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R.I.P.D. [2013] [PG-13] - 4.6.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A cop (Ryan Reynolds) that has second thoughts after stealing gold from police evidence can't convince his partner to do the same and pays the ultimate price. But after his death he is recruited by the Rest in Peace Department, whose task it is to rid the planet of the dead who have not moved on, and he partners with a surly lawman from the 1800s (Jeff Bridges), who has his own ideas about the best way to do their job. Also with Kevin Bacon, Mary-Louise Parker, Stephanie Szostak, James Hong, Marisa Miller, Robert Knepper and Mike O'Malley. Directed by Robert Schwentke. [1:36]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - A man wearing a tank top sleeps in bed and his wife, wearing a T-shirt and bikini-style panties, approaches the bed and jumps on top of him; they wrestle playfully, kiss and she straddles him (we see her bare thighs and legs) while making a remark about not letting him leave (sex is implied). A woman approaches a man and bites the end of his beard and he makes a comment about that being "a thing we do" (sex is implied).
 A woman is shown pressed against a bus windshield and we see her cleavage. A man in a police station locker room is shown with a towel wrapped around his waist (we see his bare chest and abdomen), he removes the towel and other men react with shock and make remarks about his genitals (we do not see below the waist). Several scenes feature a woman wearing a tight-fitting, low-cut and short dress that reveals cleavage, and legs and the camera lingers on her clothed buttocks in one scene. A large man/monster with his large abdomen hanging out of his shirt and over his waistband runs through a street and up the side of a building; when he leaps off the side of a truck and onto the building we see his bare buttocks cleavage and upper buttocks and a portion of his thong underwear (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details); we see this scene again later. A man is shown wearing a bathrobe that hangs open and reveals his bare chest (a remark is made about how hairy he is).
 A man touches a woman's chin lovingly. Two men ogle a woman wearing a short, low-cut and tight-fitting dress (cleavage, bare arms and shoulders and legs are seen). A man admires a woman's ankles; she is wearing a very short skirt and her full legs are seen.
 A man tells a woman, "You have magnificent breasts." A man and a woman make remarks throughout the movie that give the impression that they have had a sexual relationship. A man says, "I bought my love by the hour." A man talks about stealing gold to "pay for lap dances." When a man approaches a woman in a bar she tells him to "respect me or I'll castrate you like a 3 year old steer." A woman (whose actually a man) talks to a man and he acts flirtatiously while offering her a drink. A man says that another man's name sounds like an "STD." A man asks another man about his wife's ankles and the other man becomes angry and tells him never to talk about his wife again. A man makes a remark about another man "scrubbing the porn off your laptop." A man makes a couple of comments suggesting that another man is having sex with another man's wife. A man tells another man that a "coyote made love to my skull" and the other man says, "I hope it got both eyes."

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - Police and SWAT vehicles speed toward a warehouse, they crash through a fence and armed officers approach the building; one officer shoots the door open with a shotgun and others enter the building shooting people inside; gunfire is exchanged and we see some people being struck (no blood is evident); we see explosions and flames shoot into the air while men yell and continue shooting at each other and one officer chases a man onto a catwalk and loses him out a window; another officer approaches and shoots the first officer in the chest (we see a bit of blood on his vest) causing him to fall off the catwalk and down several floors, hitting his head on the way down and landing on his neck at the bottom.
 A monster stabs a woman in the back with a metal pole and she falls to the ground where we see her abdomen bleeding until she falls still. A monster shoots a Gattling gun toward officers until the gun jams (no one appears to be struck). An officer with a handgun shoots several monsters that explode (we see a cloud of dust and matter). A man shoots a monster in the face and he explodes.
 A piece of construction equipment slams into a helicopter mid-flight and we see the chopper swirl out of control (we do not see it crash). After a man falls to his death he gets up and moves through a scene that has stopped in time and we see police officers that have been shot and are being thrown through the air, and we see vehicles thrown into the air by explosions and men being thrown by the blast (no blood is evident).
 A man and a monster fight and they throw each other around until one pins the other on the ground and pounds him on the head with a boulder (no damage is evident) and then two cinder blocks. A man throws another man in front of a bus; we see him as a female pressed against the bus windshield (he/she is unharmed). A man pushes another man out a window and rides him like a horse as they fall many stories, crashing into buildings on the way down. A man grabs another man by the throat and shoves him into a chair, then hits him in the head with a metal sign (no injuries are evident). A man punches another man in the face three times and he falls to the ground (no injuries are evident). Two men and a monster in an elevator crash through the roof of an office building and crash on top (we see no injuries).
 A monster struggles with police and tries to free himself from his handcuffs; he throws officers, desks and chairs and yells until an officer shoots him and he disintegrates. A large man/monster with his large abdomen hanging out of his shirt and over his waistband runs through a street and up the side of a building (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details) while being chased by two men with guns; one man shoots at the man/monster and we see several cars flipping in the air as one lands on top of the man with the gun (he gets up and appears unharmed); we see this scene again later and the monster runs up the side of a building, is shot in the buttock by a harpoon-like gun that drags the shooter at the other end of a tether up the side of the building and along a street (while crashing into things) before crashing through an office building window and running through offices (people in the building run and scream).
 A man/monster transforms into his monster self and we see his mouth and jaw stretch to enormous proportions; he also develops additional fingers on one hand, and while being handcuffed he pulls a fridge door off the hinges and hits an officer in the head with it, and then pulls his own arm off (no blood, just grunting and tearing) and jumps out of a window (we see him hit other buildings before crashing to the ground and then gets back up). A man/monster transforms into his monster self and we see his skull split at the top and huge blackened gashes appear on his face.
 An officer uses a monster's disembodied arm to strike the monster several times before another officer shoots it. A man points a gun at a man/monster before the house they are in begins to break apart (no one is harmed). An orb explodes causing all non-monsters to freeze in time.
 A man puts a gun to another man's chin and walks with him; another man opens a freezer door and hits him in the face before pushing him into the freezer where the two men question him (no injuries are shown and we see meat carcasses hanging in the freezer). A man puts a gun to another man's head (he does not shoot). A man is branded on the chest with a badge and a number (we see the flesh glow red and then turn black and he grimaces). A man threatens a man/monster and says, "You don't want to get popped."
 A huge, swirling cloud sucks things into it as it moves through a city and causes destruction; a parking garage falls apart and cars plunge toward the street and a car with two men inside are nearly crushed. A wall and a door appear to be covered with slime and decay. Monsters can be identified by the destruction that appears around them (lights flickering, decay, odor, etc.)
 Monsters jump on a car as a man speeds through streets; some monsters are thrown off and on is slammed into a wall (we do not see the damage). A man drives a car recklessly and does not watch the road in a few scenes; he runs into things and nearly hits people in a couple of scenes. A man watches his own funeral, approaches his wife who doesn't recognize him and others pull him away when he lunges at another man.
 We see several monsters throughout the movie and they are usually very large with distorted faces, and some have multiple eyes; one has an extremely large gaping mouth and two sets of fingers on one hand; one's head is split at the skull and he has deep gashes in his face (no blood); one has a blackened eye socket that appears to be empty like the eye was burned out of the socket.
 A man eats sloppily and talks with his mouth full of food while a man/monster watches and gags as if he will vomit (he does not). A dead man (no evidence of wounds) is pulled up toward a swirling tunnel in the sky along with other people and he is slammed hard into a chair in a room with a woman behind a desk.
 A man talks about watching coyotes "pick my carcass clean and drag it off into a cave" after he died. A man talks about his partner shooting him in the back. A man tells another man, "Don't wet your pants over it." A man tells another man, "You're dead." Two men talk about taking gold from police evidence and one appears to regret having done so. A man talks about wearing his grandmother's St. Christopher medal for protection. A man makes a comment about the Killing Fields. A woman talks about something causing the "dead to rain down on the Earth." A couple of references are made to "soul stank." A sign reads, "don't be dead broke."

PROFANITY 5 - 1 possible F-word, 1 not fully enunciated F-word (Oh F...), 3 obscene hand gestures, 20 scatological terms, 10 anatomical terms (1 mild), 19 mild obscenities, 2 derogatory term for Native Americans, name-calling (genius, strange, weird, bimbo, creepy, dirty cop, shot in the face cop, deados, sick, honey pot, rookie, Grandpa Chen, cockup, sweetie pie, doll face, Panda Express, ginger, self-righteous, weirdness, 2 cent whores), exclamations (shut up), 5 religious exclamations (e.g. Jesus, Sweet Jesus, Oh Christ). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man/monster snorts a handful of cumin, and police officers speed to a warehouse after receiving information about a drug manufacturing operation. A man offers a woman (actually a man) a drink and she accepts (we do not see them drink).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Death, monsters, love, marriage, drug manufacturing and selling, regret, angst, disappointment, judgment, closure, death of a loved one, humiliation, finding the truth, apocalypse, human sacrifice, honor, doing the right thing.

MESSAGE - Don't give up on trying to uncover bad guys even if you're dead.

Special Keywords: S4 - V6 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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