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Rio 2 [2014] [G] - 1.3.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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After discovering that there might be more Blue Macaws in the Amazon jungle, Blue (Jesse Eisenberg) and his family leave the comfort of Rio to search them out. Also with Kristin Chenoweth, Jemaine Clement, Jim Conroy, Rachel Crow, Miguel Ferrer, Jamie Foxx, Pierce Gagnon, Andy Garcia, Jeffrey Garcia, Bebel Gilberto, Jason Harris, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, Leslie Mann, Bruno Mars, Sergio Mendes, Natalie Morales, Rita Moreno, Tracy Morgan and Directed by Carlos Saldanha. [1:41]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A frog kisses a bird all over its face and drags it away into the jungle brush while pronouncing her love for him and talking about a honeymoon in Rio; he seems in a panic.
 Two birds kiss while dancing. Two birds hug and the male calls the female "my tasty mango." A husband and his wife hug. A wife caresses her husband's chin. Two birds snuggle.
 A male bird flaps his wings and flexes his chest muscles for a female bird. A male bird dreams about bringing a nut to his significant other and she peels away the flesh of the nut seductively.
 A male bird sings and female birds swoon. A poisonous frog sings a love song to a bird and appears to kiss the bird on the beak while he sleeps. A female bird describes a male bird as "He's so hot."
 Many men and women are shown dancing during a festival scene and the women wear tight-fitting and low-cut dresses that reveal cleavage. A bird's outfit lifts when he falls on the ground and a frog covers her eyes as if the bird is revealing nudity.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A man falls on the ground in front of a large snake and we later see the snake with a swollen belly and it spits out a lollipop that the man had been eating, suggesting that the snake ate the man. A man with a hatchet threatens another man and then throws it toward two birds. A man and a woman are shown tied to a tree and left for the forest creatures to devour.
 A large earth moving machine moves toward a bird standing on the ground and panicking; another bird pulls him to safety. A man stands in front of an earth moving machine as it approaches a line of trees and it stops short of hitting him; the man later faints.
 A man pokes a bird with a stick while trying to get him to perform; the bird has a flashback and we see him in an operating room as a doctor says, "He'll live, but he'll never fly again" (we see some reddened feathers); the bird attacks the man with the stick and then a child holding an ice cream cone (no one appears injured) causing a jar that holds a poisonous frog to fall to the ground and shatter (the frog is fine); the bird, an ant eater and the frog run away leaving people screaming at the scene. A man grabs a monkey by the throat and squeezes (the monkey is OK).
 Many forest animals attack men using machines that threaten to cut down their forest; birds swoop around the men, one bird snatches the key to a machine and turns it off, turtles are dropped from the air and crash into men on the ground, and nuts are flung at humans and they run away yelping. A bird flies into the sky carrying a string of lit explosives with another bird clinging to the other end; they explode mid-air and we see the birds charred and hanging upside down, wrapped in vines or rope.
 During a series of auditions, several animals are eaten by other, large animals: a small bird plays a tune on a crocodile's teeth and is then closed in its mouth, several small forest creatures build a pyramid in the water and the lower rows of creatures are eaten by piranhas (we see their flesh stripped and their skeletons remain), and a bird flies into a snake's open mouth and it is spat back out and a bird is snapped out of the air by a crocodile.
 A woman hides in a tall tree and a huge snake slithers across her arm and the back of her neck; the snake falls out of the tree and lands on two men who scream and run away.
 An ant eater spits a poisoned porcupine tine toward two birds hanging from a tree and it sticks into one of the birds who falls to the ground, coughs and presumably dies; a poisonous frog rushes to his side and eats a drop of her own poison before lying back on the dead bird's chest (the frog is not actually poisonous and the two are fine).
 A small bird is shown tied to the stick of a firework and three other birds talk about lighting them; another bird arrives just as a match is being struck and he takes the match, holding it until it singes his feathers and he drops it, lighting his tail feathers on fire, and he accidentally lights the fireworks as he runs around them trying to put out his tail; he frees the small bird but gets caught in the string and is launched into the air with the fireworks and he falls back to the ground with charred feathers, but he is otherwise OK.
 Several birds play a game that looks like soccer in the air and they fly through the air quickly kicking and slapping a ball through a goal; one bird gets close to water and a piranha jumps out and grabs his tail; the bird flicks the fish off and it attaches to another bird that falls off-screen. A bird is catapulted toward another bird and they crash together and to the ground (no harm is done). A bird hits a warning bell on a boat and raises the alarm; humans run around and in the confusion an ant eater is thrown off the boat followed by the bird and a frog jumps to join them (we see them floating on a life preserver attached to the boat).
 A bird chirps wildly trying to communicate to two humans in a canoe that they should row the other way before they are taken through a series of rapids and dropped over a large waterfall; they are waterlogged, but otherwise unharmed. A large bird flies close to a man and a woman knocking them to the ground; they are OK. A man climbs a rope up a tree and many bats fly out of a hole in the tree and around him (he's OK). A monkey hisses at a woman and shows its teeth.
 A large bird holds a skull in his claw while reciting Shakespeare and his talons stick through the empty eye sockets. A bird plucks a tine from the back of a porcupine (he yelps), then drags it across a poisonous frog and puts it in the mouth of an ant eater who then spits it some distance and into a piece of fruit shaped like another bird (it's planning to poison a bird).
 A bird is snatched out of the air and flown some distance before being dropped on the ground where his companions are waiting for him (no harm is done); he holds a Swiss Army knife with the spork tool out to protect himself. A birds bumps into a flower that in the dark resembles a snake with fangs and jumps in fright. Three birds lower a large spider over another bird while he is sleeping and he wakes up with a start. A woman in a tent hears clattering outside and shines a flashlight to reveal a monkey that she shoos away. Several monkeys snatch a bird's belongings and run through trees with them while the bird chases them and retrieves some of the items. A bird falls out of a tree in a couple of scenes and we hear a thud (no injuries are shown).
 A bird flips a pancake through the air and it pins a smaller bird against the wall (the bird appears slightly flattened, but is OK). Opening credits show a squirrel clambering for a nut, and then the surface he is standing on tips to one side and he slides off-screen, screaming. A bird sings during an audition and a light bulb shatters. Many birds sing and fly in a dance number and one bird is struck by a flapping wing (he sits on the side watching).
 We see several piranha in a fish tank and they swarm toward a lollipop that is tossed into the tank by a man. A frog snatches a lightning bug out of the air on its long tongue. While rowing in a canoe in the Amazon, a large fish jumps out of the water near the boat and snatches a butterfly out of the air. A bird snatches a bug out of the air and another bird is revolted by the act. A preserved animal is shown with three arrows sticking out of its backside. An ant eater sticks its long tongue into a glass jar where an ant scurries around.
 A man with a chainsaw cuts down a tree in a forest while other men with machetes cut through the foliage and a couple of scenes show heavy equipment clear cutting a forest. Earth moving machinery pulls down huge trees in a forest using chains and a bird dodges them as they fall.
 Birds talk about creatures of the Amazon including mosquitoes that suck blood, flesh eating piranhas, and snakes that can swallow you whole. A bird says, "I saw it in the droppings." A bird says, "I'll be pooping on your party promptly." A bird talks about food in the forest being scarce.
 A seemingly poisonous frog says that her mother told her never to touch anyone because she was poisonous. A bird accidentally flicks another bird with a branch and the second bird challenges him to a fight in the "pit of doom." A bird threatens another bird in several scenes. A bird tells another bird, "I'm gonna kill you, fanny pack." A bird plots revenge against another bird.
 A dog is shown with drool at the sides of his mouth in most scenes. A dog is sad when his bird friends leave him behind (because he cannot fly). A bird slips on a trail of a dog's saliva. A bird drinks from a stream of water that other birds appear to be bathing in and spits it out. Several small forest animals dance and sing while wagging their tails toward the audience. A bird sings during an audition and drops an egg on the ground from between her legs.

PROFANITY 1 - 1 mild scatological term (Oh, poo!), name-calling (freaks, my tasty mango, sick, lame, evil, lethal, toxic frog, flightless bird, misfits, tree huggers, nature freaks, dumb, you're the evil to my lethal, filthy fowl, jaguar meat, nut job, weird thing, pet, human's pet), 1 religious exclamation (Thank Heavens). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A champagne bottle is opened and glasses are poured at a festival celebration (we do not see anyone drinking).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Family, love, natural habitats, environmentalism, timber industry, the Amazon Rain Forest, adventure, disappointment, not fitting in, endangered ecosystems, revenge, animals raised in captivity vs. those living in their natural habitats.

MESSAGE - Be true to yourself.

Note: A short preceding the feature titled "Almost Home" contains several scenes of aliens (multi-legged and some with horns) traveling in a flying vessel trying to find a new home planet and at each stop they encounter difficulties; a giant worm-like creature with huge teeth bursts out of the ground at their first stop and all of the aliens scamper back onto their ship and leave, on another planet one alien leaves the ship to explore and is snatched up by a large claw (we do not see what happens), another planet's surface is in flames, another is pitch dark, another is occupied by robots that chase the aliens, another planet splits open to reveal many large and pointed teeth as the alien ship approaches and during the hubbub one alien shoves another alien away by pushing his hand in his face (also an alien makes reference to sounding like "I have a hair ball").

Special Keywords: S1 - V3 - P1 - MPAAG

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