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Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D [2010] [R] - 1.9.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Picking up where the previous Resident Evil video games and movies left off, a woman (Milla Jovovich) is in a world overrun by a virus that turns its victims into the Undead. She and her friends (Ali Larter, Kim Coates, Boris Kodjoe and Wentworth Miller) band together to fight the source of the infection, the malevolent Umbrella Corporation, which is run by a superhuman (Shawn Roberts). Also with Norman Yeung and Spencer Locke. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. [1:37]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A woman is about to disrobe to take a shower but stops when she hears rustling and a man appears, who was hiding with the intention of watching her shower; she shouts at him and shoves him away.
 Women wear form-fitting body suits throughout the movie. A woman's cleavage is obscured slightly by a large mechanized insect on her chest, and a woman grabs a mechanized creature on another woman's chest and pulls her shirt down to expose it (no cleavage is seen).

VIOLENCE/GORE 9 - We see large crowds of infected people, who have disfigured faces, with decaying flesh on their faces and bodies and teeth and eyes missing or misshapen; when they open their mouths to attack, tentacles with claws come out to bite their victims.
 A woman kicks a table filled with knives at a man, the man ducks and avoids the knives, which stick out of the back of his chair while he has only a small cut on his cheek, he stands up, kicks the woman to the ground, another man and another woman fire lots of shots at him, and he avoids them until a knife strikes him in the forehead; he pulls it out (we see the bloody cut), tentacles shoot from his mouth, he lunges at the other man, who shoots him in the mouth, he is thrown back (his mouth is shown bloody and burnt) and the other man and a woman fire lots of shots directly into his chest (blood pours from the holes and we see a large chunk of his head bloody and empty).
 A massive, hooded creature carrying a hammer-saw throws a woman who's firing a machine gun against a wall (the woman falls to the ground, obviously in pain), and the creature swings the hammer at another woman, who avoids the hammer, flips over the creature and shoots it in the neck; the creature hurls the hammer at the two women, they narrowly avoid being struck, one woman shoots the creature in the head and the shot causes the creature's head to explode in a cloud of blood and organic matter (bloody quarters are seen surrounding the decapitated creature).
 Zombies swarm a group of men and women, who open fire on them, blowing chunks of flesh through the air (blood and gore is seen as the bodies rip apart). After an explosion, we see bodies flying through the air and off a building, as a woman firing a machine gun rappels down the building, unharmed, and countless zombies are struck: bullets are seen ripping through two zombies' heads (we see the bullets go through and blood flies) and two zombies' chests (blood and gore is seen as the bullet rips through their chests).
 A woman hurls throwing stars at a group of men, some of the men are struck, the woman then uses two large swords to slice through two men, cuts off the heads of four men (we see the bloody heads hitting the ground), stabs two men in the torso (we see the swords come through the men's backs, blood and gut covered) and the men fire machine guns at her; the woman stabs one man in the head with a sword (he hits the ground with the bloody sword still stuck in his head), and stabs a man through the back, uses his body as a shield against the people firing at her, and the machine guns he is still holding to fire back.
 Two women crash through a plate glass window and dive down a seemingly endless shaft, as men fire machine guns at them: they hit the ground safely and one of the women fires at the group of men (we see bodies falling to the ground, and blood and broken glass covers the ground and furniture) and a man is seen slumped over a chair with a bloody bullet wound in the middle of his forehead.
 A man shoots a man at point-blank range in the head, as a young man watches (blood splatters over the young man and the man falls to the ground, dead). A man shoots another man point-blank in the head as a small group of men watch (blood is seen flying from the wound as the man hits the floor). A woman is shot in the chest twice, blood pools at the bullet wounds, and she falls to the ground as three other women enter the room and shoot at a group of men; the men are seen falling to the ground, dead.
 Two mangled dog-like-creatures (tissue and blood is exposed under missing fur) approach a woman with their teeth bared, they growl and their heads split open to expose tentacles with claws and teeth; the woman shoots one of the dogs (bloody pieces fly to the ceiling, break a light fixture and glass rains down on the woman) and the other dog lunges at her, but she picks up a piece of broken glass and spears the dog with it (its dead body hits the ground).
 A woman holds a gun to a man's head, the man stabs a needle into her neck and we see an animation of cells zooming through her veins; the woman tries to punch him, he grabs her hand and crushes it (we hear the sound of snapping bones), he shoves her against a wall, and she falls to the ground and he kicks her in the stomach.
 Two zombies appear behind a man, tentacles shoot from their mouths, they grab the man and drag him to the ground, a woman shoots both zombies and their bloody and mangled faces are seen as their bodies lay on the ground. A zombie appears behind a young woman, it grabs her with tentacles that come from its mouth, and she screams as the zombie begins to eat her; a man and a woman fire at the zombie, more zombies appear and chase them into a room, and blood flies from the zombies as they hit the ground.
 Screams are heard and it is implied that an unseen creature killed two men and dragged them away. Screams are heard and it is implied that a man attacked and killed another man behind closed doors after begging for help. A zombie hand is seen grabbing a man from inside a tunnel opening, and it is implied the man was killed but he's later seen alive, albeit slightly injured. A young woman jumps onto a man, knocking him to the ground, and she chews on his neck (the sound of tearing flesh is heard and blood is seen coming from his neck); a large crowd watches. Blood pours from a man's mouth and moments later his head falls forward, implying he has died.
 A man shoots two zombies, which are lumbering after him, and they fall to the ground with a thud. A zombie is seen being shot by a sniper, who jokes that they have more zombies to shoot.
 A large creature wearing a hood over its face crashes a giant hammer saw against a fence that is protecting a group of humans from a crowd of zombies: a man shoots the creature in the head multiple times (blood flies from the wounds), but the creature continues to pound on the fence, which breaks and zombies pour into the yard while the humans narrowly escape.
 Two women crawl through a tunnel, and its walls are covered in blood and stringy, bloody tissue; one of the women touches a piece of bloody tissue and cringes. A woman walks into a room where four dead bodies on tables are desiccated and partially clothed.
 A woman smacks a man in the face with a gun after the man stabs the woman in the wrist with a knife; the knife is seen sticking through her arm, she pulls it out with a wince and then appears unharmed.
 Men and women are seen standing up in glass chambers that emerge from the floor, they have mechanical insects on their chest, and struggle to stand after the insects are released.
 A man kicks over the dead body of a woman, which is clutching two explosives that cause a massive fireball to rip through the area; another woman is seen in the distance shooting men as they run away.
 A man, his face cut and bloodied, pushes a button and a massive shimmering ball engulfs an entire city and explodes into a fireball; a huge hole is then seen in the ground where many people had been moments before. A massive explosion is seen when a timer is thrown on top of an elevator where four people had escaped for safety (they are later seen unharmed). A large group of men approach a woman and the floor buckles, sending the men crashing to the ground and destroying the room.
 A flashback of a woman being grabbed by two men is seen multiple times: the woman kicks the two men, struggling to escape their grasp, as they try to drag her away, and she escapes and runs away. A woman touches a blood-covered glass capsule and has a flashback of a woman being attacked by two men and screaming.
 An airplane crashes into a mountainside in a massive fireball and a woman, covered in soot and coughing, walks through the burning wreckage; she appears to be unharmed. An airplane carrying a man explodes in a fireball, and a parachute is seen, implying the sole male occupant made it out unharmed. A woman lands an airplane on a rooftop, narrowly avoiding hitting three men, as the airplane almost tips over the side of the building.
 A woman attempts to tackle another woman from behind, the woman flips the attacker and rips a mechanical device from her chest; she is later seen with her hands bound. A woman grabs a man's arm and twists it behind his back; another woman tells her to release the man and she does.
 Men and women discuss how the undead creatures eat humans, and growls are heard when the undead see humans. A man tells a woman landing an airplane on a rooftop would be "suicide." A man locked inside of a cage in a prison insists that he is not a "killer." A woman instructs a group of soldiers, stating that they are going to have to use force to kill a group of men and women. We hear that a virus had killed almost everyone on the planet, but they "didn't stay dead." A man tells a woman that he needs to ingest human DNA in order to allow his body to function properly, and that he intends on ingesting her DNA. A computer screen shows the "casualty count" filling the entire screen. A man says, "boo" to a man and the man jumps back.
 A woman holding two guns in front of her is startled when birds fly from inside an empty airplane.

PROFANITY 5 - About 7 F-words and its derivatives, 4 scatological terms, 1 anatomical term, 9 mild obscenities, name-calling (creeps, killer, things, dumb), 2 religious profanities, 2 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman discusses how it appears that another woman had been "drugged" when she does not remember her past.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Apocalypse, zombies, undead, revenge, t-cells, evil corporations, dishonesty, mass killing, last human beings on earth, medical testing on humans, sequel, movies based on video games.

MESSAGE - When there are no rules to control the behavior of large corporations, the world is at danger.

Special Keywords: S1 - V9 - P5 - MPAAR

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