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Ride Along 2 [2016] [PG-13] - 5.5.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A bumbling wannabe (Keven Hart) graduates from the Atlanta police academy and wants to become a detective. His future brother-in-law and long-time detective (Ice Cube) is annoyed by his rookie mistakes and unorthodox methods but their boss (Bruce McGill) sends them to Florida to crack a major drug case together. Also with Tika Sumpter, Olivia Munn, Ken Jeong, Sherrie Shepherd and Tyrese Gibson. Directed by Tim Story. [1:41]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A woman dresses provocatively in a tight police shirt and hat, a bra revealing significant cleavage and bikini panties while swinging a night stick and handcuffs; she tells her fiancé, "You're going downtown" and he leaves the room (no sex occurs).
 A close-up of a woman wearing a bikini zooms into her bare buttocks, thighs and large cleavage as water runs over her. On a laptop screen during a chat session with a man, a woman opens a flimsy night gown to reveal her bra and cleavage as she pushes her breasts together and shakes them at the camera; she is then seen wearing a head-toe cat costume and shakes her buttocks toward the camera, turns her face to the lens and meows. A few scenes include women wearing low-cut dresses that reveal a little cleavage. Three party scenes show women wearing short dresses and short shorts; a few women wear bra-like tops that bare moderate cleavage and midriffs. At a party a half-dozen dresses have cut-outs that reveal a lot of cleavage and bare backs. A beach scene and a swimwear store scene include dozens of women wearing bikinis that reveal partial buttocks, bare midriffs and moderate to significant cleavage while a closer shot shows a woman wearing a tight outfit that exposes cleavage. Several men appear shirtless. A bedroom scene shows a man in bed, shirtless, with his fiancé, who is clothed. At a party a man places his head between the bosoms of two women, who press against him for a photo. A man and a woman dance a suggestive salsa number at a party and he rubs his hand over her clothed buttocks and thighs. On a skyscraper at night, the silhouette of a dancing, writhing woman fills the entire wall of windows.
 A woman and her fiancé kiss very briefly.
 A man accuses another man of having sex with his fiancé and the other man denies it. A male police officer says that he will handle all the male and female body parts. A male detective tells a woman that her boyfriend is seeing another woman and has her number in a cell phone with a "nag-you-later" ring tone; she becomes upset. A man says he and his new wife will get busy on their honeymoon. A man says that watching a male detective and a female detective plan an arrest is like watching rams mating. A woman tells her fiancé that she wants "blackhammer"; no sex occurs.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - A man holds a handgun on another man standing against a picture window as we see two shots hit the window from outside and we hear the man fall, apparently dead (we see no blood). A man shoots a gun and a man jumps in the shot's path, taking it in his bulletproof vest; another man picks him up and aims the back of the vest at the shooter and another person kills the shooter (we see a scratch of blood on the shooter's cheek).
 Four men point guns at one another, then lower them; one man shoots another man, who drops quickly, but rises to show he is wearing a bulletproof vest and to shout at the shooter -- he says, "I will reach into your chest and pull out your heart." A man confronts a drug dealer, who points a handgun into his belly as another man drives up, gets out of his car and lunges at several taller men with martial arts moves; handguns are drawn and two detectives knock the arms of the gunmen away as shots fire wildly and one detective is struck in the shoulder and shouts in pain. A man tells another man to kill a police officer; he fails and the first man threatens four of his men with a handgun, then hands the gun to one of the men and tells him to kill the other three as the scene ends (we do not see any killing).
 A man sits in his car and says he smells burnt toast while another man pulls him out as we see a flashing light on a bag of explosive material and the car explodes in tall flames (no one is hurt). Two men find many high powered automatic rifles in shipping containers, the owner of the weapons arrives with several armed men and another man uses a crane on wheels like a forklift to push a rail car from the top of a stack onto the ground, blowing up oil barrels to distract the criminals.
 A gunman speeds away from a shootout and a detective hangs from the passenger door until it falls off (he is not injured), a gunshot in slow motion shatters the window glass and after a short chase the first car drives through a garage wall on the second floor, landing loudly on top of two vehicles parked on the ground, setting off car alarms; we see blood on the driver's face and one detective asks another detective, "Did we kill him?" and the other man replies, "No." A car chase involves three cars with men shooting at a car containing detectives; car windows break out, cars hit some other cars and leave large dents and one car flips end over end in flames and smashes another car in traffic (no injuries are seen); a driver in the chased car imagines a video game and copies the movements, cutting off the remaining two cars to end the chase. A man confronts three detectives, releases them and tricks them into chasing an empty semi-truck they believe is filled with drugs and guns. A man drives a semi-truck through flames and two small passenger trucks chase it, making it ram into a rail car; two men force the semi driver out of the cab.
 A man pulls a gun at a party, shoots out a mirror-glass window that shatters and another man kicks him in the leg to fell him; liquor bottles and glass tables shatter loudly and crash. A man points a gun at a man and then slaps his head with the gun butt. A driver slams on his brakes, causing a man in the back seat to hit his head against the seat and yelp.
 A man steers a large motor boat into another boat in a glancing blow, falls out, and is dragged behind his boat by a cord; he hits two pylons with loud thuds as the scene ends. A foot chase sequence shows a man running through backyards, alleys and streets as another man chases him, falling several times; the second man falls over a fence, smashes through two fences without injury, jumps off a trampoline and falls without injury and falls on trash cans; a child wearing a martial arts uniform punches the second man in the stomach (he gasps) and a fierce dog on a chain barks at him with bared teeth before he falls into a chicken coop and is covered with feathers. A man climbs out a window, falls off a ledge and sees a large alligator snapping at him; he screams, the alligator removes one of the man's shoes in a struggle, he climbs back up onto the ledge and into an office window, where he shouts in fear when he sees a panther shadow and bumps into a suit of armor that clatters.
 A violent video game car chase features a vehicle driving through a sidewalk café of people and crashing into other vehicles with sparks and flames; an elderly woman gets out of a struck car, hits the reckless driver with a ball bat and points a handgun at his head (the camera cuts away and we hear a gunshot as a man playing the game flinches).
 A woman slams a hand on the shoulder of a man at her desk, pulls him out of the chair, pinches his side, and then pinches his neck; he yelps in pain and falls. A woman and a man pinch the sides of a criminal until he falls to the ground. Two detectives handcuff another detective to a bar in a diner and leave to chase a suspect. Disguised as a diplomat and bodyguard, two men punch and slap each other to distract a door guard into letting them into a party. A man accidentally hits another man and a woman in the nose with his kimono sleeves.
 Three detectives receive loud reprimands by phone. Two men argue several times, each accusing the other of trying to kill him. Two men shout very loudly in each other's' faces; one man tells the other man twice, "I hate you!" A woman becomes upset and admits to a detective that a man stole money. A man in a car tells a man and a woman riding with him that thugs want to kill them all. A man shouts, "You tried to kill me!" A man argues with a female wedding planner several times in person and over the phone; he says, "I want to kick you in your sack." A man and a woman climb on chairs, arguing and he climbs on the dining room table, hits the chandelier and falls into a shelving unit, wrecking it with loud crashing sounds, but is uninjured.
 A man at a beach removes some half-eaten nachos from a trash can and sees hair on them, but eats one. A man at a party pretends to gag and vomit (he does not vomit) to distract a man, and then knocks him unconscious.

PROFANITY 5 - At least 1 F-word and 1 whispered derivative, 29 scatological terms, 22 anatomical terms (one computer password that represents breasts), 37 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, irrational, idiot, dwarf, little man-child, stupid, pig, douchebag, ugly, spawn with lady parts), exclamations (shut-up), 6 religious profanities (GD), 9 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, God, I Swear). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A detective given a powder-blue undercover car says he feels like a dope dealer, and a man says he deals in cocaine as well as illegal alcohol that contains a stimulant and illegal guns along with contraband whale meat and pygmy giraffes. Men and women at a cruise-in hold and drink from plastic cups of unknown alcohol, men and women at a yacht party drink an assortment of liquor, a wedding party features men and women drinking wine (the groom does not drink), at least a hundred men and women at a nightclub drink glasses of beer and shots of liquor, a man at a party drinks from a gallon of alcohol and breathes on a cigarette lighter blow a flame, men and women at a party drink wine as well as shots of liquor and mixed cocktails, two men at a diner have glasses of beer in front of them and a woman holds a short glass of whiskey as they all talk, a man is very drunk in a wedding scene and we see him hanging on another man and speaking in a garbled voice, and a man pretending to be drunk weaves while walking and slurs his speech as he distracts a criminal in a hallway.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Work of police officers and detectives, women detectives, drug crimes, illegal arms sales, black market trade, hard work, danger, determination, courage, relationships, friendship, conflict, understanding, love, respect, trust, justice, second chances.

MESSAGE - Everyone should be given an opportunity to show they can do a good job at their chosen profession.

Special Keywords: S5 - V5 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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