and they accidentally kill a male stripper. They then carry the corpse around all night, trying to avoid being arrested. Also with Demi Moore, Ty Burrell, Colton Haynes, Paul W. Downs, Tyan Cooper, Dean Winters and Bob the Drag Queen. Directed by Lucia Amniello. A few lines of dialogue are spoken in Spanish without subtitles, an educational DVD in Spanish is played with translations given and a line of dialogue is spoken in French without subtitles or translation. [1:40]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A married couple asks a younger woman to have sex with them and she declines, but changes her mind and we see them on a couch as the wife kisses the younger woman and the husband gasps, and he kisses his wife passionately for several seconds while rubbing the younger woman's face with one hand; the younger woman asks for video of their encounter and the married couple pulls off the younger woman's sweater (we see her bra, cleavage and abdomen), the wife moves to the groin area of the younger woman below the frame and her eyes widen as the camera cuts to a house where women watch the sex using binoculars (we do not see their view) and we hear several female screams off camera; we later see the three people sit up from below the frame, all gasping (we only see their heads).
 Several women order a male stripper and he removes his jacket and tank top (we see his bare chest and abdomen) as he performs a writhing lap dance close to the face of one of the women; he takes her hands and rubs them down his chest, saying, "You know you want it, you little slut" as she grimaces and says, "No!" rushing across a room to sit with a friend.
 A policeman (who's actually a stripper) enters a house and pushes a clothed woman facing into a wall, and then rubs her buttocks and breasts from behind; she thinks she's being arrested and sexually abused and hits him (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details), his suit rips apart at the breakaway seams and the attacked woman says that she can recognize the man's genitals from an ad, as she seems to look into his Speedo (we cannot see the genital area) and says it is him. In a club, several women rub buttocks together as they dance and then hug; four of the women take the stage and dance while slapping their own rear ends and the buttocks of the woman next to each of them.
 A woman brings phallus-shaped things to a party, including pasta, straws, sunglasses and candy; a woman sucks on one of the straws when it is stuck unto a bottle of wine. A vibrator that is hidden under a mattress whines several times, but we never see it. A rental house has a closet with a big black leather chair hung from the ceiling with chains. Five women put a dead body in a chair hanging in a closet and put a plastic penis on his nose.
 A woman sits on a toilet (we see one of her bare buttocks, a thigh, both knees and lower legs pressed together) while telling three other women that she enjoyed having sex with a married couple, but especially with the wife. A woman tells another woman that she left her for a man and broke her heart; the second woman says she got a divorce. A woman tells another woman, "Don't flirt with me." A woman says that she has not shaved and "It's like a jungle down there." A woman tells a man that she tapes deodorizing flowers in her bra. A woman tells a friend that two women going to a restroom together is a hetero thing. A woman tells a friend that a woman across the room is fixated on another woman's cleavage, but we do not see any staring. A man tells another man to join the Tinder website and find a woman for sex (he declines).
 An older couple sits on their porch, the man wearing Speedo-type trunks only and the woman wears a bikini bottom only, with her long hair covering her shoulders and breasts. In a shower with frosted glass, we can see a blurred outline of a woman's back, buttocks and thighs briefly. A woman wearing a jersey dress at a wedding reveals the outlines of nipples through the cloth. Two men are shown wearing Speedo-type trunks in several scenes (we see bare chests, backs and abdomens with bulges at the groin areas). A woman rubs hair waxing tape over her bare thigh several times fast to loosen the adhesive. A man wears a shirt and an adult diaper to drive a long distance; we see him finish taping the diaper at his waist, above bare thighs and he never puts on trousers. A fraternity party shows many men and women wearing costumes, including women wearing one-piece bathing suits (we see cleavage and bare thighs), one man wears a groin bag attached to his shoulders with straps in a V-configuration (we see bare chest and thighs above a low table), two women wear huge stuffed bellies and when they stand together and the bellies look like breasts wearing a bra. A party shows a few shirtless men and several women wearing one-piece bathing suits and bikinis (we see cleavage, bare abdomens, and bare thighs up to the high-cut leg openings). Four women wear short dresses that reveal bare legs up to mid-thigh. A woman wears legless shorts and a sleeveless crop-top sweatshirt that reveals part of her bare abdomen.
 Four women line up for a picture, each bent over at the waist and three of them with one cheek resting on the next woman's clothed buttock. A man and a woman kiss briefly after their wedding. Two women hug and hold hands.
 A woman smells her own armpit in her sleeveless shirt.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - At a party with five women, a man sits in a straight back chair as one woman runs across the room and jumps into his lap, knocking him over and causing his head to hit a stone fireplace ledge; the man dies with his eyes open and we see a pool of blood spread under his head on the floor (a woman sees this and gags). A woman closes the eyes of a dead man with two fingers and they pop open causing several other women to screech.
 A woman fights with a robber in a bathroom, spraying hairspray into his eyes, taping his mouth, and handcuffing him to a sink; she takes his gun and points it at another robber, then jumps over the rail, on top of the robber and they fight with slaps and head-butts; he pushes a curtain rod into her throat, but she takes it away, knocks him unconscious with it and when he revives another woman is able to pick up a handgun and shoot the robber in the leg (no blood shows) as a man drives through a wall and knocks the robber unconscious with his car. A woman punches and head-butts a policeman who turns out to be a male stripper and knocks him unconscious (we see a knot on his forehead later). Two robbers enter a house, pretending to be detectives and they point handguns at four women and tie them into a circle with a man. An unconscious man wakes up and shouts at a woman, "I will not be your drug mule!" as he punches and kicks awkwardly at her and misses; a man with a gun enters the room and tells them both to shut up. Five women scream and shout in fear and argue about what they should do with a dead body.
 Five women and a dead man ride in a car, they hit a bump and the front end of the car falls off, while the body flies over the top of the car and lands on the pavement; the women push the body back to a house in the car and load him onto a jet ski that is used to take him into the ocean; the body washes back onto the beach and the women hide it in a bedroom.
 A woman speeds a jet ski toward a beach, hits the sand, and is thrown over the vehicle, slapping the sand hard; she gets up, staggers, falls and crawls away. A large dog shows teeth and barks through a glass wall into a house at night until a woman goes out and we hear a crunch; she comes back in and we see four large red holes in her arm with a trickle of blood from where we assume she was bitten and we later see the arm wrapped in gauze.
 Five women scrub a house with bleach, put a dead body in a chair hanging in a closet (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details) and put a plastic penis on his nose. Five women move a dead body to the garage and later sit him in a small car, squeeze themselves into it as well and drive down a street. Five women wipe up a pool of blood on a floor using towels and one woman slides and falls (she's unhurt); we see a wide smear of blood several feet across the floor. A pizza delivery man sees a smear of blood on a floor and runs away. A woman has a bruise on her chin and a man has a couple of red scratches on his forehead. Women in a club disgust a man by talking about tampons and one of the women says that you should talk about a tampon to get a man to leave you alone; a woman says that she donated menstrual blood to a neighbor for a science project. A woman tells a man she just urinated in the back seat of his taxi, but she did not. At a party a woman eats a cracker that was stuck in another woman's hair. A woman eats the SIM card from her cellphone. A man burps and says he will be sick, but does not vomit. A woman wearing a short dress walks into an apartment, squats so that we see her underwear and indicates that she will urinate on the floor (we do not see or hear any urine as the scene ends). A woman vomits a shot of liquor toward the camera and onto a bar before reaching for another drink, but friends stop her; she says, "It smells like barf in here."
 A man swallows several Haldol capsules and drives over the speed limit as he drinks energy drinks and listens to heavy metal music; when he is pulled over, the driver walks a straight line, recites the alphabet backwards quickly and does gymnastics. A woman pops a bottle of champagne in an airport causing others to run and scream, with some throwing themselves onto the floor -- the pop sounded like gunfire. A woman on a stage, dancing with others, falls backward and no one catches her; she is not hurt, but is embarrassed.
 A woman says that everyone in America carries a gun. A woman shouts, "This country should be burned to the ground!" A woman says, "A guy cooked his girlfriend and ate her."

PROFANITY 9 - About 31 F-words and its derivatives, 4 obscene hand gestures, 32 sexual references, 27 scatological terms, 14 anatomical terms, 17 mild obscenities, 1 derogatory term for African-Americans, name-calling (idiot, stupid, pigs, Kookoos), exclamations (shut-up, oh my gosh, oh shoot), 1 religious profanity (GD), 56 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, Thank God, Jesus Christ, Holy [scatological term deleted], Jesus). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - The sash of an adult's girl scout costume includes three marijuana leaves, five women snort cocaine in a washroom (we see powder go up their noses and they cough, sneeze, wipe their noses, and talk fast), five women snort cocaine in a bar (they snort and rub their noses), five women snort cocaine in a house (they talk fast and one woman curses), a woman tries to snort up all the leftover cocaine and accidentally smears it across her face, a man reminds a woman that they once took Xanax and slept for 16 hours, a man buys some meth and snorts a small amount before selling the rest to another man, a man swallows several Haldol capsules and drives over the speed limit as he drinks energy drinks and listens to heavy metal music, five women smoke a marijuana cigarette and blow smoke rings, a woman lights a marijuana cigarette and blows smoke into another woman's face, and a woman says that she smoked some sort of drug on an excursion and became "darty." A woman spits a ping pong ball into a plastic cup of beer a few feet away from her, men and women drink from cups of beer, five women go drinking and we see them chug shots of clear liquor, a woman vomits a shot toward the camera and onto the bar before reaching for another drink, five women dance in a club where they drink from short glasses of clear liquor as they dance, five men at a winetasting sip from glasses of wine and several additional glasses of wine are seen on their table, a woman pours and drinks a glass of wine in a house where three more bottles are seen on a table, a woman says into a phone that she is drunk and that she lost two credit cards, a woman is handed a drink (she does not drink it), and men and women at a wedding hold glasses of alcoholic drinks (they do not drink from them).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Wedding celebrations, out-of-control drinking, illegal drug use, risk taking, accidental death, hiring strippers, maintaining friendships, conflict, danger, crime, working together, jealousy, understanding, admiration, respect, love.

MESSAGE - Out-of-control bachelorette parties can lead to serious problems.

Special Keywords: S7 - V6 - P9 - MPAAR

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